39 Crochet Braid Hairstyles for the Bold and Edgy!


Frizzy and damaged hair? Don’t worry we are here to solve your hair dilemma with crochet braids! Rough and damaged hair, that is the worst case scenario for us girls to happen. But in this day and age, and also the fashion trends we follow, we tend to damage our hair with all the heat and chemicals we put our hair through every day. So, how do we change that? No need to fret though, we have the perfect substitution and solution for you! Crochet Braids!

For those of you who do not know about crochet braids, these are also known as latch hook braids. This is a solution for your natural hair to take a break and go under treatment for a while. Breaking it down for you, crochet braids are hair extensions which are attached to your natural hair which is normally braided into corn rows. These extensions are looped through your cornrows using a crochet hook, thus gaining the name crochet braids.

With this, you have the option to choose any hairstyle, length as well as the color of your choice while you give your natural hair a break.

1. Goldilocks

For the edgy and bold look that you would love to try, these particular braids are perfect for you. The golden locks perfectly frame your face giving you more volume and extra edge that you will love.

3. Short Curly braids

Simple and short, this hairstyle is for those who like to keep it simple and sweet. Make it your daily wear, and you will never regret it as this is so easy to achieve and extremely easy to handle as well.

3. Senegalese Twist

Rope braids or Senegalese twist is the kind of braids made by twisting your hair into these tight braids. You can rock these braids which are easy to do and yet looks so sophisticated. You can rock this look while your natural hair rests and takes a break and still look stunning!

4. Golden Stunner

These pretty braids are the perfect combination of fluffiness with a touch of gold. This face framing curled locks make your face look more appealing while not going too over the top.

5. Purple Haze

Why not try out some fun colors while you are at it? This bold and edgy shade of purple gives you the confidence you can rock until you get your natural hair back. Fun and colorful, bring out the missing bling out.

6. Permed Braids

This short and sweet combination of short hair with the curls are the absolute definition of cuteness. Meant for the fun and adventurous, be sure to rock these braids. You can also opt for this if you wish to go for shorter length but don’t want to cut off your precious locks.

7. Curly Pimp

Another way to go short and sweet is this curly pixie that we adore. Such a brilliant way to execute your full facial features without making it seem too obvious. Be sure to try out this braids; you will not regret it.

8. Twisted Goddess Braids

This is the goddess style twisted braids that execute your bold and edgy style and personality. Not only does this give you that extra edge, but this hairstyle requires very less to no styling once placed. Make this your go-to hairstyle and be the show stopper wherever you go!

9. Burgundy Love

This subtle hue of burgundy placed in this particular braids is simple and effective when it comes to the efficiency. The curled braids places in a low bun look chic and compliment any skin tone. Try it out today and ask your hairdresser for this particular crochet braids.

10. Corkscrew Curls

Want to go for something more natural? Why not opt for this natural looking jet black braids? The corkscrew curls add the extra depth and appeal to the overall look making this the perfect substitution for your natural hair while it takes a break.

11. Jumbo Curls 

This jumbo braided crochet braid looks incrediblle with this particular hairstyle. The middle parting, as well as the short length, add to the brilliant feature of this chic and stylish hairdo. Perfect for anywhere anytime, go for this crochet braids if you are one for the style and chicness.

12. Small Curled braids

This is another alternative for the natural looking hair braids that we have fallen in love with. You cannot tell the difference that this, in fact, is not your real hair. The side parting, as well as the shoulder length, makes up for the extra volume in the hair. Want to go natural and beautiful, why not try this out?

13. Brushed Out Braids

Another look at the simplistic aspect of jet black braids here is another example of simple brushed out braids. Pretty and simple, this brushed out crochet braids is the solution for your damaged hair to take a break for a luxurious treatment.

14. Jumbo Braided crochet

Cute and efficient, this stylish jumbo braids perfectly makes it to our list of crochet braids. The jet black hair styled with the jumbo braids makes the combination fit for any occasion casual or formal. Try it out today!

15. Straight Crimped Crochet

For those times when you want to sleek and chic, this is the perfect crochet hair for you. The crimped straight long locks compliment your style and facial features perfectly. Divalicious and glamor are defined with this hairstyle, and we have completely fallen for it.

16. Box Braids with Bangs

Another style you can try with those big curls of yours is to add the extra dazzle and appeal with the braided bangs. You can see how big of a difference these simple bangs add. You can rock this look with the crocheted hair and you will never want to go back to your usual hair again!

17. Layered Blonde Short hair

Stylish and stunning this simple and short hairdo with blonde highlights add the missing glam from your life. Treat your hair to the luxury it deserves, and until then you can rock these golden blonde highlighted short hair.

18. Burgundy love

This graceful shade of burgundy is the getaway you have been looking for, for your natural hair to get some rest. Ask your hairdresser for this particular crochet hair and bling it out. Simple yet so sophisticated, this is perfect hair through the year.

19. Golden Bangs

Side swept curly hair here looks extra elegant and chic. The highlights in the front of the bangs and layers give you the edge you have been searching for. The pretty addition not only glamorizes your hair but also makes you more appealing in the fashion trends.

21. Curl Texture

Want to go that extra mile with your crochet hair? Try out playing with different curl style and achieve this perfect looking edgy hairstyle. Unique and pretty, this crochet hairstyle adds the twist to the next level.

22. Afro Twist

For a more modern twist to your crochet braids, go for this afro styled braids. The simple and inspired look gives you a natural look and feels to your hair that we love. And we know that you will too, so why not try it out today!

23. Divalicious

The trend that has won million hearts, these curly long length crochet braids are what we are living for. Simple to do as well as very very easy to maintain, get the Hollywood factor in your hair.

24. Long Jet Black Curls

Another look on how those simple curls compliment every skin tone, we have this picture here for you. You can guess how well this crochet long length hair with these lovely curls will make you feel, special and stylish. Now you don’t need to worry about growing out your hair to get the feel of long length. Simply ask your hairdresser for it.

25. Straight Jet Black

If you are not the one who is up for curls, crochet hair looks even better with long length straight hair. If you don’t believe us, take a look at the picture above. The perfect alternative for your natural hair, opt for these straight locks instead!

26. Dirty Curls

How great do these dirty braids look? You obviously cannot deny it looks incredible. Super chic and stunning, this compliments the short length and also the jet black hair. Although you do not have to condemn yourself to just black, you can get these in any color you wish. Snow white or blonde, or even purple or red if you are up for it. Be creative and make it happen.

27. Volumized Curls

You know what these curls are speaking out? Volume, depth, and texture. For extra volumized and texturized hair, opt for these crochet hairstyle that adds the volume and depth to your hair. The side swept curled hair looks gorgeous given the short length of it.

28. Brown & Black

A twist to the normal afro, these kinky curls are another alternative to the afro cuts that are a hassle to manage. The brown color and the dark black roots make for the perfect combination as you can see here in the picture. Pretty and glamorous, you can rock this look with ease while giving your natural hair a rest.

29. Rolled Up Jumbo braids

We have fallen in love with how stunning those jumbo braids look so here we are with another style of jumbo braids. The side swept partition with the rolled up curls on the side do the perfect amount of styling that we need to steal the show. We just can’t get enough of it, can we?

30. Permed Out

With long length, it is very very easy to achieve this simple afro inspired small curls. Styled to perfection, you don’t even have to put any effort to this hairstyle as it is ready to steal the look. But if you want, you can accessorize, just as in the picture with a simple bandana or a hairpiece and you are set to go.

31. Edgy Faux Hawk

This hairstyle is meant for those who like to keep it fashionable and edgy. Timeless and exotic, this crochet braid is the faux hawk hairdo that is one of the trendiest crochet pieces. Ready to rock your everyday world? Try these on.

32. Bronzed Up

Another look with afro and we have won the internet over with this particular look. Cute and stylish, you can add the extra missing element of class with this hairstyle. Ask your hairdresser for this permed afro hairstyle with highlighted bronze ends, and you are runway ready. The perfect getaway for your natural hair is now here, so go ahead and try it out today!

33. Red and Black

Do you have a personality that is bold and edgy and a little bit of fun and on the rough side. Well, here is the crochet hairstyle meant just for you if you are daring. The color combination of red and black gives you that extra edge you need and the kinky braids just adds to the extra uniqueness of this hairdo.

34. Purple Volumized Crochet Braids
This bold and beautiful shade of purple is one that we can’t simply take our eyes off. If you are up for the funky look, this one is perfect for you. Accessorize to add the extra glam, and you are set to rock the look. The kinky curls are the best way you can stylize this particular glamor hair look. Make it your go to hair, and you will not regret it.

35. Huge Box Crochet Braids

This is another look that we can steal a spotlight with. Simple and efficient, this jet black crochet hairstyle adds the volume without over doing it. This hairstyle not only compliments every aspect of jet black hair, but the middle partition of it makes it look classy and even.

36. Blonde Ambition

To add the funk and glam, make this blonde crochet braids your go-to hair. The afro aspect in this hair makes it more subtly edgy and equally gorgeous at the same time. The kinky braids mixed with the brushed out afro is the perfect blend of perfection you need in your life. Accessorize and dress up in bright shades just to brighten up and equalize your hair.

37. Gorgeous Brushed Out Crochet

While you give your hair that luxury treatment that it deserves, why not go that extra mile to add the beautifying factor to your hair with this particular jet black crochet braids? You know what you have been missing? It’s the length and volumizing effect this particular hair gives out. Natural looking and pretty to feel, you can get this stunning look in no time. Just ask your hairdresser for this crochet braids and you can fix it in place yourself or you can ask your hairdresser to do so!

38. Dark Brown Crochet Short Braids

This super chic short permed crochet braids, in short, is the look you will adore once you don them. Why, you ask? The reason is that it is super efficient if you want to take a break from caring for your long locks. Not only does this save you the hassle of choosing a new hairstyle, but you will also have the option to go back to your long tassels once you are tired of the short crochet braids.

39. Goldilocks Crochet Hair

The ideal crochet hairstyle for those of you who would like to color or bleach their hair. Instead of going through all the damaging process of dyeing and bleaching, why not get this golden blonde crochet braid hairstyle. Not only will your hair skip the whole damaging process, but you will also look incredibly stunning with this Goldilocks blonde hair. Natural looking as well as easy to style it however you want to. You will love this hairdo just as much as how we have been loving it!

With crochet braids, you have the ease to stylize your hair however you want. Choose any color you want and you will have it, choose the lengths as well as any texture. You will have the freedom to own it. Be creative or be bold, show off your edginess and be the diva queen that you are! While your natural hair lies in rest, you can rock these crochet braids. And just as much as we are falling in love with them, you will too!



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