43 New Feed In Braids and How To Do It

Braids can be as stylish as you want. Inspire yourself.


Similar to cornrows feed in braids are the new and hip style of 2018.
Cornrows initially began as a way to identify the African slaves. Slaved had to shave their heads and then when strands of hair grew, it was braided which lead to cornrow hairstyles. Later it became the power symbol during Black Power Movement.

Feed in braid styles today are popular especially to protect plus style natural and chemically treated hair.

How did cornrows become feed in braids?

We have established that cornrows are the same style as a feed-in braid hairstyle. They became ‘feed-in braids’ when thick pieces of the rows were created by adding in hair strands.

How to do feed in braids?

To create this style, they use your natural hair to make your first braids. Then, artificial hair is added to develop great twists which make for natural long cornrows. As a result, you have a super protective hairstyle, today, known as feed-in braids.

Have a look at a few inspirations.

1. Long Feed In Braids

Feed in braids makes for amazing long hairstyles. Since you are adding artificial twists, you can add up to any length you want. You can have the longest of your hair you want in your lifetime. It will protect your hair.

2. Updo

This hairstyle also makes for a classy updo. We all know updos and braids make for a great combination. Since feed in braids hairstyle is mostly made up of ‘braids,’ they will apparently make for a fabulous updo. Twist your braids and pull it up.

3. Feed-In Braids Ponytail

One of the most popular hairstyles is the feed in braids ponytail. Why wouldn’t it be? They look neat and stylish. The braids all tied up into one big pony make for a great and easy hairstyle.

4. Top Knot

Apparently, the top knot is another great style for the ones who have cornrows for their hairstyle. The length of the hair makes for a great look, and the top-knot looks intricate and detailed because of the braids. Finish off the look with a bright lipstick.

5. On The Side

The reason why this hairstyle is focused on the sides is that of the detailed hair work on the other hand. I think it is a great way to make those short pieces of hair put in use. Untamable small sections of hair usually ruin a neat hairstyle. Cornrows style give you the liberty of using them in form.

6. Red & Black

Combination of red and black hair makes for a significant hair effect.  You can tie up all your braids to make two ponies. Use the red colored part of your hair on the pony. You can vary the thickness of twists on your head.

7. Braided

This is an excellent exam of feed in braids 2. The twists start pure and from the head. It is then extended long, and layers of braids are made. You can go for a simple or a complicated braid.

8. Accessories

Cornrows can easily be accessorized. They only need a few beads. Get the funkiest of the dots or plain simple. That is entirely up to you. When you start getting your braids, you need to insert them at the top of your head.

9. Beautiful Ponytail

You can here see that feed in braids make for a high ponytail, or they work as they are. It isn’t much you have to do for your hairstyle if you plan to go these braids. Personally, feed in braids ponytail is what I prefer rather than just letting them as it is. The choice is yours.

10. Blonde Feed In Braids

Feed in braids can be used to create ombre effect as well. You don’t need to worry if you don’t have straight flowing hair. You can choose the number of braids you want. Keep your roots dark and work on the design on the top part of your head.

11. Detailed

The details of these cornrows braids are amazing. The hair appears to be healthy and shiny. This is a protective hairstyle. These type of hairstyles focus on the neatness of the entire look which is a way not even small strands of hair are left from being styled.

12. From All The Sides

The top view of this hairstyle looks artistic. It has a lot of waves. From each of the stream, you can start braiding. Extend you braids to any length you want. Be creative with your twists.

13. Radial

If you notice, you can see that there are two centers of the design here. You can pick more centers for your braids. From that circular midpoint, you can make plans and start braiding. This is a form of hair art.

14. Feed-In Braids 2

Feed in braids two doesn’t need to be understandable. You can add smaller twists near the roots. This adds a new variation to your the regular old style. The entire hair looks neatly plaited. Even kids can pull off this look.

15. The Bun

You can create a feed-in braids pony as well. The entire hair looks fantastic. Look at the variation of the thickness of the braids. They have placed alternately. The rest of the thick braids are pulled up into a big bun.

16. Major Red

The majority of this hairstyle is red. The roots of the hair are black and in color, and all the fed braids are red. Even the small length hairs are neatly designed. The thickness of the twists makes the hairstyle outstanding.

17. Pretty Side

If you are letting your braids be as it is, you don’t need to stick with a fixed thickness of your hair. You can alternate your width and give yourself a unique look. Add some beads if you want, more designs. Your hair will look beautiful if you color it dark red.

18. Hanging Out

This feed-in braids design is a perfect look for the workout session. If you are a fitness freak and your hair does not allow you to workout as much as you want, go for these cornrow braids.

19. Try Them

You can go for a radial design on your hair about cornrows braids. Pick a center. It can be at any part of your head. Then, start braiding in all directions from that point. Extend your hair up to any length you want.

20. Thick or Thin?

Are you confused about the thickness of your the braids?
Should you keep it thick or thin?
That could be a big dilemma.
You can try both. Try them alternately. They make a fantastic hairstyle.

21. High Ponytail

Ponytails go under the new feed-in braids designs. After you have decided to get yourself this hairstyle, you should book yourself for that appointment. You can ask the hairdresser to tie your hair up into a high ponytail. This makes your face and hair look stunning.

22. Alternates

This is another excellent example of alternates between thick and thin braids. Don’t they look incredible? You should go for it. You can have the best of both designs on your hair at once. Your hair length is your decision.

23. Buns or Ponytail

Cornrows look amazing when pulled up into a high ponytail or a bun. It seems incredible anyway. If you went for a simple twist, you could add some beads while you style your hair into any of the above designs.

24. Feed-In Braids Designs

Make sure you pick a beautiful design for your feed in braids. The compositions can be as intricate as you want. You can go for an angled design or a radial design. Use your flyaways to make a curvy design at the front of your head.

25. Feed-In Braids Lemonade

Cornrows braids are popular, especially in the lemonade designs. They look amazing. You can go for different waves. Feed in braids designs is excellent for kids. They are easy to maintain and can protect their hair and make them accessible to style.

26. Wavy

The design of your feed in braids is the big part. The rest of the hair is going to appear the same. What is work, is the design of the top portion. Go for radial or waves. Personally, I love the swirls. They give a pattern to your head making it beautiful.

26. Buns

Look at the range of the thick and thin braids. The thin ones are incredibly tiny, and the thick one is great. You can pull them all up into a big bun and add some beads to your hair to make it glamorous.

27. Blonde Ponytail

Blonde color (warm hues) can be used to make your feed in braids different. They will look incredible on you. Get those braids, pull them up into a ponytail and add some beads. The hair color makes you look incredible.

28. For My Day

This is another excellent example of feed in braids lemonade designs. I love it. It is simple, and the nature of the hairstyle does all the work. You don’t need to put a lot of work on the design. It is classy and can be worn on any day.

29. Simple

Everything about this hairstyle is wow. I like the more voluminous hairstyles. So, even for feed in braids style, I would choose such a one. Her hair looks terrific in a high ponytail, and the health of the hair is excellent. It is lustrous and is pulled off amazingly.

30. Minnie Mouse

Most of us here grew up with Disney. So, Minnie Mouse has always been on the back of our minds. If you ever wanted to look as cute as Minnie, you can get yourself braids. The braids can be tied into two buns to make your look incredibly attractive. Snap a picture with your Mickey, will you?

31. Side View of The Bun

Buns, no matter which way you look, appear incredible. The variation of your braids’ thickness looks terrific when pulled up into a bun. All you need to do is make sure your twists are healthy and styled correctly. Put your bun up in a simple way.


32. Band-It

Hair accessories can be as simple and as complicated as you want. You don’t need any fancy and expensive accessory. You can create braids to give yourself a neat look. If you’re going to add some colors, you don’t need to wash your hair. You can use bands or thick strings of the colors you like. Put them on your hair as shown.

33. Bright Red

Your hair color can be as bright as you want. Obviously, you know that. We have shown you examples of the dark colors, but bright colors work great for your feed in braids. The hairstyle is also your choice. Choose your design and work on it.

34. Cool Feed In Braids

Give your cornrows braids a golden touch. You don’t need to color it completely. Add a beautiful lustrous effect on your hair can pull your look together. You can use the balayage technique. The braids can be as simple and as complicated as you want. I suggest you go simple.

35. Point It

You can pick the front part of your head as the center of your design. Once you have chosen, start with the braiding. Then, extend your hair and decide on the length. Style up your flyaways and look tidy everywhere you go.

36. Lemonade Design

One of the most popular feed in braids designs include the lemonade. Why wouldn’t it be popular? It looks stunning. I love it. The hair looks like a fall and is all directed to one point. You should try it.

37. Like A Goddess

Every once in a while we want our Goddesses to come out. Sometimes it is possible, sometimes not so much. You have the power to harness your inner strength with the help of feed in braids. Add a golden accessory in the middle and beads at the ends. You can go for thin braids.

38. Half Up Half Down

I love the top-knot design. They look amazing, especially in feed-in braids. You need to focus on the details at the top of your heads. Tie up half of your hair into a simple bun and let the rest of your braids as it is.

39. Picture Worth

If you get yourself thick braids for your feed in twists, you will know that is a picture perfect hairstyle. I am sure you will not be able to stop yourself from posting a picture even when you are at the hairdresser. Have fun girls; you only have one life to try all the styles.

40. For The Kids

When you are a twelve-year-old girl, you have a lot of problems. Taking care of hair could be another problem. So, for that feed in braids can give you a lot of solutions. They protect your hair and make it easy to style if you like. When you get them, you can add some tree braids at the front as well.

41. Tree Braids

You can use the tree braids designs at the front of your hair to add some models to your cornrows braids. They look amazing and a part of your plan. Go for it and make sure your hair is neat and styled.

42. Patterns and Designs

Patterns on your hair make your feed in braids stylish and fabulous. You can create incredible styles on your hair. Add some beads at the ends of your hair. In between your twists, you should go for patterns. Pick a design that suits your personality.

43. Split It

Creating designs by splitting your hair in the middle at a minimum distance can make for an incredible feed in braids hairstyle. At the end of your hair, you can add a lot of beads. Dance around showing off your incredible style.


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