60 Fresh Burst Fade Haircuts For Men (2021)


Ladies and Gentlemen, Burst Fade Haircuts, are Artworks. Now, I can’t phrase this anyway else. But,  If you are an avid follower of my blogs in StyleEasily.com, you will probably know that was coming. I am an art lover and hairstyle for me is Art. It is a medium of expression.

Now, in the past, we have covered Asian hairstyles for men and Pompadour hairstyles for men. These haircuts have own level of Fashion class. However, neither of the two hair meets the artistic value that is the Burst Fade haircuts.

But, allow me to explain.

So, the image below is a perfect example of a transition to a Burst Fade. Now like all other cuts, Burst Fade haircuts use the same tools to get the same level of desired results. But, take a close look here.

Notice the blend between the skin and the hair. It almost feels like a gradual growth of layers as you gradually go up. Its almost as if the hairs ‘burst up’ from your skin. So, what is happening here with Burst Fade haircuts?

What is Burst Fade Haircuts?

There is a golden rule of 4 with Burst Fade haircuts. Now, a straightforward example of this is brilliantly illustrated down below.

In its essence, Burst Fade haircuts are 4 different sizes of hair beautifully blended together to give you a ‘burst of hair appeal.’ It is as if an artist that holds his brush and puts down different shades of grey on an empty canvas to speak his hidden emotion. Too deep? I can’t help my self.

Gentlemen, if you are struggling with the task manage your hair, you have an afro that needs a fashionable trim, or you are just here to see if you are missing out on anything, don’t worry, I got you covered. It doesn’t matter if you are Black, Brown, White or Hispanic, Burst Fade haircuts grace anyone in need. All you need is patience, a person comfortable with scissors in their hands, and an expert happy to guide you.

Ladies, if you have someone in your life who needs help getting over their fashion tragedy, this is the blog to be. Also, if you find a hairdo in here that speaks to your soul, you are most welcome to try them yourself.

With all that said, I call myself Roach from StyleEasily.com and here are my personal 65 picks of Burst Fade haircuts.

Taper Mid Fade

This is a simple hairstyle for black men with afro hair type. Moreover, this Burst Fade hairstyle goes exceptionally well for men with narrow chin pointed ears. The mid fade allows some breathing space for your facial features to shine. Use it if you think these are the prominent part of your look.

Spikes + Taper

This is a modified spike look for the men with a long chin. In addition to that, the light groomed beard fits perfectly with the burst fade. Extra points if you round ear. So, This is an ideal look for Brown guys and Hispanic guys. However, white guys can also rock the look equally well.



Now, this is an excelled white guy look. This Burst Fade haircut incorporates the classic Pompadour with a low skin fade and is ideal for men with round chin or square chin.  The fade allows room for ears to be highlighted. Also, I recommend men with round ear and a free lobe to try this. Bonus points for men with an inverted triangle face, however, any other face type can easily look good with this Burst Fade haircut.

Curls + Taper

This is another modified variation in Burst Fade haircuts for men. The curls stand out with the fade. It gives good space for beards to stand out and look good. Consider sporting this Burst Fade haircut with a beard if you have a protruding chin and pointed ears.

Usher Inspired Taper

Usher Reymond the Forth wears a gentle taper that goes so well with his personality. He keeps things simple and easy. However, his trick here is a low fade in the sides that is almost missable. It gives a distinct and a standout look that I personally think is underrated.


Now, this is an ideal hairstyle for men with a receding chin. The low fade Burst Fade haircut goes ideally well with a bushy beard. Try this if you have an afro or a curly hair and like wearing any form of beard.

Short Mohawk

This is a short variation of Mohawk is ideal if you have a rounded ear. Furthermore, the high fade in this short spiked mohawk allows room for roundness. However, it is recommended to keep this hairstyle with a clean shave.

Low Skin Fade

This is a form of Burst Fade haircuts that works well with beard and ideal for men with Afros and beards. Notice how the Burst Fade also blends into the beard?

Mohawk + Skin Fade

This is an ideal look for men with thick but patchy beards.

Curls + Mohawk

This is an overall consistent Burst Fade haircut for men with afros. The design for the beard and the hair is done with a razor. It goes well with the clean taper. Overall, this is an elegant look. Bonus point if you have broad-round ears.

Straight Hair

This is a simple alternative to a mohawk for white guys with straight hair.

Spike Mohawk

This is a variant of Burst Fade haircuts in Mohawk. The low fade gives a subtle but eccentric touch to the spiked hairstyle.

Afro Curls

This is a good look for black men who like to keep a medium hairstyle. Instead of putting a full afro, you can have a hint of Burst Fade on the sides. Extra marks if you have a pointed ear and a Grecian nose type. However, I can recommend this hairstyle to men with any other facial features.

Skin Fade + Light Beard

This is another cool variant of Burst Fade haircuts. The burst fade is extended to the beard and gives you that artistic vibe.

Short + Low Skin Fade

This is a unique extension of the Burst Fade haircuts. The low fade extends to the back where it transitions to a pointed tail. The fade also goes out to the light beard. This prominently brings out your broad lobe ears. However, I can recommend this to men with any other ear types.

Curls Afro + Mid Skin Fade

This is a look for men with the attached lobe ear type. The clean skin fade on the sides on both the hair and the beard give your ears a breathing room and allows it to shine. Bonus point if you have a flat nose. Also, this is a look that you can wear with any medium to light beard.

Hard Part

This is a nice look for children and teenagers. A slick hair with a hard part and a burst fade bring out the delicate features of a child. Moreover, this allows the child to look smart and humble, while keeping a strong fashion essence. Also, this is especially great if you have a delicate nose type.


The quiff is a classic medium hairstyle for men. This variant of Burst Fade haircuts compliments men who have patchy beards. Although, it requires maintenance. However, the outcome is significantly wonderful.  Furthermore, bonus points for men with a roman nose type and a receding chin.

Highlights + Designs

This is a refreshing look for toddlers and children. The style design is lively and not too much either.

Tattoo Fade

If you have a tattoo on my neck area, I suggest you get this look. There are many ways you can sport Burst Fade haircuts here. Here, the highlight matching the grey shade of the tattoo is my personal favorite.

Short + Skin Fade

For men who like keeping it short, this is my recommendation. Now, this is ideal for men with a snub nose. And, you can wear this with any kind of beard. However, I advise grooming.

Short + Low Fade

This is a subtle variation to the last hairstyle. Also, this is also for men who like keeping it short.

Comb Over + Fade

This is an excellent example of Burst Fade haircuts for white men. The medium hairstyle is adequately managed with a comb over, and the fade between the beard and the hair is exceptionally stylish. It is ideal for men with droopy nose type and square ears. Extra beard points if you boast a long chin.

Mohawk + Skin Fade

Now, this is my pick of Burst Fade haircuts for teenagers. It looks good on Brown guys or Hispanic. I recommend keeping this clean with style. And, it goes exceptionally well for guys with a pointed nose. However, It still is a look for everyone.

Slick + Wavy

This is another classic Burst Fade haircuts for white men. The low skin fade works brilliantly in bringing out the snub nose type. Furthermore, extra marks if you have a protruding chin sits well with a clean look.

Natural Curls

The Grecian nose type looks good with a goatee and a medium natural curls. I recommend this style for men with heart face or oblong face.

Blue Highlights

If you want to spice things up with your flat top and your beard, this is a style I think you should check out. The broad lobe ear comes forward with the mid to high burst fade. The groomed beard is also a plus point. Get this Burst Fade haircut if you already sport one, but are looking for something new.

Taper + Flat Top

This design is simple. It is a creative solution to your patchy beard issue. Plus points if you have a Grecian nose.

Afro + Blonde Highlights

This is another way you can spice up your everyday hairstyle. This is ideal for men who like keeping a medium haircut.

Rounded Mohawk

This is a creative way to get around the style block with afros, mohawk and Burst Fade haircuts. This is exceptionally well crafted for men with either narrow ear or pointed ear.

Low Fade + Light Beard

If you have a delicate nose structure with a Protruding chin or round chin, you can go for this look. Hispanic men and Brown men especially will look good wearing this.

High Fade

Now, here is a type of high fade Burst Fade haircut that is good for a suit.

Flat Top

This is an excellent example of Burst Fade haircuts that goes well on children with a flat nose and a round face.

Afro + Goatee

This hairstyle is jam-packed with different styles and techniques. How many can you spot here?

Low Fade + Taper

This is a clean look for men who want to sport a medium hairstyle. This is especially good for men with delicate nose type and a receding chin. However, men with short chin are also welcomed to try. This is a look that can sport a well-trimmed mustache if you are the person into it.

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Flat Top + High Skin Fade

This is a high fade variant of a rounded mohawk that is designed to suit light groomed beard.

High Skin Fade

Here is a variant of a rounded mohawk with mid-Burst Fade. This is a good casual look for men and teenagers alike.

Straight Spikes

This Burst Fade haircut is a good fit for men with square ear and having a patchy beard. Bonus points if you have a long chin and an oval face.

Hart Part + Bun

This is a no doubt a daring hairstyle. The design style is unbelievable. The best part is it works. Here is something that I really don’t know what to name. It has an all-around high fade. Here, the top appears to have what I think is a curly man bun. And, this is sported with a short taper.

Furthermore, the edges are sharp and neat. Also, it has an all-around high part. Thus, all this perfectly compliments the receding chin and the round ears. As a result, the delicate nose, as a result, comes out beautifully.

What I am trying to tell you here is, this is a brilliant combination of so many mismatching styles. It is all about understanding your face and allowing yourself to experiment. You only need to get it right once to make an impact.

High Fade + Hard Part

Here is an example of a fresh, slick look with a high fade, hard part, and what appears to be a comb over at the top. So, this is a right hairstyle that like most in the list sports a beard. Give yourself extra points if you have a pointed ear.


I like this look just because it incorporates the beautiful dredlocks beautifully in the Burst Fade. However, the Taper is optional, but it does give you a nice touch.

Short Low Fade + Designs

If you have round ears and want a cool Burst Fade design, this is what I recommend. With every design look, you need a balance. Sharpness balances roundness. Round ears demand sharp designs. Go play!

Long Flat Tops

If you like to keep a medium long hair, but as a short Taper, look no further. This variant of Burst Fade haircuts is a great mixture and especially fitting for the men with Protruding chin. However, with so much hair, you will want to keep the facial hair to the minimum spectrum.

Low Fade + Rounded Mohawk

This is another balanced look with a soft round face and sharp designs for children.

Taper + Designs

You cannot go wrong with the combination of sharp and round on any faces. Although, try not so hard to prove me wrong. It would have difficult to see you do so. (laughs)

Taper + Low Fade

Here is a balanced example of round looks with sharp designs for black men. This look is perfect for men with a flat nose.

Undercut + Tattoos

This is a look for white men with black or even brown hair color. The narrow ears sticking out is particularly well addressed, and the design goes well if you have a tattoo on your neck.

High Fade + Designs

Meanwhile, this is an excellent example of back design for black men.

Top Highlights

This right here is an ideal balance between highlights and curls. So, opt this Burst Fade haircut for a handsome casual appearance.

High Part + Mid Fade

Here is an excellent example of Burst Fade haircuts for white men. This is a simple and elegant look where the Grecian nose is allowed to compliment an oblong face. You can also try this if you have a rectangle face and the same nose structure. Depending on your ear, however, you can choose the extent of the fade. Here a low fade perfectly fits into a pointed shaped broad, lobed ear. Extra points if you boast a gorgeous round chin or a protruding chin. However, this hairstyle is all about the face structure and the ear type.

Spikes + Low Fade

Now, here is an example of how you can incorporate the style with your ear type.

High Skin Fade + Designs

This is preferably an outlandish style for children that still manages to keep the roundness and sharpness balance. However, it takes it to the next level by creating a form that is both round and sharp.

Medium Fade + Slicked

If you think the Burst Fade haircuts feels hectic, here is a simple example. Try this with a medium fade on a slick hair.

Eccentric Top Design

This is another example of styles that are a mismatch on paper, but perfect in practice. Notice how this style highlights the square ear and the receding chin? Also, notice the balance between the round features of this hair with the sharp features?

Whatever style you choose, make sure you keep a check on the balancing elements.

High Part + Short Spikes

You can choose to have a high arched part on with hairline with a Burst Fade style.

Low Skin Fade + Taper

This is a slick hairstyle for children that highlights the delicate nose structure and the round cheeks. This is also a good style for men and teenagers alike.

Spike Mohawk + Burst Fade

Here is an example of Burst Fade haircuts that keeps the underlying philosophies and relies on its top to make a difference. Also, notice how the Burst Fade sides compliment both the sharp Taper front and the rounded design in the middle? To add to that, the spiked Mohawk is also both rounded and tapered at the same time. Hence, this is a beautiful variation of straight hairstyles in Burst Fade haircuts.

Round Mohawk + Low Skin Fade

Here is a look for the men with a flat nose. In addition to that, men with sticking out ear type can benefit the best as well. Extra points for the receding chin. However, you can rock this handsome look with any face types.

Flat Top Mohawk + Designs

This is a fresh design Burst Fade haircut for men that incorporates a fading highlight with an unusual wavy design.


The Burst Fade haircuts are a different style haven on its own. There is so much creativity embedded within the style, it gets difficult to leave out other equally marvelous designs. You can sport this hair long, short, or medium length. Now, you can add highlights to it to give it an extra glow, but you can also keep things natural and simple.

Meanwhile, you can also throw the rule book out of the window and get yourself a completely different look that no one in this planet has thought of before, and that works too. Whatever you choose, remember, that style is all about confidence. So, if what you choose represents you and what you stand for, nothing else matters. Hence, you should go with your heart, always.

As always, if you have reached the end of the article, thank you for your time. And, let me know if you think you are going to try one of these looks in the comments below. Now, I hope I have helped shape your perspective because there is why I am here. Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Roach, and that was StyleEasily.


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