54 Crimped Hair Ideas for 2021


It looks like the 80’s is back! Back with a bang and here to stay. Crimped hair is the trend of this season and has brought out styles that we have never seen before. Colored hair and stunning updos are the new favorites this season.

Crimped hair provides texture that builds up and maintains volume in your hair. It even is a solution to your greasy roots. Crimping iron with ridges is something all of us want for our hairstyling tools, but crimped hair can be achieved with straighteners as well.

Here are we showing you how to rock a crimped hairstyle.

1. Blonde Crimped Hair

For a modern and fresh hairstyle, crimp your blonde hair all the way. Crimping your hair can even help to control your frizz. Add to its coolness with a stylish hairband of a solid color. A bold lipstick can finish the look.

2. Blue & Pink

Dye your hair completely lavender. Highlight it into pinks. Crimp your hair in different sections. We all know how amazingly braids and crimped hair works. So, start with a french twist and work all the way with simple twists for half your hair. Beautiful updo!

3. Punk

For your short hair, crimp the ends of your hair. If you have ombre hair, pinch the lighter sections of your hair. Now, split into two parts and create small cute two ponytails. Funky hairstyle, indeed.

4. Winter Crimped Hair

Crimped hair seems to be one of the favorites of all the designers because the style is so posh and feminine. The crimped ends can be the showstopper of any runway. The ash colored hair with some warm red hues gives the sunshine like effect on an icy cold day.

5. Cool Crimped Hair

Britney Spears looks amazing in crimped hair. Crimp sections of your hair like her. Middle part her hair and wear stunning neckpiece to compliment your look.

6. Thread Dreads

Pull up your crimped hair into a loose ponytail. Add some threaded highlights.

7. High for Crimped Hair

Pull up your crimped hair into a high ponytail. For the warm skin tone, you can dye your hair into orangish-red hue. Create a pouf if you want.

8. For The Bride

For an exquisite bridal look, you can go for curled crimped hair as well. She looks gorgeous as well as innocent. Your groom will not take his eyes off you.

9. Bangs for Your Crimped Hair

For your long dark locks, create crimped hair at different sections of your hair. Bangs work with this hairstyle as well.

10. Elegance

Style your long hair with a crimping iron. Create an elegant hairstyle for it. Every day is your day, love.

11. Straightener for Crimped Hair

Don’t have a crimping iron or a curling iron?

Don’t worry!

Your straightening iron can give your both crimped hair and curled hair. Her hair is like a waterfall of curls.

12. Geisha Look

Who said crimped hair is only for a modern western hairstyle? Create a Geisha hairstyle with crimped hair. Add to it with cute Japanese accessories. Beautiful!

13. Simple

Wear your crimped hairstyle into a simple everyday look like Olivia Hayes. This hairstyle is a perfect example of how frizz can become a style.

14. Crimped Hair for Everyday

You can add crimped hair to an everyday hairstyle. If you want crimping done to a minimum, just do it near the roots. After that curl all the way. Long, gorgeous hair.

15. Hot

Her blend of dark hair with blonde hair is beautiful. To add to her beauty, she makes use of her crimping iron and crimps sections of her hair. Style it into an elegant hairstyle. Amazing makeup!

16. Exclusively Beautiful


Curl all of your red hair with some crimping done near the roots. Wear a voluminous hairdo. Her makeup looks amazing. This is one of my favorites.

17. Crown for Your Hair

She looks stunning. Leave your sections of crimped hair with your straight hair. To add to its beauty, wear a netted rose crown. Her bold and bright makeup makes her look like a Greek beauty.

18. Crimped Hair for Portrait

Middle part extended exclusively crimped hair. Pose for a photo. Create a life size poster of yourself with this retro hairstyle.

19. Mermaid Hair

Go to the beach with him. Look like a beautiful mermaid, love. For that just crimp your hair and leave it all the way. Now, middle part your hair and add some fantastic piece of the headpiece. Wear your bikini and become the Goddess of Sea.

20. Crimped Frizzed Hair

One way you can style your frizzed hair is with a crimping iron. Pull it up into a high ponytail with braids at the front. Do some amazing makeup and look phenomenal.

21. Celebrity Crimped

Tyra Banks shows how to wear crimped hairstyle right. Her hair makes her look gorgeous, and the makeup and outfit do complete justice to her looks. She is beautiful.

22. Cute Updo

For a little haircut, why not make it more stylish with a mix of braids and crimped hair? French braid the top section of your hair and crimp the ends of your hair. A cute updo, I would say.

23. Lavender Textures

Crimped hair blends perfectly with straightened hair. Braids with crimped hair are everyone’s favorites. Not only the hair but the colors lavender and gray also blend in amazingly. A gorgeous mermaid hairstyle, isn’t it?

24. Cute for Crimped

For your long blonde hair, create crimped accents at certain sections of your hair. Add to its beauty, by creating a braid around the crown. Wear a funky pair of sunglasses and get ready to take on the world.

25. Smokey Look

She looks like a Greek Goddess. Crimped hair with a smokey eye and nude makeup, one word stunning. Wear some beads with and have fun.

26. Crimped Hair for The Stage

For all the singers out there, go for a karaoke night with your girlfriends with this fabulous hairstyle. Crimp all your hair and middle part your hair. Side sweep your bangs and rock on the stage. Bring out the rock star in you.

27. Curls for Crimp

Love for curls?

Spice up a little bit with some crimping. If you love small curls, add some crimping near your hair roots, and voila, you are ready. This hairstyle is fabulous. A hairstyle that works in every event.

28. Dandelion Crimped Hair

Ever wished for a great hairdo? Why not opt for a dandelion look. This is another hairstyle worn by a model. But, it will work amazingly well for you too if you know how to do it right. Crimp your hair near the roots and frizz your hair up. Light makeup goes well with this hairstyle.

29. Side Look

Give yourself a complete makeover this season. Color your hair completely into a stylish color. Now for the hairstyle, crimp your hair subtly in different sections. After that, pull it up into a very elegant updo. A beautiful and gorgeous hairdo that works for every occasion. It even works on the red carpet.

30. Knotted Braids

For such crimp, either use your crimped hair iron or braids. Once you crimp your hair, make a ribbon braid without any ribbons! (winky face)

31. Crimped Pixie

Crimped hair looks amazing on your short pixie hair as well. Give your pixie cut an urban touch with shaved lines and micro crimps. Platinum colored hair with such textures, perfect!

32. Classic Crimp

You can easily learn to crimp your hair. Just crimp all your hair. Show off your crimped hair with a central part. Do the bottom layers near the roots and then work your way up to the top layers.

33. Red for Braids

Crimped hair can be styled into a ponytail as well. Zigzag part your crimped hair, then create three French braids and stop halfway. Now, pull it into a ponytail. Make sure you pull your ponytail and tease your hair for volume.

34. Tucked Braid

For such an updo with elegance and volume, take advantage of your small ridges in your crimper. Now, create a French fishtail braid loosely with few strands of hair pulled out. In the end, tuck in your braid. You can also opt for a simple bun as well.

35. Messy Texture

Don’t want to use a crimper? No worries!                                                                        You can get crimped hair without a crimper. Micro braids your naturally wavy hair and leaves for a few hours. If you want, you can use a straightener to shorten your waiting period. You can do tiny as well as big braids for a mixture of textures.

36. Bob Crimped Hair

For a carefree look, make use of your crimping iron. Treat your bob haircut with few crimped accents and multi-toned hue.

37. Bubble Braids

Girls with long hair can become creative as well as fabulous with this crimped hair. Style your crimped hair with a mix of french braids and bubble braids. Wrap each section to create a poof.

38. Urban Touch

Who said the crimped hair was a style of 90’s? Give it a modern touch with a play of gray and blonde hues. A style rocked by Victoria’s Secret models.

By the way, you can opt this style for this year’s Halloween.

39. Side Braids

Want an updo for your crimped hair? Look no further, loves.

The crimped effect gives your updo more substantial effect. Section your hair into four or five parts to manage it efficiently. Make sure you don’t brush your hair when doing such braids.

40. Exotic


Blend of curls and crimped with a whole lot of frizz is an exotic hairstyle. A hairstyle definitely for the photo shoots. If you want to give out a hot and sexy vibe, you can opt for this hairdo for your excessively long hair.

41. Two-sided Fishtail Braid

For a hairstyle which creates a full effect, style it into two fishtail braids. The crimped texture is added to the roots. This hairdo is so soft and romantic; you can wear it in any of your dates.

42. Mohawk

Have fun with fluffy micro-crimped hair. These crimps make the braids fluffy and thick. The bubbly Mohawk ponytail is perfect.

43. Braided Crimped Hair

Long crimped hair can be flaunted as they flow along with a few braids. You can also choose for half up and half down hairdo. A stylish hairstyle, isn’t it?

44. Princess Crimped

The 80’s inspired crimped hairstyle can give you a princess-like feel as well. Choose for small, loose curls for all of your hair except the roots. Keep it crimped near the roots.

45. Berry Colored

If you want to have a unique hue for your hair, try for this berry color with a stunning updo. Create two crown braids next to each other by sectioning off your hair near the hairline.

46. Crinkled Updo

For such an amazing look, you need first finely to crimp your hair. Dutch braid your hair starting from the middle running up to the nape of the neck. Tease rest of the hair into an airy ponytail.

47.  Side Crimped Updo

This is gorgeous hair, isn’t it? If you don’t want to spend all your day using a crimping iron, crimp few pieces of hair for an accentuated style. Crimped hair with braids is a piece of art. These side braids with fresh hues can work on anyone of your beauties.

48. Sea Blue

Alternatively, crimp and straighten your hair. Add to it with a loose twist created by few pieces of your hair. A blend of sea colors gives out a mermaid vibe. Go for this bold style. Give out a cooling effect wherever you go.

49. Dutch Braid for Crimped Hair

These days using your crimping iron is pulled out before doing any stylish updo. The texture of crimped hair achieves a fresh look and makes it look thicker. Dutch braid adds beauty to the textured hair giving a full look.

50.  Crown For Your Hair

Want to try something unusual for your hair? Why not try a fishtail crown? To top it off, why not use the dreamy unicorn colors? Amazing!

51. Ponytail

Wear your blonde hair with crimp accentuates into a loose ponytail. A total black outfit gives this blonde hair an excellent look.

52.  Multi-toned Updo

You can have crimped hair with braids preferably for curly hair girls. Braid all your hair in mini twists or just a few twists for accent and sleep it off. In the morning, you have gorgeous crimped hair. Try a stylish updo to show off highlights.

53. Long Curls

Your excessively long hair can be styled with short curls all the way. Add to its volume with by making use of your crimping iron. A waterfall of curls, indeed!

54. Runway Crimp

Tie up your crimped hair into a sleek and sexy ponytail. For a simple yet stylish style, you can opt for something like this.

Ready to carry out the favorite 80’s hairstyle? Pick your favorite and walk the runway of your life.


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