102 Trendy And Cool Hairstyles For Women For 2019


2018 is here and do you have any of the cool hairstyles?
I know well not just here but six months have gone. So, have you done at least some work that you have planned for this year? Did you travel? Have you taken up cooking? Did you start saving money?
Well, at least did you get one of the cool hairstyles that we have brought for you?
Yes, I am asking you twice. Did you?

Check out the cool hairstyles for your short hair, medium hair or long hair. It doesn’t matter if you have curly hair, wavy hair or straight hair. No, we don’t care if you are a blonde or brunette. We have all the cool hairstyles for you that you can try.


This is a romantic updo that you can try for the February. A heart is the symbol of love, and I think this hairstyle is best for the month of love. Although for some of us, you don’t need Valentine’s day. Every day is Valentine’s day. So, for you guys, you can wear this hairstyle on your date night or date day. If you are planning for a brunch or a late dinner you can try this natural hairstyle. Two strands of hair are taken and braided. After that, a heart shape is formed using the braids to get this beautiful look.

-Cool Curly Hair

This is one of the easiest and cool hairstyles that is possible. It is also a great hairstyle if you are looking for wet hairstyles. All you need to do is wash your hair and condition it. After that, run a wide tooth comb through your locks. Use your fingers to style them, and you are ready. Since your hair will be in its natural form, I suggest you keep your hair nourished. If your hair is moisturized and healthy, this hairstyle will be one of the coolest hairstyles you have ever had.

-Khaleesi Color

Can we talk about Game of Thrones?
I know, but we can talk about this hair color. Who does it remind you? Well, I gave it away with the title and the first line, didn’t I? Khaleesi has been a popular name for newborns, and the hair color has also been famous. This white hair reminds me that 2019 is almost here. So, if you want a hair color that will be trendy in 2019 as well as 2018, you can go for this color. Braids are always beautiful and comfortable to do. You can go for it every morning when you workout.

-The Royal One

Kate Middleton has undoubtedly been in the limelight for a while. Our Royal Duchess has always been a fashion inspiration to all. She keeps it simple and classy. That is why this makes it to our list of coolest hairstyles for the year 2018. In this look, she goes for a beautiful chocolate brown color for her hair. She ends her locks with larger curls that do her great justice. Her hair color and the curls all make up for a classic and trendy hairstyle. You should try this.

-Feather Style

Feather hairstyle has always been popular. That is why it remains one of the trendiest hairstyles for 2018. Look at how beautiful it looks. If you have a flat, dull and straight hair, you can get this style if you want to add volume to it. Layers are a great way to give your hair a full effect. You can add a few feather-like wisps on your hair to give it a playful and fun look. Side part your hair to make it look beautiful. You can finish the look with curls at the ends.

-Short Cool Hairstyles

Her hair is kept as natural as possible. You can see that it is not neatly tucked in. Everything about this hairstyle is beautiful and raw. You don’t need to anything to do it. Her hair texture is the dry and curly type. So, if you have similar hair texture, it is essential for you to keep your healthy. That is the main deal. For anything to look beautiful, it needs to be healthy. You can do this hairstyle easily by taking two strands of your hair from above your ears and pinning them using bobby pins.

-Simple And Short

This half up and half down hairstyle is one of my favorites. At one point in time, I used to do this every day. Honestly, I think this hairstyle is a great office look. If you have curly hair, this hairstyle will be one of the cool hairstyles that you can do. See the slight bump on her hair near her crown. That part of the hair is what keeps this look fun and elegant. If you didn’t have that look, your hair would look dull and flat. So, make sure you get that extra bump when you go for this look. This hairstyle is an excellent way of showing off your highlights and colors.


If you have a very light undertone and skin tone, I suggest you go for this hair color. This must be one of the lightest shade of the blonde hair color palette. Hair color can always get tricky. So, make sure you check your undertone and your eye color before you get any. If you get the correct hair color, your eyes come in the highlight. For the hairstyle, it is easy to do. All you need to do is middle part your hair. Take a strand and tuck it in behind your ear. You can pin it with a bobby pin. For the pop of color, add a bright lipstick.

-Braids For Crown

This hairstyle is beautiful and great for summer. The twists have been created in such a way that she looks like a princess. Who wouldn’t want to feel like a princess every single day? If you look closely, you can see that her hair is of the thin type. So, if you have similar hair, I suggest go for layers and beach waves. This will be deemed as one of the cool hairstyles if you wear this to the beach. Get your shorts and shades ready. Don’t forget the hat and your sunscreen.

-Rainbow Colors

Look at the mixture of pastel colors in her hair. Everything about this hairstyle oozes tone. It looks like a waterfall of colors. If you are feeling like doing something out of the blue, something that no one would expect of you, go for this look. All the colors are pastel, and her hair looks beautiful. Sometimes, it is fun to do something out of the box. Dare yourself to try new things. The curls at the ends of her hair are beautiful. You cannot get enough of it. Look at our article on rainbow colored hair for more inspiration on colors.


Do I need to explain why this hairstyle is under our cool hairstyles for 2018? I mean look at it. The variation in the usually braided hairstyle is fantastic and unique. Her hair seems like a regular pigtails style with a crisscrossed strand of hair. It reminds me of a lace pattern of the shoes. If you like it, you should try it. I think it is unique and fun. It is a great hairstyle for the workout or gym classes you go. You will need a hassle-free haircut at that time. Go for this look.

-On The Side

Look at the shape of her hair. It is beautiful. I love the color of her hair as well. It looks lovely and unique. The hairstyle is a combination of beautiful braids. It starts with twists on her side which cascade down to another set of thick braids. Twists always add intricate detail to our hairstyle. So, you should still go for braids if you are going to a fancy event where you would like to show the effort on her hair. The long strand of her hair near her face is the cherry on the cake.

-Hidden One

Hidden rainbow hairstyles are beautiful. These are my personal favorites. It looks like you only have experimented with a few strands at the ends with colors. But when you lift your hair, you get a waterfall of color. I think no hair color is better than that. You may not think so, but each to their own. I love the colors here. You can add other colors. The rainbow here is simple and basic. If you want, you can go for a fun mixture of colors. This also only gives a part of your treatment too harsh chemicals.

-The Length

Look at the length of that hair. To some of us, this hair length is a dream. Imagine the dedication and care the hair requires. If you don’t have nourished and moisturized hair, it cannot grow. So, kudos to her for the commitment. For the rest of us, who don’t have such determination, thank God for hair extensions. The length, shine and texture of her hair is what makes this style come to our cool hairstyles for the year 2018. The hair has excellent quality, and that is why it makes it great and effortless. You don’t need to do anything to get this hairstyle. Take care of your hair.

-Game Of Thrones Style

Game of Thrones has given us some enviable styles. Ever since it aired the first time, it has been one of the trendiest things around. There have been names inspired. We have people wearing T-shirts and jackets with its quotes. So, GOT is the coolest thing. The hairstyles worn by Cersei, Khaleesi, and Sansa has been intricate and detailed. The hairstyle shown here is not that level of subtle but still gives us GOT vibes. If you are feeling like giving effort to your hair and are going to watch GOT marathon, go for this hairstyle. The braids and beads make the hairstyle beautiful.

-Braid Cool Hairstyles

This hairstyle is easy. We all can see how easy it is done. All you need to know is how to do a fishtail braid. The hair is above her ears are pulled back, and a fishtail braid is made. To make the hairstyle fun and exciting, a strand of her hair near her face is also braided. The hairstyle looks chic and is perfect for the Spring. It will also be a great look for the fall. This fall 2018, you should try this look. The hair color is unbelievably beautiful. Try this chic and elegant style.

-Something New

This hairstyle has a combination of neatness and messiness which is why we call it one of the cool hairstyles of the year 2018. Okay, I know this hairstyle is not natural. Not all of us can do it. But it is good to look at, and if you like it, you will find many tutorials teaching how to do it. The hair on her head is kept messy and in its natural stated. For the locks it is braided. You will be surprised that you can wear this look at a lot of places.

-Colored Pencil

Her hair color looks like someone colored it with pencil colors. I love the brightness and shine of her colors. The neon colors of her hair are unbelievably pretty. It is fresh and gives off cool vibes. As for the hairstyle, colors are the highlight of this hairstyle. There is nothing to do if you have such a vast array of colors. The colors outshine any other details. The hairstyle also looks like a waterfall of colors. If you are planning to go to the beach for a vacation, I suggest you go for this hair colors. Keep it vibrant and young.

-The Kids

Don’t think we forgot about your little ones. We always have you covered. Yes, you will want a cool hairstyle for you but your angel, you will want the coolest hairstyle there ever was. But of course, it needs to keep hair away from her face and not interrupt her while playing. For this style, all you have to do is braid her hair. It can be simple braids. Then, make an arch with her twists to give it a heart-shape. You can add a scarf if you like. It is fun and straightforward.

-Short One

Long hairstyles can get tedious and hectic. You don’t always have the time to take care of your insane long locks. So, you will want short cool hairstyles to choose from, and we have them for you. Look at this one. It looks great even if you plan to go clubbing. The loop earrings are gorgeous, and the shiny gold dress will make her look hot. As for the hair, this is a hairstyle that will quickly transform from an office day look to a club look. Finish the look with glossy lips and smokey eye makeup.

-Orange Shine

This hairstyle shows the edgy side of feminine hair colors. The hair has the warmest of the shades combined with natural hair color. If you want the focus to lie on your new hair color, you can also shave off your sides like her. It will only reflect beauty and boldness. The hair color might not suit all our undertones. You can go for pastel colors as well. Try the blue pastel color; I think this hairstyle will look great with this color. Keep your makeup and outfit to the minimum for your hair to be the center of attention.

-Natural Cool Hairstyles

We have a straight and straightforward hairstyle that anyone can do. You can do this look by straightening your hair. Her hair is of medium length and is parted in the middle. If you have the straight hair type, you will not have to do anything for this except getting the right haircut. If you don’t, no worries, straighten your hair using a high-quality straightener. It is easy and fun. The hairstyle is perfect for any occasion. The bouncy style of her hair makes her look fun and gives her a beautiful image.

-Curvy And Wavy

This is a hairstyle that keeps everything intact. There is nothing done to the natural texture of her hair. Of course, her hair has been washed with a beautiful brown color. You can pick a color that suits your skin tone and your eye color. If you have curly hair and don’t think short hairstyles are for you, I suggest looking at this picture again. The hair looks fun and young. It gives off great vibes, and it seems like it will make you ready to take on the world. Make sure you keep the hair frizz-free. That is a must.

-Twist A Layer

This is another hairstyle that falls under cool hairstyles which is chic and elegant. I love this type of hairdos. They are simple and effortless. All you have to do is pull out two strands of your hair from your strands behind your ears. Make sure it is at least three inches wide. Once it is done, you can start braiding them and pulling them back. You can also add another new braid like she had and finally use a clutch or a pin to secure the hairstyle. It is beautiful and perfect for a day out.

-Only Waves

This hairstyle is great for the office look. It keeps the natural texture of your hair preserved. She has a wavy hair, and the hair length is medium. The key to such hairstyles is its quality. If your hair is of good quality, these type of hairstyles will look great otherwise not. I love the highlights and colors of her hair. The black and blonde colors make for a great combination. In this example, the colors blend beautifully. So, you should go for this look. It will give you a beautiful and subtle makeover.

-Office Cool Hairstyles

She looks cute. I love the hairstyle. Why would we not put this hairstyle in our collection of cool hairstyles for 2018? I cannot think of any reason. It is fun and young. If you are looking for a makeover this year, I suggest you try short hairstyles. It will keep your hair away from any chemical treatment and give you one less thing to worry. You can go for a stylish version of the hair. The hairstyle can be like the one shown above. Her hairstyle looks bold, classy and edgy. Finish the look with a nude lipstick.

-Cool Hairstyles With Bangs

We have talked about many hairstyles but not about any hairstyle with bangs. You think fringes will go out of fashion this year. I don’t see that shortly or ever. Bangs are a great way to frame your face and take the focus off your negative aspects. It gives you a subtle makeover. So, go for bangs that suit your face shape. You should always be careful when you go for bangs hairstyle as the wrong type of fringes can bring focus on wrong features. Take care of yourself and your looks.

-The Ad

Her hair is hair goals that are beyond my reach. At least to me, I don’t think I will have that quality of hair in this lifetime. The hairstyle is gorgeous. It is stunning and perfect. Everything about this look oozes beauty and elegance. The hair is parted from the middle and curls are cascading from the split. There are layers near her face which define her face shape. To be honest, I cannot describe this hairstyle anymore. You can stare at it all day and still not get enough of it. The makeup and her outfit are also on point.

Check out some more ideas. We have incredible braids, buns and bangs ideas. This year, we promise, you will have the trendiest of the hairstyles.

I hope you enjoyed our collection of cool hairstyles for 2018. Get ready for your achievements with the best of your looks. Be stylish; become trendy and be you!


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