69 Of The Best Blonde Balayage Hair Ideas For You


Your Don’t think the blonde is the color for you?
No worries love!
Blonde balayage can be custom made just for you.

But one thing though, hair colors seem to look abnormal once your hair grows out more, doesn’t it?

Want a blonde color that looks natural even when grown out?
Blonde balayage is the answer to that question.

Blonde seems to be a popular color this season. So, I understand if you are worried that you are going to have the same look as your girlfriends. Blonde balayage allows you to use the same color in a unique style making each one of you beautiful of your own kind.

You know the beauty of blonde balayage is that it can be mixed with hues of brown or another shade of blonde to give a dynamic look. Be it short, long, straight, curls or bob blonde balayage can be the correct option for all. Why not see a few cute examples?

1. Dark Blonde

If you want to try blonde, go for a dark blonde balayage. A perfect hair option for those girls who want to try blonde in a subtle manner.

2. Golden

Not just gold but we love golden highlights too, don’t we girls?

These highlights on dark hair are AMAZING. If you want the best of blonde balayage at its minimum, you can just add it to your ends. To add brightness on your face, color strands of your hair near the face.

3. Blonde

A simple blonde balayage could bring out your best look. Try it.

4. Bright and Fun

A low maintainence blonde balayage that reflects your funky and chilled side. Use highlights to accentuate your whole look.

5. Natural

Add some color to your textured hair with natural blonde balayage.

6. Brunette Ombre

Use different shades of blonde hue to create an ombre effect. Ad some golden highlights to tie the look together.

7. Dark Blonde

For a simple look, use a dark blonde balayage hair color.

8. Stylish Curls

Dark hair with blonde balayage ombre effect is gorgeous hair effect. Curls never go wrong, do they?

9. Cool Blonde

Use an icy blonde hair color for a bright effect. For this summer, give out cool vibes with this hair color.

10. Dark And White

Light blonde at the ends, dark at the top an ombre effect is made for all of us. Time to visit your hair salon, maybe?

11. Blonde

Give yourself a dramatic change with a blonde balayage. Waves and messy hair looks stunning with this hair color.

12. Golden Blonde

Your long straight hair can have its lustrous effect with golden blonde balayage. A hair color for you that works for all.

13. Pinkish Glow

Add some pinkish hues to your regular blonde balayage for a bright and glowing effect. One of my favorites, definitely.

14. Rosie Huntington

Rosie Huntington looks gorgeous with subtle golden highlights on her dark hair. Her lip color and side partitions make her look stunning.

15. Brown Blonde

Blonde balayage on the ends of your brown hair is a pretty look. Use waves to accentuate the look. A look you will definitely want to flaunt to your girlfriends.

16. Glam Blonde

For a glamorous look, create an ombre effect with a blend of cool tones and warm tones. Use platinum ash blonde and golden shades of blonde for a beautiful look.

17. Dark Blonde Balayage

Blonde balayage whether dark or light are all our favorites. Dark blonde hues and light blonde hues, mix them up and transform yourself this season.

18. Tortoise Shell

Ecaille balayage is all over the place this season. Long deep brown hair with layered balayage accent colors that gives an ombre effect. The result is natural gradience with a stunning look.

19. Ombre Blonde

For a subtle ombre effect, choose colors that are only one or two shade different from each other. Keep your base dark, the mid a bit lighter and the ends lightest. This is beautiful.

20. Highlights

Dark blonde with whitish blonde highlights look perfect. A pink top and tight blue jeans with a simple makeup never goes wrong. Simple and stylish.

21. Sun Kissed Hair

Give your hair a sun-kissed treat. With the blonde balayage, you can give your hair a soft finish. The curls look wondrous with this hair color.

22. Sandy Love

Remember Spongebob’s friend Sandy?

Why not have some fun with your friend like Sandy there with your sandy blonde balayage. Not under the sea, but this blonde balayage definitely works near the sea.

23. Red for Blonde

Want to become a redhead for this season? A drastic change, I must say. It definitely looks amazing. Curls and reddish blonde balayage, makeover that you will definitely love.

24. Platinum Blonde Ombre

For your long hair, choose a striking platinum blonde hair color. Keep your base color dark. A beautiful ombre effect for your locks. Definitely, a look that can make a bold statement.

25. Curls

This is love at first sight.

Dark hair?

Don’t worry blonde balayage can work wonders for you.

Curl your ends and add a dark blonde balayage, this is stunning. Definitely, my new look.

26. Highlights for The Face

Want to add some spark to your look? Add some blonde balayage to your hair. A middle part for your hair, add some highlights near the face to brighten your whole look. Dark base and light colors together can work wonders.

27. Subtle Blonde Highlights

For your dark brown hair, use the magic of curls to add dimension to your blonde curls. Blonde balayage works for all, doesn’t it?

28. Strawberry Blonde

Want a blonde balayage but add some feminine touch to it? Add some redness to your blonde hair color to get a gorgeous rose-colored hair. The dark base color brings the whole look together.

29. Blonde Highlights

For your brown hair, blonde balayage could add a whole new dimension. Use blonde highlights, to give a golden shine. A hair color that can work wonders for your medium length hair. Go get yourself a balayage makeover.

30. Waves

From blonde to brown, balayage can be pulled off. For blondes, blonde balayage is the perfect way to lighten the hair color that has gone darker with age. For brunettes, have some fun with your hair creating a dramatic effect with the contrast highlights.

31. Wavy Caramel

For a busy woman who always has something to do, you will want a hairstyle that looks stunning without any effort. With right layers, you can achieve loose beautiful curls.

32. Lustrous Golden Curls

Something inside you wants to change your look? Why not meet that demand with blonde balayage? For a subtle and perfect look, opt for golden blonde tresses. The brown hair color mixed with blonde hues create a natural dimension. The gorgeous shine makes it a stunning choice for anyone of you lovelies.

33. Blonde for Brown Hair

Go for a dramatic look with a combination of color and curls. This hairstyle is an epitome of grace and beauty.

34. Bleach-ed Bob

Blonde balayage work amazingly well with a short hairstyle as well. Blonde is the way to go for the natural brunette or blonde.

35. Cool Blonde Waves

Want something unique in your blonde balayage hair color? Pick the ash blonde hue for your hair.

36. Caramel Balayage

Blonde balayage on brown hair is gold. For a casual look, make a lovely combination of brown and blonde shades. An easy style that can be maintained easily.

37. Dirty And Light Blonde

For paler skin, choose for a balayage with extremely light dye. If you want to mask your gray hairs, blonde balayage is a perfect solution. For a youthful look, opt for a blonde balayage with straight hair.

38. Chop Chop Blonde

Choppy cuts can be upgraded with blonde balayage. Blonde balayage with brown hair create a stunning look. Opt for messy waves to define voluminous effect on your layers.

39. Silver Highlights for Honey

Create a mixture of warm and cool shades for your tresses. Silver highlights on your honey blonde hair can add a new dimension to your hair color. Medium length waves are an amazing haircut for accentuating volume. White blonde creates a shiny effect with light bouncing off the strands.

40. Blonde Balayage for Long Hair

For a ‘cool girl’ hairstyle, opt for this one. This is very fashionable and appealing.

41. Medium Blonde

Sometimes you can look stylish with a simple color and cut. For a bold effortless style, choose a balayage with a mixture of blonde and brown hues.

42. Blonde Balayage for Straight Hair

For the busy working women, this hairstyle is a God gift. The sleek hairstyle and pretty colors work for every occasion.

43. Platinum Locks

Blonde is a perfect choice because of all the stunning shades it can incorporate. Look, how eternal is the transition from dirty blonde to a light blonde. The light blonde is for a mesmerizing look.

44. Honey Blonde

For a sweet and sexy look, choose a color as rich as honey. This honey blonde balayage works amazingly well with your soft bouncy curls.

45. Blonde Waves

Blonde hair color is bright and lustrous. With this, keep your roots dark and big curls for volume. A hairstyle for the office or a date.

46. Sleek Blonde

Blonde balayage is famous for its versatility. It works on curly hair, wavy, messy or straight. A simple cut can be made beautiful with a blonde look. Try some wispy bangs to bring the look together.

47. White Blonde

Get your summer vibe on, girl. Pick the lightest shade of blonde and go crazy with your hair. If you want, keep your base color dark. Waves, why not?

48. Ash Blonde Balayage

For a cool hairstyle, opt for ash color with a fashionable haircut. The layers are so easy to maintain with frizz accentuating the volume. The flyaways give an effortless appeal. This is a hairstyle for all you chilled beauties.

49. Blonde Curls

For such iconic voluminous hair, curly hair girls can opt for blonde tresses. Choose to be bold and refined by treating your hair as an empty canvas. Show off your sense of style.

50. Bright Blonde

Brighten up your life with some bright hair colors. Pick a bright blonde hue and get yourself some beach waves. A hair color that works for the college or the beaches. A hairstyle for your bikini or your casual shirts.

51. Simple Blonde

For a simple everyday look, use one color for your blonde balayage. A look that can never go wrong.

52. Silver Waterfall

Add some spice to your boring long locks with an icy grayish hue. Blonde balayage is made for long straight hair.

53. Balayage for Face

Walk into a hair salon and ask your hairdresser to dye the strands around your face to the lightest. Give the blonde balayage trend your personal style.

54. Celebrity Blonde

Rosie Huntington does not know what a bad hair day is. Look at the way she flaunts her textured hair with such ease. This hairstyle is definitely for the red carpets. What makes her haircut refined is the blonde balayage. Some light highlights here and there, one word WOW.

55. Lavender Bob

You can always use bright colors in a subtle way. Add some fun to your bob haircut.

56. Ombre Brown

Want to fancy up your blonde balayage

57. Bleach for Beach

Gorgeous locks with bleached hue and wavy textures ooze beachy vibes. With a beachy balayage hairstyle shown, carry off your sand and shore look wherever you go.

58. Subtle Ombre

A look for people who want blonde at a minimum. This look is definitely one of my favorites. Curls at the bottom with blonde highlights. AMAZING LOOK, truly. Blonde balayage on brown hair, girl you need to get it.

59. Natural Blonde

For your medium hair, you can add some natural tone with a shade of blonde balayage. A perfect look for the college. Pull over your hoodie and rock this hair color.

60. Blonde Lob

Dark roots with blonde lengths create a natural blonde balayage. If you want a maximum impact with minimal effort, blonde tresses are what you are looking for.

61. Balayage for Medium Hair

Love the blonde look but not excited about the upkeep? There might be a chance that balayage is perfect for you. It is sort of a poor man’s blonde balayage. The roots are kept dark so there is no problem on the hair color when there is regrowth. Dark top and lighter roots add amazing shine to your hair leaving you gorgeous.

62. Sandy Blonde Balayage

For a regular, gorgeous look you can choose blonde balayage hair color. Use sandy blonde shade, a cute tank top and flaunt your beauty.

63. Bob Blonde Balayage

For women over 50, you can choose this bob hairstyle. You can also blonde balayage over your dark hair. A side part and voila, you are ready.

64. Warm Blonde Balayage

For your medium wavy hair, middle part your hair. Use the warm shade of blonde hues and create a new look for the beach. Enjoy your day with your girlfriends, love.

65. Here and There

Not sure if you want to get yourself a complete blonde look?

Why not keep the blonde at a minimum and also achieve a dramatic look? Use golden blonde hues and balayage it on your ends. For an addition of dimension, add some highlights here and there.

66. Blonde for Bob

Short hairstyles look sophisticated, doesn’t it?

Get yourself a stylish bob haircut. Now all left is to mix the dark shade of blonde hue and light blonde hue for an ombre effect, voila, an eye-catching look.

67. Blonde Balayage for Dark Hair

Blonde balayage is a beautiful hair trend for any hair type. For dark hair, this balayage can create everyone’s favorite ombre effect.

68. Blonde for Beige

For your long straight hair, style it into some waves. Use ash blonde hue to create all our favorite ombre effect. Keep your base a beige color and your ends ash blonde color. A new hairstyle that you will definitely want to keep around for a long time.

69. Winter Blonde Balayage

Want an icy effect on your hair?

Create an ombre effect with icy hair colors. Balayage your ends with lightest blonde hues making it darker as it goes to the roots. A half top knot hairstyle is the cutest hair trend in town.

Choose blonde balayage or custom make one for yourself. All in all, we run the world girls be it blondes or brunettes.


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