57 Bowl Cuts Ideas to “Just Do It”


Bowl Cuts or shall we say Bold Cuts?

The dawn of modern feminism has already set upon us.

Gone are the days when women were labelled with long hairs, shy eyes and meek voices. Now we gallop side by side with men in every aspect of society known to all, don’t we girls?

So as we explore deeper into the men-inspired fashion statements in the modern world, we are surely to come across this new trend of bowl cuts. Maybe you remember this look because of the iconic character Lloyd Christmas played by Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber or Moe in The Three Stooges. You may find that this look accentuated the comical character in the movies. But I tell you, women do have the superpower of turning something hilarious like this into a chic fashion statement that leaves the spectator dizzy with awe.

Don’t believe me?

Ask Rihanna, Ruby Rose, Kristen Stewart, Kim Kardashian or any another celebrity who have chosen the bowl cut style and rocked it.

So If you are looking forward to BE BOLD and take a leap to the EDGY side, we have some ideas that might help you.

Here are 57 bowl cut ideas that will blow your mind.

1.The Cesson

Cesson is a retro style haircut that works best for thick short as well as medium length hair. The bangs as well as the side hairs have volume and cut to highlight the features like eyes and nose especially.

It seems like a earlier version of a bowl cut. So if you are having doubts on whether or not to go on full bowl style, this haircut will keep you on the safer shores.

2. The Texture tales

If you want to add a bit of extra texture to your hair along with the bowl cut then I believe adding extra layers from the top will be it. Its edgy,  its sexy and most fun of all, it requires very  low amount of maintenance.

And think about all the time you could save that would have been wasted on tugging this strand and torturing another.

3. Short and not So simple

Here is what you can do if you want to live up to the expectations of “short”.Razor off the lower part while adding some length to the top. Play with the edges and rock them as they are.

4. The Big Blunt Theory

If you want that to reach to the extremity and try the Chili cut  then go for this look. Do not be afraid to be blunt, let your hair show the ferocity in you.

5. Mushroomed Down

Feeling nostalgic as you remember your childhood with the mushroom cuts? Why not channel your inner child with the past look brought back to life.

Play with colors to reflect the cheerfulness and let the strands bounce with the shape. You would be surprised as how much change a haircut can bring in your mood.

6. Pointy and Petite

Add a little bit of shape and edges to the cut and there you have a trend setting cut. A sleek trim at the sides to create a triangular shape will be your perfect contraction from the ordinary straight cut.

Let the punk material hidden in you come out to play a bit.

7. Natural flow

Flatter the wavy nature of your hair with the short layered cut. Not so boyish to scare away the dudes and not too girly to be the stereotype. If that is what you are looking for then we would recommend you this cut.

8. Platinum Pink

If you want a soft shiny finish to your bowl cut then go for the platinum pink shade. The light pink shade offers a sweetness along with the eye catching hue of platinum.

9.  Lengths at odds

It is not necessary that the length of the hair in bowl cuts be similar. Add in extra layers to pump up the volume and some eye catching textures.

An under-shave running just an inch above the ears would help highlight the feminine features while the layers add a chic touch.

10. Sassy yet sweet

This sweet and sour version of bowl cut is a must try for the fashion season. The straight bangs in the front represents the classy side and the tousled layers at the back lets your freedom dance in the wind.

11. Explicitly short

If you want to go for a strong unisex look, then opt for the shave that goes to almost the top of the head.

The blonde highlight and the sexy under shave work well to give you one of a kind look.

12. Barely Bangs

Bold enough to rock your level with whole new level of short? Try this bangs lingering from the edge of your forehead.

But let me tell you, not everyone can pull this daring look. You need guts and the perfect symmetry to rock them.

13. Cheeky Bowl Cuts

Flirt a little with the not so short bob version of bowl cut. Let the length end a little bit above the ear for a playful touch.

Light warm colors add vibrancy and save us from the dark monotone of the world.

14. Hot and Mod

If you are looking for something classy yet cool then this cut is for you. Long bangs and a shaved under look is something what you call hot.

The side swept bangs add a bit of dimension here and see how the colors are creating an illusion of thickness? One word for this look…WINNER

15. Silvery Shine

When playing with color its always better to start at a lighter hue from the top and work your way into the darker shades as you move down.

See how the silvery sheen highlights the bulk on top and the darker tones support them at the base? That is how you rock a bowl cut with colors.

16. Snow Queen

Rule the hearts of the beholders with that icy blue tone and the ruffled locks of yours.

Its time to let out the bad ass queen with this look. Give it more layers to add volume. Stick with subtle make up to match the look. And there you have it, the snow queen.

17. Different shades of many 

When you have short hair, you can have a color party. Teal, Turquoise and other matching colors added in a bowl cut will only bring life to your hair and every time you turn around, you start disco of your own.

18. Best of Both Worlds

Who said you only can keep a only a single monotonous layer in a bowl cut? You can elegantly glide away with the sexy bowl and suave bob with this look.

The bowl shaped fringes will keep your hair coming to your eyes while the bob makes sure that there is enough room to play with the shapes.

19. To the point bowl

In this look we are looking for the authentic bowl cut with shaved base. Although this look may not suit to everyone because of their face shape and the nature of the hair, it is definitely en vogue and you can see many fashion models rocking this cut on the ramp.

20. Side Part

Give your hair some depth with some asymmetry. And the right combination of highlights emerging from the lines will definitely intensify the deep part.

21. Compatible Colors

Sometimes working with two tones that contrast can work in your favor as well. The heavy silver on the bangs and darker natural black applied on the rest of the bowl cut work well together.

22. Edgy Pixie

The pixie cut added to the bowl cut makes you look even more bad ass than you already were.

The darker under layers and lighter bowl above should give you the edgy punk version of yourself you have been looking for.

23. Vibrancy

A bright shade of color and a bubbly face can easily put a smile on everyone’s face.

Try this dark magenta or any other brighter hues of pink for adding sweetness to the bowl of yours.

24. Neon Neon

This is a stunner. Wherever you go, to a party, a club, or a concert, this neon hair color on your already saucy asymmetrical bowl will turn the heads of everyone.

Dazzle and bedazzle everyone everywhere you go.

25. Adventures 

Try something new, something exciting , something that you always wished of doing but never could. Ask the stylist to bring out that raw unashamed version of yourself with the hair do.

Razors, highlights and bangs seem to have collaborated to bring out this magnificent work of art.

26. Bowls and Bangs

Longer heavy bangs at the front seem to work well with the bowl cuts. The bang does not need to be cut in a straight line. You can work well with asymmetrical bangs adding an extra natural lift to the face.

27. Sleek

The sleeker version of bowl cut works best for the oblong and oval shaped faces.

You might need a bit of extra hair potion and extra care to maintain the way it is. But is its worth it, then why not?

28. The feminine side

When you want to go for the androgynous side but still favor a bit more of feminism.

The side under-shave keeps the edgy in place while the soft fringes give a lady like feature.

If you or your hair stylist need some tips, check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4s9uilqMkc

29. Punk not dead

If this look does not take you back to the days when Punk was the ultimate fashion then, nothing will.

Rock the cropped up bangs and swinging side bob with dark make up and a bit of accessories and there you have the Punk Princess.

30. Haircut? Or Art? 

There is no such thing as too much creativity when you know where to stop.

The longer asymmetrical wisps give you a feel as if you have just come out of a post modern painting.

31. Straight as a stick

Follow a straight line cut to rock the genuine bowl cut look. Razor off the ends and let some short hairs on top give your hair a character.

32. Made for the ramps 

This cut is determined to make you look “FIRE”. The symmetrical bangs and the angled sides add every bit of glamour and class.

However maintaining it on a daily basis might be a little bit of trouble.

But the internet is full of wonderful ideas that can help us in any dilemma.

Check out some of the ideas people use to maintain their short hair through this site:


33. Vivid colors 

Another way to style up the bowl cut would be to mix and match the colors that give an ultramodern sheen.

As in the picture you can reflect the shimmering sunset sky with the pink and orange overtones. But sometimes its hard to maintain such vibrant colors.

Some help : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qjYBZxl5FoA

34. The Reverse Bob and Bowl

As we mentioned earlier the combo of bob and bowl cut look good, we still stick by it. Its just we have twisted the terms in a 180 degree fashion.

The bob goes in the front and bowl at the back giving you this futuristic chic look.

35. Modest

If you are looking for a softer rendition of the bowl cut then here is your savior.

The basic bangs moving to a slightly asymmetrical cut works with the natural black hair and the slightly angled side hairs under show dimension.

36. Damsel in distress

Like all the distressed jeans and shorts,get some grunge style for your hair as well. With the asymmetrical edges all around and a pop up color, you would need no other crown.

37. Damn that’s sharp

Welcome to the far into the future where bowl cuts could not be sharper than this.

The Mushroomed back cut to a perfect oval, sharp pointy shaven hairs and the precisely angled bangs.

Be careful beholders, it might just cut you sharp.

38. Creating your own sideburns

This look works magic on faces with long and oval features. Shave your side burns to the desired length and create layers.

The natural curl or the salon treated waves make this look hip and candid.

39. Peek-a-boo bangs

Play a little with your bangs as they gently graze just above your eyes.

Little things like the snappy cut will work as a confident booster and make sure you catch eye of the guy standing at the other side of the bar.

40. The cool crop

With the shorter shaved back and slightly long hair on top that are asymmetrically cut, this look breaks the boundaries of a typical bowl cut.

41. Thin Fringes

Cut the fringes just above the eye and work with lighter colors to create a softer look.

42. Unblushed

Show your fearlessness with the bold and unblushed hues.

43. E.T.


This out of the world form of edgy bangs is probably the most daring and sexiest one I have ever laid my eyes on. I swear!

44. Goldilocks on a rampage

Say hello to the sassy Goldilocks as she chops off her long locks for this hawt bowl cut.

45. The another world Snow White

If you are looking for a feminine and gentle cut, then here is Mary Margaret Blanchard from the series Once Upon A Time to be your Fairy God mother.

46.  Phoenix 

The phoenix inspired colors lingering on the tips of the bangs work like the caramel works with nougat.

47. For all the misfits

Asymmetry at its best with both the sides with a length and character of their own.

48. Reckless


Pump up your hair with carefree attitude of this audacious bowl cut.

49. Sheen Vs. Sheen

You can work with dual colors with the sandwich theory. A lighter shade sandwiched between two layers of darker ones. If it were for longer cuts, you would have made a fool out of yourself.

But with the bowl cut, not a chance that you do not look super classy and en vogue.

50. Burnt at tips

Well this is definitely a hot way to show the bowl tips of yours.

Along with the perkiness the colors also give the cut a sort of boundary which seems rather trendy.

51. The Sia-inspired Look

Everyone adores the pop-star singer Sia and her iconic appearance.

So if you feel like dancing on cheap thrills and swinging from chandeliers, give it a go.

52. Bulky, eh?

If you are thinking of adding volume to your bowl cut then this is the look you should go for.

53. Vintage Side Burns

Work your Bowl cut with a wavy side burn that gives you the retro chills.

54. The Coy one

For a more innocent and sweet look, go for the long bangs and natural waves.

55. Shades of Sky

We never really get tired of playing with the color blue, do we girls?

56. Silence of the Stereotypes

This bold and daring short bowl cut is silences all those stereotypical misogynists who think that a girl cannot pull off the cuts supposedly created for guys.


57. Platinum


Now this is how you rock a monotone bowl cut.Damn that’s hot.


Coco Chanel once said “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life”

Thus I hope the change you are choosing for yourself will do wonders for you and I hope that I have done my part in helping you getting the right direction.


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