133 Stunning Auburn Hair Ideas for You


Auburn hair can be best described as a brownish red shade that works best for the autumn season! Auburn hair should be the color you try on if you are a fan of dark ginger shades on yourself. There is no doubt that these shades are going to bring out your skin tone and make you look fabulous! This is a flattering shade for all skin tone, and we love the versatility of this hair color.

If you have decided to change your looks and are looking for ways to do so by getting a bold color on, you are at the right place! Make sure you try these shades and do let us know how you like them! If you need some inspiration, here are 133  auburn hair ideas that are going to make you look stunning!

Blunt ends

Many haircuts have blunt ends. They are becoming a craze among many women! No matter what hair length you have, you can try on this trendy haircut! To make your hairstyle even better add the perfect auburn shade to it!


Warm Skin Tones

The vibrant auburn hues are perfect for all skin tones. You can adjust the tints and tones of your hair color to make the tinges match your skin! This warm tone of red and brown is perfect for black girls like the model below!

Sun-kissed Hair

Auburn hair dyes come in various tones. You need to find the one that makes you look your best! Once you are done coloring, your hair will look great in all lighting conditions. They will shine through outdoors especially!


Katy Perry’s Auburn hair

The ‘Fireworks’ singer has tried on her fair share of hair colors over the years. There is no denying that she manages to pull off every hairstyle with perfection. You can decide on the shade that she has tried on to look as stunning as she does.


Shiny brown hues

Auburn is the blend of reds and browns altogether and trying them on will make all the difference in your whole outlook. If you are a fan of earthy brown tones, here are some to steal your heart!

Fierce outlook

The hair color that you choose can make you look as intense and as casual as you want to be. These warm shades of auburn hair can make all the difference in your look. Bring out your inner personality and show the daring side of yours today!

Coppery red shades

Cooper browns are the shades that were a crowd pleaser back in the day. These hues are beautiful as you can see and the colors are just breathtaking! You can deepen or lighten these shades and wear them as you like.

Fresh outlook

There is a lot of fun in trying something new and exciting especially in the case of hair colors! If you are on the hunt for a hairstyle that gives off a youthful vibe, this is undoubtedly the one to try.

Emma Stone’s Auburn hair

Emma Stone has the perfect features, and she manages to look good no matter what colors she tries on. Here we have all the auburn hair colors that she has tried on over the years. You can see that the actress has exhausted all options for auburn hair.

Ruffled angled bob

Bob has become the most significant hair trend to follow especially in 2018. There is a variety of these short hairstyle that you can try on, but nothing beats the classic bob for sure. Get yourself an angled bob and try on some spicy hues to make things even better!

Celebrity Hair

Some celebs try on new and exciting hairstyles each season, and we fall in love with these varied styles! Who would not want to look as flawless as Scarlet Johanson! Here are some famous celebs like Demi Lovato, Lilly Collins and Kristen Stuart to get you inspired to try on auburn hair.

Rich red tones

More vibrant darker reds can make pale skin tones shine through and add the needed warmth to them! This shade right here is the perfect tone to try if you have light to fair skin tone!

Brown hair

Brown hair has been a favorite among all of us. There were times when you could not go a day without seeing a brown hair color being worn on the streets! There are browns to make your hair get the needed earthy tones! Here we have some to get you going!

Medium Auburn hair

If your hair is of mid length, you can undoubtedly try on auburn hues. These shades suit almost everyone and are comfortable to wear as well. You do not need to put a lot of thought into trying this shade for it will surely look flattering.

Pink undertones

There are lilac-pink undertones in this auburn hair shade, and we love how well they work out. These shades are flattering for medium to deeper skin tones. You are going to look your best when you try this one on for sure!

Lana Del Rey’s Auburn take

Every celeb has their style, and they make their fashion statement known to the world. Lana Del Rey is no different. Her slightly wavy long hair here looks great in this dark brown auburn hair.

Pale skin

If you have pale skin, you can warm up your skin tone by adding a shade of brown, red hues to your hair. They can add the needed dimension to your hair and make you stand out. These shades look natural for such skin tone too!

Ginger hair

If you are blessed with naturally auburn red hair, you sure need to count your blessings. These shades in your hair can make anyone envious. Ginger hair has been known to captivate anyone’s attention too!

Orange brown tones

There are wide variations of the auburn hair, and here we have a unique one for you. The orange-brown tones are gorgeous here, and a must try for sure! Here we have some light orange hues and some darker browns with orange undertones as well.

Brown Auburn

This auburn hair right here can make you look like a model! Getting your hair in this medium brown tones will help make you appear magnificent! These tones right here are admirable, and the curls at the ends make the look well put together.

Fall Hair Inspiration

Auburn hair has been known to fit the perfect shade to try on for the fall season. These shades are surely going to make your hair look stylish! Try keeping them as vibrant or as deep as you want them to be. You can even go bold with the red shades or stick to the browns!

Majestic Deep shades

These deep shades here almost remind us of a chocolate burgundy shade. You can see that these colors can make your hair look majestic. As you choose on these darker shades, you need to add the required shine and luster to keep them from looking dull!

Rose gold brown hair

Rose gold tones in brown hair are shiny and feminine. Anyone can wear these shades, and they have a bright outlook on them as they are. You are surely going to make heads turn with this one!

Cherry Red hair

Reds can make you look attractive and add the needed punch of color for pale skin tones! These shades can be toned down by adding the browns required to make them appear not so bright!

Curly Hair

There are shades of Auburn for all hair lengths and textures. Here we have very tightly curled hair with these tones to make you realize how great they look! No matter what hair length you have, these dark shades will work for your waves!

Rihanna approved!

There is no denying that Rihanna has made her style and inspired many to try on bold looks. She redefines beauty and makes everything look effortlessly beautiful. Here she has on golden brownish tones and some red hues on as well. Try it to look as pretty as she does!

Get your bangs on!

Bangs are capable of making you look very elegant and youthful. Bangs are also a great addition to your hair if you want to hide a high forehead or even some fine lines on them! These bangs are sure to inspire you to try on these hairstyles.

Here are some full frontal bangs that you can try on to look stunning.


When you color your hair, you can damage your hair for sure. There is no denying that the hair color can then not shine through as much as they should. Thus you need to take care of your locks to ensure that they have a vibrant effect to them.

Braided hairdos

Braids are the best hairstyle to try on for any hair length and texture. There is no denying that braids are easy to do and also is time-saving! They add elegance and vibrancy to the look. You can try on simple or intricate braids and opt for a basic or stylish outlook!

Festive events

When you need to let your hair down and enjoy yourself, make sure you look your best! These Auburn shades can be worn to any music festivals or concerts to look gorgeous. The best thing is you need no styling too as they look great on their own!

Long hair

Long hair has been the desire of many women. No matter what texture of hair you have, the length can make anyone envious! There are women out there that try on multiple hairstyles and have the liberty to do so because of their locks!


Reds are the color of love and passion. We sure can see a lot of red shades being sported by women of all ages. They can be as bold and fierce as you like! They are sure to give you that fiery and sexy vibe!

Cheryl Cole

Cheryl has tried on her hands on this red auburn hair, and she looks gorgeous. These hues are radiant and stylish. The deeper tones in this hair color have the perfect balance needed for her skin tone. You can try this one on and copy her look.


Looking stylish and fashionable is just a few choices away! Make sure you get a hairstyle that you like with auburn hues like these to look gorgeous! Here are some inspirations for you the next time you change your hair!


Get your dreadlocks into this alluring auburn hair and get ready to enjoy the compliments. These shades work for all skin tones and texture and here is the proof of that! You can get them done to your hair and enjoy the results immensely!

High ponytail

Ponytail is the most natural hairstyle that you can try on. You can make this simple style as glamorous as you want too! You need to find a color as pretty as the auburn hues and style them also!

Casual look

Opt for a casual look and try subtle shades of brownish auburn hair. These hairstyles here are sure to entice you. They are comfortable and have a relaxed, effortless outlook on them! You can wear them for a day out or run your daily errands. They sure are the optimal choice for lazy days.


Are you getting ready for a special and formal occasion? Then get yourself an updo! These updos are sure to add the needed elegance and give off that graceful outlook for your event! Try one for yourself and know all the difference that an updo can have on you!

Dark brown to ginger ombre

The roots here are a dark brown shade, and the light shade for the ombre effect has been added by the ginger tones underneath. These tones make for a stylish look. There is a lot of vibrancy in the hair with this shade.

Bob haircuts

Bob haircut has been the trendiest haircut style of 2018. There have been many celebs and stylists that fell in love with this haircut. It manages to look flattering on all face shapes.

The best way to pair this universally flattering haircut is with a color that is equally good for all! Use a shade of red or brown toned auburn for your bob and get the look that is trendy currently! We have a couple of ideas for you to consider right here!

Salon styled

You know that there is nothing as beautiful as salon styled hair. No matter how much we try, we cannot get the effects in our hair like the ones we get in salons! They are trained to do this and are undoubtedly more comfortable with playing with these shades!

If you are not so sure about getting the hair colored at home or are a first-timer, you need to get professional help for sure! You will end up with great results, and that will satisfy you too!

Waves on auburn hair

Getting a bit of texture on your hair can add a lot of grace to your look. You can make sure that you look polished in a matter of minutes with the help of your curling iron. You can see that the waves here are light and minimal but still make you look like a dream! We have some beautiful and subtle waves for you to on!

Black hair

If you have black hair naturally, you can be looking for ways to break the monotony. If that is the case, you need to try on some auburn shades to add some lightness to your hair. They add depth and dimension to your hair. You can opt for ombres or balayage as you like when you have such dark hair!

Middle parted hair

Changing the way you part your locks can make a lot of difference in your looks. They can surely add a lot of volume to your hair as well. Here we have some middle-parted hair, and you are sure to love them. They are making the hair look well adjusted and add a touch of femininity as well. This works for round face shapes very well.

Copper brown hues

Coppery shades of browns can be a good option for auburn tones as well. They work for all skin tones but do need to be adjusted to fit the tone!

Chocolate mocha hair

Chocolate brown shades in the hair are alluring and very common too! They are easy to get and are a common choice of hair color for many. You are sure to have seen some of these shades of mocha being worn by celebs. A great example would be Lindsay Lohan. She has worn this look countless times, and we sure are a fan of this look.

Wigs and extensions

If you are not too sure of the colors you want to try on or are confused if they will suit you, then the easy way out is choosing a wig! Wigs can save the time you need for styling and also protect your natural hair from damage! They will surely help you wear the color of your choice and let you choose between shades as well.

Blonde highlights

There are many highlighting colors that you can try on, but one of the most popular hues has to be the blonde ones! The brownish blonde highlights have been used on different hair shades for a long time, and we can see how they brilliantly transform the hair!


Beautiful Locks

Once you get your hair colored, you are going to end up with beautiful hair! These pictures right here prove that shades of brown and red make the best look ever! There is no denying that these shades are flattering for almost all skin tones and look grand and polished too! Keep these saved up for the next time you visit your salon!

Office wear

These are some very subtle hair color options to wear in your office ladies. You are sure to look your best when you try on things that make you feel confident. You can try these shades here as a reference for the look that you want to end up with!

Knotted hair

A basic hairstyle for the days when you are running late can be a lifesaver right guys? This is just the one to go for when you are way late and still need to look polished and pretty. These work best if you have naturally curly or wavy hair! Try on some beautiful knots as you rush out and still manage to look great!


Sleek look

This sleek tied back hair is looking perfect here. You can see that they have been styled to stand out! The yellow to orange toned auburn hair has worked here as an ombre shade. The added hair jewelry with leaves on them is also a major attraction here. Try this hairstyle out for a themed party that you need to go to!

As you reach the end of this article, you must have found a few auburn hairstyles to match your taste. We tried to include as many options for all you ladies out there so that you can dare to try on these tones! No matter what hair length or texture you have, you can try on these hues! All you need to do is find the ratios of reds and browns to match your skin tone, and you are good to go!

You may need the help of a stylist to try on these hues on. The intensity and mix that you need can be figured out by a professional ideally to get you the perfect look. If this article helped you find your auburn hair, show it some love and like and share it as much as you can! Share your thoughts with us on these beautiful hues on the comments section below! Make sure you stay with us till next time we come up with such fun content, for now, this is a wrap!


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