100 Stunning Blue Hair Options for a Bold Look


Blue hairstyles have been causing a lot of buzz on social media sites nowadays. We have seen the hair colors being worn by famous celebs and influencers as well. Some hair colors can genuinely make your stand out in the crowd, and this one surely makes it to that list! Trying on this color will be the best thing you do to make yourself look unique and stunning!

Blue hair will make everyone turn their heads on you! There is no way anyone can move past you without taking a second look. They can be altered in hues and depth to make it look good on all skin tones. Here are some blue hairstyles for you to try on for yourself.

Tips for blue hair coloring

  1. Make sure you take your time coloring; the color will not show off quickly!
  2. Use sulfate free shampoos to make the color last longer
  3. Do not wash your hair often to make the color last!
  4. Get regular touch-ups to keep the hair color intact
  5. Make sure you use color removers beforehand to remove old colors
  6. Use bleach to lighten your hair and get the desired shade
  7. Use deep conditioning treatments to prevent hair damage
  8. Get your hair cut before starting to color

Now that we have told you the things you need to pay extra attention to, here are some ideas to inspire you to try this color on!

Bright tones

There are very bright tones in this hairstyle. The blue has been lightened, and the hues are flattering for pale skin tones in general.


Age is no barrier!

There is no barrier when it comes to trying on bold and bright hair colors! Age should not be the reason for you not to try out these blue shades. No matter how old you are, its the age in your heart that matters!

Black and blue

If you have naturally black hair, coloring it in blue tinges will help to add the perfect dimension to your hair. The hair color will help to break the monotony of the black and bring out some vibrancy to the look!

Dark blue and violet tones

Here we have some dark blue hues for you that have the slightest tinge of violet in them. The blend of colors are working well here and will match all skin tones as well.

The perfect blend

You need to make sure that you find the blue hairstyles that suit your skin tones well! These shades are well blended here to achieve a look that steals your heart!

 Bob with blue hair

Bob hairstyles have been trending since last year, and we love the combination of light and dark shades of blue to accommodate this beautiful hair cut! Here we have some styles for your bob!

Icy blue shades

The winters sure bring about a lot of creativity, and the frosty blue shades here are suitable for such cold days! The light shades here acting like highlights and the rest has a dark royal blue tone.

Unique Ombre hair

One of the most common ways to style your locks is ombre blue hairstyles. You can see here how the dark roots turn to light purple and then to a bright green hue!

Mermaid hair color

This color here reminds us of the mermaid here we once saw in cartoons! The animation seems to have come alive with this light shade, and we love the lightness to it. Try this one for a bold look.

Opt for the vibrancy

When you try on hair colors as bold and daring as the blues and purples, you need to add vibrancy to the hair colors to make them look better! The dark shades will otherwise have a dull outlook.

Peacock shades of green and blue

We take inspiration from nature all the time. This shade right here seems to have come out of the peacock’s feathers. The dark and light blue transcends into light green as we move down.

Darker roots

Your dark roots will show off once your hair starts to grow. The darker roots will still look good and add a further dimension to the hair.

Knotted Bun

A knotted bun such as this one right here is an excellent choice for the days when you are running late. This is one of the blue hairstyles that you can do in a matter of minutes, and it still looks good!

Grey and blue ombre

Blue hair has been a viral hair color trend for sure. And an equally loved hair color is the grey shades here. We can see how the combination of grey hair on top works well with the light blue below!

Blue and purple hair

Blue and purples are not colors that occur naturally in nature. You can see why these colors can be hard to create! When you choose this combination, you are inevitably going to look unique and glamorous!

Teenager’s look

Teenagers are forever trying on colors that make them look unique. They have been trying on blur hairstyles and slaying them well! We have seen a lot of vibrancy and shine in the blue hues they choose.

Greenish blue

This shade of blue has greenish undertones, and they look stunning. You can see how they work for fair to medium skin tones here. But they can work for other deeper tones as well. Try this one for a carefree look.


Afro with a twist

Afro has been a favorite African hairstyle for long. This afro has a twist here. Not only has the colors made the hair look great, but the flower on the side has also added a nice touch of elegance as well.

Dark purple hues

These dark purple shades are the perfect dark colors to try on if you want a unique look. These colors do not show up often, so you need to make sure you take the help of a professional stylist before you get these hues on!

Black and blue

Black is a dark base and works well with other colors to provide the needed dimension. You can see how these colors work for all skin tones. Try an ombre black and blue combination this season!

Teal undertones

You can see the bright teal shades in this braided hairstyle here. The blue tones are vibrant, and we can see the hair strands with darker hues as well. You can try this teal hue and look the best in the crowd!

Blonde with purple and blues

Blonde hair is a loved hue for sure. Many like this beautiful and light shade here. You can opt for darker hues of blues and purples with blonde for a trendy outlook.

Seafoam green

You must have seen many models use this color for their Instagram posts. The seafoam green hues have been loved by many and are one of our top recommendations as well.

Braided blue hairstyles

Braids are one of the most versatile hairstyle options out there. There is so much that you can do with the braids to make them look unique each time you wear them. Here are some edgy and beautiful braided blue hairstyles that you need to try today!

Vibrancy at it’s best

Vibrant blue hairstyles are all the rage among youngsters today. No one can deny that these shades are perfect for the summer! There are so much shine and luster in these shades that we can’t take our eyes off of it!

Short hair

Not a fan of long hair? No problem, you can always slay any hair color with short hair too! These short blue hairstyles options here are unique, and there are varied textures for you to check out also!

The tousled bob and the funky hair color combinations make these hairstyles a must try for everyone! There are variations for everyone here, and so we are sure you will find something you like here!

On the low

Some shades can make your hair pop out for sure. These shades can make all the difference in your overall look. Here we have the ends of the tight ringlets colored in bright blue tones. This breaks the monotony of the dark hair and gives you a fresh look.

Loose or braided?

There is no doubt that different people love different blue hairstyles. No matter what you prefer, we surely have something for everyone. Here we have braided hair and loose free hair as well. You can choose the one that you like for yourself!


If you want a hot outlook for yourself, you need to try this one. The dark shade of blue here is a tone that is not very common. It works for all skin tones, and we love how the long bangs with layered hair look with the colors.

Highlights on blue hair

The easiest way to add flair and dimension to your hair is by adding some layers of highlights here. You can see the blue hair with light blue shades, and we love it! There are pinkish tones here too that cannot be missed.

You can try on any shades of blonde, pinks or even light blues to add a bit of dimension to your hair.

Dark and light blue

Dark roots will inevitably show up once your hair starts to grow. You can see that as it grows, it will add a different look. Here we have darker blue hair on the top, and it cascades into a light blue shade as we move down! The ends here have a slight ash grey tone as well, and it all blends well together.

Blue and lime green

Blue hair with lime green shades is lovable in all ways possible. This color is sure to make you look like a character out of a fairytale. This will take an expert hand to do, and it is best if you visit your salon to get these hues on you! No matter what hairstyle you try, you will look stunning!

Long hair

When you have long hair, there are many blue hairstyles that you can try on. These shades are going to make you look great, and you can experiment with a lot of styles too.

You can curl them, straighten them or even try on ombre and other hair color trends.

Laid back hair

There are days when you need an easy hairstyle to try on and leave the house to run some errands! This is one such type of blue hairstyles for sure. The side swept braided hair is knotted at the back, and it is comfortable to do and wear all day as well.

Subtle hues

If you do not want to try bright, vibrant colors, you need to try on one of the subtle shades of blue. Here we have a black base on top and ombre blue hair on the bottom. You are inevitably going to look your best as you try this simple shade on!

Multi-colored hair strands

If you are having difficulty in trying on just one shade of bold color, try getting all the colors you want to your beautiful locks. You can see the sunshine yellow, reds and orange shades here. These bright colors are going to give you a daring outlook.

If you want a bold style but are not sure about a lot of colors, here is a blue color for you to try on.

The one for youngsters

Teenagers and youngsters always love the vibrant and bold shades of blue hairstyles. Many try on these hairstyles and manage to look amazing. Here are some bold yet youthful looks for you to try on and look stunning!

Sleek layered hair

Layered hair has been a style loved by all women around the globe. You are surely a fan of it too if you have tried it on once! They add a lot of volume and texture to your hair. The shades of blue have well styled the sleek hair here, and we do recommend it for all!

Multi braided hairstyles

Braids are such great options. They are always something to be experimented with! One twist is never enough. You need to try on multi braids too. There are many styles here that you can try on. Here are some stunning braided blue hairstyles for you to try on for yourself.


Sleek or textured hair?

When you get your hair colored in these blue hues, you can try on any hair texture as you want. Here we have some sleek hair options for you to try on that are sure to give you a well-styled look. Choose the texture that you like and slay the look with your attitude!

Grey tones

Grey tones have been getting a lot of popularity over the years. It is one of the trendiest hair color shades that are available to try on this season. Try getting some grey tones in your hair with your blue hair and achieve the look that no one can deny looks gorgeous.

Space buns

These are one of the coolest hairstyles out there. They can be worn to your gym or even to a casual birthday party. They are easy to do as well; and will only take you a matter of minutes to do and the results are excellent.

Lilac shades

Lilac is a pretty light shade that you can add to get the desired dimension to your locks. They add elegance to your hair and give the chic outlook to the hair as well. Try the favorite shade of lilac that you want and look charming all day every day!

Blonde with blue shades

Blue has undoubtedly been a favorite color to try on this season. And blonde has been loved and admired by everyone immensely over the years. You can see the blend of these colors here, and they look amazing for sure. You can try on ombre hairstyles with these color options.

Ombre blue hairstyle

This is an everlasting hair color trend right here. Ombre hair has been loved and applauded by many over the years. Try the blue hairstyle that you want once you get the shade that you desire. Go as light as you want or as dark as you like as your hair color tinge!


Demi Lovato’s hair

The singer has tried on many daring hairstyles, and she looks great on each of these looks. Her greenish blue hairstyles have undoubtedly given her fans a look to recreate. Try this shade the next time you visit your hairdresser and look as mesmerizing as Demi herself.

Hair accessories

You can add hair accessories to your hair to make them look elegant and polished. No matter what hairstyle you try on, adding a simple hair ornament can make a lot of difference. Here are some flower shaped add ons to add to your hair.

You can see how the colors that you add to your hair can make your hairstyle and epic one!


Light shades

Light shades of blue can make pale skin tones look great. You can try pairing these bright shades of blue with other hues like ash blonde to create an ombre hair look come alive. These shades right here are sure to entice you to try this look on for yourself.

Purple hues with layered hair

Add dark shades of blue to your purple hair and make the layers of your hair pop out the most. You can see why we love this hairstyle so much. No matter what hair texture you have on, you can see the colors here. They look good on almost everyone, and you can style them as you like.



Lavender and blue shades

Lavender hair is a light shade that you are sure to love with your blue tones. You can see how they work well together to give you a stylish look. Some celebs and models have sported this look, and we are a fan for sure. No matter what hair length you have, you can try this perfect combination on yourself.


Updos are a simple and classy choice for any formal events. No matter what age you are, updos are flattering for you. These blue hairstyles would be incomplete without the mention of the updos!


Even a basic ponytail will look amazing once you get your hair colored in shades of blue!


The transformation

You can see how your basic hair will go through a significant change as you color them into blue shades.

Medium hair length

If you are somewhere between a long and short length of hair, here are some gorgeous blue hairstyles to entice you! Try these on and rock the blue hair trend!

Shades of blue hair

There are varied shades of blue that you can try on. Blue hairstyles are gaining a lot of popularity, and you need to try them on to love them for sure. You can see the options that you have here for yourself and choose the one that looks most flattering on you!

Kylie Jenner’s hair

Kylie Jenner has fans that copy all of her styles and choose to follow everything that she does. She has undoubtedly made a lot of styles famous, and we love this half ombre blue hairstyles that she has on here. You are sure to fall in love with this one!

Once you reach the end, you must have gotten some inspiration for coloring your hair! The colors and hairstyles that you choose show off your inner personality, so make sure you make an informed decision! You can consult your hair stylist to make sure that the colors you try on add to your beauty and make you look flattering!

This is a wrap for the blue hairstyles ideas here. If you found the look for yourself, share your love with us and like and share this article. Comment down below and let us know how you liked this effort of ours! Stay with us for more on favorite topics and interesting hairstyle ideas!


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