66 Boho Hairstyles for Curly and Straight Hair

Go free; go loose; go boho!


Boho hairstyles are free, easy and breezy. They are gorgeous to look at and are easy to carry off. Even though they look beautiful every which way, they usually go with the season, i.e. boho hairstyles are the demand for summer and fall. Bohemian hairstyles do not need a lot of care and effort. What adds to its beauty is messiness and negligence. Isn’t that the dream? We all want a hairstyle that requires no effort to look gorgeous. But, you need to remember that every hairstyle messed up with wind is not the favourite Bohemian hairstyle.

For your ease, today we will talk about different boho hairstyles for short hair, medium hair and long hair. We will also show you how fabulous these hairstyles look on curly and straight hair, both. Bohemian hairstyles even add an extra dimension, volume and texture to thin hair types. What is impressive about this style is it can become a wedding hairstyle as well. Yes, boho hairstyles are ‘THE’ wedding hairstyles! Not for the bride, for the wedding attendees and the bridesmaids, these hairstyles offer the variations of updos as well. Bohemian hairstyles have the most extensive variety. Find any tutorial and go for it.

Boho hairstyles can accessorise your plain black gown so that it looks boho.

1. Pony Boho

Boho hairstyles look amazing when tied up in a pony. The hairstyles look amazing with fishtail braids that start from one side and extends down the pony. The entire look is kept messy. This is a great hairstyle for thin hair. Next time you tied up a pony, make sure you add some bohemian braids.

2. For Your Perfect Day

For your special day, you can go for a bohemian wedding hairstyle. Yes, this is one of the most beautiful types of boho hairstyles for long hair. Since it is your special day, you should make sure everything about the day and your look is gorgeous. Bohemian braids with accessories are the perfect addition to your long flowing hair.

3. Long Boho Hairstyle

Bohemian braids can be made into a headband and extended all the way. You can accessorise the headband with flowers and leaves. This can be a great look for an outdoor wedding if your girlfriend just asked you to be her maid of honour. This is a terrific bohemian twist hairstyle.

4. For Thin hair

If you have thin hair, you can go for boho braids. Boho hairstyles for long and thin hair is a long one-sided braid. Don’t forget to add a boho braid headband to finish the entire look. Go out for your office day or stroll down the park.

5. Boho Hairstyles Updo

This hairstyle falls into the boho-chic-hairstyles category. If you love updos and don’t consider that boho hairstyles can make for a bun, well you need to put a stop to that thought. I think the picture speaks for itself. You can go for a fishtail braid or a simple braid. Anything makes for a beautiful, messy boho updo.

6. Messy and Chic

If you love a ponytail and have thin hair, you can go for such a look. Bohemian hairstyles for long hair includes a ponytail with a simple braid. This braid can be made simple or complex. You can go for this hairstyle if you have straight hair or curly hair. Add some accessories if you want.

7. Bohemian Hair Flowers

If you have a medium, wavy hair well hairstyles options for you includes bohemian twist wave hair look. Add some gorgeous flowers to your boho headbands. You might need to look up for a tutorial or get some help to achieve this look. This is an excellent look at a wedding.

8. Boho Updo for Short Hair

We usually associate boho hairstyles with long hair, but it is time for you to get outside of the boundary. Yes, boho hairstyles look amazing on short hair as well. Make sure you go for a braided headband to get yourself a bohemian chic hair. Add some flowers or accessories on top.

9. Bohemian Romance Braid

This hairstyle is among the boho hairstyles for the wedding. What makes it so amazing is that this style can be pulled off by the bridesmaids or the bride. The method is gorgeous and flexible. This boho-chic hairstyle is achieved using twists and accessories and is perfect for long, curly hair.

10. Bohemian Long Hair

Yes, spring is here, and maybe it is time for you to get a splash of it on your hair. This is an example of boho hairstyles for long hair. It is simple and straightforward. Simple braids are used for this look and work great for all; short, medium and long hair.

11. Boho Cool

Boho hairstyles are usually depicted as a girly and feminine style. But, you can see that you can modify this form into any type. You can create a fresh boho hairstyle. If you have hair colour, i.e. ash blonde colour, you can go for such haircut. Add some boho braids and pull up your hair into a bohemian half and a half down hairstyle.

12. Bohemian Two-knot Half Updo

For a hot summer day, you can go for two top-knot hairstyles. This goes for the hairstyles for long, curly boho hairstyles. If you have a straight hair, you can go for this look as your natural hair type, but you can add some bohemian beach waves as well. Wear a boho dress to match your style.

13. Boho Hairstyles for Long and Curly Hair

Ash blonde or blonde hair with a fresh hue can be styled using bohemian headband hairstyles. These hairstyles are only designed using a braided headband, and the rest of the hair is let loose. Your hair can be a short, medium or long length.

14. Boho Hairstyles for Straight Hair

She has a hair straightener on her hand. Plainly enough, we can say that this hairstyle is one of the boho hairstyles for straight hair. The front of the locks is made in such a way that it appears to be a braided bohemian headband and the rest of the hair is extended into a romantic braid. Add some flowers and make a wedding boho hairstyle.

15. Bohemian Look for Short Hair

Curly hair looks amazing when they are long and flowing (to some that are boho). Hate to break it to you darlings, no, curly hair works excellent even when cutting short. Not just curls, you can also have beach waves for a short hair length. Add a cute and beautiful bohemian braid on your sides to complete the look. The complexity of your twist depends on you entirely.

16. Boho Thin Hair

For boho hairstyles for thin hair, you can create a small, simple braid on your hair on either side. This look goes for a short, medium or long hair. Straight or curls, it does not matter, everything works for this natural hairstyle. You can go for this style if you want to save some time and have fun.

17. Long & Curls

This is such a delight to look. The bohemian waves, twisted braids and extended braids on one side all tie up into creating one of the marvellous hairstyles of all times. This is a hairstyle you need to adapt if you have long hair. You hair can be straight or curly. If it is curly, well you don’t have a lot of work to do. If you have straight hair, you can create some bohemian waves.

18. Bohemian Wave Hairstyles

This hairstyle is again one of the fantastic boho hairstyles for long hair. Waves can always be created if you have straight hair. So, you don’t have to worry in that department. For your hair, you can create a side braid on your hair to create a sort of headband look by making a loosely tied twist. The braid can be simple for your day out.

19. Top-knot

I love top-knot hairstyle. They are fun, loose and relaxed which qualifies for relaxed boho hairstyles. This is great for the thin hair type. A split is created at the front and then a half bun is tied up. Create slight waves for the rest of the hair. You can go for this bohemian hairstyle if you have long or medium hair. It can work for short hair as well.

20. Loosely Braided

The bohemian plaited hairstyle looks excellent with flower accessories on them. The braid can be loosely tied or can be made as complex as you want. You can go for this hairstyle if you are planning to attend a wedding. These beautiful hairstyles make for a great wedding boho hairstyles.

21. For The School

College and school can also have their fair share of boho hairstyles. You can especially try the ponytail look for this. Create a messy high ponytail and add a braid on the side to complete the entire look. Tuck in your T-shirt on the front and get your backpack for your class.

22. Glam Up

Blake Lively not only has an excellent sense of humour but also has an excellent choice when it comes to boho hairstyles. She goes for a bohemian plait hairstyle with a beautiful and shiny accessory adding the cherry on the cake. Her hairstyle is layered with braids and the entire look is kept messy. Simplicity is what makes a look classy.

23. Bohemian Braid Updo

This is an intricate hairstyle. The look is simple and can be achieved once you get a hang of it but it does look complicated. You will need a bunch of hair bands and make sure you find boho hairstyles tutorial to achieve this look. Go for this fantastic bohemian braid hairstyle for your day at work or a day at home.

24. Low Ponytail for Boho Hairstyles

This is hairstyle for one of those days when you feel fun and flirty. Tie up your hair into a low ponytail and make it into a boho hairstyle by creating a significant side braid from the front of your hair. This look is worth that Instastory and your Snapchat Story. Grab your favourite coffee with that hairstyle.

25. Bohemian Plaited Style

If it is one of those days for you when you would like to give a little bit more time to your hair, you can for such a braided hairstyle. The style has some work done to it with the help of simple braids. If you have a long hair, this is one of the boho hairstyles that works great for you. Create layers of simple braids. This is a style for summer and for fall. During winters, admit it, beanie saves us all.

26. Golden Leaves

This is the look that can be worn on the runway. Remember this is a look that even you can pull off. Don’t think you need to be a supermodel. This bohemian black hairstyle is styled easily with twists for a headband. For the accessories, we have golden leaves that adds glamour and shine to the entire look.

27. Boho for The Gym

Boho hairstyles are great for dates or day out. They even work great as an updo if you want to wear it in your office but, gym look has always been a point of doubt for all of us. We finally have an answer to that. Yes, boho hairstyles work great for gym looks. You need to create two sided braids with a boho headbands.

28. Twisted Headband

For long and curly hairstyles, boho hairstyles can be as simple as a bohemian headband. The headband can be created using twists. The rest of the hair beneath the band can be straight or curly. I prefer slight waves instead of plain boring straight hair. If you have hair highlights, you have a lot of dimensions.

29. Bohemian Half Updo

Bohemian half up and half down hairstyles are awesome.
Plan for a hike with your buddies this weekend and walk with style. This hairstyle is a great way to show that you need some breeze on your face. The form has long layers of curls and side braids. The messiness of the entire look is perfect.

30. Three Braids and A Bun

If you like tree braids, you can use that on your boho hairstyles. Medium hair can be styled into a bohemian look with a top-knot. Adding a little bit of spice to that look is tree braids on the front of your hair. Go out on for the summer and enjoy your appearance. The hairstyle is easy to pull off and neat.

31. Waterfall Boho Hairstyles

I love waterfall hairstyles. They are a complete treat to the eyes. I have watched many tutorials of these boho hairstyles for its sheer beauty. For medium length hair, you can always go for a boho hairstyle. Create some loosely tied braids on the sides and let your hair fall into liquid gold. Your highlights can help you much.

32. Wedding Boho Hairstyle

I love boho hairstyles for you the wedding. If you are having a summer wedding, you should for this long hair boho hairstyle. The tresses are slightly curled up to create big waves, and the front strands are used to create a braided headband. You can add some white hair accessories to finish the entire look. This is a perfect look for your big day.

33. For Your Lake Day

This hairstyle reminds me of Game of Thrones. While we are waiting for 2019 to happen, you can go for this hairstyle. The style looks complicated but is a stunning combination of braids. In the middle, you have a big twist, and then on the sides, you can make small braids and layer them.

34. Out In The City

This is another meddy boho hairstyle that works with a medium and long hairstyle. Again, this boho hairstyle is simple and easy and only has braids on the top of the head. You will need no tutorial to do this hairstyle. The wind creates the perfect effect on your hair.

35. Picture Perfect

Go for this picture perfect look for your long straight hair. Boho hairstyles make a great photo. The hairstyle is not complicated but is simple and can be pulled off. You can add some twists and braids and tie up into a small pony. The entire hairstyle does not need any maintenance once it is done.


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