43 Amazing Dark Purple Hair, Balayage/Ombre/violet


Looking for a hair dye? But lots of confusions? Dark Purple Hair could be an answer!

Yes, a dark reddish-blue hue – purple! This is delicious!

Many think that the term delicious is used only to describe food!


Your hair could be delicious when you turn up with dark purple!

There are numerous variations of the color out there in the world – Best purple hair dyes, Short hairstyle with purple highlights, Purple hair dye for dark hair, Dark purple hair dye, Dark purple-black hair, Violet hair dye, Temporary purple hair dye.

Purple is a damn beautiful color for your hair. Be ready, and summer is approaching. And this noble hue; only the wealthiest people could afford it in the ancient period, makes you look noblest ever!

You don’t need to stick on only one; purple blonde, highlights, balayage, tint, violet, weave, with pink, peekaboo – there are many options as per your necessity.

Don’t you believe? Have a look – here we are with 43 different hottest sub-titles ever under Dark Purple Hair!

1 White + Purple Ombre 

Wow! Everything PURPLE except white on roots! She is in heaven of purp color, and I’m jealous.

2 Purple Bang

Seriously talking, you are young! You are bold to have pears on your tongue! And purple bang is something, and it makes you look stunning, honey!

3 Purple Hair & Blue Eyes

Wow! Shoulder length purple hair and your blue eyes! The combination is incredible. Let your bangs fall on your eyes and get a scary look!

4 Smoky Purple

If you are true Christian, stay long! Stay purple – Representative of ‘pride.’

5 Curl + Long Purple

Got confusion? It’s simple, either one or the other – your choice! But not both at a time!

6 Colorful Dreadlock

Let your hair rock! Dreadlock is the biggest demand of the year. What about purple? Common girl, purple is the fav of Prince – pop star; famous for PURPLE RAIN, favorite of all American hearts.

7 Dark Purple Bob

Don’t you belong to the noble family? No problem! Purple belongs to royal society – you get a royal look with! Ahhh to your silky bangs!

8 Dark to Plum

No need to dye your all hair! It’s simply gorgeous to have dark to plum hairdo!

9 Gray root + Purple & Blue

Cheers to GRAY ROOTS + BLUE AND PURPLE and shoulder length curly. Result, look great just the way you are!

10 Purple Weave 

This is something that every girl wants to have when they are young as it is the symbol of born to the purple.

11 Purple & Blue

Dye your long end blue and bang purple – end result is grand! You will never think of giving it up. Don’t believe me? Try it out and experience yourself, sweetie.

12 Byzantium Purple 

A classic look with classic color! How can you say it is a classic? How can’t I since it belongs to BYZANTIUM emperors! Make it yours, girl. Be you!

13 Dark & Purple Pixie

Tired of regular long black hair? Pixie with irregular purple dye is the best idea ever! It makes you look young and chic! Manage your long bang to the side – single eye is enough to peek the whole world.

14 Violet Hair Dye

Want some abstract look – something like spiritual and mystic? Great! Here are violet bangs to give your taste, honey!

15 Purple Violet 

Sometimes color plays a very vital role to get you in success!

You are in the right place today! Since violet purple is the color of imagination and spirituality,  it inspires you to get high ideals – achievement comes along with it.

16 Purpureus Balayage

 This is worthy hair dye to have – it encourages creativity – disseminates positive vibes. Get the highest vibration, honey!

Get the highest vibration, honey!

17 Silky Pearly Purpley 

It gives you courage. Makes you creative! The greatest ever is it makes you look Royal. Impressive for the first date, beb!

18 Violet Purple knot

Love it? Absolutely, gorgeous!

This is exactly the color you look lovely with, sweetie!

If you are thinking to tie a knot to your beb – perfect hairstyle – he will understand your spirit before your disclose.

19 Curly Mulberry & Blue

Neither too tight not too loose! They are medium sorts of weave with the blue and purple! It’s the prettiest color ever for your pattern to decorate!

20 Pale Purplish

You have an office! You have to be a decent staff! But want to fit in the world of purple color! Pale Purplish shade could help you out! Ahhh! Tattoo on your back!

But want to fit in the world of purple color! Pale Purplish shade could help you out! Ahhh! Tattoo on your back!

21 Magnetic Purple 

Shockingly elegant!

Queen of purple, I would say!

Couldn’t believe you can achieve this! In fact, magnetic purple is for those who are not afraid of total purple appearance!

22 Dark Purple

This is simple to care and cute to look.

Short purple is the most popular chic of 2017. Dark purple creates a deep lustrous shine – perfect for your first date.


23 Purple Pixie

If you want to be in the center of attention, try purple pixie.

Pixie is the famous hairdo of 2017, and so is the purple. Create your style and collect popularity!

Be you beb!

24 Rolled bang Purple

Your style is your signature – have you seen anyone with rolled bangs?

You should be only one to break regularity. Have courage, girl!

25 Brown to Purple Balayage

Sometimes experimenting on hair is the most interesting thing in the world – once you make it short, it doesn’t take much time to get long.

But it’s very difficult to choose which suits us more. Medium pixie, I would say, could be an option. Dye your end purple and roots brown.

26 Light to Purple Ombre

What comes to your mind once you see this image matters more! The first feeling is the best feeling – get excited – light to purple ombre makes you stand out of the crowd.

27 Purple Balayage

Natural roots with the purple end – a true hair color! Enjoy a delicious shade of purple balayage, perfect for your body shape! Sexy you!

28 Purple to Peacock

Being stylish is a quite challenging thing but far more creative and less time-consuming. You no longer have to dry it after washing – dye it with purple and peacock. There you get an amazing style.

29 Dark Purple Pixie

If you want to have a medium length of hair, try out deep side parted layered pixie. You will have lots of options; tie it or leave freely or half updo! Dark purple hue is amazing hair dye to make your look creative.

30 Pumpy purple

Root – naturally black! Rest – purple shade! What a fabulous idea! Girl with micro curly hair enjoys this appearance, especially you Afro-American sweetie! Alternatively, you can extend and braid it. Make your style!

31 Royal Purple

When you don’t belong to the royal family, achieve royal-like look – noble, calm and sophisticated. Is it possible? Yes, just simply by dying your hair Royal Purple! It makes you stand out of the crowd!

32 River-like wavy Purple

Are you looking something beautiful for your coming holiday? River-like Wavy Purple is suitable for everywhere from a beach to garden to the Himalayas! This color of pride makes you look distinct. Have a great holiday, sweetie!

33 Purple To White

This is perfect for a holiday when you don’t have to go to the office but to a beach for relaxation!

When curl falls through your broad forehead, you look hot and sexy.

Girl, you look seductive with your big gray eyes!

34 Purple Highlights + Blue Ends

If you are looking for something distinctive appearance yet professional – have purple and blue highlights leaving your black hair naturally. As a result, you get stunning revelation! Blue ends add perfection to your look.

35 Pansy Purple

Let your hair speak your nature! Definitely, you look creative and noble with the Pansy Purple. Your first date is going to be impressive! Play your shoulder length hair – let your boy fall in love, hon!

36 Dark To Purple 

Don’t you love just the way she is? To achieve this look, leave your root naturally black and dye purple for rest, the result is fresh and lovely!

37 Wavy Eminence Balayage

Dark in the top and eminence purple weave hanging on your back! Isn’t it wonderful? Definitely, it is! Your hair speaks much more your personality.

38 Blue Violet

Imagine how bright will be your face with the blue violet!

This is just the back! Don’t forget to take a section from your each side and accessorize your hair!

39 Medium Purple

Sorry girls, this is exclusively defined by web browser!! But the result is must noteworthy. That’s why every girl loves it.

40 Curly Ombre

This is vibrant! Great mood booster for you in need of a challenge. Wear it when you have a real confrontation. Girl, console your life with the purple curly.

41 Pansy Purple + Blue

Rooted in royalty, a symbol of richness and prosperity – girls, make purple your favorite! If not now, for your success in future.

Isn’t it what every girl wants – your purple is your wealth.

42 Palatinate Blue

Have you thought of joining the University of Durham? Yes, this is the right color to get a high chance of getting enroll. In fact, this is the color of the County Durham.

In conclusion, you must wonder how to dye your hair purple without damaging since hair is the most sensitive ornament of human beings.

Great concern! Because achieving your favorite color is really challenging; sometimes it turns out to be time-consuming, other times it gets horrible results because dyeing purple hue is the toughest thing within itself.

Keeping this fact in the mind we have come with few answers.

So after selecting you better go to the expert colorist or consult your expert before wearing dark purple; that’s where you get your solution.

Don’t ruin your appearance, sweetie!

Here are few ideas, we can help you out:

  • Match your skin tone before you jump on the color type!
  • Apply regular treatment and bleach
  • Temporary purples tend to fade faster; to keep them last long wash less your hair, don’t expose your hair out in the sun

However, these few points are not big trouble if you really want grand change in your appearance. Girls, be colorful and you letting your colorist handle all the troublesome.


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