38 Ingenious Faux locs Hairstyle that will make heads turn!


Faux locs is a versatile way that anyone can enjoy any types of dreads or braids to their day to day hairstyle. Fun and fabulous, what more reasons do you need to get them right away? Before we get into the different styles of faux locs, here is a brief introduction to it.

Faux locs as the name suggests are fake extensions that you can attach to your real hair to enjoy any kind of texture, length and style of hair. With such a huge variation, you can easily change from one to the other on a daily basis and still have a ton left to try out at the end of the year. Here, we have made a collection of the best faux locs styles that we love! Check it out and let us know which one you will love to try out!

1. Box Braids

Box braids are one of the most popular hairstyles out there on trend right now. With faux locs, it is never a hefty task to achieve this. Bringing out the versatility, you can choose the length, volume as well as the color you want your hair to be!

2. Golden Accessorized

Another variation to the classic box braids are these gorgeous golden box braids that you can even add accessories to! Bling it up and be the center of attention with the faux locs that we have absolutely loved!

3. Long Dreads

When it comes to dreads, of course, we love all kinds of it! Here is the example of simple dread locs that we all love with a twist of lavender dreads on the front. This gorgeous look is the one that we can go for any day!

4. Colorful Braids

Want more fun in life and experiment on your hair? Well, check out this funky hairdo you can get with the faux locs. The colorful aspect to it certainly changes the simple braids into something that will turn heads over wherever we go!

5. Twisted Locs

While we love the idea of dreads, simple twisted faux locs braids are also on the trend. You can easily see why this hairdo has made it on our list of best faux loc hairdos. Trendy yet casual, this look is certainly the one we can go for any formal place with!

6. Jet Black Box Dreads

If simplistic is what you want for your hair, then these jet black dreads are certainly for you! The simple lengthy dread loc is by far the one we have seen the most and the most popular one!

7. Golden Dreads

Another twist to the dreads can be the simple trick of getting it in this lovely shade of golden. not only does this accentuates the beauty of dread locs, it makes the whole aspect of getting faux locs even appealing.

8. Medusa Locs

Just as the name suggests, another stylizing trick for dreads is to get them curled up for this gorgeous Medusa look. Pretty to look at and easy to manage, this look is certainly up competing for any trend any day!

9. Purple Locs

We can certainly never get tired of adding a hint of purple to our hair. While this trend never dies, purple is definitely the shade that compliments the braided updo that this hairstyle has managed to achieve. Can we be more right?

10. Huge Blonde Dreads

Dreads never really get old as the variation of it grows every day. This faux locs with the huge blonde dreads are awesome to look at and convenient to don! What more can you possibly need?

   11. Rad Red     

Another color that we can never get rid of is this beautiful shade of red and maroon. The combination of this faux loc makes the kind of hairdo that we could don on a daily basis. Simply goegous and blingy with all the added accessory!

12. Gorgeous Green

While celebrities go ham on hair color, why should we not join in? This gorgeous shade of mermaid green make for the perfect faux loc to wear at an extra fancy event or party. If you are up for it, why not even go for a day-to-day look? Pretty awesome, isn’t it?

13. Jumbo Braids

While you are deciding on which faux loc to get, we are here to confuse you yet again with this amazing short length loc. What’s so great is that the highlighted golden braid dies the perfect job and makes this look worth a mention on our list!

14. Sideways Dreads

Being fancy can be a treat and for example, we have this gorgeous faux loc hairdo with blinged up accessories. The pretty braids brought sideways make up for the perfect everyday look. Simple yet so sophisticated, you can achieve this look as easily as 1 2 3.

15. Half Hair Dread

Whoever said you can only get one cool hairstyle at a time, they are wrong. Another variation to your normal mohawk can be the added faux dreads that make up for a whole another level look. Two cool hairstyles combined and you are sure to steal the limelight all for yourself!

16. Silver Dreads

While jet black and golden seem the basic color choices for dreads, prove them wrong with these pretty silver faux locs. Drop-dead gorgeous to look at, this hair-do is simply stunning in every possible way!

17. Mini Twisted Braids

If you think we are out of ideas to get faux locs, you are wrong. Here is yet another style of mini braids that you can get with the lengthy faux locs that we have in store for you! Natural looking, you can switch to this hairdo and steal the show immediately!

19. Maroon Twist Braids

If switching to purple hair is too much a hassle for you, why not go for this maroon faux loc look that we absolutely love? The half up-half down hairdo in this picture makes this look even better, don’t you agree?

20. Blue Wonder

For those of you bold enough, take a look at this gorgeous shade of mermaid blue. Pleasing to the eyes, this faux loc look obviously takes the crown as one of the best hairstyles you can achieve! For even more stunningness, the accessories play the vital role!

21. Serpentine Faux Locs

Dreads can sure be a versatile hairdo where you can make your hair into any style you want and of course any color too. The navy green addition to the jet black hair looks absolutely mesmerizing when it comes to getting a faux loc. The accessories add even more fun to the whole look!

22. Goddess Faux Locs

Getting into the festive season? Well how about you get the advantage of both length and texture to your hair to add the extra festivity to your day? This incredible hairdo plays with not only the length, but you can also add the extra touch of fanciness with the extra accessories. Love the look? Why not go for these faux locs look today?

23. Legally Blonde

As we have mentioned this again and again, with faux locs you can add any coloured hair to your natural ones and it will still look natural. Here is a look for your everyday routine that you can achieve with the platinum blonde locs. We bet you that everyone around will absolutely love it!

24. Sleek Box Braided Locs

When it comes to the lovely lengthy box braided faux loc, we just absolutely love how the whole look comes together. Sleek and straight you can wear this hair to any place any day!

25. Charcoal Mermaid

Going for the whole colourful mermaid look but don’t want the colour to catch anyone’s eye? You can go for this subtle colour combo that adds the mermaid effect but in a subtle and light way. Perfect for those who wish to keep it low but trendy, you can opt for this hairstyle any day, and any place!

26. Curly Faux locs

If you thin faux locs mean only braids and dreads, you could not have been more wrong. Take a look at this lengthy black curls that is achieved with the faux locs attached to your natural hair. Pretty to look at and ease of being casual, this hairstyle can easily transform your natural hair into something of elegance and chicness.

27. Zendaya Dreads

The Queen of fashion and modelling Zendaya is one of the best style icons of the year 2017. Certainly, her fashion sense is to die for! If you are a die-hard Zendaya fan, it is a good news that her hair she stylized for one of the events is the look to steal. The faux locs she added to her natural hair is one look that we all can achieve easily with the help of faux dreads. Get it for yourself today and grab all the attention you get!

28. Mix Match

Combining both dreads and curls this is a look that we absolutely love. Want something fancy to add to your daily hair routine? Well, the dreads added between the naturals curls make up this lovely hairdo. Care to dare? Well, we can guarantee you that you won’t regret it!

29. Hipster Heaven

Another way to go with the faux locs is this hippie look that we adore! The colour combination of these dreads makes up this gorgeous look that we could die for! Bringing back the colourful hipster fashion back to life, this hairstyle is certainly one that we would love to try out!

30. Olive Green

If going two colours at once is not your thing, well not to fret! Here is another example of how you can rock the hippie look and feel with just one colour, here it being Olive Green. The ashy feel to the colour keeps it from being too bling and yet the whole look seems to take your daily look to shame!

31. Stylish Green

If you are up for more colour then why not go all out for this dark navy green faux locs that gives your look a whole another look and feel. To experiment here are two variations of stylizing your faux locs. Twisted braids or dreads, whichever you choose you can see the results come out just stunning!

31. Sunny Blonde

For a more subtle look, why not go for your natural hair shade? The natural blonde faux locs blends in perfectly if you have a light hair shade. Perfect to change the length and texture to your hair, you can opt for this look if you are looking for something that looks natural yet trendy at the same time!

31. Brown Goddess

Here is yet another look from the stylebook that you can steal. The natural chestnut brown shade faux locs add the missing essence from your day to day hairdo. It makes your hair come to life and of course the best part! It looks amazing!

32. Braided Faux Locs

For even more stylized and fresh look, why not go for these braided faux locs that brings your whole look together? Be the fashionista and don this look to get the awe factor in any crowd any day! You can add extra braids according to your needs and choose the length and thickness of it!

33. Golden Touch

Sometimes when sticking to your normal hair shade just does not add up to it! The solution? Go for contrasting coloured faux locs! This hairdo is the perfect example of how a different shade can look stunning if you make it right! The blonde shade not only blends in perfectly, but it acts as a highlight to your natural hair creating the illusion of luscious and pretty locs!

34. Baby Hair Day

It’s time that you learn to embrace your natural hairline and of course the baby hairs on front. With the faux locs added to your natural looking hairdo, the baby hair stylized perfectly like bangs work like magic to get you looking fresh and pretty. If you don’t agree, take a look at the picture again and you will see how wrong you were! The freedom it provides to don it any event any day is a plus, considering how subtle and sleek your hair looks.

35. Long Black Faux locs



Sleek, straight and lengthy, this hairdo has every aspect of being the best faux loc hairstyle that you can get for yourself. Sometimes, simpler is better, the aspect of this hairstyle gives in to the minimalism of the natural hairstyle we adore. The more you look at it, we know you want to get it for yourself immediately! With the length and texture, you also have the freedom of choosing how you stylize it. Whether you wish to leave it hanging or tie it all up in a bun, the choice is yours. Either way, we know this look will look stunning regardless of how you style it.

36. Traditional Locs

For a more down to earth and traditional look, why not add the essence with beads and feathers? Not too blingy yet fashionable enough to steal the show, this hairstyle is definitely a show-stopper. Customize your faux locs however you want because that is one thing about these locs. You can do anything and still look gorgeous!

37. Beads and Feathers

Here is another look that we suggest, that gives the subtle and traditionalism feel with the added beads and feathers. Switch your daily-look with this faux loc hairstyle? We could do that any day! Just look at how the long faux locs make up for your natural hair? Pretty stunning isn’t it? Add the wow factor to your daily lives with this hairdo and we are certain you will not want to look back!

38. Highlighted Dreads

While we love the look of highlights on our hair, have you ever tried doing that with your faux locs? If you haven’t already, what are you waiting for? Add the hint of colour to your normal dreads with the faux locs with colours that you like. Here, for example, the golden highlighted locs provide the perfect combination for the natural black locs that you own. So dauntingly gorgeous to look at, we had to include it on our list of Best faux loc hairstyles!

With our list of our favourite faux loc hairstyle, we hope we have solved your dilemma of what hairdo you want to get with the faux loc! Feel free to check out all of our list and get the one you love the most!




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