120 Gorgeous Caramel Balayage For Girls


Did you know that the meaning of balayage is swept away in French as balayage effect is one of the trendiest looks in the fashion industry? Balayage is the mixture of various colors to create a new one which gives you a different and unique color tone. Many people have a misconception about the difference between the highlight and balayage. They think that both are the same concept, but it isn’t.

Caramel balayage is a beautiful technique to color your hair which makes the light and natural brunette color to the darker one and gives you beautiful under-tone hair color. If you are a fan of the sun-kissed look, then you should try caramel balayage effects. It gives you the right texture and multi-dimensional look to your style and makes you stand out among the crowd.

Caramel balayage generally suits in any hair length or hair types which are straight, wavy or a curly hair. If you want a hairstyle which needs less time and less maintenance, then you got the hair color. It gives you an effortless styling at a minimal amount of time. It is one of the trendiest looks which provides you with the vibe of hand-painted which is natural and stunning at the same time.

If you want a Caramel balayage, then it is better to seek for the hairdresser or the hair salon as it needs proper care and technique to make the right shade — The various shades of caramel balayage. The balayage effects range from multiple shades which looks suitable for the different skin tones women and give you the perfect color you are looking for for the summer.

Below are the different pictures of caramel balayage which ranges various in-between shades which is suitable for the woman who has a fair skin as well as one with the dark tone skin.

Light Brown With Strawberry Blonde Balayage

If you want some shine in your hair with the right texture and dimension, then you should try the strawberry blonde balayage. It looks good on both straight and wavy hair which makes your hair stand out among the crowd and makes you look terrific. The strawberry balayage effect gives you a rosy melt color which is shiny and luscious.


Dark Caramel With Honey Highlights

If you want to get a fresh and natural look, then you should try the dark caramel with honey highlights where you can get the chocolate hair color which looks good on any hair length and hairstyle. The look is especially preferred for the summer times.

Chocolate Hair With Caramel Highlights

Just imagine having those highlights on the long dark hair? Beautiful isn’t it. When you get bored with applying the same color to your hair, it needs a certain twist which this hair color provides. This hair color helps your hair look even good in sunlight. You can also opt out for this color if you have brown hair.


Rich Caramel Twists

The light red highlights match so well with the brown color and give you a fantastic color which is an ideal color. It is a twist and turns to the standard caramel color which makes you stand out among the crowd. These caramel twists are perfect for any season whether it is summer or winter.

Sunstreaked Colors

This hairstyle comprises of different color which ranges from various shades of color which is from darker to the lighter tone. It gives you a stylish and sunkissed look which is beautiful and gorgeous. It gives you different kind of vibes which provides proper warmth for your entire look.

Rose Gold Platinum With Caramel

Rose gold is one of the favorite colors among girls and women. Whether it is an iPhone or the hair color all we prefer is the rose gold color. It gives you a light tint of rose color with the combination of golden color. It adds the peachy look and suits you the best if you have a dark or medium skin tone.

Contrasting Colors

This hair goes well with the chestnut colors as well as other brown and blonde color. The caramel balayage is the color which suits with any different color and complements well with them. It gives a contrasting color which makes you glow and gives you a lovely look.


Black Roots

We can see from the pictures that the hair is in base color and caramel balayage is at the roots of the nose. If you don’t want to color your hair from the hair root, then this hair color is the better option because it is a light color and gives you a well-maintained color which is not so dark or light.

Caramel Balayage On Brown Hair

It is a tone which suits every skin color and gives you a stunning look. The caramel balayage on the brown hair gives you a contrast effect where the base hair is in brown hair, and the balayage is in the caramel color. It looks good on a woman which every skin tone and eye color.

Chestnut Hair With Caramel Highlights


caramel balayage

Toffee Balayage Highlights

It is one of the gorgeous yet straightforward looks which looks good in any length of hair. It gives you a refreshing look which goes well with the natural dark hair whether it is long or a short beard. It gives you a subtle look which you can carry for the day to day casual works.

Caramel Balayage and Burgundy Ombre

Different people have a different mindset with a burgundy color. It might sound awkward when mixing caramel with Burgundy color, but the result is just fantastic. The caramel hair provides the ideal base and smooth transition of color from one to another. And one of our favorite combinations is caramel balayage and Burgundy Ombre.

Brown and Vibrant Caramel Highlights

It is the perfect hair cut where it is cut down in a long bob with the end waves and gives you an excellent hair color which will blow everyone in the crowd and gives you all the attention which you deserve.

Caramel featured

Ombre Effect

This mixed color gives you the perfect summer look. The ombre hair effect looks great on the fantastic chestnut hair which is suitable for the pale skin type. It can go ideally with a messy, wavy look where the base color can be dark chestnut color, and the highlighted strands are popping out.

caramel balayage

Natural Caramel balayage

Sometimes you don’t have to do much because you already have natural and beautiful chestnut hair. The good part is you don’t have to waste your money to have different hair looks and can make your hair shine with few tricks.

Caramel Flavoured Hair

Everyone loves caramel and this hair color too. You can have the caramel highlights on the dark hair which gives the hair all the limelight it deserves and probably add auburn highlights with caramel color which provides the unique look and makes you stand out among the people.

caramel balayage

Ombre Effect

This mixed color gives you the perfect summer look. The ombre stick brown hair which is suitable for the pale skin type. It can go ideally with a dirty, dark chocolate color, and the highlighted strands are popping out.

Braids and Highlights

The picture is the mixture of braids and highlights which is a perfect combination if you have short hair. The braiding is from the front of the hair which matches well with the light caramel color of hair.

Caramel Dye

Caramel Dye is a striking look which can look right at you just like Kim Kardashian. This hairstyle is simple except adding some highlights; You don’t have to do anything to get this gorgeous look. You can add some dark caramel dye in your hair and curl it to get this look.

Dark Brown To Caramel Hair

This hair color starts from dark brown from the starting to the caramel color at the end of the color. It shows the dark base color where the end of the hair is in blonde caramel color which adds a lot to the entire look and helps you to stand out among the crowd.

Twisted Hairstyle

In one picture we can see that the hair is kept as it is but in the other film we can see that the same strand is twisted which changes the whole style and gives you a versatile look.

Golden Touch

Want to have some glow in hair? If yes, then you’ll surely love this hair color. The golden highlight provides the light and charm to the dark chestnut hair which gives you a warm undertone look. Hence, those golden stranded highlights go perfectly well with straight as well as curly hair.

caramel balayage

Blonde and Caramel Highlights

Blonde and caramel highlights are an unusual combination which makes your hair brighter. The caramel highlights on the blonde hair give you a different look than your natural hair and easy to carry which doesn’t need any touch-ups.

Natural Caramel Hair

Sometimes you don’t have to do much because you already have natural and beautiful caramel hair. The good part is you don’t have to waste your money to have different hair looks and can make your hair shine with few tricks.

Beautiful Caramel Balayage

Those are the beautiful caramel balayage color which will go well with any kind of outfit and gives you a stunning style. The caramel balayage style is perfect for the summer look where the weather complements the light caramel color which is beautiful.

Ginger Chestnut

Coppery ginger shades look perfect on very fair skin. If you’re discerning for a way to highlight your complexion, give ginger chestnut a tey. As a result, this hair color looks perfect in long straight hair.

Short Caramel Hair

Ever wonder how you look in short curly dark caramel hair? Then, here is the look you have imagined, and it’s dead-drop gorgeous. Those red and blonde highlight add a lot to the look and give you a fresh style for any occasion.


caramel balayage

Cocoa Goodness

The creamy goodness of cocoa color can be seen correctly in this picture where it looks like you dip your entire hair in the cocoa dip. If you have a brown shade of skin color and light eye color, then it is an ideal hair color for you.


Reddish Caramel Balayage

If you are in a particular kind of dilemma or want to make your hair look even good, then add reddish shine to your chestnut hair look which will provide you a subtle and gorgeous look. The reddish shine will create an ombre-like color in your hair.

Milk Chocolate

This hairstyle is the combination of both milk chocolate and dark chocolate where a dark color is in as a base color, and milk chocolate highlights make the look stunning and luxurious. We can see the transition in the milk chocolate to the vibrant blonde color at the end of the hair.

Caramel Balayage Bangs

Those blue eyes and the bangs. Those are the deadly combination which can blow people away. It looks bold and sexy which gives your whole look a different perspective. If you are a fan of short caramel balayage hair then you should try bangs and caramel balayage. It makes you look chic and bold at the same time.

Short Caramel Balayage

Short hair is well-maintained hairstyle which is a perfect look for the summer. It is easy to manage and gives you a chic style. One of the best style of color for the short hair is the caramel balayage where the roots of the hair are in caramel color, and the base is in black.

Caramel and Copper Tinted Ombre

The warm tones of the golden highlights give you all the bold and chic vibe and make you stand among the crowd. If you have a light fair skin tone and brown eyes, then this hair color is for you. We can see the transition of brown color to the copper at the end of the hair.

Black To Caramel Ombre

The hair color is in the dark chocolate base where the ends are in warm caramel. We can see the beautiful transition of black color to the caramel ombre which gives your hair a stunning and fantastic look. If anyone is searching for less maintenance hairstyle and hair color, then caramel tones are the great options for them.


caramel balayage

Caramel Shay Inspired

We all love Shay Michelle, and she is a great inspiration when it comes to styling your hair or for the hair color. We love how she maintains a braided look in a caramel hair which is funky and stunning. It will surely make everyone look at you in the crowd.

Chestnut Hair Color With Caramel

This chestnut hair is the perfect color which gives you a warm and summer vibe. The caramel contrast goes well with the chestnut hair which suits you in every kind of hairstyle whether it is long or short.

Long Layered Platinum Blonde Cut

You can cut your hair in the long layered form with the curls at the end which gives you a sophisticated and classy vibe and later on you can add platinum blonde color shade according to your taste and skin tone. We can see in the picture that the long platinum hair is in different layers and blonde lowlights give extra charm to the look.

The Visible Caramel

You can color your hair in two different ways that are by making it not visible or visible. If you want to sweep some limelight than you can make it visible to the sun. This hair color works for different hair types and suits, especially to reddish ones.

If you want a low maintenance hair color with smooth styling, then you should try the balayage effect. Caramel balayage is the trendiest and stunning hair color effect which gives right texture and multi-dimensional appearance to your whole look.

You can try caramel balayage on your straight as well as wavy hair which will show the smooth transition of colors in your hair. It changes the light and natural blonde color to the darker base and gives you a beautiful sun-streaked look.


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