101 Blue and Purple Hair Ideas You Can Sport This Season!


These blue and purple hair ideas here are the new trend that we are loving. You are sure to see that the hairdos in here are trendy and they are loved by models in their Instagram feed a lot. There are ways to make your hair stand out and make them look unique as well. When you add on these deep hues on your hair, they can add a whole new dimension to them. If you want an excellent and different look for yourself, then you need to try them out today.

You need to make sure that the hues you get match your skin tone. When you check the color chart on the internet, you can find the shades that complement each other and work well together as well. There are different styles you can get on board with here. No matter what you like, you can surely get the look you desire in this collection here. So make sure you navigate through this article here thoroughly.

Here is our collection of the best blue and purple hair ideas that you can get inspired by.

The colors we admire

These are the shade in here that are stunning as hell. You can see that the blue and purple in here has been taken on a new height with the way they have been laid down. These are looks that you are sure to love on yourself, especially if you have long hair.

blue and purple hairThe long process

We can assure you that you will need a lot of time to get the look that you want to. These hues do not occur naturally, so we need to make sure that the intensity develops over time rather than in one session. It will you some sessions to get the look that you want. You need to be patient with these hairdos and take the time that you need. You can ask your hairdresser about the sessions you will need.

Touch of flowers?

You can create any look on yourself if you have colored hair that is done well. You need to check out this look in here that has these brilliant waves to them. They are making the hair look thicker, and the style is admirable as well. You cannot miss the flowery section of hair on the side here. They are adding on the flair that we love and would recommend you try out as well for a fun vibe.

In sync with black

If you have naturally black hair, then you can try out any of these options here. You can see that the blues and purples are cooperating well and forming this excellent blend in here. When you look closely, you will be able to see the precision with which these colors have been done. If you are looking for ideas, we are here to show you the options you have. Choose any one of these to get that deep hue.

Lilac with blue and purple hair

When you try on something as bold and different as the blue and purple hair. You can see that they are not too bright here. There are shades of pastel on them also. This mix is feminine, and it still has this deep vibe to it. Here we have some images that you can get ideas out of if you are looking forward to this hairstyle. There are longer to medium sections of hair in here, and they are perfect for winter.

Adding these waves

Here are some of these stunning ideas in here that you can get on board with. You can see the picture on top here has this apparent transformation to it. There is a straightened hair on the side, and the next one has a lot of body and volume to it. If you are inclined to the blue hues, then you need to try out the top one. The latter one has the blend of dark and light purple in here.

Braid them up!

Adding braids to your hair is not a new thing as well. You can see that the twists here are subtle and they are not over the top as well. You can get any variation of braids as long as you are comfortable with the way it looks. Keep them loose if you want a relaxed look and you can also try out a tighter braid if you want a polished vibe to your hair.

Up close

If you are skeptical about these colors till now, then you can try out looking at these photos here. You can see that the pictures here are taken as a closeup and the strands of hair are done very well. The blue and purple hair in here has the light shades that stand out in the crowd. The one on the base here as these stripes of colors that make you want to dive deep within them.

The natural texture of hair

Some women would love to have a hairstyle that is naturally as gorgeous as this one. You can see that the locks in here have tight curls to them. They are colored well, and they are adding a new dimension to the hair as well. You need to condition your hair well when you try on shades like this on curly textures. Save your hair from damage as much as you can to keep the colors looking good.

Stunning blue and purple hair

You can try out light shades in here with the blue and purple here. You can see how well they are merging well with the rest of the hues. If you are interested in bright and beautiful shades on your hair, then you need to try out these options here. The one on top has this cute bow to it as well, which adds a flair to the whole attire. You can add waves to your hair to achieve perfection.

Casual everyday hairstyles

There are a lot of hairdos that have blue and purple hair underneath it, and this is an occasional shade as well. You can look crisp and fresh and get the look that sets you aside from everyone else. Here are some ideas that are sure to gel with the teenagers in here as well. There are colors placed in between the purple tones on the last one as well.

Short blue and purple hair

If you are dreaming for an easy to style hair for the summer, then this is the blue and short purple hair you need to try. There are options here for you, and you can choose the one that suits you the most. You can keep them concise as the ones on top here or follow the top here longer. You can see that the colors here are what makes this an edgy look.

Long blue and purple hair

Long hair is trendy, and there are women of all ages trying them on. You can see them on the Instagram pictures as well. The length of your hair can make a big difference in the way your colors show up too. So you can try out any of these shades in here if you have a more extensive section of locks on yourself. Here are some shades that have the pastel lilac tones in there as well.

Mixed in colors

You can create any hairstyle with the purple and blue hair dye mixed. You can see that these are creating a beautiful blend in the mid-length hair in here. Make sure you can keep the base of your hair dark as well to balance everything out. This is one shade that works well for all hair textures and hair lengths!

Unique appeal

These are styles that work for women in the magazine covers. You can see these on models showing off the bright and brilliant hues. They may not work out for ordinary women and girls like us! But if you are interested in trying out a bold hairdo, then you can surely try them out. You can feel confident and lively as well as you try out these hairdos. So you need not dismiss the ideas so soon!

Casual and approachable blue and purple hair

If you are looking for light blue and purple hair, this is the section here for you. You can add them on your full hair as well. But if you are looking to add on some depth to your hair, then you can add some deep tones on the roots of your hair as well. You can weigh in the options you have in here!

Shoulder length hair

This is the best look for you if you are not a fan of the extremes! You can try out the best length for you if you are not willing to try a mid-length hair in here. The colors are stunning here, and they are going to look great on skin tone as well. So you need not worry about these shades not looking good on you.

With the blonde hues

Women love the use of blonde in their hair for years now, and you are sure to have them on a lot of people! Here are styles with blue and purple hair tips as well. If you are looking to get the same for you, we are encouraging you a lot through this section. The blonde is placed on top, and the blue and purple follow through.

Get inspired today

We take inspiration from a lot of things to get our hair colors in. You can try out the constellation hair trend in here. Bringing ideas to form nature is a common thing for most stylists. And here we have the best look for you. You can try out these shades if you are looking for a youthful burst of colors. These are sure to make you feel ecstatic!

Be bold and daring!

If you are willing to try on a hairstyle that has an edge to it, then you can see the one in here. You can see the sides in here are shaved off well. There are designs on in here as well. You can get any pattern on to your temples too. The braided blue and purple hair is looking great in here with the waves on the bottom as well.

Fairytale looks

You can see that this look here is stunning and has this fairytale vibe to the hair. There are colors in here that make the hair look so. The unicorn fantasy can be seen as being fulfilled as we look at this image here. You can see that the top section has the purple hues on them. You can add the jewel on the hair like the ones that are readily available as well.

Blunt ends

When you get your hair colored, you need to make sure that the hair is cut beforehand. Some shades only look good when your hair has been cut well. Especially if you are looking to try on the tone that is light and bright, you will need to trim your hair. So here is an idea for you to try out. Keep the ends blunt and enjoy this look.

Shine on

You can obtain this look if you get some shine tonic on to your hair while coloring it. The luster here is admirable, and we all want to look like that. You can agree that this is a look that we mostly see on advertisements for hair products. If you’re going to achieve the said look, you need to visit your stylist.

Evergreen bob

The bob hairdos in here are stunning, and you can be assured that they are not going out of style anytime soon. You can see the short, sleek edge to these looks here and you can try out the fun blue and purple hues on them. Here are a couple of images in here to get you excited for sure. You can also opt for waves if you are not into sleek hair.

Stunning  blue and purple hair

Here is an idea for women that want to try out a breezy hairdo. You can see that there is a blend of blue and purple in here that also has a light hint of ash blonde to it. You can try out the same for you if you want to get the youthful unicorn like vibe to your hair. If you’re going to take some ideas, then here is a look to take on as a reference.

Majestic hues

If you are looking to make your hair have this light shade, then you can try out the blue and purple highlights that we are showing you here. You can see there are light ash blonde hues in here that add the light shade on the hair and make them look stunning. You can also go for a lighter shade of purple as well to make them look transitional!

Sexy blue and purple hair

Women are always interested in a sexy look, and you can see that the dark blue and purple hair has been a big trend in recent times. There are waves on the hair, and they are looking voluminous and have this youthful vibe to them as well. You can try on this look for a date night as well. Make sure you add some light shades on them as well.

Transition of colors

When you see the blue and purple hair on people, then you get enticed to try them on yourself and thus we are showing you how the hair can look when you make the transfer the colors. Here are some images that can further push you into getting these trendy look on yourself. So what are you waiting for? Do not delay this any longer and book an appointment today.

Salon styled hair

Sometimes we feel like there are colors that you can get done back home itself. You can see that there are a lot of tutorials on the internet as well that have showcased ways to get the blue and purple hue on. But we are sure that these hues are better off being handled by a professional. So you can get them done on a salon for a polished look.

Youthful and fresh

Teenagers are always sporting these cool hairstyles, and you are sure to have seen them around yourself. These are cool and have this new vibe to them as well. Here we are bringing to you the best of these stunning hairstyles. These are done on blue and purple hair, and you can sport them if you are heading out to your college or for a day out.

Getting blue and purple hair extensions

We do understand that a lot of women are worried about hair damage that comes with coloring your hair. If you are feeling the same, then you can add on hair extensions with the colors in here.

Silver with blue and purple hair

Silver or grey hair was one of the top hair trends to take over the internet back in 2018. Some celebs sported this look and made it even more popular than any other hue. Here is the mix of blue and purple hair that merges well with the silver to grey tones in here. This is one look that is sure to set you aside from everyone else.

Keeping it plain

If you are not interested in something that is not so bold and wants to keep it simple, then you can try out the hairstyles in here. They are subtle, and they have the light pastel tones on them as well. The knot on the back is simple, and you need not be an expert at styling to be able to get this done.

When you are making a choice!

When you decide to color your hair in these shades, you need to make sure that you take care of your locks. You need to get them conditioned and treated time and again to enjoy a healthy look for yourself.

You may be thinking of which look to try on now that you have finished the article in here. If you are confused as to what you want to try out, then it is perfectly ok. You need to reevaluate all the options you have here and even take help from your stylist as well. You can also ask your friends to make comments on the hairdo you have chosen so that you can get more ideas. These are not the colors that show off easy, so you need to be patient about getting them on. You may need to take some sessions to get the depth that you want.

Here we tried to present to you the range of hairdos that you can try on for yourself. These blue and purple hair ideas in here have the perfect balance to it, and it can add that needed flair to your hr! So you need to get the ones that you can confidently show off. If you think this article here was helpful to find the one for you, then you can click on the like button below.


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