68 Incredible Caramel Highlights Trend That You Should Try Once


Getting bored with your look? Want to transform yourself into entirely new with caramel Highlights?

No summer buns or winter beanies to hide your hair, this season. Time to let those babies breathe.

But why not with a little bit of style?
Get that celebrity hairstyle you always wanted. Make those eyes stare at your strands

The trend of the season: CARAMEL HIGHLIGHTS

The best thing about these highlights, they go with every hair color. Believe me, every!

From dark hair to light hair, curls to layers, you can choose to go bold, soft or ombre.

For those newbies who have never done anything to their hair, caramel highlights, a universal flatterer, will treat your virgin hair just right.

Go ahead, get yourself caramelized. It is the flavor of the season. The choices are many. Let’s select the one that will suit you the most. Perhaps more than one!

1. Caramel Highlights with Blonde Hair

Those braids with caramel highlights in your blonde hair, just imagine? Add a whole new dimension to your hair!

Your new highlights will make your layers be the talk of your town.

2.Long, Dark and Curled Up Golds.

A black hair balayage with caramel curls look like the piece of jewelry you would love to flaunt.

Get this red carpet look for that raven hair and add some warmth to your tresses.

An ombre effect at its best.

3.Caramelled Brown

A blend light blonde and peek-a-boo brown.
And those great curls!


Completely transform yourself with this balayage. Add that lightest shade of blonde to your brown hair and be the new you. It could just as well be one of the best versions of you.

4.Chocolaty Brunette

Love your dark hair but would like to add a dimension to it?
Then this look is what you want!

Why not add some chocolate to your dark tresses.

Not so typical streaking, yet this looks fabulous on medium length hair.  This look would be perfect for all your waves.

5.Raven Hair with Caramel Accent

Medium length haircut with a lot of layers perfectly goes for round faces.

If you have dark hair, this hair cut with an entirely light shade at your base should be the look you opt.

6.Warm Caramel

See there is no such thing as the exact right color. Can’t decide the perfect highlight? MIX AND MATCH THEN!

Try the non-traditional look. Experiment those shades, honey.

7. Swirly Caramels

Dark base and brown sugary highlights! Swirl your locks then.
#loveforswirls #caramel #highlights

8. Just One Shade Lighter

Have a dark hair? Want to become blonde? Just add a balayage of one shade light! Be the new blonde babe in town.

9.Three Shades of Blonde

This look is another one for the medium length hair. Now what I see here is dark blonde at the edges, light brown around the face and peek-a-boo lightest blonde. Three shades of blonde together to create magic. For a significant change from the dark to light, this look would be perfect.

10. Shaggy Caramel

I love rough waves. Look at those cute waves with a natural touch.
Want that natural touch on your hair?
Mix the dark and light shades of brown to get this exquisite look.

11. Cara-Waves

Just caramelize your waves and leave the rest of your hair dark. A look that totally accentuates your features. An extraordinary look for the special in you.

12.Short, Brown & Highlights

Remember in How I Met Your Mother, how Robin Scherbatsky carried off the short hair cut with chic.
This stylish A- line cut with the new dimension of caramel highlights in your dark brown hair, never could go wrong, could it?

Don’t be scared to chop off your hair to get you the look that works the best for you.

13. Lighter; then Light

Brighten up your face.

Go in that order lighter, then light.

Highlight few of your front hair strands into a light brown hair color and then some at the ends. A total bright look for those sunny days.

14. Voila

Add some caramel highlights to your dark straight hair. Maybe change your hair into curls and voila see magic happen. Fall in love with your hair.

Dear hair, please grow fast!

15. Ombre Caramel

Ombre and curls are like my favouritttttee thing in the world!
This look is about going from deep sugary color to neutral and dark from the bottom.

These chunky highlights will give you a bold look, babe.

16. Dark caramel

For the dark beauties out there, add a little bit of chocolate to your dark tresses for a little bit of spice in those annoying locks.

17.Light Brown

Some light brown sugar for your dark brown tresses?

Sweeten up your hair with these highlights for this season.

18. Sprinkled Highlights

Add some sprinkle of highlights to your shiny hair. This minimalistic highlight for long hairstyles, one word to describe them AMAAAAZING!

19. Caramel Chunky

Add few chunks of caramel flavor to your dark brown hair. A definite highlight for those short hair babes.

20. Caramel Cruz

Spanish beauty Monica Cruz shows us how adding a few highlights can bring out the best in you. I guess, beauty runs in the family.

21. Red, maybe?

Perfect look to bring out the rockstar in you. Not just brown or blonde why not play with some reddish caramel highlights for your locks?

22. Tangerine Love

Brighten up your natural shade with some tangerine splish splash.

23. Paint me some red.

This hair color has some reddish glow to it and adding to its beauty are those caramel highlights. The best of both colors.

24. Goldie Locks

An illuminating hair color, eh? A mixture of brown color and caramel highlights gives you this goldish luster in your hair that is just drop-dead gorgeous.

Ponytail it up or let it be, anything works.

25. Bouncy Caramels

Now, these bouncy curls are the ‘highlights’ of this hairstyle. But to talk about caramel highlights, they go fantastic with medium brown hair.

26. Chunky Blonde

Some chunky caramel highlights for your dark hair?
If so you have got yourself a chunky blonde look. Go for it if you want it.

26. Subtle

Want to go for ombre in a soft and subtle way? Look no further. The look that you want is right here.

Caramel highlights at one of its best version.

27. Such-a-contrast

tWhen all the shades of caramel blend to give you such a bold and contrast look, all you can do is flaunt it with swag.

Such highlights still have the potential to give you original look.

28. Softie

Just add a few streaks of caramel highlights to your hair and look how it brings the best out of your natural hair color. Long, soft and BEAUTIFUL!

28. Dark Ombre

This hairstyle isn’t so much of an ombre hairstyle. There is not a big difference between the base color and the tips, but the overall look is fantastic.

I recently got this haircut; now I know the highlights for it.

29. Caramel Rich

To be honest, my eyes are more set on the haircut than the highlights. But to be fair, these dark highlights are one of the things that are bringing out the best of this haircut.

30. Warm and Spicy

Want to add some spice to your brunette look? Add these warm tones and give yourself a new look. A warm look to brighten up your day.

31. Highlights for Short Hair

See caramel highlights are for any short hair too. Brown sugar highlights all over your hair and voila the dimension and the new look you want.

32. Festival of Color

Have you heard of the festival of color? If not, google it doll. This hairstyle looks like you play with colors every single day of your life and isn’t that just awesome?

Welcome the spring with your hair, love.

33. Lightest Ombre

From a dark base color to the lightest color, this look defines ‘blonde ombre.’

Want the best of both worlds? Be the brunette and blonde in one look. A caramel-ci-ous look!

34. Red Velvety Caramel

This look has brought three of the shades together to bring out a unique look. Blending a dark base color, caramel highlights, and red highlights, this is another bold look.

35. High School Highlights

Simplest caramel highlights look! Vanessa Hudgens shows this look with her high school girl charms. Just caramelize few strands and add some warm to your dark look.

36. Another Set of Broad

Another look you can have with deep caramel shades. Some brown sugar highlights for your dark hair?

37. Red and Golden

Another new look! A blend of brown hair, caramel highlights, and red highlights. Curl up your hair and then go out with this bold look.

38. Caramel Way Up

This is what I call commitment. A commitment to the caramel color. The hair is completely caramel and looks as delicious as ever.

39. Just a little bit

This look is for the short, dark haired beauties. Just add the caramel flavor to your tips and the streaks right at the front. A look just for anyone.

40. Messed Up Perfectly

Now, this hairstyle has so much going on. The messy look, the reverse ombre, and the caramel highlight all together for another one great hairstyle.

41. Rich

#love #hairgoals #highlights #curls #long #brown
If I had such hair, I would not stop posting its pictures.
Keep your base color dominant, just add a few caramel highlights, and you will end up with such a beauty.

42. Tigress

Give your hair a fierce look. Just use the dark and light shades of caramel and give yourself a bold change.

43. Chocolate

Just add those highlights that are not very different from your base color to get this rich look.

44. A little bit of this and that

This is what I call startling! A little bit of dark caramel and a little bit of light-The perfect blend.

45. Dazzled

Some dazzling contrast to a very dark hair color. Another amazing way to add some dimension to your dark tresses.

46. Gorgeous

A warm smile and her warm caramel flavor. For this gorgeous look, you need very long hair. An ombre hairstyle at its best.

47. Bright Spikes

This is a very cool and confident hairstyle. There are any highlights all over her hair with her dark base color slightly showing. A very bright and light hairstyle.

48. For the Front

Another short and confident hairstyle. For this, the base color needs to be chocolate brown and then just pour some caramel streaks on the bangs. Those bangs look unique.

49. Curls and Ombre

Caramelize your curls with a touch of ombre. The ombre effect is a perfect compliment for those beautiful curls.

 50. Some Dark

This hairstyle is perfect for the round faces. A hairstyle with some hints of dark caramel- a thumbs up look definitely.

51. Diva

Just a few strands of caramel flavor throughout your chocolaty hair and get that Victoria’s Secret model look.

52. Chocolates and Caramel

Chocolate dark base color and some caramel highlight overall.
-Then chop off your tresses and give yourself a complete makeover.

53. Peek-a-boo White

There are many shades in this hairstyle. A little bit of red, some dark highlights and white highlights somewhere around. A new and unique look.

54. Some Goldish Charm

This is just about adding a golden touch to your locks. Keep your bases dark and add some golden caramel highlights.

55. Pony Caramel

For this look, we still need a dark base. After that, it is all about adding highlights all over. No look could be warmer than this one. Wear your hair into a pony then spread the shine.

56. So, so Many

There are many shades used to obtain this look. For this, try mixing some soft shades with some darker caramel shades and voila, stunning as ever!

57. Red

Some caramel highlights and some red and get yourself a big new change.

58. Neutral Love

A blonde look for all the brunettes out there.

Choose the neutral shade for your caramel highlights and make yourself sparkle.

59. Ombre Softness

I love this look, to be honest. An ombre effect that shows another marvel. Dark base and lighter caramel shades, isn’t it lovely?

60. Simple and Sleek

This is a classic look.

A look to make your day brighter. There is a subtle ombre effect here.
Just a light hay color for your highlights?

61. Peek-a-boo Purple

Add some purplish highlights with your caramel highlights! You go, girl!

62.  Just some Richness

A rich caramel highlight for your dark hair color. A fantastic look, eh?

63. Red-carpet Style

Add some caramel color all over your hair and walk the streets like you are walking on the red carpet.

64. Cute Hairstyle and Caramel

The hairstyle is very cute and brings out the innocence in you. As for the hair color, again it is about adding and mixing many highlights to add a new dimension.

65. Shine on You

Want your hair to shine? Add some caramel to your dark bases. This is the look for those long-haired beauties.

66. Brownish Charm

This is BEAUTIFUL! A brownish caramel color to your strands can make your personality give that warm feel. The base color in this look is also dark.

67. Long and Pretty

This is some pleasure to my eyes. An ombre effect for your long locks.
Dark, light and lighter!

68. Medium Brown and Long

For anyone who wants a subtle coloring to your hair!
This is to just add some light highlights for your medium brown, long hair.

So, honey, we have put together a lot of options for you. It is now up to you to choose the one that is the best for you. Make the right choice. Choose the right haircut first. Then play with the colors.
Be gorgeous this season.


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