79 New Crew Cut Styles For Men (2021)


Ladies and gentlemen, the Crew Cut is a simple yet strong style for men. It is usually worn short, with a beard as an option. Now, despite its simplicity, this hairstyle has a unique philosophy behind it- You look humble, respectful and commanding. Most remember this style as a part of the military look. However, like most of the hairstyles covered in this blog, we go deeper into how techniques have adapted seamlessly into the digital world today.

Furthermore, if you think you have a receding hairline or a thin hair, this is usually the style people prefer. Moreover, the look is simple. There are plenty of DIY techniques that can get you rolling.

To the Women reading my blogs, if you think one of the looks below speaks to your soul, you are encouraged to try. Now, before we venture into all the styles I have carefully assembled to help you, let’s take a look at what the form is all about.

What is a Crew Cut?

Now, crew cut is traditionally kept with a high skin fade and a short top. However, there is modern variation with most commonly a tapered look or an Ivy League combination. It looks good on boys and men alike. In addition to that, there is a specific variation amongst Asian culture for this hairstyle, letting things feels modern.

How To Ask For a Crew Cut?

One of the easiest ways to explain what you want is to show people how David Beckham, Tom Hardy or Jake Gyllenhaal wore them. Now, there are a lot more celebrities who wear crew cut. However, I believe these three fine gentlemen wear them the best. And plus, who doesn’t recognize David Beckham?

Now, if you are looking for a specific hairstyle, the picture above casually explains the math behind the haircut. However, note that the style is a framework. You can choose to change the blade fade as you wish.

With that said, my name is Roach from StyleEasily.com and here are my 64 handpicked crew cut hairstyle for men.


crew cut

Her is an example of a simple look for men who like to keep their short boxed beard. This is mainly a good look for people with a long and protruding chin. The taper and the fade help the square ear or sticking out ear type to shine. Moreover, give yourself some extra points if you have a bow shaped lips.

Short + Bald Fade

This is an example of a seriously elegant hairstyle for men who like to highlight their round ear. Round ears arguably look best on their own. However, you can add a Hollywoodian beard style with a certain designed groomed to give the ears a boot. Notice how the side parch of the beard is trimmed to allow the ears to breathe?

Sharp Taper

If you have round broad ears and fleshy cheeks and chin, this is a hairstyle I recommend. Furthermore, the taper that almost looks like a Caesar hairstyle gives you the room for your face to take the lead. Also, bonus points if you have a receding chin. In addition to that, men with dished face head, benefit the most with this texture of hairstyle. However, if you think you have any other head shape, you can choose to vary the fade in style to give you the same sharp look.

Medium Men’s Crew Cut

This is a rough outlook for men who like keeping their short boxed beard. Moreover, if you have a long chin with slightly protruding characteristics, this look suits you best. However, with all the hairstyles in this list, the crew cut is versatile. Thus, you can sport any of the given looks with a simple change in the length or the fade.

Caesar + Crew Cut

Here is how you can keep a natural and rough beard. Notice how to thin lips stand out with this style? Now, this is mainly a good look for men having a flaring jaw with a round chin in a rectangle face. Alternatively, you can have a square face or a heart-shaped face to pull off the looks. However, this is a look for men with a wide facial characteristic.

Also, consider sporting this look with casuals. And possibly rounded shades to match the sharp square features.


If you have thin and wide lips that go well with your fleshy chin, this is an ideal look. Also, I can recommend this style for men with a double chin. The look is simple, requires minimal maintenance, and brings out the round ears.

High Fade

If you are a fan of a long beard and short hair combination, this is what I suggest. Here, the Long Boxed Beard looks rough, natural and tough. Furthermore, the experienced outlook from the beard completely balances the modern, slick high fade hairstyle above. This isn’t your authentic crew cut. However, this does follow the core philosophy of letting your ears breathe that allows you to look smart and commanding.

Pompadour + Crew Cut

Speaking of modern crew style, here is an example for the men with a flatback head. In Particular, I recommend men with heart-shaped lips that are wide to choose this style. Here, the pointed square ear type takes a back seat while other prominent facial features like the protruding jaw and the pompadour to take the lead. This is not a casual exclusive look. You can sport this look with formals and tie.

Caesar + Hard Part

Here is a simple look for men with a long chin and protruding chin. Give yourself an extra star if you have a bow shaped lips. The designs and hard parts on the sides are completely optional. The central aspect here would be the balance your ear shape with the top.

Robert Downey Jr. Inspired

I love this guy. The man is a genius when it comes to his style of acting. He goes an extra length to bring his characters alive. I can go on for ages praising this man. However, I will keep things specific here. Most notably about his hairstyle preferences and what it tells about his characters.

As we all know he plays the Iron Man. He’s the most crucial figure in the MCU franchise. Fight Me! Now, let’s go to the imagination land here for a moment. Imagine, had Robert Downey Jr. wore a long glorious hair as Thor did. Or maybe, perhaps a rough outlook like Bruce Banner, or even a slick hair like Captain America?

The charm wears off, doesn’t it?

The Iron Man wears a blend of a long top with a faded side, mostly trimmed. He wears them short when he’s in party mode and keeps them roughed up and long when he means business. And, all the while, he maintains a commanding look. The crew cut philosophy.

This form of hairstyle is versatile for any short lengths. It brings out the narrow ears. While the thin or wide lips are complemented by the goatee of any thickness.

Short Pompadour + Mid Fade

Here is a hairstyle for men with pointing ears and oval face with a protruding chin.

Flat Top

This is an excellent example of crew cut for men with extending back head type. Now, the full lips and the receding chin benefits the most with the flat top. Meanwhile, the round ears gain the most from the high skin fade on the sides.


Here is a look for the men with a slightly protruding and fleshy chin. Now, this look is ideal for men with a dish-face head. However, you can wear this for any head type depending on how high you choose to keep the fade.

Side Part

This is an ideal crew cut for men with narrow ears having an attached ear lobe. Bonus points for men with the extend-back head.

Short Slicked

This is a good look for men with a long chin. The thin beard allows the thin bow-shaped lips to cement its place.

Hard Part

This is a hard part slick look for men with sticking out ear type. I have included a look for men with dish-face head, but like most of the hairstyles here, that isn’t the most essential feature. The crew cut is flexible to any head shape depending on the fade.

Burst Fade

crew cut

Here is a clean look for men with a short or fleshy chin. Consider sporting this look with an extended back head.

Bradley Cooper

So, here is a personality that has impressed with his hairstyle philosophy. Especially, the Bradley Cooper movie- American Sniper. He wears a hairstyle that yells- “No Time For BS.” I think as a commanding figure, this is ideal and goes exceptionally well with the philosophy of the crew cut.

Consider sporting his look if you have a pointed chin, thin lips, or a heart-shaped face.

High Skin Fade

Here is a simple look for men with slightly pointing ear type.

Mid Skin Fade

I like this look and how the fade on the sides compliment the slightly sticking out square ears.

Short Pompadour + Beard

This is a look for the pointed ears. Meanwhile, the round lips speak well with a groomed short beard.

Tom Hardy Inspired

Now, Tom Hardy is an expert in crew cuts. Personally, his most iconic role in Dark Knight Rises is where I admire him the most. There, he wore a simple buzzcut with his face covered and that went over as a dominant character.

This look here is for the men that like to keep a handlebar and goatee. Bonus point if you have an oval face.


Speaking of dominant figures, this is a hairstyle for men with sticking out ear type that is also slightly squared shape. The rough short boxed beard allows you to wear the alpha male look.

Short JarHead Inspired

This is a simple Jar-Head inspired hairstyle for men with broad, lobed ears.

Medium Slick

Now, with crew cuts, there is an option for men to allow it to grow medium-sized and still look good. This allows you free time since the maintenance required for this hair is still bare minimum.

Asian Crew Cut

Here is a good look for the Asian men. The heavy lower lips in a round face compliment the narrow ears that are pointed as well. This is a simple look that goes well for casuals and formals.


This is a simple but fashionable look for men with a protruding chin. Moreover, the square ears benefit from the classic high fade.

Slick + Fade

This is a good look if you think you have a fleshy chin.

Christain Bale Inspired

This look closely resembles how Christain Bale wore a crew cut in the Terminator movie. Although the film was questionable, this hairstyle isn’t. He played the iconic resistance leader- John Connor, and this hairstyle suited the role perfectly. Consider this look if you have bow-shaped lips. Bonus points if you have an oval face or inverted triangle face.

Vintage+ Beard

This is a decent look for men with pointed ears and, a short boxed beard that is well groomed. This is an ideal look for men with a big forehead or men with receding hairlines.

Military Crew Cut

This is a classic look for men with wide chin and thin lips.

Short Crew Cut

Here is an example of a crew cut for men with full lips. Bonus points for a broad face that is mostly square or rectangle. Alternatively, you can have a square chin and adopt the same philosophy.

Comb Over

crew cut

Now, this is a good look for men with thin lips.


So, this is a combed hairstyle for men with sticking out ears.

Medium JarHead Inspired

This is a modified version of a JarHead hairstyle that keeps a medium top. Now, this is especially suitable for men with broad pointed ears, a dish-face head. Moreover, a bonus score for men with a long chin.

Low Fade

Here is a look for men with sticking out ears that are between round and square shaped. Additionally, the heavy lower lips with federation standard facial hairs add an extra flair.

Slick + Textured

Now, this is a beautiful wavy textured hair with light beards.

Skin Fade

This is an ideal combination of thin bow-shaped lips and a dish-face head.

High Skin Fade

So, notice how the thin wide lips stand out with this hair

Side Part + Slick

Ben Affleck Inspired

As I mentioned before, there are seriously many personalities who have sported the crew cut. Ben Affleck is one. This is a modified version of one which he wore in the movie Pearl Harbour. Now, this look allows you to keep that charming look. Moreover, the clean facial look compliments the spikes above. Overall, this is a great look for young men who like to keep things medium to short.

Slick + Side Part

Here is an example of how a bow-shaped lip and oval face compliments a crew cut.

Brad Pitt Inspired

Brad Pitt is another example of a fashion icon who sports various hairstyles perfectly. I might be considering doing an entire blog on his hairstyles, but that is for some other time. However, this is my pick of one of his iconic crew cuts.

Side Fades

If you have narrow ears and want to pull off a crew cut, this is how I recommend you to wear them.

Matt Damon Inspired

Matt Damon allows his distinct aura to seep into his roles. Now, this is exemplified with the hairstyle he fashions. Here is an excellent example of how to keep a nice and straightforward crew cut for men with an oval face.

Receding Hairline

Short Ivy League

So, this is a good look for people with a broad chin and heavy lower lips. Alternatively, men with a square face can also pull this off with grace.

Channing Tatum Inspired

crew cut

Channing Tatum looks best in a short hair, and so will most fit men. Now, this is a look for bulky and muscular built men. Hence, this crew cut takes a backstage role and allows the body to take center stage. Thus, I recommend men with a fit physique to fashion this look.

Taper + Mid Fade

Now, this is a decent look for men with round lips. In addition to that, you can sport the look with mutton chops beard and chin curtain looks combination.

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Hard Part + Skin Fade

So, here is another excellent example of how you can sport broad ears with free earlobes, a flatback head or a round shaped head.

Short FauxHawk

If you think your narrow ears are your prominent facial features and if you have a dish face head type, you should consider sporting this hairstyle.

Medium Caesar

This is a look for men with bow-shaped lips, and narrow round ears with ear piercings and rings. The grey highlights on the top are an option. However, I recommend keeping this look with the colors.

Ricky Martin

Modified Ivy League

This is an excellent full look for men with pointed ears. Hence, I especially love the rough-bearded outlook with this crew cut.

High Skin Fade

Here is another example of a sharp crew cut for men with attached earlobes. Bonus, if you have rounded lips or bow-shaped lips. Alternatively, you can sport this look light beard that is appropriately groomed.

Curly + Slick

Here is a fantastic look for men with curly hair texture and want to keep them short. Most notably, men with a dish-face head type or flatback head type can benefit the most with the hairstyle. However, I can recommend this style for men with any other head type. But, you might need to change the length of the fade.

Chris Pine Inspired

Messy Caesar

This is an ideal look for men with pointed ears. Alternatively, men with a dish-face head type benefit the most with this style. Also, you can choose to keep a beard with this. However, that is completely options.


This is a good look for men who like to keep a medium top. Now, if you have an extended back head, you can sport this look the best. Alternatively, men with round ears that stick out can choose to wear this style since the fade brings out these features the most.

Short + Classic

This is an ideal look for men having a protruding chin. Moreover, notice the full lips? The side fades allows the lips the stand out.

Caesar With Beard

Now, if you have attached lobed ears and like to keep a patchy beard, this is a style for you. Alternatively, if you have a flat back head, I recommend you follow this look.


So, the crew cut is generally known as the Military classic. All the vintage, involve the Short Crew Cut. However, you can choose to add the modern touches to the crew cut with fade, Quiffs and longer hair on top, if you feel that is your style. In addition to that, a Medium with a comb-over is now a trendy fashion as well.

However, it is important to note the underlying philosophy behind the hairstyle if you choose to experiment yourself. But, it is about looking commanding and respectable while giving yourself a fashionable outlook.

Now, anyone can sport any given crew hairstyle. That is because it is so versatile on the head type. For instance, if you spot a haircut you like but think the head shape doesn’t match yours, you can simply opt to change the length of the fade. Alternatively, you can opt for a skin fade or a high/low fade to better suit your need. Furthermore, the length of the facial hair is also highly optional, as the hairstyle can stand out on its own.

I hope this was helpful to the beautiful people out there. Finally, if you think you will sport one of the hairstyles as mentioned above, do let me know in the comments below.


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