95 Best Copper Hair Color Ideas For You To Try-2021


We do not call copper hair colors as one of the greatest of the hair colors. One of the main reasons is people fail to realize its creative variations. Copper hair colors are usually deemed as red hair colors.

Only two percent of the world population are born with natural copper hair color. For those lucky ones, you will not believe that they never get grey hair. Their hair color when faded becomes rose gold. Yes, it is true. Lucky ones! For the rest of us, we have the modern coloring techniques that give us the opportunity to experience this vibrant color in our lifetime.

If you are planning to get yourself copper hair color, you first need to know about your undertones. Copper hair colors provide cool and warm tone variations. So, you will find one that fits your undertone. Your eye color also plays a significant role in deciding your hair color.

Copper hair colors suit best for those who have pink undertones. If you have fair or warm tone, you should go for warm copper colors and vice versa. Anyway, you will find a customized version of this hair color that suits your undertone.

Achieving copper hair color for dark hair and light hair have different coloring techniques. If you have a light hair, your hair is first colored, and then a permanent reddish color is added to give it a copper effect.

If you do not want to go the artificial way to achieve this hair color, you can go for the natural. Dye your hair with henna; it will give you a shade of copper. Plus, henna will add excellent health value to your hair.

We all know all hair color fades away. All you can do is delay its fading away by taking proper care of it. Here are a few tips for the protection of your colored hair:

  • Cover your hair with a hat and scarf when you are in the sun.
  • If you have the oily hair type and you need to shampoo your hair regularly, you should consider dry-shampoo. Over-shampooing your hair makes the color fade away quickly.
  • You can use shampoos that are specially made for color hair. They help maintain the color and clean your hair as well.
  • Make sure you freshen up your hair color on a regular basis.


Makeup Tips For Copper Hair Color

Check out some tips we have for the girls with fantastic colors.

  • Keep the shade of your brows darker than your hair color. For the mascara, go for a dark black color. You can stick to neutral eyeshadow to make your eyes look great.
  • For the blush, you can stick to warm or bright colors. They will make you look exceptional.
  • To keep the focus on your hair color, you should go for nude makeup. They always make you look amazing, but when you have copper hair color, it works best.
  • You should avoid bronzers and orange lipsticks.
  • Chocolate brown and gray shades will make a great color palette for your dramatic smokey eye makeup.

For The Outfit

Here is what you should know for your fashion tips.

  • Beige and brown colored outfits will make you look classy and fabulous. You can break this monotonous shades by adding a pop of color.
  • The bright pink colored dress is made for you. You can add white or grey colored shoes and bags to finish the look.
  • Combination of red, white and navy blue will work wonders for you copper hair colored beauties.
  • Red is the best color for you. Remember, what always works best is red colored lipstick. A must-have beauty product.

-Smile Red

This version of the hair color associates closely to the red hair. This red hair color is dark and beautiful. It looks amazing. You can see how she wears red lipstick. I told you red color is the way to go if you have copper colors for your hair color. The eye makeup is subtle, and you can see how all the look is pulled together. The hair is the focus of attention. You can go for this look if you have dark hair color.

-Ombre Red

I love how beautiful this look is with the ombre effect. The color is dark on her hair head and slowly decreases at the ends. This version of the hair color falls under the light copper hair colors. I, personally love the ombre hair color. This red version of ombre effect looks fabulous. The messiness of the look finishes the entire look. You can also see natural shades of blonde playing in this look.

-Post Effect

Look at the before and after of the hair. The entire look is such a treat to the eyes. The dull hair looks revived and with new life after the hair is given copper treatment. This hair color is red and shiny. It has a brass shine. The hair on the left side is blonde and straight. The color makes her look vivacious. She also goes for waves to finish the look.

-Warm Copper Red Hair

This is another excellent example that shows before and after of warm copper look. This copper hair color is best for warm undertones. This look is also an ombre effect. The yellow tones are concentrated at the ends. We can see some shades of the bright even on top of the color. The middle section of the hair color is dark. I love this hair color. You should try this.

-Few Colors


This hair color is the brown version of copper hair color. You can see the streaks of the color painted on her hair. It looks beautiful. This is a hair color for the warm skin tone. You can see how her base color is dark brown. The addition of the colors makes it look vivacious and different. You can go for this look if you want a subtle makeover.

-Dolled Up

Look at that beautiful hair. I love those curls and the length. It is true. If you have curly hair, you better make your hair long. The curls look magnificent. To make her look like a doll, she colors her copper. This such a beautiful picture of long copper hair that is bright. Her entire look is more significant than life. If you have such a hair length and type, you should go for this look. She finishes the look with bright red lipstick.

-Orange Copper Hair

These hair color does look not only fantastic with long hair but also high on short hair. Her hair is short and spiky. To add more fun to this look, she goes for an orange version of copper hair color. The shades have a considerable variation in her hair. She goes for a nude makeup with a little bit more focus on her eyes. Her outfit is also complementing her hair.

-Shades Of Brown

Copper hair color is terrific with long, curly hair. I love its shades. The brown color with some orange shades adds great warmth to her entire look. You should see how her skin tone matches her hair color. The colors are a combination of dark and bright colors. She keeps her makeup to the minimum. The entire look is focused on her hair.

-Red Copper Hair

This is another one of my personal favorites. I love the color on her skin tone. There isn’t just one color on her hair. She has red shade dominating her hair color. Bright colors are highlighting her bangs to add more fun to the look. The dark base color and the tones variations bring the entire look together. She goes for a nude lipstick and fantastic eyeshadow shades.

-Curly Copper Hair

You can see the color shades different on her entire hair length. Her base color is orange in the tone. The ends are a combination of dark brown and red. This gives a sort of reverse ombre effect. Her bangs are straight, and the rest of the hair is curly. The entire look makes it fabulous. The color of her hair makes the difference in her hair shape prominent. She finishes the look with bright red lipstick. The lustrous effect of her hair makes her face beaming. You can see her fair skin tone looks better with her hair color. This entire look is a treat to the eyes. To draw focus on her hair, she goes for a black colored outfit and nude makeup. The eye makeup is dark and gorgeous. This is one of my personal favorites.

-Brown Copper Hair

Getting yourself copper hair color can be quite overwhelming. I know. It is beautiful, but we do not want a drastic change. It might not fit out work image as well. So, don’t worry if that is what is bugging you. Copper hair colors have its subtle versions. They have a side to it that is associated with brown color. It looks beautiful and gives you a beautiful makeover. You do not need to worry about the drama it will create. It is a safe option for women who work in big companies. This look will also look great on college girls.

-Short Coils

Short hair looks impressive when colored with a beautiful shade. The hues and tones give an extensive range of styling options to any hair. If you have short hair, you can go for a copper treatment. Pick the shade that matches your undertone. This plays a vital role. You do not want to end up looking washed out. That is very important. She keeps the makeup nude. White colors bring a lot of focus on her hair. So, you can go for this look.

-Light Copper Hair

This version of copper hair is golden and royal. I love this color. This goes great for the fair skin type. It adds a beautiful glow to her face. Her hair is long and curly. This makes her hair fabulous already. Now, to make it look perfect, she goes for a light copper hair color. Look at her red lipstick. I told you red lipstick is the way to go. Her white outfit goes great with her hair color. She keeps her eye makeup minimum.

-Golden Touch

This is light copper hair color which is ideal for the warm undertone. She goes for all red that is justified for this hair color. Her big beautiful eyes look better than ever. All credits go to the hair color. Hair colors are an excellent way for bringing out the best features you have. So, you should pick the right one. This is the one that she went for and nailed it. The hair has a golden touch to it.

-Celebrity Style

Who doesn’t love Julia Roberts? Why will you not? She has got excellent skills and always manages to pull off every look. In this picture too, she manages to do great justice to the brownish version of copper hair color. She keeps it simple and matches it with her skin tone. You can see her eyes highlighted with the hair color. That is why I said eye colors play an essential role in your choice of hair color.

-Burgundy Brown

Her hair color is vibrant. She looks vibrant and is ready to take on the world. My friend, this is a hair color that will make a statement. The fiery red of the hair and her voluptuous lips make for an alluring personality. Her hair also has a subtle ombre effect. She has dark colors at the base, and the top of her hair is on fire. I love this look. I am sure, and I am not the only one. Am I?

-Warm Colors

We have another simple version of the copper hair color. I don’t know why this color reminds me of the fall. The beauty is remarkably same. I would try this for my fall look. But the choice is yours. It is subtle, and the layers do great justice to it. Nothing about this look is dramatic. It is elegant and fun at the same time.

-Light Copper Hair

This is another picture of light copper hair that shows how much eye color is outstanding. It is beautiful. Her eyes are beautiful. To make it the center of attention, she goes for complimentary hair color. If you want a similar look, you should also discuss with your hair stylist. Be very careful. For the entire look to pull together, she matches her dress with the eye color. Brilliant!

-Bright Hair

Someone call the fire brigade! Her hair is on fire. I mean fabulously. She looks smoking hot. Her eyes make for a great look that is made better with that hair color. It has an orange tint to it, and the brightness is what steals the show. The lips are similar to her hair color. She looks cute and vivacious at the same time. I would call that a dangerous combination.

-Copper Hair With Highlights

Copper hair looks fantastic with highlights. Short hair will never stop you from having a wide range of styling options. This photo her proves it. Everything about this look is glamorous and sexy. Her primary color is the orange shade of the copper hair color. Then, to add more fun to it, she goes for pink highlights. Shaved look on the side steals the show. If you thought the only black hair could pull this look off, I hope you know how wrong you are.

-Dark Copper Hair

For the girls who like the simple ways of things, this is the copper hair color that you should try. There aren’t much drastic color changes going on. The entire look also has a subtle ombre effect which makes it even better. If you get a lot of style by doing little, why not do it? The base color is dark and rich. The ends are fun and bright.

-Only Highlights

Copper colors make for a great highlighting color. Both the sides show how amazing your hair looks with highlighted colors. I know there are a lot of us who don’t have the guts to do a lot to our hair. We like to take baby steps, and that is fine. Not all of us are the same. Some of us would not like to risk out hair with harsh chemicals as well. We all still want the style. So, for that, you can go for the highlighting technique. It brightens up your hair and makes it look fabulous.

Scroll down for some more light and dark copper hair colors. There are endless styles and variations. You will enjoy our picture gallery. Give it a roll. Save some and take them to your stylist.

I hope you find some inspiration for your next look. Pick one whether light, dark, brass, Auburn, bronze or dark red. All of them are terrific, and when they fade away, they will give you better color. Promise!


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