109 Brown Hair Ideas That Are Lovely For All Seasons!


Are you looking for some great hair styling ideas that go well in all season and helps you look younger and fresh as ever? Congrats! You have landed on the right page. The brown hair color is a widely adored hair color option among both women and men. This color is either used in the hair all over or for highlights. Despite being the second-most common hair color after black, it is still favored by many when it comes to hair coloring choices. There are many shades of brown that looks fresh and charming throughout the year. Even if you have a darker hair color on you, you can still make some variation to your hair with the styling option we have here for you.

Here we have an array of styles ranging suitable for hair of short length to long as well as the variations of brown color hues that show dark brown to numerous light brown hair ideas. This never-out-of-fashion hairstyling option is convenient and easy to adopt as well as not so hard to maintain. Understanding the dilemma in selecting the appropriate style for you with such a vast number of choices, we have tried to make it simple for you by providing you with options based on your preference, nature of your hair or even based on your personality.

 How to prepare for a hair coloring session?

When you head on to the salon, there are some steps you can take beforehand. There are some things you can do to make the styling process better for you. The results will undoubtedly also differ a lot when you follow them. These are common ideas and tips and tricks that you can choose to follow if you want fabulous hair. We are going to list them down here for you to take a closer look at, make sure you follow them.

  • Make sure you use a deep conditioning treatment on your locks before you get it colored. This way you can end up with nourished hair afterward too.
  • Choose a good haircut to get before you head on to the salon. When you get your hair trimmed, the colors look even better and shine through.
  • Make sure you use a good shampoo beforehand to get the scalp and the hair clean. This way you can get a fresh-looking hair that your stylist can work with efficiently. Do this a week before heading out.
  • Do not wash your hair a day before getting it colored. You need to make sure that they are a bit dirty. Colors tend to hold better to hair that is not as clean as clean hair is usually slippery!
  • Hot oil treatments are a must when you get your hair colored. Use lavender oil with vitamin E to get them nourished from within.

Do these before you color your hair, and the colors will come out even better!

Long brown hair with lovely undertones

The brown hairstyle doesn’t necessarily have to be just brown. Here we present you a great hair color option for you women who already have brown hues, as their undertones. The undertones in your hairdo work a great deal in reflecting your hair’s beauty and gratifying your style and make you look fresh and young. Having long hair provides a great deal of confidence in itself, so feel free to boost it up by choosing the right shade of undertones on your beautiful long hair.

Once you try it out, we can assure you that the brown hair with undertone will be the hairstyle that you vouch for on any occasion. There are red and ashy undertones that you can try out too. Ask for hairstylist’s suggestion if you are not sure how you can get the same on your hair. If there are some styles that you want on yourself, you can ask them if it will look flattering on you. Take screenshots of the image you want and then head on to the salon. There are some new, toned options you can pair with the dark brown here. So take a close look at the collection we put together for you.

brown hair Some natural curls with brown hues

The light brown hair color looks brilliant in curly hairs too. The natural curls can be prettier with the perfect tone of brown, and this is very easy to pull off if you have naturally curly hair. Even if you don’t, you can make this hairstyle one of your own by getting those curls done. It would be a significant change of look, and who doesn’t love that? Furthermore, you can decide whether you want full curls or just some over the edges and also pick a beautiful shade of brown that completes your style. Also, it’s pleasant to share that these brown color ideas are for all women from a teenager to adult even if you’re past your adulthood, you can adopt this lovely style.

Short bob hairstyles with brown hues

Another hairstyle loved by many is the bob hairdo that goes very well with the different shades of brown. It is a popular choice for brunettes who want to get a fresh set of look with little effort or less amount of change in their hair. However, anyone can get this done with the right set of styling and proper choice of the color tone. Many women often prefer the bob hairstyle because it demands and attracts attention directly to your hair. Hence, you should take your time to select the appropriate color hue like the chocolate brown hair shown in the image below.

Dark hues to love this season

We know what you all are thinking. No, we haven’t forgotten about dark brown color ideas and how could we when it’s beautiful hair color to have that makes your hair look vibrant and healthy. The dark brown hair also does great justice to your facial features and complexion as it highlights them. With this hair color, you wouldn’t always have to worry about styling or to put it right because just letting the hair fall over your shoulder does its glamour.

The highlighting game with brown tinges

Now, let’s talk about another notable styling aspect for hair all over the world: the highlights and brown hair with highlights is one of the most popular and attractive choices that one could argue. There are different ways to display those beautiful brown shade on your lovely hair, and here we have presented a few which you might want to consider for your next beauty regime. Take your highlighting game to the next level with your brown colored locks with highlights of your choice.

Chocolate brown tones to love

Now, we have talked about there being different shades of brown to go for in the brown hair color ideas, but this one is a personal favorite of the writer’s. The chocolate brown which provides that unique shine and glamour to your hair that women seek to attain. It is an ideal tone for brown hair with highlights as well due to its ability to blend amongst other shades of brown.

Get them to look lighter

If you know that your hair is thin and you are of the sleek physique, you would want to select some color tone that would complement your style in the same manner. So, we recommend you to try out the lighter shades of brown over your hair. This hairdo not only makes you look younger and fresh but provides that richness in your style that you always wanted. You can also get highlights done over your lighter hair for adding that extra bit in your form and owning up your style righteously.

Hints of ash-blonde

One of the exquisite shade for these sets of hairstyle is the ash brown hair. The ash brown hair also falls under the light shades and does a great job in providing attention to your facial features and complexion. The admirable thing about this color is that it just shines over your entire face and lights you up. It is one elegant shade to choose from among the different light hair colors. This ashy shade resembles you and your uncanny but charming personality, especially when you are one of such people with fair complexion.

The ones you see in magazines

The brunettes are prominently present everywhere as you see the beautiful women flaunting their styles in magazines or television. Here we have selected some commonly seen hairstyles for our category that you might recognize from the magazine that you read someday earlier or you might later. The good news is now; you can also adopt this style with ease and with the right choice of style and shade of brown. You can own a similar manner to that model you saw on the magazine cover someday before.

The one that works for all skin tones

Though we have been somewhat specific in some instances regarding the hair color and the skin tone, we still have plenty of styling options that are beyond this bias of skin tone and does justice to any skin tone. This beautiful shades and style add up to your natural glam and lets you present yourself with a touch of elegance and confidence.

The beauty of brown color is alluring to even the celebrities who at one point have chosen one or the other shade of brown for their hair. The fact that it goes well with natural black hair is an excellent advantage for those who want to bring a slight change to their style. And, you don’t even have to give it a second thought regarding its suitability with your skin tone as you will find how well it goes with the beautiful skin tone of yours.

Long bob ideas

How could we miss the bob here? Yes, we haven’t as this is popular among a lot of young ladies. A natural to pull-off style and dashing yet straightforward hairstyle long bob would be an ideal styling option for your brown locks. The presence of different possibilities in brown hair makes it even fascinating as you won’t run out of different ways of presenting your hair on different occasions. You can go with full brown or select highlights of other shades or even use brown color but different shade in going from root to the edge.

Stunning brown hair ideas

There are many other variations in which you can style your hair to achieve the different look that you want. If you like following the trend of style, you can set one by yourself by choosing any of the following techniques that define you the most. These styles have the perk of being easily maintainable and can be managed with less time and effort by yourself. Isn’t it lovely idea to spend the minimum possible time and yet attain such a great feat of getting such a stunning hairdo?

That salon Styled brown hair to try

These salon styled hairdos are an actual work of art and skill; also, these are such styles that requires precision so that they can turn out to be as beautiful as they are expected to be. For instance, ash brown color needs the work of an expert for getting it done over your hair in the right way how you want it. Also, when you want brown hair color with highlights, the stylist makes a significant impact on what color shade your hairstyle turns out to be.

Brown hair with dark hues on top

The brown hair color ideas are never boring with endless ways to style and get it done. At least the style we are going to talk about is never going to get boring. How do you feel about the dark hues on the base of the hairstyle here? These are a classy option for hair color and one that has seen a lot of love. People use such intense colors on the top to add that depth to the hair and make it stand out. If you need to add in-depth and dimension on your locks, you have to use the dark colors in symphony with the lighter ones.

You can do this on any hair texture, and it will give the same effect. This is one reason that most women love this trend. It is one of the basic ideas used by women of all ages when they get their locks colored. If you are not sure how it will look on you, take cues from the images that we are showing off down below. You are sure to love them and who knows, maybe you will even go on to try them.

Natural brown hair on young ones!

We also have some gorgeous brown hair color ideas for the younger ones. The hair tends to be softer and fragile at a younger age, so protecting it is an essential thing. However, it needs to be styling as well, which can be as simple as making a bun on top of the head or letting it breathe freely. Brown hair itself looks younger and its a real gem among the hair colors for girls and look how pretty they look.

For red carpet events

Just because brown hair is the second most common after black hair, you should not forget that it’s a glamorous style that can steal the attention in any party or red carpet events. When it comes to function and parties, anyone would be concerned about their looks and appearance. Hairstyling becomes the top priority on such days as for women as with the right work, and they are ready for any such event. After that, she is willing to rock any stage with a touch of class and confidence.

Some lovely ideas to try out!

The good thing about styling your hair is that there are a lot of different ideas that you can try out. Especially when it comes to the use of a color like brown that has a lot of shades and goes well with any other colors and skin tones, you never run out of ideas but instead may find yourself drenched in options. Be it curly hair or straight, short or long. There are various alternatives for all those alternatives. We have presented some that might interest you, which covers a broad spectrum of fashion sense.

 How to take care of colored hair

You know that when you get your hair colored, they are getting bleached and dry! You can see them becoming brittle, and they are also getting prone to damage with these colors. There are a lot of chemicals out there, to begin with, and you are adding that on your hair. If you are not one who takes care of the hair as often as you should, then it is time to change this habit. Make sure you follow some simple steps and get your hair nourished. Changing the products you use can also make a big difference!

Here we will talk about the different ways in which you can take care of your locks. Especially after they are colored!

  • Avoid hot water in all means. You want to protect the moisture of your hair, and warm water will strip away the oils your hair has naturally.
  • We suggest you use natural shampoos out there. They are not too harsh with your hair, and they can make your hair healthy as well. When you use harsh shampoos, your hair color will also fade.
  • Get yourself an excellent hydrating moisturizing conditioner for your hair. You can research the products online and pick one that can make your hair look smoother and shine better. Make sure you use it and not skip this step!
  • To get the color to stay longer, we suggest you use some color protecting shampoo. This way, you can get the colors to seal inside your hair and also protect them.
  • Once a week get some deep conditioner in your hair. There are some hot oil treatments that you can try out as well. You can do this at home. Mix some oils that you love and heat it well. You can then massage your scalp with the same and enjoy the relaxed feeling.
  • Get regular touch-ups on your hair and head to the salon when you need to get some treatment done. We also suggest you get the hair trimmed from time to time. Doing so can help you get easy to manage hair. If you have a short bob, then you need to do this more often!

The hairstyles picturized above show how beautiful brown color is despite its frequent occurrence in many people. The essential factor you should consider while selecting the right hairstyle for you from above is the nature of your hair, what skin tone you have, and the color that suits your mood and facial structure. Of course, you can try any of these, but we understand you don’t want to take a chance when it comes to looking your best for any occasion or event. So, we can proudly suggest you go for something that you feel is your thing to do. We hope that now you can find deciding what your next hair color will be, and how you will be styling it.

If you are yet to find the one for you, then there is no need to feel frustrated. We are here to show you the endless possibilities when it comes to making your hair shine through. Some stylists come up with new ideas, and then some celebs make them famous. But the ones that make it evergreen is the general bunch of people. We need to be trying out more of these fashionable hair ideas so that we can feel good and look fab as well. You can find the latest in fashion if you go through our website. We will surely guide you through the process. So stick around and get some ideas!


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