101 Easy Braided Updo Hairstyles In 2020


In the last post, we gave you the collection of braids for short hair and now we’re here with 101 braided updo hairstyles. Since we are aware that many girls these days prefer stylish and unique braided updo, we worked out on some best hairstyle that you can recreate on your own without much effort. Braided updo is the best way to wear your hair up on your marriage ceremony without looking too ceremonial.

An easy and refined look like these would pair well with any kind of wedding party, whether you’re enjoying beachside destination or a cool homely wedding or rustic friend cheer party, these styles won’t disappoint you.

Luckily the bridal look can be achieved in seven simple steps; it’s the perfect option for saving your saloon bucks.

Follow these step-by-step guidelines to make professional braided updo hairstyles:

  1. Prepare dry hair with texturizing spray
  2. Make two face-framing braids for long hair
  3. parting out the braids, roll both sections of hair into a down low ponytail
  4. Now chance the ponytail into a loose braid
  5. Turn round the braid into a crown and attach with pins.
  6. Pin down the front facing braid
  7. Finish with a beautiful hairpin

Now scroll down to find our collection of 101 braided updo hairstyles for 2019:

Mermaid curl braid

braided updo

If Queen braid is not your cup of tea, then this cute mermaid tone may serve your beauty purpose to create braided updo hairstyle. Now get ready for the new look to envy your friends.

Layered Curl Braided Hairstyle

The layer of different curls will not make you look messy rather the falling downpours of curls add more new surprises on your braids and make you as pra to any music night hosting celebrity.

Golden And Black Bun

The bun looks perfect in golden as well as black hair but, you need to feature round face with big eyes for the best result. This braided updo would work on the oval face too, yet doesn’t look as fabulous as in the round.

Spiral Jumbo Updo

This braided updo with jumbo spiral will surely cover up your head and make you look like the tribal snake women Nagaland. But no worries, these days fashion is what you different than other.

Down Fishtail

The modern fashion world has an obsession with the aqua world, they often feature fish and mermaid design in hair. If you want to move on with a trend, then get ready to plant fish-tail in your head.

Red Double Round

Just like the ripple invades the entire sea, this round braided updo will encircle your head with curls. The final look is a cheering beauty in round curls.

Easy Braid Updo

This style shows a very easy way to make your hair stand in the back when you have natural curls. Just put some tiny pin in a side part and the but will itself get uphold

Curley Updo Bun

Now it’s time to say bye-bye to traditional buns when we have such cute looking and creatively framed braid bun. Pull this one for night party, rocking show or beach gathering.

Boho Curl

This five-minute style feels like a shortcut of party hack look. Its easy steps and astonishing design would decorate you in less than the handful of minutes.

Mini-Crown Updo

Get ready to debunk the myth that only long hair ladies magnet all attraction. Even with short hair and mini- crown style, you can revive the angel inside you.

Round Twirl

Make cool twirls even cooler with the addition of round spiral curls. So get ready for the attention in the summer beach party.

Side-Swept Red

Who said the curls look gorgeous in black? Try the side-swept curl updo with red hair and find the result in a stolen glance in every street.

Ballerina Knit Bun

When the ballerina’s hair is knit together to make the bun, no other style can compete with this marvelous look. If you have alluring red lips, the ballerina can win any young hearts.

Side-Hawk Braid

This easy hawk design has a very small effect on your style though it looks more step process the resulting look will not give any changed look in your face.

Circle Braid

Braids look even more on great in the circle because the way it covers your head seems like snake itself resting in the heaven. Therefore this style is something seriously amazing to try.

Flat Round Spiral

braided updo

The combination of flat and round together will hide your natural hair shape and give a new design to your head. With this banging style, you literally ally will gift yourself a new complexion.

Back-Twist Texture

It works best in medium and long hair because as you can see the steps are repeating and your finger need more hair to make this braided updo texture.

White Camille

Instead of hiding your mess, this braided updo hairstyle celebrates the messy look with creative framing. In this style, the white will certainly challenge golden hair.

Mixed Mermaid Tail

Most of the Hollywood stars know well when it comes to braiding and this mermaid look can be seen as everyday proof in many star’s heads.

Queen Bun 

It’s modern and anciently shaped that make you unique among the gathering of other braid lovers. Wanna get praise? Try this.

Straight-Curl Braid

We have collected this ceremonial hairstyle for you. Be it in any festival or wedding this hair suit best. Moreover in carnival also you can walk boldly in this style.

Wrap Twirls

You don’t need to put the hand as shone in the picture, a small pin will work. And if you get the earing right her braided updo hairstyle will surely standout in fashion crowd.

Double-Fall Knot

braided updo

The fall will look more enigmatic in rainbow color hair. And with different falling hair strands, your style gets the magical touch of modern fashion.

Creature Braid

At a glance, it looks as if a reptile resting in your backhead. But when you look closer the spiral of hair twisting each other will surprise your eyes.

Just Bun


Try this just bun. You will look just more gorgeous, your friends will just envy your look. And many walking eyes will just steal your glance.

Epic Updo Braid Style

Have you ever dream of waking up as Cleopatra? If yes then get ready to live up your dream with this amazing updo bun.

Ringlet Braided Updo

Braid of the season. If you have killer hair, take them to the new level with ringlet braid updo by styling in this way.

Round Chingon

Thsi hairstyle is for lazy girls, you want to enjoy movies all day and still saloon yourself with minimum effort, then this chingon is specially designed for you.

Knit Corset

If you are looking for the simple makeover this certainly is not for you. It requires a professional hand and for dummies, you need to see the youtube tutorials. So get ready for the new video guide.

Twisting Rope Twirl

The twist in front and fish-tail make you look like a baby mermaid. Even a  modern style need an upgrade, don’t you feel like trying this tail braid?

White Top Knot

Don’t get confused by the name, you can cross the maxim of beauty even with other color hair, so not necessarily need white curls.

Halo Braids

Are you confused how to frame your head in hallowing eve? Visit our collection for more ideas than this. You can have more than ten hallowing theme braided updo hairstyles.

Frenchi Down

French hair and the intersection of diverse color can transform any ugly matron into a vibrant beauty ambassador of hair. For this style, you just need the creative design, not even good face.

Swiss Side Pony

braided updo

If you are interested in playing a bridal role for college drama, then this look is perfect for you. It’s easy and naive at the same time, would articulate your face like a newlywed bride.

Embellish Mess

This design has creativity wrapped all over it. Paired with the spiral knot and falling curls It can only be described with one word: Embliss style updo.

Sleek Circle

The sleek will envy yourself if you look at the mirror. And of course, you don’t need to surf youtube tutorials to frame this unique design.

Braided Round Helix

The best part is you can have spiral hair look without any curls in your hair. But you need to shampoo before beginning the framing process. Try it, you won’t regret it.

Slid-Down Pigtail

Take your french look to the extreme by branding it all the way to your back neck in pigtail style. This updo is trending all over the internet, many have already tried it onscreen.

Updo Back Bun

The cute-girl way to braid is finally here with an old classic dress and more elegant stylish curls in the back. If you have match-up earings, the best is non-other than you.

Whorl Headband

The party gores are all aware of easy styles, like hippies they just take two minutes ready time for some creative braids like this. In a second the would look like a band wrapped around the forehead.

Macram Twin

The twin styles of curl rest in either side of the head, one lies just beneath the forehead and the other tilt down lose above the upper back neck.

Curvy Crown

The crowns are more beautiful features in the fashion magazine, just like this, curls are left fallen and braided updos remain as high as possible.

Boho Bun

On the one hand, big boho braids usually have a carefree, french feeling but on other hands, this cutting-edge style reminds of old Greece traditional style.

Messy Side Updo

After a quick dip in shampoo, this hair design will vanish in past but you can again get the same style because of the visible crease in the hair, in short, it can be made longlasting.

Wrapped Lace

braided updo

Sometimes more is less and this style is proof. Not only the long hair but also the short and medium flat hair can have different framing. Along with the off-duty dress, you will look completely new.

Afro-Updo With Goddess Braids

It’s not like the afro-braids are always simpler. Unlike other braids, this one creates 3d effects of looked closely from up. The way spiral is made in this design, it’s seriously great.

Vortex Bind

Don’t judge this look at first glance, it will keep on looking more beautiful as you get familiar with the style. The effect of this style will not fade with the trend.

Golden Queen

The golden queen look will create a long lasting impression anywhere you go, or if you present yourself with this style in social media, thousands of likes will follow you.

Feather Braid

We have got different white and other colorful braids for you to impress people around in Christmas. Simply wear this beautiful design with a light color dress.

Double Swiss

Braided updo is pretty statement-making style, they speak with the articulated design. This style needs no further explanation.

Stelic Knot

In other words, it’s also called the know with style. Once with the end of January, you can get down in this magnetic look.

Spiral Box

If you have killer kind of side braid, take them to next level just by reframing them in the box shape. This new dramatic tone suit best with pink lips.

Twirl Circle Updo

Braided updo hairstyle sometimes moves from downslope to upper high of your head. Quite a long process but the simple trick for lazy girls is, encircle the curl in a soft manner.

Step Buffon

Messy hair ladies and anti-curls, this one is for you. Using the step braid process, you can finally get the whole Buffon of beauty on less than half hour. Takes time, yet gives you best.

Rope Curl Snake

While a high hill is not everyday wear, this badass hair design also follows the same fashion trend. It’s occasional, that’s why it’s so demanding and wonderful in the head.

Diana Crown

Get Diana to look for your photo gallery, open up with a series of other hairstyles and in the peak page, feature this unique updo.

Lose Palp Hair

Everyone else seems to be trying the Buffon bun, but here we present the best palp design, Facebook and Insta worthy share style- changing you stereotype forever.

Mid-Down Braid


Sometimes the updo looks monotonous if you overdo it at every social situation. You need to have different theme braids for various occasions. Try down-do too, for new vibes.

Spiral 2.0

The crown and mix curl merged design is best to feature in facebook wall. Rough- messy- but beautifully shaped will appeal the curiosity of any onlookers.

Happy Prince

braided updo

This happy prince updo suit best for sad look girls to enlighten their mood with this new artistic braid. Simple secret is, the sadder you look, the vibrant your updo appear.

Garland Curl

One pair of curl is knitted together with the colorful flower attached on it. Then the hair is woven in a ponytail- turned up and hooked with the invisible pin.

Layered Fishtail

Layer usually sound complicated but if you follow the steps recommended the within half hour you can create the best ‘braided updo hairstyle’ of this year.

Bow wave

Get ready for new trending- upload in your facebook wall- post in Instagram- the wave of desired hair every girl lure to hold in the head.


Many tutorials in youtube are worth watching to learn this fishtail step, move your hand in pottery style- get control of your fingers- if everything turns right, Voila ! you will be carrying fishtail in your head.

Flower curve

Follow through the pages of M&S magazine, you will never find this hair because it’s not a part of the fashion world, you can have this style while cooking chicken spaghetti in your father’s house.

Fex fall

If you love nature, precisely of you like waterfalls, you can’t fight back the impulse to make this hair design. Afterall braided updo hairstyle is all that takes to look beautiful.

Side-Turn Tail

the one-sided braid is not just enough for looking better at parties, you need varieties of design and turns for being unique than other.

Coil Crown

Get ready to be self-declared Victoria, of course, you can be one. If people around you accept your gorgeous look, surely you can be the queen of beauty

Messy Flat

The creative hands can arrange messiness in unique style so that your head would look as decorated as a bridal dress.

Girly Bun

Have you noticed the girls featured in 80s Hollywood dramas, the big bun dangling down like falling? Now the same style has revived as modern fashion for stereotyped womens.

Barbaric Knot

You need not time travel to a dark world for learning their style, just look how messy the hair was- just guess you can say ‘of course, the life was like hair’.


Curls are different in European parts, they usually fall like waves but in Africa, even the curls are tied like a rope for the cage.

Veronica Spring

Do you know Veronika? Even I don’t recognize her. let’s assume how she would look in this braided updo hairstyle? Astonishing right?

Bunny Bun

When you have lots of small bun in the head it feels like chickenpox hair- as if the hair had grown in new root. Anyway, it’s what trend in the market because of its newness.

Rope Knot Curl

Stretch it all the way down and tie with small knots then you can give any shape you like for other looks. Just remember to keep it loose.

Simple Lily Updo


braided updo

updo’s looking really great in flowery style- just like the first blossom in spring. Any head would look decorated with this braid style.

Tight Spiral

Bet with your friends, this is the best look one can have for the party as well as a bridal ceremony.

Golden Braid

This golden updo would look great for a beach partying evening

Sand Swirl

Put a band with it for getting more attraction in the look. Just make sure to choose the right color.

Step-Bubble Updo

The bubble of updo rest nicely in the round head but may look awkward in slope face.

High Boho

What if someone waved you at metro, its because of your hair, Maybe he is just interested in it.

Crown Bufo

Just try the black color for getting more attention in public.

White Fish-Fall

Thsi slender look of hair can be best achieved of shampooed in right time.

Messy Arci-Bun

The flower attached in mess would make it look like a cut-edge bush.

Reptile Bun

With this style, get ready to carry the creature in your head.

knit Curl-Bun

The braided updo in bun-knot – feature yourself in the cover of the magazine

White Trail

Colour matters a lot when it comes to sexy look, dress right- keep hair tight.

Jelly Braided Updo

The branches of hair curl would make you look like jellyfish in the swim.

Sun-kissed Red

braided updo

Rise up the volume of your beauty with this kissed color hair


Spiral in any form looks difficult but are easy to shape.

French Deco Updo

The downturn of updo hair would bequest changed look

Maiden Fall

This style will revive maiden out of old matron.

Light-Red Braid

A bit of sun gleam would make it glitter in daylight.

Buddha Bun

Enlighten yourself with this Buddha design hair.

Tight Spiral

Leave it loose for best-braided updo look

Wave Tail

Let the tail flow wit web for the new style.

Halo Updo

Are you serious? don’t try this at night. You will scare the children

Pixie Curl

When curl rise of- the updo will find new design- try it in summer.

2x Circle

Move it twice to make one circle, use the finger to make an updo.

Macram Coil

The daring look one can ever have- scare people at night with this braid.

White Jelly

The tender it looks, the softer it feels to touch.

Messed-up Knot For Black Hair

Ladies, it’s not so easy to undo it, think before you frame this.

Ribbon Braid

Get ribbon as the compliment with cute looking braid, just for the winter look.


braided updo

If you’re short on time, try this in two minute.

Tiny Fish

Wanna cook new recipes in your head? Try this!

Jewell gold braid

It’s as time-consuming as it looks, this updo is simply best.

Layered Tail

Walk out with trending style- there are lots of video guide for this step, try any.


This braid best suit for the chubby chick, don’t dare if you are skinny.


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