106 Elegant Dreadlock Hairstyles for The Ladies


Did you know that dreadlock hairstyles date way back to the 70’s? Even though they appear to be a modern-day style, they have always been around. Dreadlocks are today not only restricted to men, but women love it too.

You may not perceive dreadlock hairstyles as an elegant style for the ladies, but today, you can see ladies wearing them even as a bridal hairstyle. It all depends on the impression you want to make. We have some examples showing you how to make a great idea.

-Date Night

Dreadlock hairstyles have their classy and beautiful version. Here we have one of the most elegant examples. She does not have long hair. Her hair is side parted, and there are not many accessories. The primary focus of her looks is her hair. Her dress is elegant and straightforward. It is off the shoulder so; her hair falls beautifully in place. Her gold earrings are perfect for this look. The hairstyle is simple and effortless. You should try it on your next date night.

-Edgy and Fun

Summer is here. So, the season of popsicles and picnic in the park is back. This also means you need to get a new look. Dreadlocks can be a great way of expressing yourself. So, if you want to do something rebellious or be unpredictable, go for this style. You can also add colors to your locks. It makes your entire style vibrant and feminine. If you have tattoos, this can be a great complement to your look. You don’t need any form for this. Let your hair loose and have fun at the park.

-Loose Bun

Dreadlock hairstyles are similar to feed in braids or Ghana braids. They can be styled using the same accessories. This hairstyle does not fall under the elegant of the hairstyles, but you can try it. If you feel like doing something out of the blue that no one would expect from you, this is the thing to do. Your hair can be as short or as long as you want. Get some beads and tie it up into a loose bun.

-Beach Ready

Ready to head out to the beach for the weekend? Summer is here, and you need some tan. Having the right amount of tan will add a great glow to your face. You will want to look fabulous on the beach. If you have gone for the dreadlock hairstyle, you can add some bands and beads to the locks. The coloring is an excellent way of creating a whole new look in your hair. I think this is the hairstyle for you, for this summer.

-Making an Appearance

If you don’t want to go crazy with the dreadlock hairstyles, you can go for this one. These styles have a significant variation. You can look like you don’t care about anything or you can look like the most beautiful bride on earth. Of course, in the middle of these two variations, there are endless possibilities. This is one of the minimal versions of this hairstyle. It looks beautiful and sexy. You can style it with a half up and half down design. Finish the look with some cute loop earrings.

-Out and About

You do not need to get the dreadlock style for all of your hair strands. You can leave some of them free. This makes it one of the most suitable hairstyles for the ladies. Just like her, you can leave your bangs free of the style. The rest of the hair can be pulled up and be given a sort of a pouf. The pouf makes it look elegant. You can use the bangs to frame your face. Coloring your hair red will create the look feminine.

-Can’t Help But Smile

You can see that all of her hair does not have dreadlock. It still looks fabulous. This picture shows one of the easy dreadlock hairstyles. It is styled using bands. The bands are crisscrossed and put on her hair strands. Let your other hair also be a part of this style. You can middle section your hair or tie it into a ponytail. Anything will work. Make sure to smile for that post you make on your Snapchat. Inspire others to try something new.


Some days you want to sit and relax in the sun. Even in the winter, we would all love to sun bask. Whatever be, in any position we stay, we all want to look beautiful. Heck! We all want to roll out of our beds pretty. But that isn’t possible with all the looks. Dreadlock hairstyles make this task easy. You can just let your hair be or put it into a top knot. Notice the curls flowing from her top-knot. The length of her hair is unbelievable.

-Female Dreadlock Hairstyles

This is for those girls who want to try something new but aren’t sure if they can pull off. You see fashion industry gives you a lot of freedom. Your experiments can also become the latest trend. Feel comfortable in anything you do, and you will always appear beautiful. You still need to make sure everything you do flatters you. So, if you are not sure about the dreadlock hairstyle being the style for you, try this. Add some beads and have fun with it. The color of the dots depends on your hair color.

-No Age Barrier

Time, space, age and boundaries are no more extended barrier these days. You can set up your career everywhere. You can do anything at any time. Human beings have reached the moon. Kids can tell the entire periodic table. I mean, if you want to do something there is no one to stop you. So, age will never be a defining factor. Even in the world of fashion, it never is. Don’t believe me? You did scroll from the picture, right? She looks fabulous with that dreadlock hairstyle. Why don’t you try it?

-Cute Dreadlock Hairstyles

This is one of the easy dreadlock hairstyles that are perfect for the summer. Before I talk about her hair, I want to talk about that beautiful crop top. I love its lace fabric. Everything about this look is summer. Who doesn’t enjoy a good summer? Her hair color is also great for this season. She parts her hair from the middle. It is simple. All she does is let her dreadlocks be as it is. Have good ice cream and beat the heat.

-Elegant Updo For Dreadlock Hairstyles

There are many elegant updos you can do for your dreadlocks. This is one of the many examples. You will need to visit the salon to get this style. The braids near her head have been twisted tightly and interweaved. All the strands are used to create beautiful patterns. Once the designs have been formed, it is all pulled back into a single bun. The bun is kept close to the head as possible. If you have frizzy hair, you can go for this style.

-Let It Be

I don’t need to describe this style, do I? The hair is only let down. You can see how beautiful it looks. Usually, we find a lot of South African hairstyles that we would like to try. You can go for the simple ones like these. They make a statement but in a subtle manner. All you have to do is color your hair and get some dreadlocks. They will look stylish, and it is straightforward to maintain. Try it and show it off.

-Scarf and Summer

Accessories are a significant part of any hairstyle. If you have the right accessories, you will always have the right style. You need to be sure about which ones to get. It may be beads or bands. You can also cover your head up with a scarf or a headband. I suggest covering your head with a scarf gives a nice summer vibe. The color of your scarf should be vibrant. It makes your entire hairstyle look fun and exciting.

-For The Portrait

Next time when you have your girlfriends over, why not host a photo session? You don’t need any professional lighting or cameras. Focus the entire event on looking good and posing well. These days smartphones have become the next camera. So, make use of yours. Don’t worry about those sessions you can always flaunt dreadlock hairstyles. Leave everyone in awe and show them off in a feminine way.

-Another Portrait Style

This is another example for you that you can do in the photoshoot session I mentioned above. The style looks simple and classy. She knows how to pose. The entire focus is on her hair. Why wouldn’t it be? This is one of the elegant dreadlock hairstyles. I love it. Her hair has been colored to give an ombre effect. Then it is pulled up into a high ponytail. There are designs created at the front of her hair to add bring together a defined look.

-The Cool Ones

You have seen a lot of dreadlock hairstyles for the winter above. This might lead you to think that this style is just for the summer. Well, this picture will change your mind. You can see how beautiful this hairstyle looks in the fog. The bun seems intricate and detailed but is very simple. She creates a few loops using her hand and voila, ready. The dreadlocks are only in some parts of her hair. She looks fabulous in all her ways.

-Summer Is Here

We have another dreadlock hairstyle for you that is perfect for the summer. You can wear this style in the winter. Once you create dreadlocks, you already have a lot of designs in your hair. So, you do not need to do complicated designs unless it is for a big day. If it is for an everyday hairstyle, you can always go smooth. You can try ponytail or a top-knot hairstyle. Wear the right shades and step out. Summer is here, and you are here to make a statement.

-For The Sides

The best thing about ombre effect on your hair is it makes every hairstyle vibrant. Look at the picture above. She has thick strands of her hair as the locks. Her hair is long and looks nice. This is not for you if you want to go for a fancy event. You can create an updo. For a day out, you can go for this style. Shave off some chunks of your hair on the side. Let the rest of your hair be. This hairstyle is funky and edgy. Rock it!

-Braid It

Braids are always beautiful. This is one of my favorite braids designs. It seems to look even better with the dreadlocks. This design of the twists is ideally meant for the girls with thick hair. So, if you have dreadlocks, you can go for this look. You can add some color to your hair. Creating an ombre effect will make this entire look spectacular. You can tie your braids loosely and keep it messy for an effortless look. Wear the right accessories and head out.

-High Pony

This is another one of my favorite looks of the dreadlock hairstyles. The hair color is beautiful. It has shades of white and blue. Remember, in one of the examples we have shown you above, there are no dreadlocks in the bangs. Wondering how it might look if you got them for your fringes? Here is your answer. It seems cool. Pull out your dreadlocked bangs to frame your face. Pull the rest of your hair into a high ponytail to get an easy dreadlock hairstyle.

-Night Night

Dreadlock hairstyles have its cute versions. Exhibit A. She looks pretty and cheerful. You might think tattoos will not make you look cute, but you can see you are wrong. She has dreadlocks all over her hair. All she does is keep all her hair on the side. It is easy and fun. You can color your hair if you like or else your natural hair color will work fine. Wear your cute pajamas and take a beautiful photo.

-Colorful Dreadlock Hairstyles

You can create messy buns using dreadlock styles as well. It looks fun and effortless. Once you have gotten yourself dreadlocks, you can create the bun easily. You can go for a high bun or a low bun. Add some accessories to make this look funky. You can wear this look to the office. Make sure you get the right makeup and head out. You can also go for neat and sleek bun even in the dreadlocks.

-For The Cute You

Her eyes are gorgeous. She looks beautiful with the dreadlocks. Dreadlocks hairstyles with those eyes make for an elegant look. Her hair length is medium. She keeps her natural hair color which brings out the color of her eyes. You can add hair accessories. Combining colors and bands will bring life to your locks if you try this look. The Om necklace is pulling this entire look together. Take a selfie that focuses on your eyes and your hair. Everything about this look is stunning.

-For A Part

This is one of the elegant dreadlock hairstyles made for the ladies. If you have long hair, you can go for this style. Doing as well is easy. You will not need any tutorials to help you if you know how to braid. You can go for a full braids hairstyle or just a half one. It both looks beautiful. Pull some hair at the back and make some nice twists. Let the rest of your hair loose. Everything about this style will give a stunning effect.


This makes for great African American dreadlock hairstyles. I told you, you can try elegant updos. You can combine dreadlocks and tree braids or feed in braids. Twisting your hair at the front and letting the rest of your hair into dreadlocks make it all great. You can use different colors in your hair to separate each section. Create a neat bun, and the entire style looks like an ombre effect. Finish the look with simple earrings and no makeup look. This will keep the whole focus on your hair. You do not need to style your hair in a complicated manner. You can leave your hair as it is. It will still look beautiful. The bun can be messy as well. It will be a great way of protecting your hair and even manage to look pretty.

-For The Little One

If you didn’t think dreadlock hairstyles were versatile, I hope you think so now. They work great for kids as well. When you are a mom and have to style your kids, it will be an added pressure. Of course, it will not be fun. You will have your own hair problems and plus your little girl’s problems will make things difficult. So, get her an easy style where you don’t need to work on it every day. She can have the length of the hair she wants. You can add colorful beads and she will love it. Do not color her hair. Her hair is young and don’t treat them with harsh chemicals. Give her a bright colored outfit and take some amazing snaps of her. She will want to look at them in the future and you will want to print that out.

-Let Us Go

Let all your problems go away and embrace the free spirit of life. You can do anything you want. If you want, you can try any of the styles possible. You only get one life, and I suggest you do everything. If it is one of those times in your life when you are bored with your hair or think what you do is predictable, surprise everyone. Go for the dreadlocks hairstyle. If you have long hair, it will look even better. So, try the style. Color your hair if you like. You can create a loose top-knot to cut down the length of your everyday style.

-Not So Ordinary

This is not one of the elegant dreadlock hairstyles. Well, it depends on how you wear it. It will work any which way. She has a mixture of styles all over her head creating a stunning effect. She goes for a short haircut at the front. For the rest of her hair, she picks the dreadlocks style. The dreadlocks create a sort of full effect on her. Her hairstyle is unique. To complement her style, she goes for a fantastic makeup as well. She establishes shine in her eyes. For her accessories, she wears unusual ones. She finishes the look with a scarf on her neck. Her winged eyeliner look creates another statement. She completes the look with nude pink lipstick. You can create endless variations of this style. Use your imagination and creativity. As I have mentioned before, fashion gives you freedom.

-Color Me

This is another natural dreadlock hairstyle that you can carry on a regular basis. She has short hair length. All she does is, pull all the hair on her one side. Yes, it is as comfortable like that. The style is simple and looks beautiful on anyone. If you are thinking, you need to paint your face those streaks of color to finish the look, don’t worry. That is optional. You can complete the look with a makeup that enhances her face. You can go for a red lipstick or bright pink one. Keep your eye makeup simple. You can only wear eyeliner and keep the focus on your lips.

If you didn’t find any that you like, don’t worry. We have more in store for you. Pick any of the fantastic dreadlock hairstyles.

Enjoyed the ride? We have collected a lot of examples for you. If you are not sure of it, you can have fun looking at it. You can pick easy dreadlock hairstyles or an elegant one. 


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