100 Bold Cornrow Hairstyles That You Will Love


Cornrow Hairstyles is a traditional way of braiding the hair and is one of the best style selection among the hair with different texture. This hairstyle never goes out of fashion but seems to be increasingly growing day by day. Whenever we think of 90’s hip-hop style, one hairstyle that pops out in our mind is cornrow hairstyles. Different patterns and styles of cornrow hairstyles have always been the talk of the town. It is one of the popular methods which is flaunted by African women, but it is not necessary that only African women can have this hairstyle. Any women who want to try can flaunt this look in a variety of colors, creative ways, and various options.

There are endless options of braiding where cornrow hairstyles are one of them. It is one of the iconic hairstyles which is prevalent from the long-term back which is not only beautiful, but it is detailed and complex. You can create as many designs within the cornrow braiding. These cornrow hairstyles can completely transform your look and give you an elegant hairstyle. We have seen various celebrities flaunting this hairstyle in the red carpet and owning it.  In full cornrow style, few braids start running down the back of your head and give you an edgier look. If you don’t want to have full cornrow style, then you can try it in curly or wavy hairstyle. There are various types of cornrow hairstyles such as classic center-parted cornrows and elaborated cornrows which you can opt out in various occasions.

Here are the few cornrows hairstyles which want you to have this look as soon as possible. These cornrow hairstyles are not only beautiful but cool also.

Midnight Blue Long Ghana Cornrows

This midnight blue color itself is beautiful, but it adds charm when midnight blue is combined with the Ghana cornrows. These braid styles are added to the simple straight black cornrows which are managed in a twisted manner in the top. They then fall down into a long beautiful braid which gives you a gorgeous look.

cornrow hairstyles

Cornrow Braids Double Buns

Double buns are the trendiest look and our favorite too. These buns can be done in straight hair as well as in curly hair. You can get this look by making use of only four twisted dreadlocks and are combined into two buns at the back. These cornrow hairstyles are easy to do and manage.

Magenta Straight Backs

It gives you a bright and fun look when magenta hair extension adds to the cornrow hairstyles. If you want to make a little bit of fancifulness in your hair, then you should opt out for this hairstyle. These thin straight back cornrows are simple to make and easy to manage.

Subtle Frontal Cornrows With A High Ponytail

You can take your cornrow hairstyle game in any way you want it. You can get bold as well as subtle look according to your want. These frontal cornrows hairstyles involve the subtle look which involves cornrowing your hair right at the front and gives you a voluminous high ponytail at the back. This hairstyle is different yet beautiful.

Pulled Back Half Cornrows

This look helps you get all the front hair out of your face and frames your facial features perfectly. This pulled back half cornrows makes use of vertical cornrows which goes from front to back and leaves your natural curl loose at the back. These cornrow hairstyles give you a fabulous look.

Cornrow Ponytail and Bun Combo

The well-ordered horizontal cornrows create a symmetrical pattern which gives you a fascinating effect, and this look includes the braiding twist to make a double ponytail and high bun look which provides you with a chic look. This hairstyle is a little bit complex and needs time.

Twisted Cornrows Floral Upto

Twisted Cornrow hairstyle is one of the examples of different yet beautiful bridal hairdo. It is a modified version of braiding which mixes with cornrows updo. When cornrows are in a twisted manner, it gives you an elegant look. The hair accessories such as pink rose and baby’s breath have added a different charm to this style.

Celtic Knot Cornrows Headband

The for cornrows which are combined together in a Celtic knot design continues into braids which form a beautiful headband in the front. These cornrow hairstyles are perfect for the holiday plans or for bridesmaid look which gives you a stylish look. The loose hair at the back gives you a soft look.

Cornrow Accented Bun

This look includes both thick and thin cornrows which are combined and continue to make a bun at the top. This pattern continues into braids and tie the hair up into a top bun and give you an adorable look. Some silver glitter is the added to the look which gives you a different transformation.

Ginger Feed-In Braids Ponytail

This look also includes both thick and natural thin cornrows which give you an unusual look. The natural thin cornrows have been done in a horizontal manner and those thick ginger braids are tied up to a high ponytail which makes your look unique. This hairstyle is suitable for an athlete.


Ivory Cornrows Braids

With the off-center or side parting, this look includes the combination of thick and thin cornrows which hops onto the white hair bandwagon. The white color you see in this picture is not the hair color but the white extension which you can get into the market. With this style, you are surely going to rock the event.


Barbie Pink Dutch Braid Cornrows

If you are a pink lover, then this hairstyle is definitely for you. If you don’t have a thick hair and want to get the cornrow then don’t worry, this barbie pink hair extension will help you to get this on point. These cornrows styles are easy to do and are manageable as well. It is one of the chic hair looks.

Bright Red Cornrows Bob

Worried that you have a mid-length hair and can’t flaunt cornrow hairstyles? Then, you should surely try this cornrows bob. You can mix up your style with a hint of bright color which will give you a very unique hairstyle. You can have this in straight back cornrows to create a short bob.

Deep Purple Cornrow Buns

Purple is a sexy color so is this look. You can get this look by adding some extensions which help you create a smooth and thick cornrow. You have to leave a braid on each side and then tie the left cornrows into a top bun and low bun to give it a stylish look.

Shaded Mauve Curved Cornrows

You can get the mauve extension in various colors according to your need and want so you don’t have to worry even if you have short hair. You can combine those extensions with both thick and think cornrows to uplift your style game.

Curved Cornrows Bun

These curved cornrows bun can be styled in any event whether it’s formal or casual. It is the easiest and simplest hairstyle one can have which will create a chic and professional look. You can carry this look with the bright makeup in your face. You can also go for some gold jewelry which will add charm to the look.

Cherry Bomb Straight Backs

These cornrow hairstyles will help you sweep all the attention wherever you go. If you want to create a bold statement, then this cherry bomb straight color is for you. To get this look you just have to color your hair and then some simple straight back cornrows to round up your hairstyle.

Red Bombshell High Ponytail

This mixed box braids and cornrows gives you a sexy look which is easy to get and manage. Firstly, you have to single stitch braids into some bright red box and then braids into the cornrow at the crown of your head and cloak one twist around all the others to tie them into a ponytail.

Inferno Cornrows

Look at those colors; these color can set anyone in a fire. The super thin cornrows when combined with a braided extension which is in ombre in shades of orange and yellow which bring fun in this hairstyle. As your hair is bright, you can choose your outfit and makeup according to the hair color.

Twisted Cornrows Bouffant

These cornrow hairstyles bouffant is classic and elegant at the same point. If you want to try some new hairstyle with your long hair, then this is an ideal hair look. This hairstyle is well managed and keeps hair out of your face which helps you to concentrate on your work properly.

Cornrows Top Bun

These hairstyles start from the hairline and continue to go towards the crown and later on tied up into a top nun which gives you a graceful and chic look. These cornrow hairstyles are perfect for the ballerinas and athletes which help them to focus on their work by keeping hair out of the face. You can add some silver beads to bling up your cornrows.

cornrow hairstyles

Blonde Straight Backs

These are the simple straight back cornrows which are in blonde hair color. The blonde color gives the hair all the fun and light which it needs and sands out beautifully in the crowd. If you already have a blonde hair, then you don’t have to put extra effort.

Blue Accented Cornrows

To get this look all you have to do is, buy some packet of blue extensions and add one in each of the cornrows which provide the perfect highlight of blue streaks in your hair and are perfect for the sporty look. This hairstyle is easy to get and economical as well.

Golden Blonde Cornrows Bun

This look is a perfect gold. If you want to get some extra look, then get some golden blonde extensions and fed those extensions into the cornrow that curve from the back of the hair. The low bun which is tied up at the end gives you a sophisticated look and make you stand out beautifully.

Hourglass Cornrows

If you’re tired of same cornrow hairstyle, then go for this hourglass cornrows. The combination of alternating thick and think cornrows helps yo give a beautiful hourglass shaped pattern which makes you look different from others.


Cornrows Braided Ponytail

Ponytail never goes out of fashion. It is one of the popular hairstyles whether you’re a kid or an adult. You can stylish as well as sporty in this look. The back cornrows are combined with the box braids at the crown and braided into a high ponytail. It is one hell of a beautiful hairstyle.

Combined Cornrow Hairstyle

This hairstyle combines the six braids which are braided from the hairline and creates two cute pigtails ar the back and helps you get a very stylish look. This hairstyle simple and done in a simple blonde cornrow style. You have to match your outfit and makeup according to the hairstyle.

Baby Pink Accented Cornrows

To get this look all you have to do is, buy some packet of pink extensions and add one in each of the cornrows which provide the perfect highlight of pink streaks in your hair and are perfect for the sporty look. This hairstyle is easy to get and economical as well.

Ginger Cornrows Double Bouffant

This look includes both thick and micro cornrows which braids from back to the front side of the hair. Then, the extension  which can be in different colors to create two bouffants where the first one is above the forehead, and the next one is behind it. This looks give you a diva vibe and give you a signature look.

Twisted Cornrows Updo

The horizontal cornrows are combined in such a way which creates confusion whether it is a bob cut or something else. These cornrow hairstyles give you a bold vibe.

cornrow hairstyles

Blonde Cornrows For Black Hair

If you want this hairstyle, then you can color your hair blonde which helps the cornrows steal the limelight in any event. If you have a natural blonde hair, then this is the easiest hairstyle you can adopt as it doesn’t need much effort.

Cornrow Hairstyles For Kids

You want to have some different hairstyle for your kids except waterfall or fishtail braiding then here are some pictures which will help you to make a beautiful hairstyle for your daughter. This hairstyle is cute as well as simple which kids can carry beautifully. You should try this hairstyle in your kids.


Combination Rows

This look is made up of two or three different braids and tied up at the end of the hair. It is one of the fabulous hairstyles for the kids which help them look cute and beautiful.

Thin Cornrow Braid

This look is perfect for the ramp walk look which gives you sexy and smokey vibes. For this look, the makeup, as well as outfits, should go along with the cornrow hairstyles.

Big And Little Cornrow Hairstyles

This look gives two large braids which make pigtail in the hairstyle. It includes big and little cornrows which on the sides by making middle partition. This look gives you a different vibe and unusual look.

Different Direction Cornrows

As seen in the picture, the cornrows are moving in different directions with micro cornrows which are started from the hairline. Those rows are micro and side-parted look gives you a very fancy look. In 2017 and 2017 cornrow hairstyle was popular among girls.

Side Cornrow Braid Hairstyles

This look includes three different thick braids with a side ponytail. The hair is done over the side and gives you a beautiful ponytail when another side of the hair is braided. This style gives you an edgy look.

cornrow hairstyles

Thick Cornrow Braids

This hairstyle only includes thick cornrows which start from the fronts side and are tied up in the end. This style gives you a bold and stylish look.

Zig-Zag Cornrows

The cornrows are scattered in a zig-zag pattern gives you a different look. We can see in the picture that some cornrow is started in one direction whereas other cornrows start from the next direction.

Bold Buns

These thick cornrows give you a bright and sexy vibe. Look at that bold cornrow which combines with the bold bun which offers you a stylish and bold look.

cornrow hairstyles


Feed-In Beaded Braids

This look includes various hair accessories at the end of the hair with a hint of beautiful embellished cornrows style. The single cornrow which starts from the center gives all the highlight to the hair look. To get a unique look, you can also add some hair extension.

cornrow hairstyles

Candy Floss Cornrows

The bright pink look is sure to steal all the limelight from the crowd and gives your style all the attention it needs. There is use of candy floss pink extension and black box braid in this hairstyle. It gives you a contrast look where one side of the head is with less box braid.

Combined Cornrows Dutch Braids

This hairstyle gives you a significant fashion statement where you braid your hair from the center and goes towards the ears in a cornrow pattern. The Dutch braid on two sides of the hair gives you a schoolgirl pigtail style which is a fun side.

Cornrows Mohawk

It is one hell of a sporty look where the cornrows are done in a curved pattern and combined in the center of the head. Different colors of extension can be included and molded which gives you a Mohawk look. It is one of the unique and fresh looks.

Short Cornrow Hairstyles

Mixed Cornrows Mohawk

This hairstyle includes the cornrows of the various type which starts from the center of the hair and curves towards the center of your head. You can also add hair extension in this style which creates a stylish Mohawk.

This hairstyle is not as simple as other hairstyles like waterfall braiding, fishtail braiding. It takes a few hours to get a complete cornrow hairstyles which may vary according to different designs and pattern. If you need a drastic hairstyle then it is going to take a lot of time where if you are getting few braids only then the time taken will be decreased. If you have less idea about this hairstyle then you can find a stylish or seek professional to do your hairstyle.

These cornrow hairstyles need some maintenance as you should make sure that your hair remains goods for months to come. You can use hair moisturizers which helps to make hair look shiny and feel smooth. You can also wear a scarf to bed when your hair is still braided. So these are the few tips on how you can get cornrow hairstyle and how you can maintain it. With all the tips make sure to rock these hairstyles in the following days.