70 Blonde Hairstyles: Long, Short, Medium (2021)


So, only two percent of the world’s population are blessed with gorgeous natural blonde hair. And even these selected people don’t even get to keep it for their entire life.

However, for the rest of us, the unfortunate souls, we have balayage and ombre technique that give us the naturally blonde feels. Fortunately, we have thirty shades of blonde that can compliment all length of hair, be it short, long or medium! 

Sure, it might sound a little stretched, but trust me it is worth all the trouble! Think about it; Princess Diana even spent a whopping $6,000 on her highlights! Why? Even princesses need to know if they can pull the blonde look off. It gives all of us confidence!

And remember; Margaret Thatcher’s beautiful hair became more blonde as she became more powerful. See the link?

I say, all you beautiful ladies out there should try the blonde look once in your lifetime. Choose your fit and stand out ladies!

These are the 70 of my personal favorite fabulous blonde styles for you to choose from to rule your 2017.

1. The dark blonde casual look

blonde hair

This medium length hair with middle partition honey blonde appearance is an everyday look you should go for!

Throw on your denim jacket and dark jeans, wear this hairstyle for a crown and walk the runway of your life. You deserve the attention that will come to you!

2. Blonde Hair Color for Olive Skin

Now, a balayage done right will look gorgeous on anyone! This middle partition bob hair cut ranging from dark brown blonde to light brown blonde at the base is a total flatterer.

‘All the single ladies, all the single ladies, now put your hands up!’ (if you want this.)

3. Short and Neat.
Image result for scarlett johansson

Short hair shows off you to be a smart and a confident woman. A perfect example Scarlett Johansen.

Don’t be scared to chop off your tresses and add those golden blonde streaks. With a little bit of gel, give yourself a combed look. Anyone with a heart shaped face can totally pull off this look.

4. The Basic Bangs

A simple straight blonde look with some added side fringes for a triangular face cut could accentuate your features. Short at the back and longer at the front with a few dark blonde streaks near the roots add a whole new dimension to this look.

Choose this sandy blonde at the base and smile like Reese Witherspoon here.

5. The Simple One

This simple yet classy look never goes wrong. Side partition with one side pinned up, and dark ash blonde hair color makes you look so chic. Kate Upton here is completely killing this look.

An everyday hair style that cannot go wrong even in parties.

6. The Blank Space look

Light beige blonde hair paired with bright red lipstick, Taylor Swift looks as beautiful as she sings. She manages to pull off blonde look like no other. This season, why not get yourself Taylor inspired? Get this balayage and ‘Shake it off.’

7. Messed Up Blonde

Messed up hair, pale golden blonde look with a lot of layers and waves could be a beachy look that cannot go wrong in other events. Pair it up shiny sequin dress like our Gossip Girl star here and smile.

If you have a bright face and want blonde highlights to compliment you, the ever-gorgeous Blake Lively here shows you how to do it right.

8. Honey and Honey Blonde

Beautiful jaws and this hairstyle, yes girl! But more than that look how amazingly Amber Heard makes light brown blonde the hair color you want. Bring all your hair to one side and give yourself a voluminous look.

9. Platinum All The Way

Platinum ash blonde the hair color for those cool undertone skin types. This hair color is gorgeous and unique. A simple hair cut and a nude makeup will make you look elegant.

10. Peek- a- boo Blue

Those 50 Shades of Grey or another shade of blonde?

Ellie Goulding makes blonde go metallic with glimpses of blue. This silver blonde hair color is for someone with a cool undertone and a gut to go bold.

11. Dark Golden Blonde

Blake Lively here showing how us how tanned skin and golden blonde hair color spreads all the warmth. Get this hair color and spread love wherever you go.

12. Sunkissed Blonde

Get this golden blonde look for a very fair skin that will make you look oh so beautiful. Charlize Theron wears her sunkissed hair with a simple bun to perfectly go with her porcelain skin.

13. Yellow, Cream and White

A new unique demand is the blend of white and yellow tones. Give yourself a creamy makeover this season with shades of yellow at the bottom. Add a complete contrast of maroon red lipstick like our Poppy Delevigne here. Be bold, the creamy shade of Blonde.

14. Cute Blonde

A simple chestnut touch to bring out your cuteness. When light brown and blonde blend to give a light braund, add another mixture of curls and straight voila, you get to become the starter of the new trend in town. Gigi Hadid is totally rocking this look.

15. The Neutral Mean Girl

A mixture of the warmth and cool gives you a perfect neutral color that is in the trend. Our mean girl here manages to show off her neutral hair color as her natural hair color.

16.Black, brown and blonde

Jessica Alba has correctly shown how a soft ombre looks the best. Black, brown and blonde a perfect blend for a cute ombre look.

17. Sleek and Sandy

Margot Robbie shows her light blonde look with strength.She pulled her middle section back and added a new definition to her straight locks.

18.Bob Blonde

Bob and light blonde! Rosie Huntington-Whiteley shows her light blonde with perfect waves in her bob haircut. A simple, fun look Rosie has pulled off amazingly.

19.Peek-a-boo Black

Few black color at the bases and a whole lot of creamy hair with golden streaks around. A blend of three hues to give you a unique look.

20. Ginger Blonde

Adding a little bit of warm ginger tint with blonde, roll up your bases and smile. Rachel McAdams our favorite blonde who knows how to alter blonde hair color like no other.

21. Bunned-up Blonde

A trendy hairstyle for the teens all around. The picture itself shows how comfy and fashionable this style is. A platinum ash blonde hair color for your base, then make a bun, SHOW OFF YOUR CONTRAST!

22. Platinum Gold

Did you see those black shades at the roots? The entire hair is a waterfall of platinum and gold mixed. Such precious hair. Don’t you want it to be yours? I am going to the salon right away!

23. Silver Misty

A messy look with a silver blonde. Some warmth here and there but a perfect hair color for cool undertone.

24. Tangerine Blonde

Such warm blonde, it is like walking with the sun shining on your hair. A shade of tangerine, this hair color shows the warmth of this hue. Those hot streaks are rising from the dark roots, like the sun rising from the night sky.

25. Pale Blonde

Marina Laswick shows us playfully how soft blonde hair with straight tresses looks amazing. Another hair clock for cool undertone. Look how those gorgeous blue eyes compliment her blonde hair!

26.Summer Blonde

Summer holidays! This picture of Alissa Bourne here reminds me of summer. Her sandy blonde hair color with beachy waves perfect combination for any beach day.

27. Creamy gold

A creamy hairstyle with golden shimmer. A straightforward and classic style.

28. Loosened up Ombre curls

Ombre hair with long loose curls. Now I am seriously confused, should I get this one? What do you girls think? Anyone else wants this?

29. Pale Golden Blonde

A complete pale golden blonde for your entire hair. A ‘natural blonde’ look that you can get in the hair salon.

30. Brownish Blonde

A brownish blonde color, another simple yet classic hair color. A simple straight hair cut with a hint of waves, classic look.

31. Golden Wheat Blonde

A golden hair color with a natural taste of wheat. So cozy, eh?

32. Good morning Blonde

Such a fresh morning look. A platinum hair color with yellow touch.
Damn, she is hot!

33. Buttered Walnut

Another beautiful color to get that teeny look. Get this buttered walnut hair color, add some fringes and feel younger.

34. Spring for your hair

Flowers always remind me of spring. But we are not here to talk about that, are we? Anyway, this hair colors a platinum color showing its creamy side.

35. Strawberry Blonde

Now, this what I call a champagne look. Long Rose blonde hair that looks like champagne. Such a beautifully unique look. Strawberry blonde with a bob hair cut.

36. Smoky Blonde

Another light shade of blonde, smoky blonde as I like to call it. A hair color for someone with bright blue or brown eyes.

37. Honey Blonde

One of the basic blonde hair color with a honey splash on it because who doesn’t love honey? So honey, get yourself a long honey blonde hair color if you have the fair skin tone.

38. Dark to light

Trying to be a little poetic okay? Give me a  chance at least. God said,’ Let there be light!’ And then her base hair color became the lightest shade. I know it was horrible. Sorry!
But this hair colors another example of that ombre,  going from dark all the way to light. A little bit of golden touch too.

39. Glazed Sand

Depicting mother earth in ourselves, ’cause why not? A transparent sand hair color to show your earthy side. Gorgeous, isn’t it?

40. Swedish blonde

Sweden is such a beautiful country. Not just H&M, Ikea or vodka that is famous for. The hair color with its name is amazing too. Another blonde for anyone who would love to give it a go.

41. Attitude, maybe?

No, the title is not about the hair color.

Although carrying it off with a right attitude would just be perfect. This is simply a medium length sandy blonde hair color that Megan Fox has carried off with that oomph. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

42.’White Gold’ ash

Platinum blonde is the lightest shade for all the blonde hair colors. This hair color for blue, green eyes gives you that look that anyone would fall in love with instantly. Eyes and hair both gorgeous, we all want that don’t we?

43. Brownie

Blonde hair color with a brownish touch. This hair color can make you look delicious as chocolate. A perfect hair color for the warm skin tones.

44.Light Blonde

Light brown and blonde, this is the hair color you need to tell your hair stylist if you want this look. A gentle ombre, indeed.

45. Pecan Misty Roots

Another ombre effect for your hair. Keep that pecan mist hair color at your roots and lighten your hair at the tips and get a new ombre effect.

46. Ashy Balayage

Get yourself a long length ashy blonde balayage. A new look for those girls out there who are ready to give themselves a new look.

47. Bronze hair

Bronze hair color, a color that gives you the perfect warm hue. Add this bronze balayage and transform yourself. Keep your roots dark and give your hair bronzed look. Add that new dimension, flatter yourself. You are totally worth it.

48. Blonde Ombre

Dominick Serna shows this icy blonde ombre look. She uses the light variations of all blondes for this icy cool look.

49. Chestnut Highlights

Another warm side of blonde hair color, this hair color adds chestnut highlights to the golden locks.

50. The Midas Touch

Give your hair a Midas touch. Not complete, though. Dark roots and golden blonde hair all bright and warm, love.

51. Natural Highlights

A playful look. This hair color plays with your natural hair color to give you natural highlights and brighter tips.

52. Curls and Blondes

Just add blonde color to your curls. A sandy golden blonde for your curls to give you a new look.

53. Shiny Blonde

Slightly dark blonde to a shiny light blonde for the tips. Imagine a hair color that sparkles.

54. Perfect Blonde

Middle partition for those straight-haired beauties out there. An artistic cap, give yourself a Milano look. This is a perfectly golden blonde hair color.

55. Ash Blonde

Perfect shade for cool underskin tones! This ash blonde hue with a messy hair is a new look you could try this season.

56. Sandy highlights

Don’t want the completely sandy hair color? Add some sandy highlights to get a sandy blonde look.

57. Caramel Favored Toffee

Don’t you love caramel? Caramel flavor your hair to give you this innocent look.

58. Gray!

Not dark, not white, but gray! Girlfriend, add some gray hues to your locks and still be blonde. Long wavy hair with gray tones, doesn’t it sound beautiful?

59. Ashy Highlights

Loose curls and long hair.Getting bored of that dark hair? Why not add some color to your hair? Add some ashy highlights and get a blonde makeover.

60. Nude and Ombre

Nude makeup to a complete contrast ombre. Ranging from total dark color to a platinum base, this hair is A…..MAZING. The nude makeup finds the right between line the two opposites to give a completely perfect look.

61. The Twin Blonde

Ashley Olsen’s big chunks of light blonde highlights look so natural. Those green eyes and ‘natural highlights’ give Olsen a thumbs up for her looks.

62. Bright, Smiley Day

A Gorgeous shade of blonde and another red lipstick to go! Kate Hudson knows how to wear it best.

63. Lowlight blonde

Lowlight streaks with a creamy shade give Carey Mulligan a polished look. A yellow platinum look for blondes.

64. Contradiction blonde

This is just Rihanna making contradictory skin tone and hair color meet.

65. Ashy blonde

Pinky complexion and ashy blonde is a perfect combination. Cara Delevingne’s gray, blonde hair makes her gorgeous eyes more pronounced.

66. Light and dark blonde

This mixture has given a caramel tone to her hair, making Ciara more delicious than our favorite caramel popcorn. She has never grown more with her layers in her bob haircut.

67. Fluorescent blonde

Look at  Gwen Stefani’s hair glow! Her voluminous, luminous tresses give her the ever so bright look. Old Hollywood Glam doll,  she is one of the few who can show it how it is done.


68. Young blonde

Want to give yourself a fresh look? Want to look young?
For that, follow our girlfriend, Rosie Huntington.
Add platinum highlights to those streaks that frame your face, bring out the youth in you.


69. The Khaleesi Blonde

The  Princess of House Targaryen came out with her pale silver hair, and it immediately became the style in demand. Her total white blonde look is particularly famous as the name Khaleesi these days.

Rita Ora has added a completely contrast bright red lipstick, to add the accent to this white blonde look which might otherwise come a bit daunting.

70. Pinky Blonde

Let us add some redness to the warmth of blonde, not just add metallic shine to the cool tones of this hue. Find that perfect line between pink and blonde, like our Sienna Miller here and give yourself a rosy touch. Rose gold maybe the new look you are in search for.

Splash your hair with some blondeness this season, love.


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