45 Best Brunette Hair Ideas for 2020-Light,Medium and Dark


Brunette hair provides beautiful and irresistible hair color shades for you to choose from. Be it light brown, dark brown, honey, cocoa, chestnut or golden you can pick any of these gorgeous colors for your fabulous locks. Not enough? You can always take help of a color chart for hair color ideas for you.

You can highlight or wash your hair thoroughly with the color; the choice is yours.

Here are 45 pictures that you can browse through to find the perfect hair idea for you.

1. Dark Brown

Victoria’s Secret model shows us how to flaunt a dark brown color with ease and simplicity for a medium length hair. This is an everyday hairstyle that you will love.

2. Shine On You

Choose a bright shade of brown from the color chart you have googled. Give your entire hair a fair treatment of colors that will leave everyone envious of your hair.

3. Brunette Hair For a Bun

Bella Hadid chose the dark shade of the brunette hair colors or the raven hue as we like to call it. She pulled it up into a bun and pulled out some bangs and voila, red carpet look ready.

4. Lustrous Brunette Hair

Taylor Hill picks a shiny brown shade for entire hair. She looks stunning. A simple hair color that is without a doubt everyone’s favorite.

5. Blonde For Brunette Hair

You can have the best of both worlds in one hairstyle like our girl Jessica Biel here. She kept her roots dark brown and for the rest of her hair, she picks the lightest shade of brown to add a contrast.

6. Honey For Brunette

Give a sweet flavor to your hair with by washing your hair with a taste of honey. Jamie Chung here knows how to get the correct highlights for her dark brown hair.

7. Rachel Bilson

Rachel Bilson here uses a different shade of brown for her brunette hair as highlights. You can go for other color ideas if you want to experiment. A hair color chart always helps.

8. Twilight Touch

Brunette hair allows you to incorporate many highlights of different shades. Like our Kristen Stewart here, you can blend a copper tone on your dark brown hair color. Side partition can make your face look slim.

9. Orange Touch

Jennifer Lawrence chose to give an orange tint to her brunette hair. She used the blend of an orange hue and light brown hair color and looks phenomenal with her hair pulled up into a bun.

10. Caramel Flavored

For all the single ladies, Beyonce here shows us the perfect blend of dark and light brown hair. She uses the caramel shade of brown on her dark hair. Get the help of the color chart if you want to play with contrasting hues.

11. Blonde Highlights For Brunette Hair

For your dark brown hair, you can opt for blonde highlights all over the hair to accentuate your features and brighten up your hair. A medium length hair with wavy texture looks amazing.

12. Subtle Brown

For your long black hair, choose a light shade of brown from the brunette hair color chart for subtle highlights. You can highlight near your face to brighten up your face. Wear the perfect makeup and you are ready to go.

13. Dark Brunette Hair

If you have a short hair, add to its volume with the use of waves. You dark brunette hair can be highlighted with the utilization of a light shade of brown. For more shades, find a color chart.

14. Mesmerizing Color

For natural dark color hair, you have many options from different shades from the color chart. Use a lustrous color to add shine to your natural hair. For your black hair, you can opt for golden highlights.

15. Long Brunette Hair

From a brown hair color chart, pick any of the colors that best suits your complexion and wash your hair with it. Try different hairstyles and have fun.

16. Gold And Brown Highlights

If you are looking for highlight color ideas for your brunette hair, you can pick two shades from you color chart. You can brighten up and add dimension to your hair using brown and golden highlights.

17. Reddish Hue

Red is the color for a woman. It shows elegance, femininity, and strength. So, why not choose it for your hair to give a fresh change to your black hair? If your big day is coming near, and want to stay on the safe side yet add some style, this could be the highlights you want.

18. So Many Highlights

When you have dark brown hair for your natural hair color, you are in luck. See, with the help of color chart you can pick different shades of color to add highlights on your hair. Why just pick one? You can go for a fresh hue as well warm tone at the same time. Put the vibrant shade near the face to brighten up your face and all the other highlights spread out all over your hair.

19. Highlights For Brunette Hair

For your long wavy natural black hair, choose dark brown of highlights. You don’t need to highlight your roots if you don’t want to. For the ends, choose a light shade of brown.

20. Fresh Color

Like our Kate Middleton here, you can look simple yet fresh by selecting a light cool brown tone for your hair color. When you pick a shade, make sure you coordinate it with your skin complexion.

21. Brwon Highlights

For your layered dark black hair, you can use chocolate brown color all over the hair to give your hair added shine. This hair color with brown highlights is undoubtedly one of my favorites.

22. Ash Blonde

Go for an icy combination of ash blonde color and dark brown hair. Paint your half of your hair with a purplish ash blonde color and make sure to add some highlights towards the face. These shades can surely make a statement.

23. Brown

Pick a simple brown hue from your color chart for your medium length hair. Choose a shade that is one or two shade darker than your skin tone.

24. Caramel Touch

Not just for candy, caramel can give an excellent sweet touch to your black hair. Use a caramel color from the chart, and wash your hair with it. This might be my new hair color.

25. Brown Highlights

If you have a medium length hair with a dark brown color, you can opt for a bright brown color to add a whole new dimension to your dull hair color.

26. Let Brown Flow

Pick a light brown shade of color for your hair keeping your roots dark. This is a lovely hair color that can safely be portrayed and can give you a complete makeover as well.

27. Chocolate Brown

Whether Elena or Katherina, Nina Dobrev has represented hairstyles that none of us can resist Here too, our dear Nina, shows us with the darkest color from different shades of brown from a color chart with a few highlights popping here and there.

28. Light Golden Brown

We love adding highlights to our hair, mainly because it can brighten up our face. So, make sure you choose the right color. As for the color, you can pick this amazing light golden brown color for your entire hair if you don’t want to just play it safe with highlights. This color is beautiful and is a perfect mix with your light brown hair.

29. Highlights For Light Brown Hair

For your light brown hair, you can get many color ideas from a color chart. Browse through as many pictures as you need to decide for your hair. It is your hair and you need to treat it right. You can stick to the lighter shade of the brown with an icy hue for your hair highlights.

30. Warm Brown Hair

You can take the idea of a warm brown hair color that we are giving you on any day. Hair colors are a big deal and add a lot to your look. So, make sure to find a good color to take pictures that you can Snapchat to your friends.

31. Warm Color For Brunette Hair

Pick a warm brown color from your brunette hair ideas and let everyone want to take pictures with you. This is a fabulous hair color that subtly accentuates your look. A hairstyle that makes you look gorgeous without any effort.

32. Another For Light Brown Hair

For a brunette hair color idea, you can choose light brown color for your natural dark color. Let your straight hair flow and take pictures, love.

33. Balayage Bob

For your bob haircut, you can choose the balayage technique for your hair color. You still have to pick the right color from the color chart that you can find for brunette hair. Choose a light brown color and wash the ends of your hair in a subtle ombre effect.

34. Lustrous Brown

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Not just fo the taste, everything about it even its color is sexy. So, why not look hot with a chocolate brown hair color? Choose this shade from your brown color chart for your brunette hair and let all the eyes set on you.

35. Color Your Locks

Long straight locks require coloring spices to stop making it look dull. For that, you can choose a light brown hair color for the ends and keep your roots a dark brown color making it altogether stunning.

36. Peek-a-boo Highlights

When it comes to your dark brown hair or black hair, you can go subtle with some light brown highlights added at the ends. Tie your hair into a topknot, and voila, you are ready.

37. Blonde Highlights

Wear your brunette hair with blonde highlights all over your hair. This is a stunning hairdo that you will surely not want to get rid of, surely.

38. Bright Gold Waves

If you have a short hairstyle with waves, you will surely want to accentuate your waves. For that keep your dark brown hair as it is. Now, with the help of your color chart, pick a bright gold color and another hue of warm highlights. Go all over your hair with such highlights.

39. Brown Highlights For Your Hair

Who doesn’t want a shine on their hair? Choose the right color from the color chart for your brunette hair color ideas. For your long hair, add some red hue and use brown color for highlights as well. A perfect makeup will finish the look.

40. Red For Brunette Hair

If you want to give yourself an exceptional look, go for a chocolate brown color from the color chart and wash your hair with it. Take care of your hair to keep it moisturized. To add some shine to it, add some red highlights and leave your hair with some delicate curls at the end.

41. Jenner Style

From the brunette hair color chart, you can pick the dark colors and use a handful highlights to enhance your simple straight hair like our doll, Kendall here.

42. Chocolate Caramel Highlights

For a brunette hair, you can choose subtle caramel highlights. Keep it near the face to brighten up your look and add a new dimension to your hair color.

43. Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba shows an excellent brunette hair idea keep her natural color and the ends washed with a light brown hair. She looks beautiful.

44. Highlights All Over

Brunette hair can be made stunning with some highlights all over. You can let your flow or add some brown highlights over. If you are a Vampire Diaries’ fan, you can choose to be Elena or Katherine. [winky face] Both the hair color ideas are stunning, honestly. Pick the one that suits your personality the best.

45. Honey Touched

Like our beautiful Angelina Jolie, you can blend a honey flavor on your dark brown roots. The warmth of honey color blends right in, and the mixture of shades give out a stunning effect. Not just her eye, her hair color is drop-dead gorgeous too.

 Be brunette or a blonde; a girl has got to party.


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