15 Marvelous Dorothy Hamill Haircut For Middle-Aged Women


Who is Dorothy Hamill?

Dorothy Hamill is a well know figure skater who was born in Chicago, Illinois. A 1976 World Champion and 1976 Olympic Champion, Hamill took up skating at a very young age of eight. Between 1974 to 1976, she won the United States National Championship continuously.

Unsurprisingly, Dorothy Hamill is a sports person who is also a trendsetter for all the women out there. In her younger days, she showed off her medium length hairstyles. After her retirement in 1976, she has maintained her short haircut.

In addition to that, Dorothy is not just the inventor of ‘Hamill camel,’ a camel spin followed by a spit turn but also of ‘Dorothy Hamill haircut,’ a chic style¬†is an epitome of the sophisticated and carefree wedge hairstyle.

‘Dorothy Hamill haircut’ became the new trend particularly after her win in 1976. The look was so much appreciated by all her supporters that its origin and merits were discussed in her 1976 autobiography,”A Skating Life”.

The credits to her iconic hairstyle go to the famous Japanese hairstylist Yusuke Suga.

The low maintenance wedge hairstyle is a flattering silhouette that gives you an amazing voluminous look. Side partition or a middle partition, both works for wedge haircut.

Hamill’s haircut is a true reflection of her fluidity which looked flawless even when she moved on the ice.

She seems to pull off her ‘Dorothy Hamill haircut’ with such grace that it neither goes wrong in her casual look nor her evening look.This hairstyle is an inspiration to any middle aged women.

All you need for this hairstyle is an excellent hairdresser and just the right attitude. Let us flip through Hamill’s chic styles.

1.The classic Hamill cut

If her hairstyle were an Instagram account, it would certainly have a huge number of followers, more than Kendall Jenner. Her perfect hairstyle with bangs goes fantastic with her outfit. Her nude shoes with a cute little bow are lovely. Like a cherry on a cake, her red lipstick adds the perfect touch to ‘Dorothy Hamill haircut.’

2.Young Dorothy

Her medium hair cut with middle partition and fringes proves that she has always been so stylish.

This black and white photo of her with that gorgeous smile is just classic.

3.Swept back classic

The same photo again? No. Look carefully.

The swept back look to the same medium hairstyle makes her look remarkably sexy. A slight change to give that classic look a new touch. She knows how to do it right.

4.Short and Classic

Dorothy Hamill in a short haircut, back in the days.

Yes, she did maintain her short wedge hairstyle even in her youthful days. Her innocent charms and bubbly hairstyle go hand in hand.

5.Inspirational Hamill

Dorothy Hamill is just not famous for the yesteryear; she is also an inspiration to all the young women today. Hamill here with a female fan showing her amiability.

6.Hamill with her words

Who wouldn’t want to hear a few inspirational words from Dorothy here? I certainly would.

Two women who seem to be a lot inspired by ‘Dorothy Hamill haircut’ appear in the background. Dorothy herself looks amazing as always.

7.Sunny Dorothy

Her smile is as bright as her T-shirt.

Yes, she is a survivor! More than a survivor, she is a winner. Another photo of her ‘Dorothy Hamill haircut’ that just makes me fall in love with this hairstyle more and more. A remarkable woman, Hamill!

8.Hamill and Hines

This photo of Hamill depicts her warm personality. Her smile, T-shirt, and that hair color all look so huggable. She poses with Cheryl Hines in her ‘never gets old’ hairstyle only to look younger than ever.

9.Timeless beauty

Dorothy Hamill is showing her gorgeous hair portraying that she is indeed a timeless beauty.

10.Courteous Dorothy

Our timeless beauty gives us a polite smile with a lovely look.

11.After Golf Dorothy

Hamill is always ready to amaze the world with her words like she did with her figure skating skills. Her wedge hairdo as always perfect, even after playing golf.

12.Gracious smile

Dorothy Hamill in her blue shirt and sweater, a total contrast to the warm outdoor background. Her hairdo never seems to go out of style, and she never looks dull.


Now, this is the look I was talking about when I said; she cannot go wrong even in evening looks. Her casual look turned into a glamorous look. She looks so sophisticated in that nightgown and her wedge style.

You have to agree with me that this hairstyle looks so chic in that evening look. Hamill poses with a fellow ice skater, but we all can see who has the spotlight.

14.Chitchat time

Smiling Dorothy Hamill talking to her fans but her hairstyle seems to be taking the spotlight!


15.Hamill pose

Her evergreen look. Dorothy Hamill poses naturally in a gray and black pullover with her wedge haircut that she never seems to change. But, why would you want to change a hairstyle that never goes wrong on any occasion?

Want to learn how to get the chic style?

Read the following instructions and make sure your hairdresser is doing it right too.

First things first, grab those scissors and hair clips. Now, let us get started!

Start with sectioning your hair. Clip the hair that you want for bangs. Make sure you also leave some hair from the bottom half inch at the back of the neck.

For the bangs, feel free. You can make them drop straight or angle back. If you want long bangs, then do section them with the rest of your hair.
For the hair at the back of the neck, cut it according to your choice. You can choose up to your shoulder or less. Just make sure you don’t have hair longer than shoulder length.

Release the rest of the hair and cut according to your desire length.
Now, part the newly cut hair in the middle to give a strong weight line across the top of the head.

Comb your hair in such a way that it is perpendicular to the high weight line i.e. parallel to the ground.

Now, cut the hair at a descending angle from the tip of the line to make a diagonal line with the hair. You will end up with longer hair on top than at the base of the head near the perimeter. This angled cut gives a distinctive look.

Repeat this angled cut all over your hair and get yourself a wedged hairstyle. Drop all the hair and even out all the areas.

Make sure you find a hairdresser who knows these instructions.
Go, get yourself Hamill inspired, become the woman with essence.


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