42 Chestnut Hair Colors (Light and Dark) You Will Want

Let your face glow with some chestnut hair shine.


Chestnut hair colour is the colour you want if you a shade that flatters most of the complexions. Yes, it goes with all eye colours and skin tones. This earthy rich colour, therefore, is the most popular tone from the brown shades.

We usually associate the chestnut colour with the fall season, but it can work its magic even in your tanned skin during the hot season. The shade is perfect for the ones who don’t want anything dramatic but a slight change in their appearance.

So, for that makeover you are planning to give yourself, chestnut shade varies from dark colour or light color. Chestnut hair color is mostly toned on the brown side. So, you can use this dye as highlights or with caramel highlights.

Today, let us show you the chestnut side of the constant battle that always happens when the topic ‘chestnut hair’ comes up, i.e. chestnut v/s auburn.

1. Curly Chestnut Hair

Her curls and are natural and drop-dead gorgeous. They are fabulous and nourished. The secret to curls is moisture. Open mystery, I guess. What makes the entire look surprising, is the dark chestnut hair colour. You can create a sort of ombre effect by keeping your roots your natural colour.

2. Light Colored

I love the light chestnut hair colour. It looks like nature decided to fall on you this autumn. Her hair is wavy and long which gives more area for the hair colour to melt. The colour looks emulsified into the strands. The layers are fantastic with the colours.

3. Emma Style

Emma Stone can pull off any hair colour. I mean, her pictures with different hair colours are in most of the articles that are based on the topic. In this picture, she goes for a dark chestnut hair colour. This makes her skin look radiant. You can add more reddish tones to your brown hair colour and make it an auburn hair colour.

4. Golden Chestnut

Even supermodels look better with chestnut colours. The chestnut dye with golden shades on her straight locks looks impressive. Even her tones match her hair colour making the entire look a ten on ten looks.

5. With Highlights

For your chestnut colour, you can add red highlights to give an auburn look. She has a dark chestnut hair colour for her base. Her highlights are a shade lighter which combines a high shine to the entire look.

6. Dark Chestnut Hair

The Avengers star Scarlett Johansson looks as gorgeous as ever with her dark chestnut hair colour. She keeps her entire appearance simple and her hairstyle even more straightforward. This is an ideal look for an office day, but Scarlett pulls it off on an event as well. You should try it as well.

7. Caramel Flavoured

Caramel is my favourite flavour. So, having it in my hair would make sense for me. Plus, they always look amazing. You can get yourself a dark chestnut hair colour with caramel highlights. For addition of dimensions, you can add auburn highlights on your hair to make the entire look unique.

8. Ash Caramel Chestnut Hair

Ash chestnut hair colour is stunning. I don’t think anyone has any doubt about that. If you do, well, the picture speaks for itself. The hair is long and gorgeous. She has added caramel dye at the ends of her hair, and her midshaft hair has a burgundy touch to it. This chestnut hair colour with caramel and burgundy dye is fabulous.

9. Highlighted

We have another excellent example of dark chestnut hair with caramel highlights. Her hair is long and twisted. To compliment her twists, she adds caramel highlights to significant strands. Her hair colour is warm. You need to have a warm undertone to pull off this colour.

10. Sun-kissed

If you are confused about dark and light chestnut dye, you can go for it mixture. You can create such a combination that makes a chestnut ombre effect. She goes for dark colour at the base and light shade at the bottom.

11. Chestnut Hair With Highlights

Dark chestnut hair with light highlights is terrific. The locks are not very long and wavy. Her hair is trimmed which everyone should regularly do. That is the only way to get rid of split ends. Other than that, you should go for this colour if you want brown colour for your hair.

12. Golden Touch

Dark chestnut hair with golden highlights looks fantastic. I love golden highlights as they add a glow to your entire face. You curls will look amazing with those highlighted strands. You need to have a warm undertone to pull this look off.

13. On The Light Side

Go for an ash chestnut hair colour if you have a cold skin tone. Her entire hair has a light chestnut shade, and it looks fantastic on her. Understanding your skin tone is very important to know which shade of hair colour you should try.

14. For The Glow

Her curls are amazing. I love them but what I like more is her hair colour. The entire look is golden. So, she goes for a golden chestnut hair. There are some highlights which add a lot of glow to her face.

15. Warm Chestnut Hair

This look is for the magazine covers. Her hairstyle is complicated, and her dress is not something we all can wear, but her hair colour indeed is not unattainable. Her hair has a red and golden touch to the colour making it slightly auburn. It adds a lot of glow to her face.

16. Chestnut Ombre

Sidney was not the one for Ted Mosby, but she can be your choice for her chestnut hair colour. She creates an ombre effect with the combination of dark and light shades. You can add light shades near the face to add some shine and warmth to your face.

17. Chesnut Hair Mahogany

This is an excellent chestnut hair mahogany look that you can opt. If you have a dark hair colour or plain black, you can create an ombre effect. You can colour your ends dark chestnut dye or light, depending on your choice.

18. Balayage for Your Hair

Chestnut hair colour can be achieved using the balayage effect. They are amazing. She goes for a light chestnut shade for her long tresses which can be pulled off by pale skin coloured beauties.

19. Brighter Than The Eyes

This is another shade of light chestnut dye that can work for the pale skin girls. You can see how her eyes look great with this hair colour. Her hair dye is high but I love those eyes, and the makeup was done to it.

20. Shine On

Go for a shiny light chestnut hair colour for your long tresses. She has a beautiful shade of lipstick that matches her hair colour creating a beautiful lustrous effect.

21. Golden Highlights

If you notice, her highlights are very subtle. She has a dark chestnut hair colour and very light highlights. The highlights are golden which are perfect for creating shine on her the hair. This dark colour is a great fit as a chestnut brown hair on the tan skin.

22. Ombre Effect

If you grew up watching Lizzie McGuire, you would always see Hillary Duff as your friend. Your gal pal here shows an amazing chestnut hair ombre effect. She goes for a messy, wavy look with dark chestnut hair for the base colour and light shades for her ends. Her light shades of the colour will work perfectly for the pale skin.

23. Sunburnt

This hair colour is a work of art, and you will need to get yourself a balayage technique to achieve this look. Her hair is first washed with dark chestnut dye. Then, her waves are highlighted using caramel and ash blonde shades.

24. Chestnut Hair With Highlights

You can go for this look if you are looking for an option from chestnut brown hair colour ideas. She has light shades of the colour of her hair ends and at the few strands near her face. Those highlighted strands bring out her eyes.

25. Made For The Eyes

You can easily find this colour on your chestnut brown hair colour chart. The colour is unique and sets you apart from the natural shades. The hair colour is suitably picked, and that is the reason it goes amazingly well with her eyes. When you pick the right shade, you will have your best features highlighted.

26. Auburn Effect

Chestnut auburn hair colour is amazing. Her colour with her curls and messiness all put together a look that you will not want to get rid. She looks fantastic. Her base colour is kept dark chestnut, and reddish hues are used as highlights.

27. Caramel and Auburn Highlights

I would not pick this combination of highlights. It is too much for me. You can go for it if you like. The hair colour is kept dark chestnut, and her entire is washed with caramel and auburn highlights. The highlights are used to enhance her curls.

28. Midas Touch

If you have tanned skin or dark skin, you can go for chestnut brown hair with a golden touch. The highlights add a great glow to her face and will add to yours as well. Go for it. This will add a great shine to your otherwise boring and dull hair.

29. Smile For The Picture

You will not stop smiling for a photo if you have such a nice hair colour. Her base colour is again dark chestnut colour and is highlighted on the top with a shade (just one) light. This adds a lot of definition to her layers.

30. Chestnut Dye for Short Hair

Chestnut hair colours work great for her bob hairstyles. She washes her entire colour with dark brown colour and uses dark caramel highlights for her chestnut hair. The highlights are scattered all over hair to get extra depth and creativity to the hairstyle.

31. Kim K

Kardashians today are a world-wide celebrity. Nonetheless, Kim Kardashian is certainly a favourite among them. Not only her makeup skills, outfit and her skin tone, is gorgeous, but we also love her ability to pull off the chestnut brown hair. Chestnut shades look amazing on black hair, and we have Kim K showing you. She sticks with her natural hair colour and used chestnut dye for highlights. This makes the look subtle and pretty.

32. Simple Effect

For this hair look, you can see that chestnut shade is used as highlights. If you have dark hair colour and don’t want to do a lot of work on it, but add effects to your curls, go for this. The curls have a dimension to it due to the colours.

33. Long Chestnut Hair

If you have a long hair with some light waves at the end, you can go for a chestnut auburn hair colour. The colours are blended in such a way that gives the brown base and reddish hues. The entire hair colour adds a new look if you don’t want a complete makeover.

34. Highlights & Curls

Celebrities can inspire you to get yourself dark chestnut hair with caramel highlights. She has short hair which has a few short strands adding to its mess. The caramel highlights make the entire look perfect. You should try it.

35. Red for The Show

Firstly, a special mention to those bouncy and shaped curls. They are hats off amazing. Now, coming to the hair colour, you can see that it has a dark shade for the base colour and light chestnut hues for highlights. The highlights are used to enhance the curls. The red lipstick although, steals the show for me.

36. Subtle Lights

Those eyes are gorgeous. Her eye colour looks magnificent with the eyeshadow and the makeup. For her straight hair, she keeps her base colour a dark chestnut shade. After that, she uses the light hues to add some highlights. She makes sure she adds the light shades near the face to bring out her eyes and give her face a glow.

37. Light Chestnut Hair for Entire Tresses

For her long tresses, she decided to mix up shades of chestnut dye. You can create ombre effect or combine them. You can keep your hair shades dark and add some light chestnut hair colour at the end. If you have some light waves, your hair colour will add depth to them.

38. Smile

Pastel colours don’t really seem to cut it for some of us. We like the simple brown and black shades of hair colour with a few alterations. For people like us, we have the variations of chestnut hair. The hair colour is made more creative and fun with some highlights. The range of highlights is always dependent on you. You can go for a dark chestnut colour and add small strands of light shades.

39. Kardashian Chestnut Dye

If you didn’t like the subtle, almost no highlight look by Kim Kardashian before you can go for this more striking look. She again keeps her hair colour dark or her natural colour. Then, she uses dark chestnut dye as her highlights for her waves.

40. Waves

This hairstyle is simple and stylish at the same time. I love those light waves, and her hair has dark chestnut shades to add colour to her twists. We can see that those long tresses needed those highlights to bring out a new look.

41. Twists and Turns

If you love bouncy and big curls for your hair, you might as well add some caramel highlights to them.
Oh, Wait.
What looks excellent with caramel highlighted chestnut hair colour or auburn shade. Here we have auburn colour, but you can stick with the brown shade and go for a chestnut shade as your base colour.

42. Lighter Shade

Lighter shades of the chestnut dye are amazing. They work great for the pale skin. You can add a golden touch to your bright chestnut hair colour if you like. This creates a fantastic glow to your entire look. You can then go for a simple hairstyle. It isn’t much work.


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