105 Dutch Braid You Can Rock This Season


Style it inside-out

Getting bored of wearing your hair in the same style, every day? It’s effortless and comfortable to put on the messy bun, and let’s say not much of a hassle. But if you are looking for a change, Dutch braids are definitely “in” this season. With celebrities like Demi Lovato, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Kylie Jenner rocking the Dutch Braid, we can surely follow the trend.

Before we dive into all kinds of Dutch braid that you can wear (and trust me there are a lot of ways you can wear it! ), I want you to know that it requires a bit of practice. Practice and Patience. There it is, the mantra for doing the perfect dutch braids. And if you know French braids, you already know the half of it! It’s like the inside-out version of the French Braids, to put it in more simpler terms. It’s not called inverse version of French Braids for no reason. It is perfectly do-able.

If you are attempting dutch braids for the first time, then here are some steps you can follow:

Step 1: Brush your hair properly and get those tangles off your hair. (Tip: If you want to add an illusion of vision, you can use dry shampoo on the hair roots)

Step 2: Part your hair in the middle neatly with the help of a comb to divide hair into two sections.

Step 3: Use a clip or a rubber band to tie a section of hair while you work on another part of the hair. You don’t want another section of hair to disturb you while you are working on one section of the hair.

Step 4: Take a triangular portion of the hair from the front and divide it into three sections and braid it backwards.

Step 5: Take roots from the sides as you continue to braid it downwards.

Step 6: Use a rubber band to tie it securely.

Step 7: Do the same in another section.


Now that we have cleared the how-to-do Dutch Braids topic, let me tell you about all the kinds of Dutch Braids there exist. They are beloved because this hairstyle has a diverse range of looks. You can mix it up with fishtails, buns, ponytails, pigtails, hairbands, crowns and many other styles. You will never be bored of dutch braids. With all the varieties of Dutch braids out there, you can wear the one that suits your style and personality. You can wear for your everyday casual look or more formal events. Dutch hairs can never go wrong.

To the short-haired sisters out there, you don’t have to worry. Short hair dutch braids do exist. Cutting your hair doesn’t mean, you have to limit yourself to two-three styles. While short hairs are trendy fashion statements in themselves, letting them down every day, in the same manner, can be tedious. It can be a bit difficult, but with few tricks, you sure can rock the dutch hairs too!

1.Double Dutch Braid


Going to the gym and working out doesn’t have to be boring. You can do your cardio, Zumba, kickboxing, and yoga in style. While there are a lot of cute and hip workout outfits you can wear, the look will be incomplete without a hairdo to match with the outfit. Putting your hair in double dutch style will not only make you edgier and fresh but will also keep your hair out of the way while you pull out all the cool moves. If you are looking for a sleeker finish, make sure to keep that hair tight. And sweat it all out, girls!

Brown Ombre Double Dutch Braid

Don’t you think brown ombre has made the hairstyle more chic and edgy?

Don’t get confused that Double Dutch braids are only for the workout time. You can wear this for an everyday casual look. It also looks cool with the dresses. Don’t forget to try it out next time you go to concerts or festivals.


There are times when you have to keep it simple if you want to make a statement. Doesn’t she look beautiful with the simple dutch braids? Here, she lets her makeup skills to accentuate the look.

2. Dutch Braided Pigtails

It’s not necessary to dutch braid the hair till the bottom. You can braid it from front sidewise, till the nape of the neck and then tie it with a rubber band to make pigtails. While interweaving all the way down, gives sleeker and edgier finish, this one provides cuter and girlier look. You can style the look more by adding hoop rings to your ears. Since Dutch braids clear off hairs from the face neatly, it draws attention more to the ears and necks. So you can always wear cool earrings.

Brown and Blonde

Dutch Braided pigtails also suit well with the straight hairs. You can take few strands of hairs and loop it around the rubber bands to add natural style to it. While Dutch braids are beautiful on their own, adding highlights to the hair pops up the form. The brown and the blonde colour upscales the hairstyle.

Play with the Curls

Instead of braiding the hair tight, you can Dutch braid the hair loose. It will give an illusion of voluminous thick hair. So if you have thin hair, make sure to loosen those hairs out. Taking out strands of hair here and there, and curling them with curling iron gives a more feminine look. And don’t forget to accentuate the look with the cute earrings. I love how this lady has matched the pink double hooped earring with this style. You can wear this look to school, BBQ, or while traveling.

Keep it Simple

This is pretty simple dutch braid left in pigtails. You can curl the ends with the help of curling rod. Match it with a simple white outfit for the next door girl look.

3. Dutch Braided Ponytails

Side Ponytail

You can Dutch braid your hair in the crown fashion and tie it up in the sideways ponytail. This will give you a fantastic result. You can flaunt your highlights in this dutch ponytail.

Double Dutch headband and Ponytail

To achieve this look, you will have to double dutch the braid sideways and finish the look with a ponytail. Make sure to make one of the braids more loose and flat. To make the look more unique, loop few of the strands around the rubber band. You can also use hair extensions for the purpose.

Faux Hawk Dutch Braid

Don’t be afraid to try this Dutch braid hairstyle if you want the chic and sophisticated look. End the look with soft ringlets at the ponytail.

You can make your hair look full of volume by pulling off this look! Style it in the double dutch braid and end it with the simple ponytail.

Keep it Simple

Here, the ponytail is kept much simpler by dutch braiding the hair to the longer length than usual for the ponytail. It’s a style that is both simple and beautiful. Try this look when you have only 3 minutes to spare.


4. Dutch Braids and Fishtails

Side Combo Hairstyle

Step out of the box and mix the Dutch braids with the Fishtails braids. You need to side partition your hair and braid it sideways on both sides to join it into a single braid at the end. Then continue the braid in the fishtail fashion. Then tie it up with the rubber band to secure it.

To achieve this fabulous look, you can simply double dutch braid your hair and continue the Fishbraid after you reach the nape of your neck. You can use bobby pins to create the fins like effect at the end.

There is more than one way you can experiment with this hairstyle. Keep the fishtails loose and soft for the more glamorous look. Taking out few strands of hair in the front section makes the look more casual and chic.

Runway Style

If you have a long hair and you want to try a runway look, the Double Dutch and fishtail hairstyle combination are definitely for you!

5. Single Dutch Braid

You can dutch pull your hair backwards and dutch it from the middle into a single braid. This also gives off sporty vibes.

Highlight it

You can use two colors to stylize the look more. This look gives the summer vibes that you can wear it to the beach. The best part of the hairstyle is that you get these colors curls after opening up your dutch braids. So it’s a win-win situation!

Style those Long Hair Simple

Merely style a single Dutch Braids and you will end up with the Tomb Raider look.


6. Four Dutch braided hairstyle

You don’t have to limit yourself to two dutch braids. This girl has styled her in classic four dutch braids.

This is a style you have to try if you want the sportier and funkier look definitely

7. Dutch Braided Crowns

Take a portion of hair and dutch braid it to the side. Continue it to the back of the head, do the same from the other side and pin it all up behind with bobby pins to get the dutch braid crown look. This updo can help your hair look elegant and stylish. The Dutch braid crown can make any look gorgeous. The best part of the look is it doesn’t require heat. So, there is no need to worry about damaging your hair. Simple use of highlights can give you stunning results.

Accessorize them

You can loosen up the braids and wear varieties of accessories to add classic and unique touch. Floral designed golden hairpins and silver comb pins are excellent accessories to choose for the dutch braided hairstyle.

8. Dutch Braided Headband

You can try this beautiful look for casual events or formal events. part your hair in the centre and dutch braid from both sides to behind and wear the rest of the hair down. It is the perfect look for Spring and Summer season.

You can also do the side partition and braid it only to one side. Then clip the hair to the side and leave the hair a bit messy. It gives the flirty and elegant look.

Short Dutch Braids

Dutch braided headband also works for short-medium hair length. This look is adorable and gives you a youthful look.

Purple Highlights

Here is another hairstyle you can try for short hairs. The side bangs give the completely fresh look. Combine the highlights with the curls for the uniqueness. The colors goes best for the oval-shaped faces.

Puffed it Out

Doesn’t this hairstyle look as if it was styled right out of the Disney movies? Anyone can achieve this up-do with a bit of tweaking here and there. To get this look, you need to puff the hair up, giving it a look of volume and height to the shape. I have to say this look is perfect for round-faced people, as it heightens the structure of the face. The hair is braided from both sides in double dutch fashion, to give a crown-like look. You can complete the look with curls at the end, and voila you are ready.

9. Dutch Braid and Low Buns

Single Bun

This hairstyle is not that hard to achieve. You can collect your dutch braids at eh bottom and put it in the bun style.

Double Bun

And don’t forget trying out with two buns because they undoubtedly will level you up in the scale of adorableness.

Forest Green your Braids

Let’s face it, Dutch braids are beautiful! And those low buns are just cool. How about adding up the wow factor with the dark forest green ombre effect?

10. Dutch Braids and High Buns

You can try your hands at this unique hairstyle by doing the high buns. Trust me; it’s worth the effort.

Combine it with pigtails

Make everyone envious of you by trying out this Dutch braid high buns look. This is the combination of Dutch braids, buns and long pigtails. Accessorize the look with big hoop earrings. You can try this look at the school.

Knot it Up

Knot up the bun in few twists and turns to create the flower-like effect.

Dutch braids and Messy buns


Don’t be afraid to play with the colours

Dutch Braid Ombre Updo

The metallic colours are all in this season. Dutch braiding the hair is the perfect way to brighten up the look.

Grey Locks

Say ciao to the usual natural blonde. Platinum is the new trend. And styling it with the Dutch Braids makes it more gorgeous.

The Mermaid styling her hair in the Dutch Braid

This is a simple dutch braid look that doesn’t require much hard work. You can do the hairdo in a very little time. What makes this style beautiful is the clever use of colours. The shades of lavender, blended orchid and aqua have undoubtedly accentuated the look. She sure does look like a mermaid waiting for someone by the shore.

Dutch Braids and Rainbows

Want to know how you can enter the magical unicorn land? Color up the hair in the rainbows. And let’s not forget to style it in the dutch braid.

Hair Chalks and Double Dutch Braids

You can use the temporary washable hair chalks if you are scared that the colours will damage your hair. Besides, these chalk colors will make your hair smell good.


Other Dutch Braid Styles You can Try Out

Get some inspiration from the TV

Don’t you feel like you have seen this hairstyle somewhere? (Hint: The series involves lots of unexpected deaths). Game of Thrones, of course! If you have time, don’t hesitate to pull off this stylish look which is a mix of hairstyles at the top and the bottom is simply let down in the ringlets.

The Platinum Dutch

Try the Dutch Braid in the Platinum Style. You can clip in the extensions for this fabulous look if you want the thicker looking hairstyle.

The Bohemian Style

It’s not hard to style the long Dutch braids in this simple Bohemian style. You can wear this beautiful braid to the festivals. All you need to do is dutch braid it from the top in a loose fashion and end it at the nape of the neck.

Dutch Braids plus Baby hairs

Tired of baby hairs covering up your forehead? The trick is to embrace them as they are and learn how to style them. As you can see, you can rock this sporty look with the help of double dutch braids and curl up those baby hairs in a fashion.

Chocolate Brown

Adding the chocolate brown highlights to the hair makes the hairstyle look more voluminous and let’s not forget FABULOUS!

Long Double Dutch

Long hairs can be difficult to manage at times. Double Dutch can solve the problem!

Short Double Dutch

Short hair dutch braids are adorable. And perfectly doable!

Try it out with the bangs

Add bangs to the single dutch braid to make it look perfect.

Caramel Blonde Highlights on the Black hair

Highlights and braided hairstyles are undoubtedly trendy this year. And this look is simple and entirely doable. You can also try this look for events like weddings.

Try the Dutch Braids out on your kids!

You don’t always have to style your children’s hair in a simple hairdo. Different hairstyles can change the whole look different and make them cuter. I wish my mother had tried these looks when I was young. (And let’s not forget practising on them will help you level up your braiding skills.)

Cute Buns

In this style, sections of hair have been separately tied symmetrically to connect with the bun at the end. The dutch braids at the side give the crown effect. And the whole style is completed with the cute buns. The purple hair- tie indeed makes the look attractive.

The Edgy Look

Just like I have said it before, Dutch braids are for people of all ages. In this photo, this girl looks edgier than other girls of her age. Two sections of dutch braids have been taken from each side of the head and have been braided to the end, to join up with a standard ponytail.

Ribbon Them Up

A mom has undoubtedly taken Dutch hairstyle to the next level by using yellow ribbon with the braids. This intricate work of style is simply an artwork. I am sure it took a lot of practice in the mom’s side and a lot of patience in the daughter’s side. There probably were girls envious of her looks in the class that day.

Accessorize them with a cable, maybe?

Every day, we are getting more enclosed with the technology around us. The futuristic sci-fi movies and books reflect how people are turning into robots and how the matrix system is controlling us. What better way than making the statement for the next Halloween with this look? Accessorize your dutch braid with the cable and make the jaws drop!

Messy Dutch Hairband

You don’t always have to comb your hair neat. The messy look creates more layer. Combine the look with the dutch hairbands.


Here are few more Dutch Braid Styles you can try




Well, it’s official that Dutch Braids are versatile. It will take a very long time before you get bored of it. Even though it takes longer time than doing a simple ponytail, it is worth a try. And let’s not forget how practice makes a person perfect!



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