111 Quick And Cool Braids for Kids In 2019


If you are on the hunt of new hairstyle ideas for your kids, then this post is for you. Braids for Kids are getting a lot of attention these days because the child’s too needed to fit in this fashion world. When it comes to braided style for kids we tend to remember the ponytail or box braids, as they were most popular in the 90s. But with the evolution of style sense, today there exist more than hundreds of practical braids for kids that are easy to design. Isn’t it boring to see your child always in the same look? Certainly! Everyone wants new looks and for kids, they always deserve the best styles.

There are many different braids of kids and you can even invent a new style while trying these braids ideas. The braids style popular these days are so beautiful that it’s gone surprise you. You can choose any for your child considering their skin tone and facials. So many braids ideas – French braids, Updo fishtail, Spiral pony and many new emerging styles. All these braids can decorate your child like a newlywed bride. You may require some time to get familiar with braid sense but with few experiences, you can be able to make creative braids for your child. Braids of kids are usually simple if you follow the video tutorials available on the internet.

And if you have a black beauty in your home, it might be hard to find many options for your kid. Because of the nature of black hair, especially box braids and spiral suits their look. The curly and twirls hair is not their cup of tea.  But doesn’t worry we have included many different types of unique box braid that you can try according with your kid’s look.  Braids for kids are most simple, yet in case you didn’t exercise caution then cay is the tough problem too.

Just Remember To Follow This Instruction To Ensure Best  Braid Hairstyles For Kids:

  • Don’t make them too tight
  • Avoid thin braids
  • Don’t keep them in longer than two weeks otherwise, your hair’s shape will get disturbed
  • Avoid oil and hot water in box braid
  • Once in three days, show it to the sun for at least half an hour
  • For curly hair: Choose fishtail over box braids

You need to consider many things and undergo a lot of confusion before choosing braids for kids. Voila! today is your lucky day because we’re here to rescue you from all style-woes.

Below you will find our top picks of the best and easiest braids for kids that you can try on your little Barbies! Just keep scrolling:


Bun Braids 

Bun braids are usually for curly hair and you need to have long spiral hair for making bin braids. It comes at first row among the best braids for kids.

Ball Updo Braids 


If you are looking for very cute complexion in your child’s face then go for this braid style. No need for much effort- just easy hand steps will do.

Flowery braid Hairstyles for kids

Parents always want their kids to look as beautiful as the flower. If you are among the same parent then you need to try this braid in your daughter.

Event Design 

For any special event, you can get your kid ready in this braid style. She will steal the attraction of everyone around the event.

Pretty Tail 

This is a pretty wonderful style and on top of that, it is going to make your child most beautiful in the world. Just try this braids for kids and you won’t regret.

Spiral Twirl 

The twirls with the spiral knitted strand in it will make your child unique among others. It’s a bit difficult to make by yourself- maybe you need to hire one designer for this.

Love Tail Braids 

This cute braids for kids will really make your princess cool and pleasant at the same time. It is perfect for your child if you are taking her to the school event.

Curl Tail 

The tail and curl in same design is the best one can have for a new look. It is the best hairstyle any child can have for casual functions.

Lemonade Braid Updo

As the name suggests you need to keep it tight and up above the head. This truly is the remarkable design of hair. Just avoid making it over-tight.

Cute Spire

When cuteness invades your child personality you need to in google and type ‘best braids for kids’ and you will find this at the top of search result.

Halo Knot Fall 

This dead-lock style is for the bold child with the Afro-American look. It may not suit best on curly hair with lots of twirls.

Spiral Straight 

If you want the catchy look for your child, why not try this? The spiral will give a creative look and straight hair in itself is the beautiful part.

Multi-Knot Strand 

Multiple strands of hair are knot separately and tied together at the end. The step for this is, first get the small strands of knitted each and bring all down together at once.

Mandolin Flora  

The mandolin hair is best to make braids because of its curly nature and natural sun-kissed color, this hair can be best among braids for kids.

Tic-Tic Braid 

This tic-tic braid looks like a dot of hair are arranged together in the head. It looks so artificial that even the person featuring this hair may not believe it.

Creative Style Braid 

Braids for kids are not so difficult if you can find that one particular shape to feature in the head. For example, love sign is the best shape that has ever existed in any head.

Black Updo 

Among both adult and Child hair design, the updo’s are best and always remain there at the top of the list. But you need to accept the fact that such updo suit more for adults than children.

Spiral Trail 

The spiral-like illusion to any eye seems so unnatural. But believe me, you can actually have such natural design in your child’s head. You just need to find a good hair designer.

Butterfly Braid 

When you shape your child’s hair like the butterfly she will automatically look the cutest thing alive in the earth. But remember to hire creative hands for such beautiful look.

Lock-Coil Fall 

This design is especially for African face and you can get this style to your child during her birthday because this hair looks great with the birthday hat.

Creative Lock

Lock hair is always creative but this one is special as it takes more time than others. You can also have this style with middle length hair, no need too long.

Lily-up Braids 

Are you planning to take your kid in wedding reception? Confused about hairstyle? Then try this Lily design for your cute one. It will not take even an hour if you have an artistic hand. Just try this once and you will love it.

Intersecting Tails

In this style, the tails intersect with each other for being the long ponytail. Though it seems like the strand of hair are knitted separately, at the end all come together for being long tail.

Queeny Braid 

The queeny braid is the best braids for kids as it makes your young princess look beautiful and also give her the unique extra look than other children.

Artistic Design 

This design itself looks so amazing that anyone would get surprised after looking at this style. It would be hard for many people to believe that it’s natural.

Slender Spiral 

The spiral shape falling down as slender as the snake is the best Afro-American braid that any black kids can have. Such style best fits their skin tone and color.

Dutch Fish-tail 

The Dutch fishtail is usually thinner than other as it takes the little strand of hair and more effort to create such design. The thinner it looks, the beautiful vibes it creates.

Ribbon White

If you are planning to get ribbon hair for your kid, then get ready for this style. Because it is the only style that suits best with ribbon. Just choose the right color of ribbon and hair too.

Flora design 

This beautiful and surprising braid looks like flora shape, and the messy end made it even more attractive. The tails are not only the best choice for children- sometime they need change.

Trailing box braid 

As mentioned earlier, for Afro look the box is right braids for kids. In their skin tone, the bix braid suit best with spiral or messy curl, depending on the shape of the head.

 Flat Spiral Shape 

If you are getting ready for the school event, don’t choose this look for your child but in case if you are getting ready for the party, this is the best style you can put on your kid.

Karate Kid 

Did you watch Jackie Chan action movie “Karate Kid”? The child character features the same style in that movie. So if you have a bold naughty child, groom this in her head.

Mid-Fall Down 

Don’t get overexcited, this is not as simple as it looks. First, you need mid-length hair and little curls with sun-kissed hair tone. If you have all these pre-requirements then give one try for this beautiful look.

Cloud Braid Hairstyles For Kids 

Have you ever seen a braid in cloud design? If not, then get ready to see it in your child’s head. Once you make this style, you will never feel like trying another.

Diamond Crochet Braid Boxes 

First, make the box braid and cover it with twinkling clips like the diamond, in this style the clips are also the part of hair design. Buy some beautiful clips before framing this hair.

Cross Shape Design 

Cross shape braids for kids is the simple design that you can wear in casual school days, even in class it won’t look more different than other average hairstyles.

Foil Fishtail 

Fishtail was not actually the style of kids in 90s but with the evolution of fashion, such design also become popular among kids. These days it has become the default option.

Art in Head Design 

The art in head design by the name itself is the best artistic creation in hair shape. With such an artistic look, your child can steal any show. But you really need professional and creative hair designer to frame this art in her head.

Snow Braid 

The white hair with snowy vibes in it can make the best braid for kids- not because of the design but because of it’s color, the braids would be best among the best.

Bun-Bun Braid Up 

If your child is interested in fashion culture then let her make this braid style, she will one day steal the crown of the fashion industry. Let her grow beautiful and beauty will tail her anywhere she goes.

Afro-box Braid 

As mentioned earlier, these box-shaped spiral hairs are for African looks. If your child is interested in curly hair then you can also make the box out of curl – but remember the curls will vanish after you make the box.

Snake Trail 

The slender hair design like the trail of the snake is the best braids for kids. As a child, anyone would love different design in their head. Let them play with design.

Black Coil Trail 

The diamond shape decorating in your spiral black hair would make your child look more elegant and beautiful in a unique way.

Heart Braid 

Have you ever thought of planting heart shape in your head ? the time has come to make your dream true come true. Just this design and be different from others.

Coil Bun Braid 

Braids for kids are sometimes so confusing that you will find no best solution, in such case you can try this design. The bun out of boxes would give you mingled look of both designs.

Barbie Design 

Are you thinking to groom your daughter like the Barbie doll, then get ready for this look. It will make any face look like Barbie. Let her remain cute.

Rope-Rope Fall 

This rope-like tail is very difficult to design as you have to make many strands of hair and knit them separately. Such separate design takes more time than you have imagined.

Shaded Shiny Hair 

Don’t take this style at the party but you can rock the beach gathering with this unique design. Let’s not think more on this- just give a try.

Knitted Heart Shape 

Just like in sweater, you can also rock the heart shape in your head. You just require a creative mind and willing heart to create the design.

Triple Strand 

The combination of curls and ponytail at the edge of hair would give your child a beautiful look. If she is wearing pink cloth, the remember to keep the tail in front- just above the chest.

Flat Style 

Sometimes the falt shaped hair can also be beautiful. If you have red hair then you are lucky! no need for extra decoration. Simply make the design and look beautiful.

Simple White Braids 

With this simple white braids design, your daughter would look prettier than her previous look. Such braids for kids are best for white hair.

Cascading Locks 

A ponytail is interesting not because of its shape but because of its design, its gorgeous in its own way. The simple steps can create perfect hair design.

Black Snake Trail 

Like the trail of the snake, this black hair strand would travel all along your head and make skin visible in the head. The artistic design of trail would make you look stunning.

V-Braid Design

The V shape design in up and down part of the head is best braids for kids. Even for your small kids, you can frame this hairstyle.

Messy Fall 

When black hair falls down like the spiral of snakes, it will, of course, give your child a daring look but in a beautiful way.

B-Braid Style 

The alphabetic braid is the new style in the braid, it begins with V shape and not the B is also in trending line.

Thin Sew Hair 

The making of thin sew hair requires a large volume of hair in your head. But you need to make more thin strands for making it all over the head.

Curvy Design 

The spiral curve that looks like smiley in your head will give you unique look and make you different from others. Keep beauty and curve at the same place.

White V Style 

We haven’t seen such beautiful braid before in any child’s head. This V shape and ponytail in combine shape will rock your look anywhere you go.

Flower Curl Style

This is a great style because it looks like the artwork in the head. If your child is interested in fashion culture then let her try this braids for kids.

Victoria Blossom 

When you carry victoria and blossom in your head you need no other decoration to look beautiful. It is the best way of showcasing personal choice in design.

Grey-Shade Style  

If you believe that you have a sexy body then try this look without any hesitation. And remember to keep your clothes short at back and focus more in hair.

Garland Hairstyle 

Even the hair can be sewed together like garland, of you, have enough courage to try new look then just go for this look.

Horn Shape Style 

When you make up-do in both side of the head the horn will automatically appear in the head. Just don’t make it too pointe otherwise you will look like the ghost.

Thick Strand Braid 

This thick braid is strongly beautiful for the casual look. If your child is interested in action-oriented works then this style is best for your child. It requires not much effort, just simple hand steps.

U-Shaped Braid 

This complex looking U shaped design is a truly remarkable piece of braids for kids, we can’t just look but try this hairstyle.

Thin Fall Style 

This is the fabulous style that is very curvy against the scalp and rest of the hair fall down like the mess. This polished look gives you an impression of the great star in Hollywood cinema.

Loose Spiral 

Don’t forget to keep it loose because in soft hair you need the more dedicated touch of the hand. It’s never simple to choose braids for kids as there are lots of emerging design these days. Just give one try for this look.

Falling Curl 

In this style, the curl falls like the stream, this is the quite a great style that your child can be during the school program.

Ribbon Spire 

When your child wants ribbon in hair then you need to shape the hair accordingly because not ever hair looks great in the ribbon. You are lucky if you have golden hair- just see the gold twinkling in your head.

Step-Bun Tail 

The spiral bun tail is great for white skin kids, for mini braids this style would look more attractive. The curl at the edge is truly soft and beautiful hairstyle.

White Triple Fall 

The triple fall that is on the back of the head, how can you not love this style? It is the best fairy design featured in Hollywood movies. It is super beautiful, slender and really unique.

Spiral Art Knot 

You need an artistic eye to look at this design, just see the heart engraved in hairstyle. You can walk in the ramp with this style.

Buddha Knot 

This shape hair is what you can see in the divine statue of Lord Buddha, it will enlighten you in such a way that beauty illuminates through your look.

Twirl Braid 

These braids are in trending right now but because of it’s difficult to design only a few people are doing this design. This style comes close to messy curl and this braids for kids are so gorgeous.

Star-War Design 

A great braid style for screen look. If your young is the fan of star wars than don’t hesitate to try this in your kids.


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