62 Burgundy Hair Shades That Will Make Your Day


Burgundy hair is the hair color that is mostly used in black hair. Girls with blonde hair color also try these shades to get themselves a glow. Even the ones who are naturally born with red hair color, try to mix things up using the burgundy hair shades. You can go for maroon red, red wine, oxblood or the classic ones.

Burgundy hair colors are made for you if you want to make a statement. So, is that what you want? A mysterious tint to your hair that makes a statement? You can get that pop of color you always wanted on your hair using these shades.

Initially, only brunettes chose these hair colors. But today, even blondes chose these colors to make a dramatic statement. You can for ombre look or highlights if you don’t want any drama in your life. Usually, these colors wash away after twenty-four shampoos. So, you will not be bored with the color. Check out some great examples.

-Dark Burgundy Hair

Look at the shine burgundy hair color has added to her hair. Her loose cascading curls look beautiful. These curls are natural to her hair. She has kept the coloring simple and used it to add a brilliant shine to her hair. If you have dark hair color such as black, I suggest go for this color. It will blend in beautifully with your natural hair color. You can try this color in the form of highlights as well if you have curls. Add those highlights only to the coils to enhance them.

-Just A Hint

If you are not up for dramatic hair color like the above one, you can go for this subtle one. The hair only has a slight tint of the burgundy shade. Her hair is black, and you can see that the burgundy hue blends in beautifully. The shades add a glow to her hair. If you want to give yourself a makeover but not something dramatic, you can go for this hair color. The color will provide you with a brilliant new look without creating a fuss.

-Burgundy Hair Highlights

If you don’t like the dark shades of burgundy hair color, the palette has the light tones to offer. You can pick from a whole range of color. You need to make sure that it first is made for your undertone. Her hair is medium in length. If you have blonde hair color or light hair shade, you will have this hair color if you get a burgundy makeover. We can see some blonde streaks in the hair. Go for this shade if you want your hair to be of glowing color.


Orange and purple highlights make for eye-popping hair color. If you have recently colored your hair bright orange and want to get some highlights to it, why not go for a little bit of drama? The drama will be your purple highlight. Pick the shade of burgundy that will merge with the orange color but stand out as well. This type of hair color will suit the girls that have a fair skin tone. So, if you do, you can go for this style. If you are bored of your angled bob haircut, you can add some colors to it. Sometimes bob haircuts can get boring for you. So, keep the hair color exciting and fun.


Look at the layers of her hair. This is a great photo that shows you how beautiful layered long hairstyle can look with the addition of colors. The burgundy shades are concentrated on her curls. The hair is wavy and somewhat curly. So, you can go for this hair color to make your curls shine. Her entire hair is given a gentle wash. If you don’t want to treat your hair with the chemicals, you can add some burgundy hair extensions and create an ombre effect. This will be an excellent way of experimenting with colors. If you don’t like this color, you don’t need to worry about washing it off. You can take it off from your hair.

-Black Hair And Burgundy Highlights

Her hair has some serious highlights. It looks as if she gave herself a burgundy hair shower. The highlights are enormous, and it seems beautiful. If you have black hair and want some great highlights, this dark shade of burgundy will work wonders. You can get it for yourself for a makeover. This red wine shade of the burgundy is unbelievably beautiful. It is that shade of red which is not feminine but bold and sexy.

-Serious Ombre

If you want an ombre effect, you can go for a serious one. This ombre hair effect is enormous and makes a big statement. Her natural hair color which is black is only left in the top part of her hair. The rest of her hair has got itself a beautiful red treatment. Her hair has gorgeous waves, and the color makes the entire look amazing. You should try this hair if you want some severe ombre hair color in your life. Pull your hair into a half ponytail or a full one.

-Some Shades

If you have black hair again, I suggest you go for this shade of burgundy hair color. You can go for a light shade. If you are planning to get yourself a makeover for a vacation that involves the beach, go for this shade. Your black hair will give a bright shine. If you have a hair makeover, make sure you have photos that everyone will talk about for ages. Keep the curls beautiful and large. Wear a boho long dress and finish the look with cute loop earrings.

-Bright Purple

Bright purple can be a statement hair color. Look at that length of her hair. It is long and will make a beautiful hairstyle. Her hair texture is thin. Sometimes thin texture and long locks can get boring. To add some fun and spice to the look, get your hair color washed. The color can be a bright purple with pink highlights. You can play with the shades of the burgundy hair color for your hair. Pick two colors one dark and bright. So, use the bright one as the highlighting color.

-Red Highlights

This hairstyle has red highlights on her dark hair color. If you have black hair, you can try some red shades. The black hair color will require a dark color. If you don’t have black hair, you can easily have any color in your hair. Since black color is already dark, you can add shades of burgundy to it. The main reason is that the color will blend easily in the natural hair color. So, add some highlights and fun to your hair.

-All Over The Hair

I love how her hair color has turned out with the blend of brown and burgundy hair color. The hair has lovely loose curls and is of the dry type. So, if you decide to get yourself a hair color and have a similar hair texture, you have to take care of your hair. Make sure you get yourself a regular hair treatment. Condition and moisturize your hair regularly. Be careful not use conditioner on your roots. Go for a purple shade of burgundy or the red wine. Both colors will look great on her hair color.

-Shine For The Blonde Hair

The burgundy shade and her natural blonde color have merged and given her hair a beautiful rose gold color. If you love the rose gold color, you can get this style. The beauty of hair colors lies in your natural hair as well. You might not end up having the same color as shown in the box. So, be careful. You can end up creating different shades of color which will be beautiful. There are endless shades of burgundy color, and you can create your very own.

-Dark One

Her hair is goals. Its natural quality and texture are beautiful. The hair is long and robust. The natural hair color is dark, so she opts for a dark burgundy hair color. You can pick any color from the color chart. The shades of red on the top part of her hair makes her face glow. When you decide to get yourself a colored hair, you should be careful and sure that your hair is healthy. Otherwise, your colored hair can lead to hair fall.

-Shades Of Blue For Red

Her hair has different shades of blue. She has purple and blue hues all over hair. I know what you are thinking. This is not burgundy hair color. But, if you look at it carefully, there are some red highlights near her face. The hair is split from the middle. There are subtle burgundy highlights near her face. It adds a glow to her face. So, if you have a completely different hair color than the red shades, use a color chart and add some warmth to it. You can use turquoise blue tones and go for cascading curls.

-A Layer

This is another example of burgundy hair color ideas where only things are done lightly. The color is light and appears only on the top layer of her hair. She has a natural dark black hair and fair shade for her skin tone. So, she uses a dark shade of burgundy hair color which works magic. The hair is long and straight. You can go for curls as well if you want. If you want a hair color but not a statement color, you can go for this subtle version of the burgundy shade. Try it; I know you will love it.

-Subtle Color

This must be one of the subtle and lightest versions of the burgundy hair shade. There are only highlights in her hair. No other color. She has natural beautiful black hair with lots of waves and curls. So, to accentuate the coils and waves, she adds a burgundy tint. These shades manage to give your hair some shine near the curls. The hair is long. If you don’t want any hair color but an added shine, I suggest you go for this look. A natural hair coloring method to achieve this look would be to use henna.


We have talked about how burgundy hair color is excellent for ombre hair effect, but we haven’t seen many examples. The one that we talked about at first was a severe ombre effect. It was getting your entire hair washed with the color. All of us don’t want to show that level of commitment. So, we have another version of ombre hair that you might light. Her natural black hair color is kept intact, and the ends of her hair are treated with a red shade of the burgundy. This is going on my to-do list.

-Blonde And Burgundy Highlights

Mix and match is a style that requires a lot of risk and boldness. You will need to be sure about the color. It needs to blend in beautifully. If you have beautiful curls like her, I suggest going for highlights. Her hair is black and to accentuate it she adds highlights. The burgundy shades blend in easily giving a reddish shine. To add a statement and gentle glow to her hair, she goes for blonde streaks all over. You don’t need to add blonde streaks if you don’t like it. I prefer the burgundy highlights on her black hair. The highlights can be focused on the curls. It will look beautiful.

-Princess Vibes

If you want to feel like a fairy princess from Disney, you can pick a beautiful hair color. The hair color can be from the pastel shade or the red shades. I love the red tones. Pastel colors are different, and some might not have the guts to try the hair color. You can go for a red hue to give your hair a feminine and bold hair color. Color all your hair an exotic maroon color. Add a flower tiara to her hair and wear a beautiful white dress. Finish the look with red lipstick and decorative accessories. It is essential for you to keep your makeup in check.

-Bright Red

I love the young and fresh color of her hair. It is bright and makes her look vibrant. Her floral top is beautiful and sexy. To match its color, you can get yourself a similar hair color. If you feel like adding a glow to your hair, you can go for this bright red color. Her hair is naturally dark, so the color falls beautifully on her hair. You can see her dark shades on her hair on the top of her hair. She parts her hair on the side. A few strands of her hair has been tucked in using a bobby pin.

-Purple Shine

I love the purple shine in her hair. It is stunning. The effect of her hair is beautiful, and the shine is worth swooning over. I love her beautiful, large and cascading curls. For her hairstyle, she has kept it messy and fresh. Sometimes your dark hair color will bore you. To add some shine to her, she goes for a purple shade of the burgundy hair color. The purple shades add a glow to her coils and waves. Try it, you know you will love it. It is amazing.

-Purple Burgundy Hair

This shade of burgundy is very close to its purple hues. The color chart of burgundy hair color offers a broad range of colors. She has a medium hair length. The waves of her hair are subtle and fun. This is a beautiful ombre effect on her hair. It looks like her hair is washed with the color. If you don’t know how the color will look on you but still want to try it, you can go for the ombre effect. The dark color near her face is kept intact, and you have colors for fun.

-Curls And Ombre

I love this look. This is one of my personal favorites from all the ones we have seen from the above. Her hair has a beautiful shape. I love her bouncy curls. To make a statement, you can go for burgundy hair color. The hair color can be ombre as well. You can keep the hair near your forehead dark and let the rest of your hair be colored. You can use a matching lipstick shade to finish the look. Her eye makeup is top notch. I love the mascara and subtle eyeshadow look she has done for herself. I love everything about this look.

Loved the ride? Here are some more ideas for your hair. We have the best burgundy hair dyes for you. You can also choose from many examples of highlights and ombre. Scroll down, will you?

Find yourself the perfect shade, highlight or ombre hair. Don’t worry if you don’t have black hair. Add that pop of color in your life!


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