101 Asymmetrical Bob Hair Ideas For The Year 2021


If you are a girl who wants some glam and to look fab every day, I suggest you go for asymmetrical bobs. The fashion industry has had some fabulous hairstyles like the pixie cuts. They are specially made for short hair. With all these styles, asymmetrical bob will always be particular.

If you have equal length of hair on either side of your part, you will have the classic bob haircut. So, to make it more fun opt for asymmetricity. To make the hairstyle great, you can curl your hair or color them. Check out some great customized asymmetrical bob hairstyles for 2018.

-Glamorous Asymmetrical Bob

This hairstyle is the extended version of the asymmetrical bob. You can see how stylish and sexy she looks. The asymmetricity of her hair is what makes the entire look gorgeous. Her hair color is the lightest shade of the blonde. She keeps things simple for her makeup. Red lipstick is her style statement. The nose ring and her pierced lips make the entire look edgy. You can match the color of your outfit to your lipstick to create uniformity.

-Color It

Pastel hair colors are so ‘in’ this season. It makes your entire hair look like a fairytale. Bob hairstyles are usually classy and have a cutting edge. So, if you add a feminine touch to the look, you can color your hair pastel. It can be pink or blue. Choose your color. Go for a unique color. To pull the entire look together, shave some chunks of your hair on the side. Side part your hair and wear an ideal hairstyle for short hair. Keep your makeup to the minimum. You can match your lipstick color and the shade of your hair.

-Short Asymmetrical Bob

If you have short hair and I mean short hair, you can go for this look. Her hair is sleek and kept completely neat. If you have frizzy hair, you will need to take control of your frizz. Tame down your flyaways. Once you get the sleek look, you can side part your hair and keep the long strands of hair on one side. Keep your makeup minimum with your eyes as the focus. This is perfect for your leadership quality.

-For The Wavy One

This is the original version of the hairstyle. Her hair has been cut asymmetrically. That is all. She keeps the look messy and fun. The entire style looks effortless. If you have wavy hair, the form seems best. If not, it works great for the straight hair type as well. You can try this style in curly hair as well. The blonde streaks of her hair make the hairstyle fun and young.

-Another Wavy Bob

If you are a fan of unique hair colors, you should go for this style. It is ash blonde and looks like a unicorn hair color. So, you can go for this style if you want such color. Actually, for such style, you can add hidden rainbow colors. The hairstyle is asymmetrical and straightforward. Side part your hair and let your waves do the business. Keeping your frizz in control is essential.

-Fun And Long

Look at the full effect created by her hair. If you have the curly hair type and want to go for asymmetrical bob for short hair, you can go for this version. Side part your hair and let your bangs frame your face. If you have thick hair, I suggest asking your hair stylist to decrease the volume. It will be better if you don’t have a lot of sizes. The style is effortless and straightforward.

-Long and Wavy Asymmetrical Bob

Create an ombre effect on your hair. It makes any style fabulous. In this style, she merges three shades of color. There are streaks of blonde and ash blonde creating a beautiful effect. She side parts her hair and keeps the long streaks of her hair on one side. This makes a great example of asymmetrical bob hairstyle for wavy hair. If you are planning to get a makeover in 2018, I suggest go for short asymmetrical haircuts.

-Sleek and Sexy

You can see how the asymmetrical style looks beautiful from every angle. The critical part of your hairstyle is the quality of your hair. You need to take proper care of your hair for any design to suit you. Keep your hair moisturized. The example we have for you is simple and straightforward. She gets the haircut and lets everything be. There isn’t any extra styling done. All you need to do is side part your hair and have fun.

-Picture Perfect

Asymmetrical bob hairstyles for short hair make for a picture-perfect look. She hasn’t done anything to style this hair. All she does is side part her hair and keeps it neat. The hairstyle makes her look gorgeous. She focuses more on her makeup. For her makeup, she enhances her eyes and goes for glossy lips. The entire look is subtle yet fantastic. Try this look for the next party you have to attend.

-On The Side

We have another simple asymmetrical bob hairstyle for short hair. She keeps her natural hair color. The style has a new twist to it. The regular cut has long strands on one side and short ones on the other hand. The twist in this style is the addition of side bangs. The side bangs are kept towards the long side of her hair. She goes for bangs that suit her face shape. If you have fringes, you can keep it intact and try this style.

-Long Asymmetrical Bob

If you have long hair, you can still go for the asymmetrical bob hairstyle. It will look beautiful. This can also be an example of how your hair will look like when it grows with asymmetricity. The haircut seems fun and exciting. She has large and loose curls all over hair. Her hair is side-parted and lets the entire focus be drawn on her red lipstick. She keeps her eyes dark and sultry. Hairstyle as the whole, her outfit, and her makeup all pull together a great look. You can also carry it off quickly.

-Short One

Look at the shine of her hair. It looks fabulous. The hairstyle looks great due to shine of her hair. It is short and defined. She side parts her hair and keeps it sharp. This makes a great hairstyle if you are a working woman. You want to look beautiful and make an impression at work. So, you should try this style. It seems modern and chic. You can add colors to your hair if you want. Don’t go for a dramatic look if you have to wear this look for work.

-Wavy And Fun

Here is another excellent example of asymmetrical bob hairstyle for short hair. The hair color is blonde and vibrant. You can keep your natural hair or add some colors. I suggest adding fun to this look, getting some highlights. Add some beautiful colors to your waves. You can go for wavy hair or curly hair. If you have straight hair, your hair will fall. You can go for a messy look. It looks stunning.

-Colorful Life

I told you, asymmetrical bob hairstyle looks beautiful with colors. This is also an excellent look for the ones who want asymmetric cuts for their curly hair. You can add some bangs to define your face. If you have fringes, that is where you can add colors. You can add a single color or add multiple ones. If you are feeling it, you should go for many colors. Make a statement with your colors on your black hair. You can complete your look with winged eyeliner and keeps her lipstick simple. For your lipstick shade, you can pick nude pink like her. It will look beautiful, trust me.

-Keeping It Simple

This hairstyle is simple and is a perfect example of asymmetrical bob hairstyle for black hair. The style is sleek and straightforward. Just like the first photo we showed you, she goes for red lipstick. She matches the color of her outfit with her lipstick. For her hair, she goes for the short version of asymmetrical cut and side parts it. She lets the style be and keeps the focus on her lips. For her eyes, she only uses her mascara. If you don’t want to go for a dramatic look and want to try simple styles, I suggest you go for this look. You will need to take care of your hair to nail this style. Make sure you keep your hair moisturized and conditioned.

-Straight and Pointed

Go for this style of asymmetrical bob hairstyle for short hair. This is one of my personal favorites. It is effortless and straightforward. Even with the short haircut, the entire style is feminine and chic. She has short hair which is sharp. The hair quality is maintained. If you want, you can add a few colors. Again, if you have to wear this look for work, I suggest adding subtle colors. You can finish the look with glossy pink lips and enhance eyes makeup. I love the shade of her pink lipstick.

-Asymmetrical Bob For Short Hair

Look at her beautiful hair color. It is a treat to the eyes. If you have the cool undertone, I suggest you try this hair color and hairstyle. Every girl wants to try a short haircut once in her lifetime. So, if you haven’t tried this, I suggest you do it. Do it with this hair color. It will look beautiful. If you have straight hair, this hairstyle will look best. The blue shade of her color will look fabulous also on you. Try it. Keep your makeup minimum. The eyes and lips should be enhanced not highlighted.

-Summer Blues

If you want fun and energetic hair color, you can go for a pastel color. You have just seen the subtle and fresh version of the blue hair color. If you are not up for it and want some vibrancy, you can go for the pastel version of the color. Her hair is straight and fun. The asymmetricity of the hair looks fun with the color. The blue color is used to create sort of an ombre effect. The pink lipstick, the blue hair and rounded earrings make her look sexy and fun.

-Asymmetrical Bob For Curly Hair

This hairstyle looks innocent. I know that is not what you think when you think of a beautiful haircut, but that is what came to my mind. It is mainly due to, her eyes and her looks. See, the way you carry off your hairstyle is how it will appear. This is a beautiful example of asymmetrical bob hairstyle for short hair. If you have curly hair, you can go for this style. Define your looks with your fingers. Add hairspray to keep the watch defined and fun. Finish the look with nude lipstick and eyeliner. You can pull some hair strands on the side to create bangs.

-Shades Of Pink

Bored with your natural hair color and your style that hasn’t been changed since 2017? 2018 is here, and you need a new change in your life and looks. Go for a glamorous version and try the asymmetrical bob hairstyle for short hair. You can go for a significant difference between your hair strands. To add more fun to the looks, paint your hair with streaks of pink on one side. You can pick another color but face it no other color looks fun and sexy as pink. So, try it and have fun with it.

-Simple And Blonde

Asymmetrical bob will look chic and feminine in any event if you can carry it off that way. It will look beautiful trust me. I have shown you many examples, haven’t I? For this look, you can straighten your hair or let it loose. It looks neat when you have straight hair. You can finish the look with bright red lipstick. Match the color of your accessories with your statement lipstick. It will look stunning. I love this look. Try this for your office party or a date night. You will see a lot of head turns and make a great impression.

-Gone Girl

Have you watched Gone Girl or read the book? You haven’t? Trust me, you should. It is one hell of a thriller movie. I loved it. Amy Dunne was spectacular in the film, and she looks stunning today as well. She manages to nail the short asymmetrical hairstyle with grace. Her hairstyle is beautiful and sleek. She keeps it natural and effortless. For her makeup, you can see that she doesn’t go for heavy. She only creates a glossy lip effect and lets her eyes be naturally beautiful. It will be perfect for you. Try this style.

-Washed Up Waves

Your hair color reflects your mood. So, if you feel peaceful and fun, you should try this look. Make sure this color does not wash you out. It needs to suit your undertone. As for her hairstyle, she goes for an asymmetrical bob hairstyle for wavy hair. The waves create a full effect on her hair. It makes her look beautiful. For her makeup, she keeps it to the minimum. She only adds gloss to her lips and wears eyeliner on her eyes. Add some blush to add colors to your face. Side part your hair and walk out looking stylish.

-Day Out

Asymmetrical bob hairstyle looks excellent for street fashion. It is a great way to look stylish every day. You can go for short asymmetric bob hairstyle or long. It is your choice. If it is summer, I suggest going for the short one. You should not stop yourself from getting short hair. It will give you a sense of freedom. If you want, you can add some highlights to your hair to make it look fun. Add some brown highlights at the ends of your hair. Wear some jeans and fun jacket and finish off the look. Make sure you accessorize. It will pull your look together.

-Side View

I love this asymmetrical bob hairstyle for short hair. It has subtle waves and makes the entire look beautiful. You should try it. There isn’t much difference in the length of her hair, but you can go for a more significant difference than the one shown here. It will look amazing as well. You can add some streaks of color if you want. Finish the look with a red matte lipstick. Red lipstick can create a statement in any look. For a bob haircut, red lipstick works wonders. We have shown you tons of examples.

If you want more great examples of asymmetrical bob haircuts, scroll down. We have your favorite celebrities flaunting you all its best versions.

Asymmetrical bob hairstyles add a certain edge and flair to your entire look. Have fun look vivacious and sexy every single day.


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