125 Delicate Bridesmaid Hairstyles For Your Best Friend Wedding


A wedding is unique, so you always want everything to be perfect from the dresses to decoration, food and ultimately the hairstyle. A marriage is incomplete without the presence of bridesmaid. Every bride has a handful number of bridesmaid, and every woman has their own choice and preference when it comes to dresses or bridesmaid hairstyles. The style preference and makeup may vary from one person to another. One bridesmaid may want to carry simple look where another may wish to take the bold and sexy look.

Bridesmaid carry a lot of responsibility when it comes to their dear one wedding, and their look plays an important role. Along with all the preparation from the dresses, shoes, and makeup, a hairstyle is a vital element for the bridesmaids look. The bridesmaid hairstyles may be in different form; some may want to have simple straight or wavy hair whereas someone wants to tie their hair up or make a bun.

So, We provide you various gorgeous bridesmaid hairstyles which should be added to your list and try as soon as possible.

Vintage Curls

The sweeping curls at the side provide you the vintage vibe and make you have a gorgeous hairstyle. It is one of the classic and chic styles which helps you stand out among the crowd.


Half Up-do In Curly Hair

If you are worried that you don’t have a right hairstyle for curly hair, then this hairstyle is for you. It is one of the natural and straightforward hairstyles which you can opt-out for the wedding occasion. Combine the strands of hair from two sides and join it at the middle with the help of classic hairpin.

Flower Bun At Back

Two sections of hair are separated from both side of the head and are a roll down into the shape of rose or flower which is a simple as well as elegant look. This hairstyle is easy to make and manage. You can create various other hairstyles from this particular look.

Flower Halo

If the wedding is taking place in the outside scenery, then this boho wedding look is just gorgeous for the event. The flower halo or crown covers all the middle hair in a bun and provides you with a classic look.

Pearl-Pinned Knot

Look at this gorgeous hairstyle where loosely braided fishtail made from the front and then added to the bun at the back. The coral pearl comb gives the delicate touch to the look and gives you a beautiful style.

Dramatic Bun

Look at the twist and turn in the hairstyle which provides the volume to your entire look and the braiding adds a lot more detail and makes this style look eye-pleasing. The leaf shaped pin provides lots of elements to the hair.

Classic French Braid

This hairstyle is effortlessly beautiful and goes perfectly with a pair of t-shirt and denim in summer days, and it is a suitable hairstyle for your wedding day. If you want chic bridesmaid hairstyles yet simple to manage then this hairstyle is for you. The French braid started from the front of the head and mixed up with a messy bun which gives a fun and chic look.

Wrapped Headband

In this hairstyle, the headband may not be in front but at the back of the hair. The headband gives the hairstyle a significant change and makes you look beautiful from front as well as back. It is one of the ideal bridesmaid hairstyles.


A Braided Ponytail

In the first step, tie your hair with a rubber hand and start to loose braid your hair. Then again tie your hair with rubber and follow the same process till the end.

Classic French Bun

This classic french bun is one hell of a perfect bridesmaid hairstyle which is suitable for the wedding look. The hairpin at the back provides limelight to the look and make the whole look gorgeous. This hairstyle is classic and formal for various events.

Face-Framing Low Bun

You can leave the layers at the front which gives you an edgy look and complements well the low bun at the back. The layers at the front frame the face beautifully and folded low bun makes you look elegant from front as well as back.

Rapunzel Braids

These bun braids are thick and beautiful which gives you a Rapunzel vibe from your childhood. If you want to feel special and want a fairytale look for the wedding, then you should try this hairstyle out.

Half-Up Bow Hairstyles

This hairstyle surely gives you Disney princess vibes and make you look like a princess in real life. This hairstyle makes for an innocent look which can be suitable for wedding days. The fishtail braid in the middle surely adds limelight to the look and give a particular twist to this hairstyle.

Wavy Bob

This look is everything and is a perfect party hairdo for the girls who are looking for a medium length hair. To have this look, you should stick to the long layers and should style them with your fingers with the help of strong texturizing spray for the well-finished look.

Glamour Waves

Your hair is the secret weapon which can completely change how you look and build a chic look style into you which helps you sweep all the attention from the crowd. The glamour waves match with every outfit and give you an ideal wedding hairstyle.

Layered Folds

The criss-cross way is done in the half of hair which creates layered folds and gives you a different hairstyle. It is half-up and half-down hair look which provides you with various twists and folds and make you look gorgeous from right angles.

Upside Down Tuxedo Bun

It is one of the new hairstyle and our latest obsession. This upside down is the cutest bun ever and makes you look gorgeous in this hairstyle. There are two different layers of braid where they folded to each other. If you can’t do an upside-down twist yourself, then you can take help from your friends or sister who is available.

Fancy Braided Bun Updo

It is one of the cute bridesmaid hairstyles which is perfect for a wedding look. The braid starts from the front of the hair and perfectly goes to the bun following the same pattern which helps you to get a unique look. This bun updo is also an ideal hairstyle for a wedding look and other formal events.

Delicate Accents

The crystal wind holds the look in such a perfect way that it provides you a calm and natural look. This subtle accents hairstyle is romantic and makes you sweep all the attention from the crowd.

Slanted Waterfall Braid

This inclined version of braid from one side to another gives you a fresh look with a hint of brown highlight. It’s an emphasis on the hair highlights which provides the color with a new look.

Flower In The Hair

This flower look is the same usual waterfall hairstyle; the only difference is the flower along the braids which make you attractive and stand-out in any occasion. Consequently, this hairstyle is famous for a wedding ceremony.

Accessorized French Braid

The two braided french look is the classic waterfall braid which is immensely popular among the girls. What differentiates the look is the hair accessories which used in the hairstyles. It gives you a fashionable look and attracts everyone attention to your cute hairstyle. In this picture, we can see that a gold flower hairpiece gives such a glamorous look to the hairstyle.

Falling Curls

The light wavy curls give you a fresh and different look than other typical bridesmaid hairstyles. This cute look let the curl fall and hang there effortlessly with the help of a hairpin. The look is completed with the bits of the support of hair accessories.

Longer Side One

This type of braid is a style for the ones having longer hair. Longer hair, on itself, looks beautiful but this type of hairdo adds an extra charm on your long hair. You need to form a waterfall braid on your long hair.

Asymmetrical Fishtail With A Flower Crown

If you are out of hairstyle, then you can always create a new one. This hairstyle comes up with a unique twist that anyone has rarely seen before. This asymmetrical fishtail creates an offbeat look which is supported by the flower crown in the head.

Short Curls

Shorts Curls and perms were one of a considerable part of simple and easy hairstyles. It is a fun hairstyle which suits in facial features of every woman. These hairstyles give a voluminous look and are an ideal hairstyle for a date night.

Braided Top Knot

If you want a thick and voluminous bun at the back which complements well with your style, then you should try this hairstyle as soon as possible. The braid is made from the side in the form of a crown and later on add to the bun at the back which is perfect for the bridesmaid hairstyles.

Front Waterfall Braid On Short Hair

This hairstyle on the front hair which gives the vibe of a headband on the short hair. This hairstyle is perfect for the day to day activities which prevents the front hair from coming to face.

Two Side Waterfall Braid Hairstyle

The only difference of this waterfall braid hairstyle is that the braiding is from both sides of the head and then those two braids are joined together with the help of bobby pins on one side instead of the central position.

Thick Fishtail Braid Pony

Want to give your hairstyle some twist? This hairstyle goes twice from left to right and right to left and take the ends and tie in a pony. We can fix the loose ends with bobby pins and manage the hair.

Long Wavy Bridesmaid Hairstyles

It is one of the amazingly beautiful bridesmaid hairstyles. You can style this hairstyle on women with any facial features, and this look goes out with any outfit you like in any event. The light wave at the end of the hair gives you glamorous look.

Folded Flowers

The flower at the back in a bun gives your look a fashionable statement which is fresh and natural. It holds together the back volume up with the curls at the bottom which is an ideal hairstyle for people who want a simple yet elegant hairstyle.

Half-Up Pancake Braid With A Flower

This look can be created by starting the water-fall style braid on both sides of the head and adding a pancake braid where it meets in the middle. It includes different kinds of twist for a hairstyle and takes a half-up hairdo as shown in the picture. The flower adds a lot of charm and gives a natural look to this hairstyle.

Merged Braids

You don’t always need a lot of effort to look good. This merged braid provides you the natural and fresh look. Braids are formed from both sides and joined in the backside. You can add a flower or some hairpin at the middle to give some twist to the hairstyle.

Crimped Hairstyle

Hair Crimping is a way of making tiny, sawtooth waves in straight hair which were quite famous during the 90s era. This look can get by braiding your hair when it is wet and leave it for overnight, or you can get this look by using crimping iron also. Stars like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera helped to make this look popular.

Knotted Half Up

In a rush and want to get a quick fancy hairstyle? Girls, this hairstyle is so for you. As the name suggests, this hairstyle can be done in a minute as you have to pick a particular section of the hair at a time and curl both the part and tie these sections into a single knot at the back of the nose. This hairstyle is quick and elegant as well and perfect for the wedding look.


Two Half-Back Braids With a Ribbon

Braid your hair from two sections from each part having a middle section which is tied up in a midpoint and spray your hair and pull the hair back with a ribbon to complete the look. You can loosely leave the side hairs which provide you an edgy and messy look.

Crown Braid Hairstyle

These cute braided bridesmaid hairstyles are popular among the girls who are looking for a haircut for the dance or a wedding look. It is actually quite simple yet gives you a gorgeous look and can be dressed up or down and worn anywhere. These bridesmaid hairstyles can be created in a few minutes and can make everyone jealous of how beautiful it is.

Two-sided Braid

A middle partition  and two different braids from two different sides are done which are not tie in the middle. This cute hairstyle gives you ponytail vibes which you can carry in your day to day activities.

Textured Twists

This beautiful hairstyle is a mixture of twist and turns which consist of braids, flowers, and bun in a single haircut. The hair look is textured and provides you with various elements of different factors which complete with the flowers in the hair.

Natural Greenary

If you want to give a vibe of natural fresh touch in our hairstyle, then you can add a piece of flower leaf which should complement the texture of your hairstyle. This look is preferable if the wedding is taking place in the outdoor scenario.


Elegant Cascading Braid

This cascading braid is one of the beautiful bridesmaid hairstyles which make you stand out among the various bridesmaid in the wedding. It is confusing to differentiate whether the haircut is tied merely up or braided. The cascading braid provides you a gorgeous look which is natural and eye-catching.


Triple Knot Accents

This triple knot accent gives you a royal look which is super easy to make and with few trick and technique anyone can ace this hairdo. The hairpin complements this hairstyle very well and adds a lot of charm to the hairstyle.

Messy Bun

To have this cute hairstyle, you first to brush out all the knots and tie all the hair in a high ponytail and twist the ponytail into a bun and secure that bun with an elastic hair band and make some section from the front to frame some hair and you get this hairstyle. It is an easy and simple look for a day to day activities.

Half-Up Low Messy Bun

This hairstyle is quick and stylish at the same time. Over the year we have seen various haircut, but this is one of our favorites. These bridesmaid hairstyles are easy to get, You have mixed long loose waves with a mini bun on top, and you get this hairstyle. When half the hair is tied up, the hair left down gives a beautiful frame to your face.

Sleek Chignon

Are you bored of braids and twist? If you are then sleek chignon is for you. This simple bun created at the back which made without any curls or braids which is prominent.

Wrapped Ponytail

It is one of the simple and effortless hairstyles which provide you a chic and classic look. You don’t always have to opt out in braided hairstyle or a chignon. You can create your style with a simple ponytail where two strands of hair are around each other and wrap around the other and make pin disguise in the knot.

Classic French Twist

The wrap of hair against each other gives you a perfect look for the wedding ceremony. If you don’t want to go over the board with your style, then the classic French twist is one of the simple and easy going looks.

Weaving Braids

It is the combination of soft curls and braids which gives you a princess vibe and that headband plays a glam factor for the whole look. It looks is a mixture of romantic and soft style which provides you with a gorgeous look.

Twisted Side Braid Bridesmaid Hairstyles

This hairstyle is soft and romantic which is an ideal hairstyle for any wedding night. It is a twisted combination of a  pretty french braid and a smooth twist which create a beautiful hairstyle which helps you gorgeous in your special day. With a few tricks and tips, one can get this cute hairstyle by looking at the tutorial.

Bridesmaids are a big part of a wedding, and they play an essential role to make the wedding look happening. They should make sure that they look their best with the dress, make-up, and hairstyle on point. The hairstyle should match the dresses they are opting out for the event.

Above are various kind of bridesmaid hairstyles, but it is not sure that every hairstyle suits everyone equally. You should opt out for the hairstyle according to your facial structure, eye color, occasion and of course your wardrobe. You should not try the hairstyle just for the sake of what your friends are doing, everything you are wearing should justify the look.


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