112 Best Blunt Bob Hairstyles For The Year 2021


Blunt bob hairstyles became popular a long time back after Vidal Sassoon started off the trend. After its origination, the style has lasted its way throughout the years and is prevalent today in 2018. It suits all of the face types and hair textures as well. Not only that, it has its many variations such as asymmetrical, angular and many more.

Blunt bob hairstyles are usually worn by the fine hair to show off its lines and sleekness. It makes your hair look healthy and voluminous. It doesn’t need only to be worn by the straight hair. Blunt cut bob styles can look great on wavy or curly hair. Check out some examples.

– Simply Mid Parted

This is an easy blunt cut bob hairstyle that is highlighted using strands of color. I told you blunt bob hairstyles look great in wavy hair as well. You can see the example above. Her hair is shoulder length, and the hair is cut in equal measure. The haircut makes the entire look voluminous and neat. To make the look better, she adds brown highlights near her face. It makes her face glow. She finishes the look with bright lipstick and eye makeup. You can go for this look for any day event.

-Shades Of Pink

Rose gold hair color is love. Who wouldn’t agree? Well, of course, some of you might not love it, but you will naturally like the color in this hairstyle. This is a blunt bob hairstyle for fine hair. Her hair appears full and healthy because of the haircut. The hair color, which I have described initially, is pure gold. It gives a pinkish hue and a beautiful shine to the hair. You can side part your hair or in the middle. Both will look beautiful.

-Waves and Bob

This is a fun look for the summer. If you are planning a vacation, you should try this look. You will want to shock everyone with your gorgeous photos. So, get yourself a makeover and leave everyone in awe. The hair color is exquisite. If it suits your undertone, you should try this look. You can keep your natural hair texture. Wavy hair looks great in this haircut. You can follow the messy look. It seems young and vibrant.

-For 2018

2018 has come and half the year has passed. Yes, half the year. We are in the sixth month, right now. So, by now if you have not gotten yourself a new look, I think it is time for you to get yourself a makeover. You can pick for one of the layered blunt bob hairstyles for your unique style this year. It will make you look fun and young. The hairstyle can be styled using only a few products. Keep the makeup to the minimum since it is summer.

-Blunt Cut Style

I love this hairstyle. It looks raw and different. The hairstyle is naturally effortlessly. It has been cut brilliantly. The waves and curls are used to define her face. She goes for long layers near her face which makes the look terrific. You can try this look if you have curly hair and want a short hairstyle. Make sure you decrease the volume of your hair so that you don’t have extra frizz. Keep your frizz in check and define your curls. Once you do, you are good to go.

-For The Night Out

Her natural hair texture is kept intact for this look. Blunt bob hairstyles can get quite annoying for some people. So, you can always try making it fun with colors. Make sure you use highlights. You can go for blonde colors or red, pink or purple. For this hairstyle, you can go for an ombre effect as well. A middle part of your hair. If you are heading out to a party, go for this makeup. It looks beautiful. Look at that gorgeous shade of lipstick and beautiful eye makeup.

-Highlights And Shades

You can go for the sleek version of blunt cut hairstyle if you want to get a new look for your office. This hairstyle works great for the office as well as any other event. The front strands of her hair are cut a bit shorter than the ones at the back. They are kept angularly on each side. You can also go for middle partition of your hair. The hair strands will define your face. Highlight your hair colors, or you can color your hair. Brown color can make your skin glow.

-Sleek Blunt Cut

If you have fine hair and similar hair color you can go for this hairstyle. You can opt for this hairstyle even if you have a different hair color. It will look terrific. You can side part your hair and let your hair be naturally you. Make sure you keep your hair frizz free. You will need some products to keep your hair as sleek as shown in the picture. You can add some highlights to define the high points of your face. Smile for a picture-perfect photo. Go for a nude lipstick.

-Side Parted Sleekness

You can try this look if you want blunt bob hairstyles for short hair. It looks sexy and edgy at the same time. Her hair length is short. So, you don’t need to go for a pixie cut if you want to try a short hair. This style can also be an option. Side part your hair or middle part it. This cut will make your hair look voluminous and healthy. This is a hairstyle that is made for fine hair texture. Finish the look with suitable makeup. Red lipstick completes the entire look. Make sure you have red lipstick.

-Blunt Cut Hairstyles With Bangs

If you notice her hair texture, you can see that it is of the thin type. If you go for other styles, your hair will not look full. The blunt cut hairstyle will make her hair look large and beautiful. The quality of her hair will also appear better. I love the straightness of her hair and how playful it seems. You can side part it and shake it off. Make sure you take some snaps. Finish the look with glossy lips. It will keep the makeup to a minimum and make you look fabulous. For the eyes, you can only use mascara.

-From The Back

Look at the uniformity of this haircut. It looks flawless. The hair seems melted white gold in a waterfall. If you decide to get yourself blunt bob hairstyle, it will look beautiful from every angle. The back view looks neat and pretty. If you go for blonde color, your hair will look like beautiful liquid gold, and for brown, melted chocolate it is. Make sure you maintain this hairstyle to make it look gorgeous. It needs care and proper trimming from time to time. If you don’t trim it, it will take away the neatness and edginess of the hair strands. So, proper care is a must.

-On The Side

Look at this short and beautiful blunt cut hairstyle. Blunt cut hairstyles will not have many layers as these hairstyles are known for their uniformity. So, don’t expect a lot of layers with it. You can get the layered version of it if you have curly hair or wavy hair. This hair type is again thin, so the haircut is adding lots of volume to this look. The hair color is used to create an ombre effect. You should pick a hair color that suits your undertone. If you choose the right color, your face will have a beautiful glow. Nude lipsticks work on every occasion.

-Sharp Blunt Cut

Her hair looks nothing sort of perfection. It is a treat to the eyes. I could stare at it all day. To achieve such a style, first of all, you need to keep your hair healthy. We all want great hairstyles, but we always forget the basics. The basic for anything to look great is for it to be of health. So, make sure your hair has shine and strength. After that, you can straighten your hair to achieve this shape. Keep the hair length up to your chin. This hairstyle is perfect.

-Making A Statement

Runway models look good in everything. So, will you. It is just that they wear everything correctly. That is what you should be doing as well. Each hairstyle has its endless variations. So, pick anyone that suits you. This hairstyle is a messy blunt bob hairstyle that is natural and effortless. I love its simplicity. This is one of those hairstyles for which you do not have to work hard or need to do a lot of styling. Have fun wearing it and walking with it. Finish the look with a makeup that focuses on your eyes.

-Blunt Cut For Round Face

If you have black hair and think that blunt bob hairstyles will make it boring, think again. You need to put a stop to that train of thoughts. You can see how beautiful it looks on her. Blunt cut hairstyles look beautiful with bangs. So, you can try fringes as well. Make sure you go for a bangs style that suits your face. That is something I have been repeating for a long time, and there is a reason why. This hairstyle would look better if it were made sleek and neat. Red lipstick is your best friend.


I love an excellent wavy hair. It doesn’t have the complexity of curls. Not that I am saying I don’t like curls. But sometimes we want the relaxed look. You always don’t need to have the best of the designs. Wavy hair to me is the middle ground. Do you think so too? It is okay if you don’t. Well, forget that. Let us talk about this blunt cut with waves. They look beautiful, don’t they? The waves look like ones of the sea. I mean look how beautiful it is. Yes, blunt cuts work great with the waves. So, if you have the wavy hair, maintain it and get yourself some bob hairstyles. It is time you get yourself a new hairstyle.


This must one of the best examples of how great blunt cut hairstyles look in their natural state. You don’t always need to get the sleek version. Actually, you can go for a sleek version for the night and for your work you can let it run loose. The frizziness of the hair is acceptable. Not just acceptable, it is beautiful. She look great. She prefers the no makeup look. So, all the focus is automatically drawn to her hair. Why wouldn’t it? Everyone wants everything beautiful.

-After And Before

Usually, on the left side, you have the before picture and on the right, you have the after. Here in this example, we have quite the opposite one. Don’t worry. The effect is still the same. Do you like how her hair looks after it got the much-needed chop. The hair looks defined and blunt. Those boring, dead ends have long gone from her life. So, if you are also suffering from split-ends, I say go and chop those bad boys off. The end result is great. You can see it for yourself.

-Blunt Bob Hairstyles With Bangs

Hairstyles with bangs are made for kids. They will look cute and define their face. Your little girl does not need to get a complicated style. She can go for a blunt bob hairstyle with bangs and she will look cute. The focus will automatically come with her beautiful smile. It is easy to maintain. If she has the fine hair type or straight hair, I suggest you get her this haircut. It will be easy for her to beat the heat in the summer and look great all the time. Plus, she will love it too.

-Messy Bangs

Blunt bob hairstyles don’t always have to be larger than life. I know for some of us that neat and precise look is out of our hands. Imagine spending so much time of your day on your hair. There are many other kinds of stuff you have to get too. So, for that, we introduce to you messy version of blunt cut hairstyles. They are simple and effortless. All you have to do is get the haircut and let your natural design do their thing. Use your fingers and style it on a daily basis. You can get yourself blunt bob hairstyles with bangs. They are popular.

-Blunt Cut With A-line Bangs

Dakota Johnson is known for her signature bangs. We have used her photos for showing you great examples of bang hairstyles. Here we bring you another great example for blunt bob hairstyles with bangs. The hair length is almost up to her shoulder. The hair color flatters her skin tone. She goes for an A-shaped bang which makes her fabulous. The bangs shape are based on her face shape. So, take that as an inspiration. Go for this style and look beautiful like Dakota does.


Blessed are those who have naturally straight and black hair. I have a few friends who have such hairstyle. It is not complicated and easy to maintain. You need to shower on a regular basis. Your hair produces natural oil, so it always nourished. For those hair types, blunt bob hairstyles are made for you. They will fall entirely on the place, and all you have to do is run a comb through it every day. You can add colors or let your hair be beautifully black. The choice is yours. Make sure you choose something that suits you.

-Straight And Shine

Look at the shine on her hair. It is enviable. If you have fine hair, you can quickly achieve this look. There are no complicated hair designs at all. It is simple. The hair is parted in the middle. The main thing about this style it is kept sleek and straight. So, of course, you will need frizz controlling products and shine maintaining creams as well. For the look to be perfect, she adds colors to her hair. You can keep your natural hair color if you like or go for an ombre effect. That is your choice. Wear this look on a date night and feel like a star.


When you get a new hairstyle, you should be sure that gives you a shine. If you have that perfect glow, you will make many heads turn. That is something we all love. Side part your hair. The sleek and refined look is difficult to maintain. So, when you try this look, it is essential you are ready to give it some time and effort. When you have spent all your energy on this hairstyle, you don’t need to provide a lot of time to your makeup. You can go for glossy lips and eyeliner. You are done. Keeping the makeup minimum and hairstyle sleek gives you a chic and alluring look.

-Blunt Bob Hairstyles With Messy Bangs

This hairstyle is sexy. Look at all the layers it has. These are what are called blunt bob hairstyles with layers. I mean you can enjoy looking at all the strands and how they fall. It must be easy to maintain and looks effortless. This is again one of those looks which makes you look like you rolled out of your bed fabulous. Her hair is short and layered. She also adds side bangs that define her face. You can go for a messy look and use your fingers to style it. This will work great on straight or curly hair.

-Blunt Cut With Side Bangs

She looks cute with her hair. Her hairĀ falls under the blunt bob hairstyles with layers. It is nice and keeps you fresh. Usually, they say you look what you feel. But sometimes, in the morning when you are drawing a blank, you feel great if you see yourself fabulous in the mirror. So, make sure you always get a great hairstyle. You can go for this messy look. Make sure you get yourself some bangs that define your face type. It will make you look beautiful and magnificent. You can go for pink nude lipstick.

-Another For 2018

This is an excellent look for any party that you are about to host. You can try this look for a get-together or go clubbing as well. The hairstyle is natural and can be carried off pretty well. You will need a cute pullover if it is winter. If you are planning to go clubbing rather than going crazy with your dress-up, I suggest go for something stylish and comfortable. This will allow you to dance your night away. So, make sure you have a hairstyle that is hassle-free. Blunt bob hairstyles with waves make for a great example of this style.

-Simply Nice

Who didn’t love her in Devil Wears Prada? We love her in this beautiful blunt cut hairstyle as well. It is short and fun. The look isn’t defined and precise. So, you do not need to spend hours making sure it is perfect. You can get this look using a few products. You need to cut your hair accurately. When you do to get yourself this hairstyle, make sure you do it with a good stylist. You do not want to ruin the entire style and make it look worthless. Finish your look with dark eyeliner.

Check out more blunt bob hairstyles ideas for short hair and long hair. We have some great inspirations for girls with round faces as well. It doesn’t matter if you have fine hair or thick hair, we have many pictures showing you great blunt cut hairstyles with bangs.

Did you enjoy a collection of best blunt bob hairstyles for the year 2018? Pick the one that suits you best and enjoy your haircut. Have fun flaunting your fantastic style.


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