104 Creamy Chocolate Brown Hair Styles & Ideas


There is two specific favorites that women like, and they are chocolate and chocolate brown hair color. Almost every woman like chocolates and it is not surprising as they prefer chocolate brown in their hair color. Chocolate brown hair color is one of the favorite colors which gives you a classy and stylish look. There are a lot of options when we come to hair color, but we should choose the color which matches our skin tone and facial structure.

The chocolate brown hair color suits and goes with all the kind of skin complexion and eye color. The chocolate brown color goes well with any season whether it’s fall or summer. It is one of the most popular shades of brown and perfect for those who want to try something new for their hair and stay at the safe side. The chocolate brown color is not too loud and not too light as it provides you with a perfect shade of hair color.

There is so much confusion in our daily life to take a proper hair decision as we have several options. There are different shades of chocolate brown which ranges from the cocoa dark to creamy milk chocolate. The chocolate brown hair color is the ultimate color for the summer where women can flaunt their beautiful color with little or no maintenance. This hair color is never out of fashion and suits every kind of hair whether it’s straight or curly.

The below are the few beautiful images of brown hair which is perfect for every texture and length of hair.

Warm Chocolate Brown

It is one of the favorite colors among the various shades of brown which suits perfectly on every skin tone and eye color. As it looks good in every skin tone, but it is preferred mainly by the women who have a warm skin tone.


Chocolate Hair With Highlights

Just imagine having those highlights on the long dark hair? Beautiful isn’t it. When you get bored with applying the same color to your hair, it needs certain twist which this hair color provides. This hair color helps your hair look even good in sunlight. You can also opt out for this color if you have brown hair.


Smooth Chocolate

The chocolate brown color looks great in a straight and hair where the. Color shows up the best and makes you look good in the crowd. The highlights added in the hair makes the color look gorgeous and vibrant.

Molten Caramel

It is the perfect combination of color which ranges from dark chocolate to the molten caramel which gives you this magnificent look. This caramel color is one of our favorites as the color pigmentation is in the right amount and helps you to sweep all the attention from the crowd. In the middle, the balayage make you give your look a stunning style.

Fall -Inspired Dark Brown Hair Color

The dark brown hair color is a perfect hair color for the fall season which includes the ash brown color balancing the warm effect of the hair. This hair color is ideal for all the face complexion and skin tone of women.

Rich Caramel Twists

The light red highlights match so well with the brown color and give you a fantastic color which is an ideal color. It is a twist and turns to the standard caramel color which makes you stand out among the crowd. These caramel twists are perfect for any season whether it is summer or winter.

Dimensional Brunette

If you want some versatile look and want to change your hair length and color, then it is one of the perfect looks for you. The brown lob and the dark brown highlights in the hair is the best combination anyone can ask for a hairstyle. This color looks good in every skin tones and women with different facial structure.


Balayage Effects

This hairstyle goes perfectly for the long hair with chocolate shade which can be usually pulled by the pale skin women of color. Therefore, The a balayage effect gives the vibrant and warm look to your face.

Dark Chocolate Hair

Dark chocolate hair is the classic hair color if you want to keep your hair smooth and subtle. This look gives you a stylish appearance and gorgeous style. So it is a perfect hair look for the regular office day or casual look.


Waves are the look which can go with any outfit, and you can carry it in different events. To get this look is effortless, you don’t have to put much effort to get this hairdo. This hairstyle is simple as well as stylish. If you want this look, then light curl to your hair and add some caramel highlights which will already bring out a new look in you.

Cool Honey Balayage

We can see the transition of color at the tip or end of the hair. The honey highlights don’t start from the middle but seen at some advice or end which gives your hair a different look. This color helps to add pigment and texture to your hair and give you a balayage effect.

Warm Expresso

If you are a fan of expresso, then you are going to love this hair color. The faint smell of espresso and dark texture and pigmentation of this hair color is on the same level which is admirable. We can see all kinds of shade in the same hairstyle which goes well on different skin tones.

Short Chocolate Hair

Ever wonder how you look in short curly dark chocolate hair? Then, here is the look you have imagined, and it’s dead-drop gorgeous. Those red and blonde highlight add a lot to the look and give you a fresh style for any occasion.

Wavy Short Brown

This wavy short brown hairstyle uses a balayage effect to color the sunkissed pieces in the hair color. It gives you a fresh and chic look which can be preferable on all hair length whether it is short, mid-length or long hair. Anyone who wants a natural hair can try this hair color.

Copper Tinted Ombre

The warm tones of the golden highlights give you all the bold and chic vibe and make you stand among the crowd. If you have a light fair skin tone and brown eyes, then this hair color is for you. We can see the transition of brown color to the copper at the end of the hair.

Highlight and Curls

People often get confused about what kind of hairstyle suits them most when they have short hair. If you are concern about this problem, then the solution is this hairstyle. We can see the Caramel curls with highlight which gives you a showstopper look and make you sweep all the attention in the event. The caramel and chocolate mix highlights make your entire look perfect, and you should try this hairstyle as soon as possible.

Brown and Vibrant Copper Highlights

It is the perfect hair cut where it is cut down in a long bob with the end waves and provides you with the look which is to die for and we can actually. The brown and copper highlights give the right texture and dimension to your hair and are one of the easiest and easy hairstyles.

Chocolate Hair Mahogany

We all know that Mahony is the color of wood which we love. It is the best hair color if you have dark shade hair. You can create an ombre effect or dye your hair according to your hair length and choice.

Hazelnut Effect

We always love brown hair, and this hazelnut effect on the chocolate brown hair is the perfect combination for everyone. This hair color looks good in every kind of hair and gives you a nutty, light brown look. This look is preferable in winter as it gives you a warm aroma.

Bangs and Bun In Dark Chocolate Hair

You can style your hair any particular way you like which matches with your personality and the facial features. You can create bun and bangs in chocolate hair which gives you a stylish and chic look at the same time.

Hidden Highlights

Hidden highlight looks good if you have a bob cut. If you have a cool bob cut, then you can have hidden highlights where the hair can only be visible when you brush your hair. Different shades such as black, red, brown and chestnut shades look beautiful under auburn highlights.

Base Brown with Highlights

We love this look as much as we love Irina Shayk. We can see her experimenting with her hair, so should we. The brown base hair with the blonde highlight is the trendiest look for this summer.

Milk Chocolate Swirl

This hairstyle is the combination of both milk chocolate and dark chocolate where a dark color is in as a base color, and milk chocolate highlights make the look stunning and luxurious. We can see the transition in the milk chocolate to the vibrant blonde color at the end of the hair.

Chocolate brown Base Hair With Toffee Highlights

If you have an extended bob cut and want to show your hair color, then this color is perfect for you as the toffee highlights on the chocolate brown base provide you with a rich and vibrant texture. There are different tones of color in the same hair.

Cocoa Brown

Cocoa brown hair color is the mixture of both dark brown and light brown hair color which makes your hair have a various dimension of color. It gives you pale beautiful complexion which is perfect for the women who have fair skin.

Sun Streaked

The blonde highlight in the dark brown hair gives you a chic hairstyle which is loved by everyone. This hairstyle is suitable for the summer period where you can flaunt your streaks of colors with the matching outfit in the summer. It gives you a natural and warm look.

Contrasting Highlights

If you want to do some experiment with the hair, then this color is for you. This picture shows that you can use your chestnut color as a transition color because this color can be used as a middle ground color for high contrasting dark or light shades of color.

Maple Chocolate Haircolor

Maples are sweet and are these hairstyles. It gives you a dark look which is perfect for the trips with your friends on chilly nights spent indoors or outdoors. It is a go-to look for everyone.

Warm Fawn

Warm Fawn hair color gives you a natural look which is one of the best element of this hairstyle. A balayage hair color similar should be done frequently to make your hair look great and give you a stylish look.

Sunkissed Hair Light and Dark Chocolate Brown

It is the combination of three hair color which raises the level of darker tone to the lighter tone. It gives you all the vibe of light sunkissed feel and makes you look stylish. It is one of the hairstyles which provide warmth to your look.

Light Natural Brown Hair

It is one of a natural look which is inspired by the women’s own light brown color. It is one of the most natural hairstyles which doesn’t need much to manage or shouldn’t visit salon often. This hair color is perfect for women who want to get a natural look.

Lighter Shade

If you had pale skin and confused about which hair color to try, then this hairstyle is for you. The golden touch to the chocolate dye gives you a fantastic color and provides a charming glow to the entire face. This hairstyle is something which you don’t have to put extra effort.

Cocoa Goodness

The creamy goodness of cocoa color can be seen correctly in this picture where it looks like you dip your entire hair in the cocoa dip. If you have a brown shade of skin color and light eye color, then it is an ideal hair color for you.

Simple Effect

If you don’t want to make the extra effort for any hair look, then you can go for this. To get this look, you merely have to add some highlighter to your dark brown chocolate hair color and add some curls; then you are ready to carry this look anytime and anywhere.


Golden Touch

Want to have some glow in hair? If yes, then you’ll surely love this hair color. The golden highlight provides the light and charm to the dark chestnut hair which gives you a warm undertone look. Hence, those golden stranded highlights go perfectly well with straight as well as curly hair.


Braids and Highlights

The picture is the mixture of braids and highlights which is a perfect combination if you have short hair. The braiding is from the front of the hair which matches well with the light blonde color of hair.

Chestnut and Chocolate Mix

The combination of the various colors in your hair may sound odd, but it isn’t. Mixing multiple shades of chestnut color is an art, and the result is just fantastic. If you want to make a slight change in the hair, then you can also give it an ombre effect with the dark brown base.

Ombre Effect

This mixed color gives you the perfect summer look. The ombre hair effect looks great on the fantastic brown hair which is suitable for the pale skin type. It can go ideally with a messy, wavy look where the base color can be dark chocolate color, and the highlighted strands are popping out.

Cherry Chocolate Brown Hair

The perfect blend of cherry and chocolate brown hair is the look we are looking out for, and this combination makes you sweep all the attention from the crowd. It is suitable for women who have tan skin tones which give them a gorgeous look.

Dark Brown To Platinum Hair

This hair color starts from dark brown from the starting to the platinum hair at the end. There is a different dimension in this hair color which brings the contrast of dark brown roots and bright blonde at the end of the hair.

Curly Chocolate Hair

Dark Brown Chocolate Hair looks excellent both in straight hair as well as curly hair. Natural curls are gorgeous and look great when mixed with a sort of ombre effect which helps to keep your root natural and gives a beautiful brown color so we can provide different variation to the hairstyle once it is colored.

Voluminous Curly hair

The vast and enormous curls are one of the bucket lists in the hair goal of every woman. The curls look great on the chocolate color which gives your hair all the attention it needs. It is one of the perfect hairstyle and hair color for the date or prom night.

 Bangs on Dark Chocolate Hair Color

Look at this picture; we love how that chestnut hair color goes perfectly on that straight hair with bangs. This color is not that loud and is still visible which is an ideal color for the women who prefer classic and straightforward style.

So Above are the pictures of chocolate brown hair color which you can carry in a long straight hair or curly hair. The chocolate color is the safest color if you don’t want to take a risk in your hair color. As in chocolate brown color, there are various shades such as milky chocolate caramel to the cocoa butter color.

Among different shades of dark brown color which ranges from warm tones, chestnut, to chocolate gives you the texture and dimension which we actually need in our hair. There was thinking among people that you have to have dark hair for the winter and colorful hair for the summer, but that trend is old-fashioned. Nowadays you can ace the hair game however you want whether you want red shimmer or the light brown which plays a little match in the hair.


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