65 Stylish Caesar Haircut For Men


This hairstyle does not need any formal introduction. We are all familiar with a Caesar Haircut. I guarantee you know at least one person in your life who has worn this hair all their lives. It does not get old, does it? I mean this has been the iconic fashion statement since the ascension of the great Roman Emperor Julius Caesar himself. Since then, it has survived millenniums and been worn by icons like George Clooney.

With that said, the modern age has now successfully touched this ageless masterpiece. However, it still keeps the old philosophy behind the haircut. But, what is the great philosophy behind this hairstyle?

What Is The Caesar Haircut Philosophy?











The basic fundamentals of this hairstyle ask you to maintain a balance between the fine frontal hair with your side rounded designs. This is true with most balanced haircuts because it is universal.

However, what makes this hairstyle so special is that it significantly helps you bring out your distinct facial features. This makes you recognizable. I can only hypothesize that the Roman recognized the beauty of this and made it an iconic military hairstyle in their culture. It still can be seen as a part of many crew cuts today.

In addition to this, Caesar Haircut is arguably one of the most comfortable styles to maintain, if not the easiest. The look needs minimal maintenance since it cut that way. It is usually kept short.

Furthermore, it suits men regardless of their hair thickness. In addition to that, men with receding hairlines can also seamlessly sport this look.

As a conclusion, the hair brings all the extra focus on your face.

How To Ask For A Caesar Haircut?

Russel Crowe is the modern pioneer to wear the iconic classic haircut in his amazing movie- The Gladiator. This is as classic as you can get! I want to go as far as to argue he is the reason for the resurrection of the movie, but that would take all the glory off from the great haircut itself.

You can, however, ask your skilled hairdressers and barbers to modernize the look with high fade, burst fade, undercut and even skin fades. Meanwhile, the top should be directed downward, but the length varies depending on the feature you want to highlight.

High Fade Hairstyle

caesar haircut

This is a short and clean hairstyle with a distinct high skin fade at the sides. The round ear, in particular, is allowed to stand out from the high fade which compliments the Dishface head type. Furthermore, there is a good harmony with round lips. Now, this is a good look for men with a soft chin or short chin who want to sport a Klingon beard.


Here is an example of a textured Caesar haircut. The side undercut adds an extra touch that brings out the flatback head shape. As a result, you get a lift to your pointed ear and thin lips combination. This is especially good for men with short or protruding chin with a strong nose. Extra points if you wear a light beard with this look.

Down Combed

Here is a slick but straightforward example of how to keep a short haircut for the men with a low back head. If you sport a  pointed nose and have an attached lobe, consider wearing this look with a light beard.

Mid Fade

This is a thoughtful and fashionable look for men. I especially recommend this look for men with full lips and lowbrow head shape. If you wear glasses, you keep this look with a light beard.

Low Fade

If you think your nose is your essential facial characteristic, and in particular if you have a beak nose type, this is your look. The low skin fade allows your ears and your cheekbones to support how your nose pops out. However, I advise you to keep a light beard to keep things balanced. Extra points if you have an extended-back head.

Highlight + Texture

Here is another example of how you can wear a textured look with a low to mid skin fade. If you are looking to spice things up a little, then consider using highlights on your longer middle part. Moreover, this is a look that goes well with men with the narrow ear. However, you can sport this with any other case.

Taper + Undercut

This is a tapered haircut for men with a snub nose. This look can be worn to compliment a short or long chin. However, this helps bring out the sticking out ear type. Additionally, if you have an extended back head, this hairstyle gives you an extra boost.

Classic Taper

This is a look for men with thick hair. The bold taper up top compliments a strong nose type. Additionally, if you have a heavy lower lip, you can wear this look with a clean shave. Alternatively, you can keep a beard to keep things balanced.


This is mainly a look for men with the round ear. The messy outlook blends perfectly with a beard allowed to grow naturally.

Short Taper + Undercut

Here is an example of a classic modern Caesar haircut. Like any balanced haircut, the roundness of the style is balanced with the sharpness of the design. This is a perfect fit for men with a Hero nose type and a pointed chin. The anchor beard in a way links the two distinct feature like a decorated bridge.


This is an all natural look for men with a pointed ear.

Short Textured

Here is a well balanced natural look for men who cannot afford hours to maintain their hair. This look is natural to get and stays stylish for a long term. Bonus points here if you have thin lips since it allows the beard to dominate your facial outlook. Additionally, you will rock this look better if you have a long chin and dainty nose. I usually recommend this hairstyle should be complemented with a Hollywoodian beard, but that’s my personal preference. You are free to choose any form of beard with this one. Just make sure you feel comfortable.


This is a balanced well-maintained look that brings out your square ear and the high dome head. The beard is however optional, as you can look good even without it. Although, I must stress the facial hair needs to be kept in check with this hairstyle.

High Fade

This is an overall simple look for men with a round head. It is simple and can be worn casually for any occasion.

Short + High Skin Fade

Here is a burst skin fade mixed with a Caesar haircut. You can choose to keep long hair in the middle, but we will get to that in a bit. This is a great look for men with pointed ear and a strong nose type. In addition to that, the short boxed beard helps you to bring harmony between your face, the hairstyle and out overall outlook. Consider sporting this look for casual events.

Mid Skin Fade

Here is an alternative take on previous Caesar haircut. This keeps the hair slightly longer in the middle and can be sported with a Short boxed beard or even Balbo beard.

Natural + Mid Skin Fade

caesar haircut

This is a simple look for men with flat back head. In addition to that, facial features like a short chin and square ear benefit the most. A mix of Mutton chops and chin curtain gives this simple look a modern touch.

Natural + High Skin Fade

If you have a strong nose type and like to keep things natural with a touch of fade, this is the look you have been looking for.

Natural + Low Skin Fade

This is a haircut for men with bulb nose, narrow and pointed ear.

Leonardo Di Caprio Inspired

This isn’t your usual Caesar haircut, but I like how versatile it can be. This is an excellent example of Caesar look worn by the legend himself, Leonard Di Caprio. Here are what’s good about this. Firstly, if you want to look pleasant and comfortable at home, you can keep your hair down. If you’re going to look slick in an event, you can apply gel and be the center of attention. You can also side part this to fit into formals. This look gives a bonus to men with flaring jaw and thin heart-shaped lips.

Short Dark Caesar Haircut

This is a stylish look that goes well with a cop stash standard mustache and a square ear.

Short Side Part

Medium-Short Caesar

This is a neat look for men with broad facial features. There are many variations of this Caesar haircut. However, the one I have picked here is for the men with a wide face and broad chin. The hairstyle perfectly compliments the general aspect of your face while the beard is a neat accessory.


This is another spiked variation of Caesar haircut for men with a square face.

Medium-Long Taper + Fade

This is a medium length hairstyle for men with a strong nose and round ears. If you have a receding chin or short chin with heavy lower lips, I recommend you keep a clean-shaven look since these features complement each other naturally.

Short Taper

Here is an example of a look with a soft nose and short boxed beard.

Short Natural

This is a look where I like how the Bow-shaped lip comes out between facial features that are dominated by the pointed face and pointed chin.

Light Frost Tips

Here is an example of an excellent hairstyle for men with thin and wide lips.

Taper + High Fade

If you are one of the men who love to sport a neck tattoo, I recommend this style. Here is a high skin fade look that looks good with a short protruding chin and an Extended back head. Meanwhile, the dainty nose goes well with the taper.

White Highlight

Here is a look for the Asian men with a pointed ear. This look screams of stylish hipster look and perfects if you want to wear piercings on your nose or ears.

Low Fade

This is a rough outlook for men with soft nose and pinhead. The short chin and narrow ear further allow men to sport a rough looking beard.

Modern Caesar

This is a brilliant modern Caesar haircut. The sharp, slick modification is perfect for men with a jutting chin and down turned lips. You can fancy this look in any formal outfits.

Curly Caesar

This is an example of Caesar haircut with wavy hair. The curls compliment the bow-shaped lips. In addition to that, you can choose to have highlights on your hair to give your self that wave-looks up top.

Medium Caesar

Here is a classic Caesar haircut for men with full lips that stands out in a long face with a round chin.

Caesar With Beard

This is a look for the dish face head. Here, the round ears with attached lobe flourish with either the Hollywoodian beard or the ducktail beard.

Liam Gallagher Inspired

Liam Gallagher is another famous personality that sports this beautiful look. This is classic and can be worn by men with a receding hairline or thinning hairline. Bonus point if you sport a pointed and long face.

Caesar + Burst Fade

Burst Fade + Beard

Here is a look for the strong nose. The short boxed beard compliments the center of your face in this one. However, you can choose to wear an old dutch face if you have an extended-back head.

Caesar Pompadour

This is an alternate look for men with extended-back head or pinhead. The pompadour goes well with a defined pointed ear with the fleshy chin.


Chris Hemsworth Inspired

Chris Hemsworth is another style icon that fashions a handsome Caesar Haircut. The look he wears is simple and sports well with a light beard.

High Skin Burst Fade

This is a great look for men with a defined nose and a dish face or a flatback head. Bonus points if you have a fleshy chin or double chin.

Modern Highlights

Here is a modern touch to the classically renowned look. Consider this if you have a pointed ear, wide bow and shaped lips. The highlights are optional. Furthermore, the beard is also optional. You can still wear this without the additional color and facial hair if you think you want to stick with the classic outlook.

Textured + Tapered

Short + Taper

caesar haircut

Undercut + Highlight

Here is an example of how we can sport a highbrow face with highlights. The long top hair allows your ears to shine from the sides, and furthermore, you can wear earrings to give yourself a modern touch to the Caesar Haircut.

Slick Caesar

This is an excellent example of hairstyle for men with wide cheekbones. You can have this look for formal occasions or casual appearances. However, the best part of this look is that it can be boosted by wearing a shade. For a square face types, I recommend Ray-Ban Icons since it appeals to the boxy nature of the face with some soften sharp lines.

Combed Black Caesar Cut

If you have a highbrow face, then you should sport this Caesar Haircut. This is a look for men who look good with a clean shaven and don’t want to shy away from showing off the natural look.

Zac Effron Inspired

Zac Effron is one celebrity who has managed to consistently look younger than his actual age. While a part of it is down to his genetics, the other half is how he chooses to sport his hair.

If you are a man who has a youthful look, but (or and) you want to add a mature outlook to it, you should consider sporting hairstyle. I definitely recommend you keep a clean facial hair, either shaven or short trimmed to compliment and balance the overall outlook.

High Fade + Beard

This is a mature look for men with both thick hair and thinning hair. This is an ideal way to incorporate your flat back head with either soft or dainty nose. However, there is numerous way you can sport this look to compliment your facial feature. The easiest way is to make sure the roundness is balanced by your sharp designs.


This is a nice look for men with a long and pointed face. The medium length Caesar Haircut allows room for your thin full lips to shine. Consider sporting this look for formal occasions.


We have seen that Caesar Haircut is simple, easy to sport. The look is usually the type for men with an extended back hairstyle. In addition to that, this is an excellent hairstyle to sport your beard with that allows different facial features to stand out. Most notably, men with strong nose type benefits with what this hairstyle has to offer. However, the nose type is only the second feature when it comes to this hairstyle.

Currently, the most prominent facial characteristic that stands out with Caesar Haircut is the chin. The shape of your chin determines how the hairstyle can be worn and the type of beard that you can fashion. It comes unsurprisingly, since how a beard looks depends so much on how it stays on your face.

Furthermore, the most common way you can sport a beard is to either allow it to grow naturally to a short boxed beard or by keeping it rough. Nonetheless, there are many options to keep a clean shave or a light, minimal beard with this look.

If you want to sport any of the above looks shortly, or if you have a general idea as to what you want in your new hairstyle, do let us know in the comments below. I hope this was helpful.


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