87 Great Blue Black Hair Ideas For You


For the Avengers fans, blue-black hair ideas are equivalent to infinity stones. For the rest, these hair colors give you the perfect mysterious look. You will love the fact that once you get this color, every turn you make will expose the bluish tint making you look fabulous.

-What Is The Best Way To Get Blue-Black Hair?

For dark hair colors, you will need to bleach your hair to get the exact hair color you want. Always use petroleum jelly on the hairline before you get started. It will protect your skin. You need to wear old clothes and still use an old T-shirt. Follow the instructions written on your hair dye. Ready? Follow the following steps:

  • Wash your hair only with shampoo. Do not use a conditioner.
  • Start applying color to your hair from the ends. Do not forget ‘THE ENDS.’
  • After applying it to the desired sections of your hair, cover your hair with shower cap or plastic bag. Leave the dye on your hair the required time. The time is given in the box.
  • You can then rinse your hair with clear water at first to see if the color runs. If it does, wash it until you start getting clear water. After that, you can clean it with shampoo and then condition it. Some stylist recommends washing your hair with vinegar and water (1:1).
  • Air dry your hair for excellent results.

-For Maintenance

You need to reduce your hair washing routines to only two times a week if you want the blue-black hair to stay. Use dry shampoos if your hair needs more cleansing than two times a week. Do not forget to condition your hair. That is essential. Let your hair have enough moisture.

Ready for some great ideas?


Some of us are not up for all blue-black hair colors. We only want some part if it. So, for those girls who wish to a shade of mystery, you can for this type of look. The hair is long and black. All you have to do is pick your strands and then dye them. You don’t have the best dye for coloring your hair blue-black. It depends on your choice. Some dye brands will suit your hair and some won’t. One of the most popular brands is Garnier, though. You only need to leave the dye on for a little while to achieve this type of hair color.

-Curly Blue Black Hair

Curly hair looks fantastic with colors. I love the tint of her hair colors. Her curls are bouncy, and they look gorgeous. She keeps her hair length medium. That may be because of her coils. If you have curly hair, your hair will look shorter than its actual length. Talking about the color, she goes for the shade blue-black. There are many shades of the blue-black hair color, and this one is one of the darkest ones. Her makeup is perfect for this hairstyle. You should have a tone of nude lipstick in your makeup kit.

-Shiny One

This is one of the brightest shade of the hair colors. Her hair looks lustrous and is long. The hair type is straight and looks fantastic. Although, for this hairstyle, I would prefer it to be voluminous rather than flat. If you like this look, you can try this hair color. It is a unique color. You will not find many people with this hair color. People usually go for pastel blue colors or dark navy ones. This is in between those shades, and it looks just as high as the ones I mentioned.

-Subtle One

When I told you, blue-black hair colors look like a mysterious shade of color, I was not lying. She seems like an enigma. Her cat-eyes with the perfect eyeliner look is on point. The lipstick shade is beautiful. As for the hair, you can see that the colors are great. There is the only layer of the colors. For the hairstyle, she goes for the double top knot hairstyle. Her natural texture comes alive with this hair color and haircut. You can go for this look for a lazy day hairstyle.

-From The Back

Black blue hair colors, if chosen the right shade, makes your hair lustrous. It will give your hair a beautiful shine. The length of her hair is long and straight. The hair has been cut in such a way that its ends look like a shape of V. The hair doesn’t have any layers. It has been allowed to be as it is using its natural texture and type. This is a natural hairstyle and hair color that can be worn by anyone. I am sure you will have all the heads turn to you for the right reason if you try this hair color.

-Bouncy Curls

Her curls and short and it looks like an array of spirals. Her hair is somewhat an Afro hairstyle. Afro styles are a unique hairstyle. You will not need to anything but maintain the health of your hair for styling. Your hair will never look boring and dull if you have this type of shape of curls. If you have similar hair, you already have a unique style. So, to match the hair color, I suggest you go for a mysterious shade. The blue-black hair color will work great with this hairstyle. Finish the look with nude makeup and subtle eye makeup.

-Only Half

African American hairstyles look so much better with blue-black hair colors than with plain black hair color. The hair length is short, and it seems beautiful. Notice, how the girls with blue hair match the tone with their outfit. You can try the look as well. For those braids, using blue colors can give it a beautiful ombre effect. Finish the look with nude lipstick and lots of mascara. You can use golden accessories for your hair as well as a neckpiece. Glossy lips also look great for this look. For your hair accessory, there are endless options. You can go for the golden ones as shown or white rhinestones. It is your choice.

-Mystery Tint

We have another picture where you see the color of her outfit matching her hair color. The hair length is long and has lots of waves. The waves are broad in shape, and they look great. This is a great everyday hairstyle that will look beautiful on anyone. If you have similar hair to this, you should go for this look with a shade of blue-black hair color. The blue-black colors manage to blend in beautifully with her strands, but they give your face a unique glow.

-Kylie Style

Kylie Jenner has managed to rock some great hair colors over the years. The youngest of Kardashian-Jenner clan stands out from the sister regarding hair color. She has flaunted many hair colors such as blonde, green, etc. So, we are not surprised when she shows off blue-black hair colors that only some people like. She keeps her hair length strong and long. For her hair colors, she picks blue-black that adds a high shine to her face. The shine of her hair looks great with blue shades.

-Only In The Arches

Long lengths of hair usually look great when complemented with waves and large curls. They will look messy and fun. I love the strands of her hair. The shape of the waves is enormous. For the hair colors, she goes with the purple shades of the blue-black hair color. She only picks few strands of her hair that she wants to be colored. You will need to use foil in the coloring process if you want your hair colors to sit like this in your hair. Finish the look with a cool black outfit.


I love those large curls. Who doesn’t love curly hairstyles? The long hair with large curls is a treat to any eyes. If you don’t like the regular highlighting hair colors such as brown or blonde, you can go for something new. Red might also not make it to your list of hair color options. What about navy blue? They will look mysterious, and you have the option of choosing a shade lighter.  Make sure you concentrate you hair colors near your waves so that they are the center of the attention. Use the best blue-black hair dye brands for your hair.

-Short One

Short hairstyles look great with a little bit of color. The waves on her hair look great, and it gives a perfect messy look. The hair strands have a great shape at the ends and are filled with layers. I love this look. If you want to look like you have great hair all the time, I recommend you try this layered bob hairstyle. You can also go for the asymmetrical bob haircuts. If you want to have fun with this look, add a tint of the blue-black hair color. Finish the look with subtle makeup and wear the outfit that brings your look together.

-Ink Blue Black Hairs

Ink blue color could also be your option for your new hair color. It is essential for you to get great hair colors. You only have one lifetime, and I say use it to the best of its potential. Do what you always wanted to do even if it is as simple as coloring your hair completely new color. Some might say pastel blue colors, but I love the dark shades of the blue color as well. You can go for ink blue tones as shown in this picture. Her hair is short, and she lets the natural black hair be as it is. To add a new dimension, she chooses a color that blends as well as stands out. It works great for her hairstyle.

-The Waves

A great way to accentuate your waves and curls are coloring. They draw immediate focus on your shapely strands, and they look fabulous. Her hair length is long, and you can see that the natural texture of her hair is highlighted. For the hair shape, she adds lots of waves at the ends. You can use a hairdryer and a rounded brush to achieve this look at home. It is simple and will make you look stylish. To draw attention to your hard earned waves, go for the blue-black hair colors.

-Cool Hues

She looks gorgeous. She manages to play with shades of blue like no one else does. I love this look. I am saving this look. For her outfit, she matches it with the mysterious shade of her hair color. Her hair color is not direct and appears in a very light manner. You can see the shadows and hues in the sunlight. In the darkness, your hair will look like your natural dark color. Her hair has beautiful waves, and I love them. For makeup, she uses lots of mascara and goes for glossy lips.

-Punk Style

If you are going through the punk version of your life and want to style your hair edgy, you can go for this look. Your hair will look like a natural waterfall of colors. The shades of blue enhance the natural black hair color well. So, you can go for this hairstyle. Her hair is straight and long. She has the thin hair type. To bring life to her hair, she decides to go for blue hair colors. You can color the strands near your face or just your bangs. Color more strands of your hair other than fringes using the best dye brands.

-Different One

This shade of blue is a treat to the eyes. I love everything about this look. Even though her hair is straight and does not have any layers, it still looks like it has a lot of life. The credit, I think goes to the hair color. She completely colors her hair blue-black using the best brands. Her hair color looks natural and brings out the best of her features. For her eye makeup, she goes for oranges tones and uses lots of mascara and eyeliners. The pink nude lipstick makes her lips full and beautiful.

-The Eyes

If you pick your hair color right, you manage to accentuate your eyes and the best features of your face. That is clearly shown in this photograph. I love her blue eyes. You must be blessed to be born with such beautiful eyes. So, if you are why not highlight them? Look at the tint of blue-black color on her hair. It is invisible, yet it is right there. You can also go for colors like royal blue. They will make you look like royalty and trust me, girl, you deserve some love and respect. Don’t treat yourself any less.

-Braids For Blue-Black Hair

Here is another excellent blue-black African American hairstyles. She goes for feed in braids, but you can try this in any of your African American hairstyles. It will work great in Ghana braids, large braids, micro braids and many more. Bantu knots also look great with the blue-black hair colors. For this hairstyle, she chooses the lighter shades of the blue and goes for that hair color. The hair length is long and the bright tones of blue compliment her skin correctly. Finish the look with appropriate makeup and outfit. You can even try the no makeup look. It will look great with your hairstyle.

-All Over

This a great example of the natural blue-black hair colors. She looks like she was born with the hair color. Although, is it possible? Do you think anyone was taken with a blue-black hair? Hey! 7 billion people. Anything is possible. People are born with the most significant gifts, so this apparently can be a possibility. Well, for the rest of us who aren’t, you can go for a shade of the blue-black like the one shown here. You can even color your bangs. Go for a pop of color for your outfit and wear something bright red. You know how to do your makeup.

-Can You See Them?

This is also an example of the natural blue-black hair idea. If you look closely, then only you can see the colors. I know she wasn’t born with the hair color, but the shine seems natural and an essential gift to her. This is a great way to add shine to your hair using the colors. Her hairstyle is bob without the layers. So, it is only justifiable that she will want some colors and fun in her hair. She colors the ends of her hair and adds a few streaks near her face. Finish the look with bright pink lipstick and subtle eye makeup.

-Bright One

We have back to back natural blue-black hairstyles for you. They look great on her. You can see them. She keeps things closer to the shades of blue. The length of her hair is long and gorgeous. She has thick black locks. You can also part your hair from the side. For this hair color, all you need to do is color your hair the shade of blue-black. That is it. For the outfit, you can wear a black tank top that highlights your hair. If you like the pop in your colors, go for bright red lipstick.

-Purplish Blue Black Hair

The shades of purple for blue-black hair works magic. Her hairstyle and color look unique. Anyone can try this look. I love the length of her hair and the shape of it. She uses colors to accentuate her look. Her hair has a lot of range and lots of ways. So, she needs to do something that draws attention to her hair. So, for that, she chooses to color. For the hair color, she goes for a bright shade of purple. You can try this look if purple is your favorite color.


This is one of my favorite hairstyles. I love the haircut that has a lot of volumes, and this one is undoubtedly a full look. She pulls all her hair on one side and uses a wide-tooth comb to create lots of sizes. For her hair partition, she goes for a side-partition. Those black locks look great with all the volume. What if you want to make it better? Go for hairstyles that have a lot of blue strands. If you have great art in your body, show it off using a strapless outfit.

-The Ends

Again, we have the natural shades of blue-black hair for you. She looks like she was born with that hair color. For this hairstyle, she keeps thing simple and lets the natural texture of her hair be as it is. For the length of her hair, she keeps things long and enables curls plus waves do all the kinds of stuff. She adds a new dimension to her hairstyle, using the blue-black hair color. You can quickly try this hair color. Trust me; you will look great if you use this hair color.

-Last One

For the final look that we will be discussing in this article, is this one. The length of her hair like many of the pictures we talked about before is long. The colors of her hair are beautifully blue-black. You can quickly do this hair color at home. The hair has a lot of waves. Blue colors accentuate her hair shapes. The navy blue color of the blue-black hair shades is one of my personal favorites. Which one is yours? Pick any of your favorites and try them. You can also try other colors as well if it suits your undertone.

Blue-black hair comes in a lot of hues and shades. It will flatter any skin tone and work for may hair textures. The trick is lighter shades compliment dark skin tones and vice versa. 

Picked your favorite mysterious looks? It is time to get yourself a new hair color. Go for the blue-black hair ideas.


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