68 Inspiring Black Braid Hairstyles For Black Women


Have you ever heard about a black braid hairstyle? Do you know which country does it originally belong? A black braid is not just a hairstyle that a smart girl creates to make her trendy among her circle. Instead, it has a great social importance in some parts of the world. A black braid hairstyle is an old form of art. Research shows that it was originated in  Egypt as part of Africa’s tribal customs and has been in trend for centuries among African American community. In the past, different sorts of braids mean a symbol of different age group, social status, marital status, religion, power, wealth, and community.

Now African hair braiding has become a common fashion among all from movie stars to artists to college girls to singers. It proves that there must have something special on them. The interesting thing is that there is a great variety of it; microbraids, Ghana braids, cornrows, Marley twists, fishtail braids, blocky braids, twist braids, tree braids, hair bands, and French braids are few to name. Do you know the fact that black braids are most searched hairstyles on the internet? The hair braiding is suitable for both long and short hair and both everyday use and special events. Natural perm and hair thickness are the biggest plus points.

Dive into the beautiful pictures below and be inspired. Don’t forget to snap a pic and upload it to your Facebook page or Instagram; one of the fastest ways to rack up your popularity.

1.Black Braiding Crown Bun

Braids can give you goddess-like look. Make a bun at your crown area and earn elegant appearance. This unique hairstyle is quite a celebrity style but not necessarily you need to be a celebrity to have it for yourself. This is suitable for all time.

Rocking with your hair is an amazing thing. But how? Ok, the black braiding crown bun could be one option! It makes you stand out of the crowd, really elegant.

Suitable for all sorts of events and occasions.

2. Pineapple Braiding Hairstyle

It looks complicated to create. However, what I believe is the more complex to develop the more worth to have it. You look awesomely stunning with the pineapple braiding hairstyle with flat bun.

3. For Long Hair

Wow! What a hairstyle? Braiding hairstyle make you look lovely. People’s heart stops to beat when they see you, especially in the casual way. Don’t forget to smile back in response.

4. Black Hair BraidingBlack Braid Hairstyle

Hair is the most crucial feature to give you different sorts of appearance. Never compromise with your hairstyle! Go crazy!

5.Jumbo Updo Braiding hairstyle 

black braid hairstyle

This is very special jumbo bun to make your look gorgeous. You could get more attraction, especially during a party time.

6.Sneaky and Boxer Braids

A combination of sneaky and boxer braids create a vibrant look. It is not time-consuming hairstyle, you can create even when you run out of time.

7. Cornrow with Big Bun

This is showy, yet lovely to have the classical look. This impressive updo is adorable to wear that gives you a look simple.

8.Double Top Knot Hairstyle

This is fun to do with the braided hair. Pull your twists into two high ponytails leaving few twists falling through the nape. Then create two lovely buns.

9.Cornrows with Ponytail

It looks absolutely gorgeous with highlight. It’s simple but looks great! It is never out of the fashion and suitable for all kinds of occasions.

10.Half Braided Hairstyle

You were supposed to have complete braiding hairstyle but feel dull on the way out! It’s alright to have the half braided hairstyle. You still look elegant.

11. Micro twists for Long Hair

If you want to have vintage look with your look hair. Try the blonde braided hairstyle. Micro twists give you queen-like vintage look.

12. Half Braided Hairstyle

Similar to invisible micro braids, this look demands small braids to have the natural appearance. Make sure, you have chosen the suitable outfit.

13.Mohawk Cornrow With Shaved Sides

This is something that every girl should try once in their life either to challenge the traditional trend or to make your look bold. Ordinary follows the existing way, extraordinary explores the new way that fulfills their dream! Make your appearance stunning!

14.Cornrows With Two Low Bun

Wow! This is something that gives you elegant look. Braided neatly and created bun carefully. Now I remember what my grandmother used to say ‘You look queen, if you could manage your hair artistically’. Girls, stay glam, grandmother never turns wrong.

15. Black Braiding Hairstyle For Grown Up Girl

Choosing a hairstyle for your girl is always a big challange. You have to listen her and fulfill her demand. But if you show her this image she definetly loves to have. Have a try.

16.Braided Hairstyle for Little Girl

What an adorable appearance she has with bob braids. I could not avoid my thoughts for my little girl to give her the African queen-look.

17.Curly Crochet Braids

What a sexy look you could have with your partially crochet braided medium sized hair? That’s the reason girls go crazy for partial braided medium sized hair.

18. Micro twists with Back Bun

once upon a time there was a believe that girls should belong to royal family to have queen-like look? Now, the story is quite different, with the help of sophisticated accessories we can create royal-like look.

19. Partial braids with wavy flat ponytail

If you want to have the super voluminous look, go through the Partial braids with wavy flat ponytail hairstyle. Even simple makeup makes you look beautiful.

20. Side twists


Many girls have practiced freely hanging side hairstyle but very few of them have thought of side micro twists. I also have not thought of it until I didn’t see this image. Once my pixie gets long enough I will wear side-parted micro twists.

21. Micro wavy twists

Micro wavy twists are the choice of all girls because it gives them creative and artistic justice. Let your choice be your trademark; let people whisper around the downtown whisper, ‘the girl with the micro wavy twists’.

22. Braided for thin hair

This is next holiday hairstyle that you are going spend around the beach. Enjoy beach time hearing the music produced by the accessories that you worn to design braids.

23 Curly with Messy Braids

Small twists are a smart alternative to make your naturally curly hair to design. Don’t twist all the way down to the end, the half twists half curls gives you creative look.

24. Black Braided Hairstyle With Curly Ponytail

What kind of hair do you love? Have you ever thought of it? Let’s try black braided hairstyle with curly ponytail together.

25. few Braids with natural hair

few braids with naturally wavy hair are always adorable. It gives you natural and stunning look. If you have naturally curly hair, gain this look before moving to the special occasion.

26. Classical Fish bone Cornrows sided low Bun

Oh my god! what a look she has! Low bun with fishbone gives you cool and calm look. This looks perfect for those who seek classical African appearance.

27. Updo Mohawk

Forget about any other kind of hair do and try updo braided with mohawk to avoid the regular look. Don’t waste your time thinking too much. No doubt, it makes you look elegant.

28. Cornrows Mohawk

Designing your is always an artistic concept through which your insight reveals. Let your hair helps you to explore outstanding ability. Make sure you choose suitable accessories to add perfection.

29. Fishbone Cornrows With Low Bun

Cute and creative look does not exist until you don’t give any thought for. Low bun makes all girls look super decent. No doubt! Cornrows add perfection.

30. Long free flowing Braided hairstyle

Long free flowing braided hairstyle gives you a simple and signature look as it illuminates the skin. No problem for the color of outfits. It is suitbale for all sorts of color’s outfits and all type of people. Just you need to have a desire.

31.Artistic bun

What an art that you can create with your hair! Play with your hair and be creative.

32. Updo Braids Black Hair

Hair design plays a crucial role to maintain your personality. People judge you by simply looking your hairstyles. To make your look stunning do updo braiding for your black hair. Style easily and charming lady.

33.Cornrow Mohawk Hairstyle

Is not it an interesting idea to make yourself neat and shiny. With this awesome design you get two in one.

34. Box twist for long hair

Sometimes changing ordinary hairstyle into extraordinary is really a big challenge. There may come a lot of questions! Box twists hairstyle could be one option, it makes you appear bold and creative.

35. Brading Hairstyle for Silky Hair

Design your silky hair and get your new appearance. Everyone will apprecaite your effort and admiring choice.

36. Elegant Bun Style

Elegant bun style makes you look versatile. Add suitable accessories and outfit with red lipstick to make your appearance fabulous.

37.Celebrity style

Make two braids on your side leaving little undo at the end and leave all your natural hair as it is. There you get stunning celebrity look.

38.Cornrows for Medium sized hair with ponytail

Braiding your medium sized hair into a cornrows design gives you a stunning result. Make sure you have worn a sexy outfit.

39. Four neat cornrows

This style makes you stand out of the crowd during the summer. It does not take much time to create, make your summer life gorgeous.

40. Fine cornrows with ponytail

Fine cornrows with ponytail lead you towards to the perfection.

41. Cornrows Braids

There are different sorts of cornrows that you can have to design your hair. However, this is very casual that you can have wherever you go from high school to university to dating.

42. Cornrow Mohawk 

Every girl loves to spend a lot of time designing hair! Are we exceptional? Obiously not as we also eager to have a sophiticated appearance with the cornrows mohawk.

43.Braids with loose curls for little girls

Your experiment with your hair never deceives you since experiment is the great source of having new existence. Braids with loose curls could give your little girl unexpected existence like Cinderella gets at the end of the story. Who knows!



45. Fishbone Braids

An artistic look does not come within a minute. This condition is applicable for all kind of work and so is for fishbone Braids. You get magnificent appearance with it.

46.Long beautiful Micro Braids

People think that black braids are suitable exclusively for black women. I don’t believe so. It makes all girls stunning and sexy.

47. Partial Braiding With Curly Hair

Bold look emerges with the bold hairstyle. If you have a naturally curly hair, turn it into a partially braiding hairstyle and all curly hair as it is. It makes you look elegant.

48.Angled cornrows for Long Hair

Unlike cornrows running straight back, angled cornrows are a recent trend, especially popular in 2017 as these medium sized braids give you creative look.

49.Skinny twists 

Little girls are always cute, and perfect on their own. Slim braids make them more attractive and adorable.

50.Half up half down with highlight

Silver color highlight in a black hair and ash gray outfit make you stunningly supper pretty. This is the fashion of African American and passion all girls in the downtown.

51.Artistic Bun 

This is back of the artistic bun. Wearing this bun means being sophisticated and gaining vintage look.

52.Havana and Marley Twists

On the one side of the world many Asians are dying for whitening their skin forgetting the black is beautiful. On the other side of the globe dramatic black braiding is adding extra charm on black women’s face. I am absolutely in favor of havana and Marldy twists.

53. Fishbone Braids with Big Bun

You are free to think as many as braiding hairstyles, but when you come under the fishbone braiding with big bone hairdo you will be stuck on it. My assumption never turns wrong! Have a good party time.

54.wavy braid with bun

This is little girl style, it makes your girl look princess as well as gives her a confident as she looks distinct and charming.

55.Box Braids 

Stunning girls love stunning hairstyle, especially when summer approaches they run here and there to ask what kind of hair could be easy and suitable. Of course, box braids becomes one among many. Make sure, you are with sexy outfit.

56.Black Duch Braided Hairstyle

Why is it called the black Duch braided hairstyle? Because it gives you a Duch-like look even when you are not Duch. It’s simple and less time-consuming. So when you run out of time then this is the best option to have.

57.Black Braid Hairstyle For Little Girls

Little girls look best and lovely all the time. Heart-shaped braided hairstyle makes them creative and more delicate. Also, hair braided protects your child’s hair.


60.Black Braid hairstyle for long hair


purple and black jumbo twists are impressive and adorable. People could not stop themselves from not watching you while you are hanging around the downtown. All you can to at that moment is smile back!

61.Best Mohawk Braided Hairstyle

All girls from all over the world love to design their hair and they always are in search of new style. Best mohawk braided hairstyle is one that gives you creative and attractive look with falling fringe on your forehead.

62.Asymmetrical Braided with two updo bun 

Teenagers love to gain popularity! They try different hairstyle along with the perfect outfit. Asymmetrical braided hairstyle with two updo bun is one of their favorites in 2017.

63.Short Bob Cut Box Braids Hairstyle

This is the popular hairstyle among African American. you must have been confused and ask yourself what if I am non Afro-American. No limitations! Any one can have them to make your appearance sophisticated.

64.Black Braid hairstyle for women

This elegant look emerges only with the mixture of micro braids accents and the jumbo cornrows. This classic hairdo suits best for women and makes them younger beyond their age.

65.Thick Braids

Slim and skinny girls look sexy with thick braids at the center of the crown area. If you are slim and light dark like African American, don’t wait much.

66.Round cornrows with the crown hair undo

You can create your own design and create your life. God create girls and girls create the art to make their life perfect.

67.Black Natural Braiding

This image shows that the concept of braiding is created only for black girls. What a creative and gorgeous idea.

Overall, women and girls are recognized for their artistic hairstle for centuries. They make the trend and they break the trend as per nessecity. Different sorts of Black braids are few which have been in practice for the time immemorable. In the past it was the part of a particular cultural practice, however, currently, it is the matter of fashion has become the world practice. Girls wear it to make their look sexy, bold, and stunning. Women practice to make their appearance calm, vintage and classic, but it still depends on the occastion and situation. Anyway, don’t get last to give yourself a poetic justice which is possible only with your hairstyle. Good luck!



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