104 Stunning Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights To Try


The choice between brown and blonde is difficult. They are both excellent colors and add their touch of perfection to the hair. If you are in a dilemma to choose between them, why not get the combination of both? Get the best of both these colors and try on brown hair with blonde highlights. You can get the depth from the brown and also contrast it well with the lighter shade of blonde.

If you are intrigued by the idea of getting brown hair with blonde highlights, you have come to the right place. We have placed together 104 options for you, and you will surely find something for yourself here. We made sure that there are options for all hair lengths and textures for you so that no one finds themselves missing out! Without further adieu let’s start with this exciting play of colors.

Darker roots with layered hair

Layered hair look great with highlights. They add the perfect definition to the hair, and there are darker roots here that compliment the look well too. You will open up a lot of styling options for you when you get your hair on these blonde highlights!

brown hair with blonde highlights

Caramel highlights

You must have seen these caramel highlights trending on every social media platform over the last year. There is no denying that these are still a huge rage among many even though there are vibrant hues getting attention.

Tyra Approved

Choose a hair color shade that is approved by the one and only Tyra Banks herself! Her short hair gets that added flair with the colors, and we love it on her! Try manipulating the tones to make the colors fit your skin tone as well.

Vanilla Blonde Highlight

This color combination right here is the perfect choice for pale skin tones. The vanilla blonde works excellent as a highlighting hue, and we love the play between the brown and the blonde!

Tiger Prints

Tiger prints are different than other hair color options you may have seen. They have a cool toned blonde on the heavier side here. Although there is a dominance of blonde, there are streaks of brown that peak through as well.

Irresistible Lowlights

Lowlights are a great option to go for if you want your highlight color to pop! You can choose a subtle shade for this, and the results will please you for sure! If you want something new to do with your hair, try this one!

Golden brown tones

There are dark golden brown tones here, and we love the subtle ombre effect of the hair. The dark roots compliment the shade well, and we love the way it makes the hair look. It always manages to look good!

Peachy blonde

There are light peachy tones in this hair color, and it blends so well with the brown. You can see the color alternating between the blonde and the browns, and it makes us want to try this one on as soon as we can!

Light blonde

Here we have brown hair with blonde highlights, and the shade game is real here! The dominant highlights will fade over time and let the darker shades come into play too. You can try this one if you are more aligned to the idea of blonde hair.

More on the browns

Here we have some dark and light brown hair combined well. The shades are beautiful and will work well for warm skin tones as well. This color brings out the olive skin tones well too! Try this one with a bob haircut for a trendy look.

Winter vibes

As soon as we see this color, we think of the cold winter days! There are darker shades at the base on the top, and they grow lighter as you move below. You can add some texture to the hair by adding some classy waves on the roots of your hair.

The basic

This brown hair with blonde highlights is the primary color blend. You are sure to have seen this one countless times. There is no way that this one has missed your sight! It is that favorite shade that remains relevant!

Reddish Gold

We can see hints of red in this brown hair with blonde highlights. There are sections where your eyes will only look on to the top and notice the red undertones peeking through the golden blonde. You can try this one on, and you will love it!

Short hair balayage

Balayage needs no introduction in today’s time. It is one of the most loved and trendy hair color styles ever! Many love the natural touch of this trend. The best part is it looks good on all hair lengths and textures!

Coffee tones

We notice mocha brown shades in this hairstyles right here. Once you pay close attention, you will see that the brown hair with blonde highlights has a subtleness to it. You can try this one if you are a fan of the browns!

Sectioned highlights

All you need to do to get this brown hair with blonde highlights look is section your hair well! You need to understand where you want to add the dimension and where you want to keep it plain simple. There are options for everyone in this style!

brown hair with blonde highlights

The chestnut shade

Chestnut colors are very dark and attractive. There is no denying that the colors you end up with can make or break your whole look. Choose this one if you are somewhere between light to medium skin tone for added effect.

Reddish Brown and blonde

Here we have some reddish brown hair that has been styled by adding blonde highlights to them! You can take as big of sections as you like or keep it to a minimal. Here are some beautiful hair color options for you to get inspired by!

They tend to look good in all hair textures and works for fair to medium skin tones. Make sure you choose a color that matches your skin well. Take professional help if needed!

Minimal golden highlights

If you have chopped off your locks to enjoy the perks of a short haircut, try adding some golden highlights on to make it look polished! You can go for any color of your choice, but we are a fan of this subtle medium brownish blonde hue.

Sandy blonde

If you are thinking of adding some dimension to your hair, opt for this sandy blonde hues with rose gold undertones. Make this one your color for the season. You are sure to get all the compliments with this one!

Straight Ash Blonde Hair

Ash blonde has been the most talked about hair color trend of 2018. There were celebs and stylists alike that fell in love with this hair color. Follow the color chosen by the most popular personalities and get yourself the ash blonde hues on your brown hair.

 Deeper shades

Deeper shades add warmth to your skin. There are a lot of undertones that you can go for. Here we have brown hair with blonde highlights that are deeper and will work out well for all medium to dark skin tones.

Minimal tones

If you are not the type of girl that desires a lot of bling to your hair, you can get the subtle highlights and light! There are not a lot of bold, bright colors in this one, and we love how minimal yet beautiful it looks.

Paler skin

There are some very bright and bold shade options for brown hair with blonde highlights, and we are here to show you exactly the options you have! This vibrant color works well for the paler skin tones and adds warmth to the skin!

Ombre at the ends

Ombre is a popular hair coloring style that has been worn by many. It has lighter shades at the base and darker shades on top. You can see the transition phase here! Here is an ombre option for brown hair with blonde highlights.

Warm Caramel

Darker shades of caramel blonde have been loved by many. You can see how the hair gets some added dimension with this hair color, and the shades are flattering for all skin tones. You can surely try this on for your next salon appointment!

Touch of elegance

Add a touch of elegance to your hair by getting them in a subtle hairdo. The shades of highlights are not too bright and not too dark as well. You can see how these colors work well together to make the hair look flawless.

Thicker sections

Take thicker parts of your hair and then color them in these bright, pale blonde hues. You will end up with a hair color that has dominant blonde tones with subtle browns.

Subtle blend

Here we have a hair color that has been blended so well to make you look perfect. The lighter shades fall on the front, and the Browns are also chic.

Yellowish Tinges

Blondes can have a lot of undertones on them. Some colors can be manipulated to flatter your skin well. Add yellowish tinges on your color, and they will work well for olive skin tones.

Curls and waves

Curls are crowd pleasers, and they are the perfect option for all options! No matter what hair texture you have, you must have tried the curls and waves trend once in your life. They add the perfect touch of elegance to the hair.

brown hair with blonde highlights

Reddish brown and golden hues

There are predominant golden shades as highlights here, and the reddish brown on the base works perfectly. They make a fantastic pair, and the colors are a unique choice for sure!

Short hair

Short hair has been all the rage in the past days. People are getting attracted to the hassle-free hair cuts like the pixie cut and short bobs. You can see how these hair colors are adding the needed dimension to the hair!

Black hair

If you have naturally black hair, you can add dimension to the hair and make them look great. Break the monotony of the black hair and get the brown hair with blonde highlights that you love!


Light brown hair

Light steaks on hair add a lot of flair to dull locks. This is a look we have seen in movies and magazines too. This is a high recommendation from us to everyone who wants to play it safe with their colors!


Natalie Portman’s Hair colors

The beautiful actress Natalie Portman has the perfect hair color for you to try on this season. This brown hair with blonde highlights are the best tones to wear for a soft effect!

Depth and dimensions

Add needed depth and dimension to your hair and get the darker streaks of your hair with some lightness! You can see how celebs love this brown and blonde hair color combo, and you should try it too.

Casual everyday hair colors

These colors here are for the daily wear category for sure. You can see the brown hair with blonde highlights here, and the streaks show off well. You can style it in any way you like, and it will look as if you put a lot of effort into it!

Streaks of blonde

If blonde is your choice of color, then opt for this look right here. We have the brown shade as a base here, and the highlights are adding the perfect transition to the locks.


brown hair with blonde highlights

Rose Gold tones

There are light pink peach tones to the hair here, and the golden hues make the elegant rose gold tone. You can enjoy the hair color for all seasons and look great!

Jessica Simpson’s hair

Jessica has this hair color on back in the days, and we sure get nostalgic looking at it! These shades are making a big comeback right now.

Flattering hues

Brown hair with blonde highlights is suitable for all skin tones. You only need to find the shade that flatters you the most!

Brown hair highlights

Get yourself this flattering play of brown hair with subtle highlights. You can try on this color the next time you visit your stylist!

Everyday wear

If you are looking for a chic hair color to be worn as an everyday shade, this is the one for you to try.

Curly Hair

Here we have some curly and wavy hair textures that you can add to your colored hair for a flattering look. They can be curls on any kind all you need to do is style them properly and use hairspray to lock them in place!

Sarah Jessica Parker’s blonde

SJP has sure been a style icon for years. Her hairstyles and fashion choices have been followed by many. Her dark roots with blonde tones are perfect for everyone!

Jennifer’s short hair

Jennifer Lopez has probably never looked bad in her life. These shades that she has on are looking great her, and if you are a fan, you need to try them out too!

brown hair with blonde highlights

Rustic brown

The rustic brown hair option will never go out of style. Make sure you try this one at least once in your life!

Knotted hairdo

No matter what hairstyle you choose, your hair color will make it appear better!

brown hair with blonde highlights

Brown hair with blonde highlights

Here we have light shades on the ends, and we love this beautiful locks!


Stacked Bob

Stacked Bob is an easy way to make sure your hair looks healthy and thick. You can try getting these by adding layers at the back.

Silver and gold

If you want something different, choose bold and vibrant shades for your brown hair with blonde highlights variation. These bright blondes hues look like gold, and the brown gives off golden tones.

Blonde Bangs

This is an everyday wear shade for sure. You can see these hair colors trending on social media sites as well.

Stunning colors

The play of color here is remarkable. You can see how the golden blonde and light brown merges to give off a radiant hue!

Dark brown and pale blonde

Dark brown will be a suitable base for colors like this. The paler shades of blonde will work for fair to medium skin tones and look flattering too.

Salon styled hair

No matter how you try to get your hair colored in your home, there is nothing like salon styled hair for sure. They look more polished and have luster and shine to them that is not achievable at home!

Wow factor in hairstyle

Add the wow element in any hairstyle by trying the blonde highlighter hue here. This is sure to take your breath away!

Go light

Go for lighter shades for a youthful and approachable look. You can see how these shades add dimension to your hair without overpowering anything!

Dark roots and lighter blonde

This one is a classic combination. You can see the dark roots here work well with the paler shades of blonde tinges.

brown hair with blonde highlights

Sunshine yellow tones

The bright sunshine yellow hues are not for the chicken-hearted! You need to be bold to try this vibrant shade right here.

layered haircut with highlights

Layered hairstyles are great for adding volume to the hair. If you have opted for such haircut, you need to try these shades right here!

Honey blonde highlights

If you want the perfect blend of brown and blonde hair, opt for honey blonde hues. You can see these colors here and choose the depth you want with this hair color.

Dark roots and chocolate hues

These shades are one of our favorite color options for brown hair with blonde highlights! You can see how these chocolate brown hues are matching the dark roots.



Bleached hair with blunt bangs

Bleaching your hair is primary to getting these blonde shades right here. You can see these colors here, but you need to add enough bleach to receive this look.

Toffee and caramel shades

These toffee and light caramel hues have been worn by many models and influencers on the Instagram posts as well! You can try this one too for a fashionable look!

Natural brown hair with blonde highlights

If you have naturally brown hair, you can get some light highlights here and there, and they will look great! These colors are sure to look good on everyone!

Red undertones

We can see the light red undertones in this hair color, and we love this every day perfect hair color option!

Dusty shades

These dusty shades here are sure to entice you. You can see why these colors are getting popular right now.

Follow the trend!

Dark hair with blonde highlights and soft waves are the trend that everyone loves. We can see the blend of colors here, and they should be tried once for sure!

Polished layers

These layers are eye-catching for sure. You can see how glossy the hair strands here look.

Long hair balayage

Get to your stylist and try on the hottest hair color trend of 2018! The balayage shows the transition of the color, and we can see why this one is trendy!

Soft hues and mild layers

There are gentle layers in here, and the delicate blend of light ashy brown hair with blonde highlights is working well.

Dark and light toggles

Toggle between light and dark and change things up every time you get a bit bored! No matter what hair color you use, make sure you wear this with confidence, and it will surely look great!

Ash blonde highlights on dark brown hair

Ash blonde is a favorite shade for sure, and you can wear this one to you next bit outing with your friends. These are the best-looking shades we have here!

We are sure you have found the combination of colors to please your heart from this article here.  We tried our best to includes hues and tones to fit everyone. Some shades are unique while others are more approachable and wearable regularly. Make sure you match your skin tone with the colors to get the best match for you.

Style your brown hair with blonde highlights and get the best of both these fantastic looking colors on yourself. There is nothing better than getting your hair colored in varied shades for a change of looks! This is a great way to experiment with your hair and overall outlook. Be bold and keep yourself trendy!


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