79 Badass Braids For Short Hair In Dutch Style


In recent years braids for short hair have made a branded impression all around the fashion world. Don’t believe my words, just check out the braids style and you will find the convincing number of different braids for short hair and long curls. Many fashion lovers are usually distressed by the common delusion that stylish braids only fit on medium or long hair. But we’re here to disperse that myth. The hottest braids trend of the season looks amazing with short hair.

Keep scrolling to know more about different trending styles of braids for short hair. Maybe you feature long hair and are thinking of trimming it. Either way, braids are a great way of decorating your personal style and they really demand very low maintenance hour.

Hacking tips on braids for short hair

The first tip is to believe in your beauty. If you believe yourself then only the others are going to believe in you. And one very practical hack for you is ‘never hesitate to use pin’. Instead of one continuous long strand, try to separate and make two in a parallel way. Especially the double strand design is best for ‘short hair’ as it requires more balance. The key is you can’t deal with it all as one big continual updo or a spiral braid like you can with longer hair. You have to separate the top and the bottom for the best result.

Braids always look astonishing, no matter the length of your hair is long or short. But in this article, we are talking about short hairstyles. There exist various different ways you can curve the braid style and still look fabulous with any of them. Depending on your choice of style and face structure matter a lot for the best look. We have collected different creative braids ideas that are sure to thrill you till the last bit of our collection.

Below are 79 gorgeous braids for short Hair that you will definitely love to try:


          Round crown

The gorgeous round crown will give you a new stylish look for this season as you will be decorated with the light brown spiral web of your own hair. Get ready for this new fashion taste.


          Spiral tail braid

 The great style with fish-tail vibes will make you more attractive that you used to look on long curls. Want to make your friend envy your style, just try this knitted hair and see the magic.

Bluish pink Design

 In a pinky way, your hair would look more famine and girl inside you will illuminate from your new hair look. Just get ready for this colourful shiny look

      Double rolled

This double rolled braid has its own kind of uniqueness to suit your short hair in a that anyone would love to see it. Try it once and mirror yourself, you will see the new beauty dangling in your head.

           Curve braids

If you have middle cut short hair, then you are lucky to try curve braids for your short hairs. You just need to left the curly edge and encircle yourself with the front strand to make it look perfect braids.

Ancient shrine-styleYour hair would look divine when the hair is shaped like an ancient holy shrine. You carry the divine and beauty in your head at once.

Shady glitter

When your white shades hair has glittered with colorful vibes then the braids would look more than beauty itself.

Black roll

The rolled hair strand adds more beauty in blackface.  The contrast between deep black hair and subtle dark face is truly fabulous. This updo would add credibility to your height too.

Electric blue

The blue hair wired with electrifying color combination gives the almost same type of looks as bluish hues. Though featured here in long hair, it could be the best for short hair too.

Simple braids

This type of simple style would suit well for girls with a naive look. Luckily, it’s easy to do, just a few steps of hand movement and it will be ready in no time.

White lily

Ladies, if you want rock looks with classic touch you can always add little white in your short hair. Best go with over face and round will look wonderful.

Straight down spiral

Straight hair falling down on both ends and the spiral strand above it will decorate your face like Madonna herself alive in dreams.

Sunkissed black

Wanna have the combination of black beauty and summer gleam look? If yes, then try this braids for your short hair.

Wolverine pink

A manly shaped hair with feminine sprinkled on it. With this design, you would feature boldness of alfa-male and feminine.

Pour fall braids

Now if you want to look more attractive without sensual touch, I cannot recommend this style. It looks best on a sexy body.

Schooly lock

Have you ever dreamed to get back in your school days or searched any hairstyles for school gettogether theme? This shiny lock would back you to younger days.

Multi-falls shadeThe separate hair design engraved in the main foundation of hair looks no less than angel herself descending from heaven.

Simple Dutch 

Don’t get upset by its design. It’s not as difficult as it looks. First, make the spiral and knit it together like a garland.

Faux White

This look is seriously intense and fabulous in a unique way. It’s gently enigmatic and not messy as curls. Really best for the generous complexion.

Short knit tail

 Ponytails seems to be like the natural design for any women. If knitted creatively,  it looks great on every face.

Half trim Dutch

 How about your long strand fit in a wide empty head. Whenever you want to experiment with new styles, don’t hesitate to trim some.  The resulting look will surprise you.

Short queen knot

 Is hair feeling messy? Upturn your hair like this one. Depending on the softness of your hair, it may need the little tight knot.

Down curl braids

 It’s the perfect combination of white hair and snacky down curls. It makes you look as unique as any model from the outcast fashion world.

Half twist braids

 This is the best braids for short hair that one can have during the summer holiday at the beach. The waves of the sea and your hair flow will share similar vibes.

Classy down bun If you think bun can only be made in updo hair then you are mistaken. You can have the wonderful stylish look even with down bun.

Chunky braids

 The chunky web hair finds the best adaptation in white hair with little stud complexion. Though not too feminine it still maintains your gender being.

Messy spiral

Spirals hair usually looks beautiful to its maximum limit when it’s left messy. You just need to tie spiral and leave it as it is, no extra decoration time.

Short knot braids

This African stylee updo braids for short hair looks ancient but has its own modern value. With very little effort even a teen barbie can creatively frame this style.

Down CrownHave you ever thought how would Queens look if they were crown just above their back neck? Then get ready to see yourself in mirror with this down crown braids.

Dragon braids

 Didn’t it click your mind, the lead character in “Girl with Dragon Tatoo”? This hairstyle was the secret that made her look so satisfyingly sexy in the movie.

Irish fishtail brown It doesn’t have to be tight at all. The secret of its beauty lies in losses. Just leave it flexible.

Short mermaid

 Ever dream of having mermaid look? If yes then it’s for you. Your head would feature mermaid back in this style.

Twisted fall braids

Make a twist and let your hair fall free. Don’t worry about looking wide headed, that’s what adds perfection in this short braids hair.

Dreamfall curve

Even in a sad mood, your hair would make you look smiley because of its curved design. Try this hair step and Keep falling, keep smiling.

Messy laceThis hair tone was probably inspired by some kind of messy arrangement. And it’s not as simple as it looks, it may take time if you have long hair.

Cat bun This sweet and cute looking updo bun is perfect for the party theme. Especially during the gettogether of girl-only group party. And it forces youngness in your look.

Romantic updo braids

This romantic updo combines straight hair and messy edges for a more attractive look. The edge half of your hair add style to support the upper part.

Turtle bang

 Always wanted to have unique hair but not willing to cut it? Try this turtle bang look, the up part would feature uniqueness as well as long hair on downstream.

Fishtail Braids

Try this fishtail braids for short hair and it will look equally magnificent in long hair too. It’s easy to tie but you may feel little complication while undoing it.

laced brown fall

 If you surf any tutorial on this style, you can notice it’s the easiest step hair design. Just a little role and knot in left will complete the process.

Mermaid web knot

Isn’t is surprising to look so great with this jumble of web knots?  Anything can happen if you have the creativity to decorate the ugliness.

Pink Spike braids

Don’t shy away from this pinky hair, just because it looks more girly? Apart from other trending fashion, it the best style to reflect your true being.

Braided Crown

It’s especially for short hair as the crown only encircle half of your head. The fashion gallery has a variety of such collection depending on the size of the hair and you can choose any best for you.

White blossom braids

It’s similar to the crown braids except the curl is thin and cover more down part of the head. So don’t get upset if it looks messy in the first attempt. Its beauty grows with experience.

Short boyish braids

 Are you tired of feminine look? This braid can’t possibly change your female being but it surely would envy your brother.

Dutch Lily twirls

 This dutch twirl is beautiful, pleasant and surprisingly flexible for any kind of long or short hair. A great style with the double bound circle in the head.

Simple twirl

 If you are looking for summer style then it’s for you. It’s even simpler than it looks and any colorful ribbon would add more beauty to it.

Afro-Scorpio braids

 The revival of ancient tribal hairstyle would look best on any blackface and it’s the optimal choice braids for short hair.

Thin messy curl

 This halo braid can get tricky of not followed right steps. Upon complete, it resembles adorable horsetail and lasts for long with low care.

Golden spiral braids

 The golden spiral braids will feature the best look for long hair and also add more enigmatic texture in your golden hair. Also instead of finishing it with the bun on the downside, you can also finish the end with a fishtail.

Half down braids

This look follows simple steps of decorating your hair. First, you need to make short twisting curl and knot it in upper head. Then let the other hair fall downside without any crease on it. Just simple and attractive as well.

Pinky Double fishtail

 Single fishtail hair looks great on ponytail but double fishtail requires two tails each facing other in behind. The addition of pink colour in the design makes it even more vividly stylish.

Multi-falls curl A soft style, complex in own way but still can make any medium hair look beautiful. The combination of a dutch mermaid and free fall curls is in itself a new creation that you can use to impress your friends.

Blonde soft design

This soft blond is best if you are looking for a simple way to look different than other. Start with side and slowly move to left for encircling the head with a soft tied knot.

Light pony tuck

This inside-out tuck in most trending among different varieties of new braids. Your party time moments would be special if you try this stylish look and dare to impress all.

Snail down

 Ever noticed a snail moving in the queue? This hairstyle will resemble snail movement in your head. And the downpour of the straight strand of hair will add more wonder in your look.

Goddess pouf

 Whether you are being ready to present yourself as bridesmaid tonight or just planning to join the party, this pouf hair will suit your complexion in any situation. It surely will light up your presence in the mass.

Step twirls

 This complex looking style is versatile and cutely amazing. It can be worn to cover up as the usual crease in hair or simply for adding more design to the previous cut.

Dutch highness braids

 This elite look suit best with golden earrings and the diamond necklace around your ivory skin. The combination of lace and the double strand with cat bun updo maximize the style.

simple surfaced updo

 Simply the updo will lie in the surface of the head. This tiny knot is not as tricky as it looks, if you move your finger right, you can change it to any style.

Frozen round lace

 let’s get it right. fairytales always feature hair in the most dreamy way but now it’s no longer a dream. You can wear frozen fairy lace in your head. Don’t worry about the look, it suits best on any kind of face. If you have blue eyes, it looks marvelous.

Swiss Chingon

 You will be amazed to see, how easy and romantic this updo can turn. You need to start with the left part and slowly move down in a gradual manner.

Dutch pompadour

 First, begin with massaging the hair and soak it in water, then let it dry in sunlight. With this step, the curl will get a subtle crease and while making the design those creases will not leave the hair. It can have the best result in braids for short hair.

Rocking braids

 The braids have always looked rock and roll. Messy nature of braids requires no hairspray or any kind of supportive cosmetic for this style. Its the simplest form of complex har design that suit in any headers.

White lace edge

 You need to cut the curls and make a flat edge for this hair design. Don’t worry, you won’t regret trimming it. The short it is, the more beautiful result it will yield.

Electric gold

 This low fade golden braids is similar to Lily white, except the color variation and the upper curl remain in next side. This look will enlighten your birthday party as you will present yourself in a very unique golden frame.

The shade of black

 This low fade black hair design can be taken by any girl with a light brown or white complexion skin. Just knit some strand of hair from the middle of your forehead and slide it upward in a gradual way.

Afro-tail braids

 Another unconventional style that would make you feel awkward in public if you are not bold enough to believe in your beauty. But if you dare to believe, you will surely be considered the style of the day. Just rule beauty with this afro-tail.

Zipper tail

 The next time you go to meet your friends make them envy your look with this zipper tail look. The falling curls and tied knot on the side would give you a celebrity look for this season.

Pretty down-do This pretty downturn hair design would go best with fair complexion and party dress. It gives you the elite look that may not suit for everyday chores, you will need a special day for this special braids design.

Woolvish pink

The pink with the manly wolverine look. Are you tired of being called more feminine? Then carry this Manley vibe in your head and see how people around you will change their glance.

Elegant choice

It’s a homely look, suit best for mothers. Whenever you get bored after trying new party looks then you can makeover yourself in this simple version of yourself. It won’t change your natural complexion like others.

Round short braids

The braids for short hair are always easier to make when you have to encircle the curls in a round manner. It’s non-time consuming to make and give you a pleasantly satisfying look.

Double tail

 As recommended in hacks on ‘braids for short hair’ this design feature two parallel strands separately ties and attached in the edge. This is the best example of the french braid.

Short white curve

 You won’t believe how beautiful this looks on you and your best buddies will also not believe that you did it all by yourself. It looks very complex but can turn in ease if you use the pin for attaching the hair.

Black-in-white braid ponytail

 The mixture of black and white ponytail will give you no less look than any Hollywood star. With its vivid uniqueness, your new try would look stylish and attractive at the same time.

Mini-laced spiral

This tiny spiral look will not make you as beautiful like lily crown hair. Though it has it’s own kind of beauty that can be achieved if you carefully follow the steps by watching video tutorials.

Half-side trim braid

 This side trim style is little tougher than other because it involves dual process and you also need specific kind of head design. However, you can dare to experiment with this if you want a new touch.

Green cat horn

It’s green, cat-like and features horn shape at the same time. This can disguise your look and give you a new face.


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