62 Best Asian Hairstyles For Men (2021)


There is a rich variety to Asian hairstyles for men. This is partly down to the amazing rise in Korean Pop. While the Japanese fashion trend and the Chinese film market has also played a significant role in shaping how Asian men are portrayed all over the world. But, what elevates the Asian fashion culture from the rest of the world is the sheer number of creative hairstyles that spawns from it.

By no means has this been an easy article to write. I had hundreds if not thousands of Asian hairstyles for men to choose. Furthermore, there were a lot of style icons to pick. Narrowing them down to just over sixty was arguably the hardest thing.

However, with that said, I have tried and created a list of Asian hairstyles for men that covers most of the different fashion choices people can have. So, if you are someone who is into street style or are a K-pop follower; or if you like to keep things classy, I have precisely got what you are looking for. I have tips and suggestions that will help you select your style for a short, medium and long hairstyle.

Furthermore, to my female audiences reading this, ladies if you are here to help someone with their style problem, or if you fancy sporting one of these hairstyles for yourselves, you are most welcome to try. Ladies and gentlemen, I got you covered.



This is one of the most popular Asian hairstyles for men. The long wavy center with a clean side undercut gives this look a right balance. This is an ideal look for men with a receding chin and a delicate nose structure. Also, Extra points if you have round ears. Men with an inverted triangle face will find it especially compelling as it blends perfectly with their facial structure.

Medium Spikes

This Asian men hairstyle is for the ones who cannot afford the excessive time to look out for their hair. In addition to that, this is for the rectangular face and round chin as it brings out the lower part of the head more.

Two Block Hair

You get an absolute bundle of choices with two block hairstyles. This is another of my pick. So, this is especially for the men with a round face and a rounded or a short chin.

Medium Spikes + Comb Over

This is one of the simple Asian hairstyles for men. The medium spike style compliments an oval. Hence, it also leaves room for the ears and the chin to stand out. Extra points if you have sticking out ears shape, and a short chin.

Trimmed + Short Spike

If you like to keep your hair short, this is another excellent example of how things can be kept minimal yet trendy. Moreoever, this suits a receding chin.

Textured + Side Bangs

A textured hairstyle is easily one of the best ways to manage a medium hairstyle for men. Also, notice how the hair brings out the nose and focuses on the eyes?

G-Dragon Inspired

G-Dragon is one of my favorite Korean fashion icons for his daring experiments and ideas. This is a bold look that impresses me. The rough, spiky outlook makes it an ideal stand out fashion statement.

Curly Spikes

If you have curly hair and like keeping it short, this my recommendation.

Hi Fade + Spikes

This is a simple and easy street style haircut in the Asian hairstyles for men list. The gelled spike with patterned undercut makes this an ideal look for men with small ears. Plus, bonus if you boast a Grecian ear shape or a receding chin.

Spiked Post Buzz Cut

This is an example of easy to get Asian hairstyles for men. Simply put, you can leave a Buzzcut to grow its course and end up with an equally good looking style. This is wearable with casuals and semi-formals.

Spike + FauxHawk

Spiking the fauxhawk can be a good option. This is a recommendation to men with short chin.

Undercut + Highlights

This is an excellent example of Asian hairstyles for men that spices things up. The blonde highlight tip gives you an extra glow that helps you stand out. Moreover, the subtle color is enough to make you look eccentric while humble enough for you to wear formals without looking out of place.

Brown Frosted Tips

This is a slight variation to the normal fauxhawk and spike looks. The subtle highlights add a significant boost to the style.

Godfrey Gao Inspired

Another big name in the Asian style icon world, Godfrey Gao is one of my absolute favorites. This is the Ivy League version of Asian hairstyles for men. I recommend this as an ideal first impression look that goes really well with formal wears. This is also recommended with plain T-shirts and jeans. Extra points if you can grace a beard with style.

Short Side Bangs

This is an ideal look for men who want to keep it clean and short. The Asian hairstyles for men give precedence to your eyes while leaving room for the lower half of your face to stand out. Thus, I recommend men with heart-shaped faces or protruding chin to try.

Classic Side Part

The is an instance of Asian hairstyles for men that dare to intrigue eccentric style with a mundane technique. Thus, a slick side part of the long hair with an undercut gives this hairstyle a unique look with the most exciting vibe.

Choi Seung Hyun Inspired

If you talk about the most unique style icons in the Asian style industry, for me Choi Seung Hyun stands out. This is another celebrity inspired Asian hairstyle for men from the man who has dazzled the K-pop industry. Here, the choice of highlight color is well balanced with the sense of attire, and the side part allows you to highlight your facial features. So, this is a brilliant look for Asian men who want to stand out.


Another unique example of Asian hairstyles for men that focuses on standing out. This is my personal favorite street style haircut.  This hairdo gives out a strong message from its wearer.

Quiff + Undercut

This is a simple example of Asian hairstyles for men that brings out the good in you, quite literally. This is an ideal look for men with an oblong face structure, but I recommend an oval face and rectangular face men to try if this matches your personality.

Side Bangs + Undercut

This look highlights your strong cheekbones and especially the pointed ears. The long side bang gives a stylish touch that focuses your eyes.

Spike + Undercut

If you are one of the men who like to sport a light beard, this is the look for any occasion. This version of Asian hairstyles for men is relatively simple to manage and compliments any style of light beard. However, remember to keep this look with natural hair color.

Hard Part + FauxHawk

This is an all-around good look for men who like to keep it short. This variant of Asian hairstyles for men has its own standalone aura.

Natural Grown Buzzcut

This is a short version of grown out Buzzcut for Asian men. Now, this comes highly recommended to men who want a hair with minimum care time. This hair also closely related to a crew cut Asian hairstyles, solely for its smart nature.

Medium Flow Hair

This is a right blend of hair, highlights, and the skin. So, the grey highlights works well with the unique Asian skin color while the waveforms a formidable style with the color. Overall, it is a fantastic K-Pop inspired look.

Short Undercut

Now, this is a slick variation to the Asian Ivy League. The undercut is a trendy touch to a classic style. Also, you can sport this look with a beard as well.

John Cho Inspired

John Cho wears the most uncomplicated look and does it well. However, sometimes keeping things plain helps you elevate your style. As seen in his film, this hair can look good in both formals and casuals. Also, this is one of the Asian hairstyles for men that requires the least maintenance.

Short Comb Over

now, if you like to keep it short and tidy, this is a go-to hairstyle that I recommend.

Textured + Brown Highlights

If you boast a handsome short chin and pointed ears, I recommend you choose this from the Asian hairstyles for men catalog. Furthermore, this is a good look for casual looks that goes exceptionally well with T-shirts and glasses.

Classic Spikes

There is always an option to wear your natural hair with spikes using a gel.

Natural Short Side Part

This is an excellent example of what you can achieve with a simple comb, a person comfortable with scissors and an expert to guide you. This is a grounded look that stands out without the need for extra accessories or much maintenance.


Pompadour looks good on anyone. With little care, it can flourish to give you a handsome look in any attire.

Side Part

This is another Godfrey Gao inspired looks. I love how the Asian face structure compliments the side part. The light beard is icing on the cake. Fashion this for your formal events, or, take it to the next level and wear this every day.

Red Highlights

Red stands out instantly if you can wear it well. Hence, this is how I think you can wear them.

Two Block Haircut

This is my personal favorite variant of the classic two block haircut. Here, the subtle but prominent texture elevates the current outlook to a popular style.

Soft Spikes + Trimmed Sides

Here is another example of a simple, low maintenance look for men. The trimmed edges give extra focus on your front face. Consider taking this on if you think your nose and your chin are your most robust features.

Natural Spikes

This is arguably the most uncomplicated look in this list. However, there is nothing better than letting it stand naturally sometimes. All you need is a simple trim. Also, square faces get plus points.


Jay Park Inspired

This is one variant of Jay Park inspired-look that caught my attention. There are so many elements mixed into this hairstyle. There’s the fauxhawk, mid fade, an undercut, and side part all mixed elegantly in style.

Caesar Cut

This is an absolute classic Asian style. The Caesar keeps things simple and compliments every aspect of the Asian facial features. There is a reason why this looks so common and beloved. And, extra points for round faces here.

Medium Fringe

On a medium length side of hairstyle, this is my pick. If you like to keep it long and well maintained, this is a good look with neat layers. The highlight is optional, but try keeping things minimal with this one.

Medium Side Part

The is a neat combination of side part with beautiful lush frontal hair. If you have a round ear, this is a good option.

Trimmed FauxHawk

Fauxhawk style can be kept simple, and this is an example of it. While you are at it, considering keeping a clean shave.

Long + Fringe

This is my recommendation to men who want to keep their hair reasonably long. This medium hairstyle for Asian men. This is a must-have fashionable look for men with round chin. Although, I would also recommend this for the proturding chins.

Soft Spike + Color

A soft spiked hairstyle can work well with subtle hair color. A dark brown hue to your hair can keep things fashionable and minimal. Plus point if you have a narrow chin.

Medium Spikes

These type of medium Asian hairstyles for men are particularly for men with square faces, and inverted triangle faces. Consider adopting this look if you wear formals regularly. It never hurts to dress professional and look good in the process.

Pompadour + Color

The clean, slick Pompadour can form a good partnership with a light brown hue on your head. It can help elevate the essence of the hair while giving it a nice glow.

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Caesar + Fringe

You can certainly mix the Caesar look with a fringe to give yourself a unique look. This is my pick of the lot, as there are many ways to do this. This one though looks good with a color highlight backing.

Short Spike + Fade

Spikes can be tweaked with a little fade from the sides. While this look is certainly fashionable, it still keeps it simple. Consider this if you want to try a new look with minimal effort.

Psy Inspired

The pop sensation took the world by storm with this hit single. While he is gifted with his music; he is also a keen style enthusiast himself. I personally like to state that I admire his sense of style. He wears an Ivy League with a touch of the side part, which compliments his round face and double chin.

Side Bang + Side Part

If you want to keep a medium length and have a rough style, this is a good idea. This is part side bang, part side part. However, this is a complete fashion gem.

Ki Hong Lee Inspired

I was first introduced to Ki Hong Lee in Wong Fu Productions’ videos. He immediately stood out for me with his natural look. He looks genuine and likable. Sometimes, you don’t need to try as hard when you are comfortable being yourself.

Purple Highlights

The shades of magenta and purple look especially good with jeans. This is a look I recommend for men with a keen interest in the blue attire. Extra grade to men with Roman nose shapes.

Side Bangs

This is the look if you want to keep you hair medium length. You can highlight this hairstyle or keep it natural. Furthermore, the hairdo compliments the Asian eye traits and is one of the most natural Asian hairstyles for men.

Low Fade

Trimming your all-natural hair with a low fade can add an extra fashionable layer to your likable charm. Also, give yourself bonus points if you have a round or a square face.

Daniel Henny Inspired

Daniel Henny is arguably the most fashionable Asian style icon out there. So, there is no surprise he makes my list of top Asian hairstyles for men to watch. This is a look for anyone who feels confident with their personality. Furthermore, you can wear this hairstyle in formals and casuals with equal grace.

Slick + Wavy

This is one of my personal favorite hairstyles. it only takes a slide of your hands onto your slick wavy hair to push it behind. In addition to that, consider blow drying it to keep it in place.

Pompadour + Undercut

This is a look for men who want to keep a beard and Pompadour. While on paper it sounds challenging, it isn’t. An undercut allows for the contrasting styles to breathe and generate a unique harmony with each other. In addition to that, this hairstyle requires only brief care.

Classic Modern Look

I have got one word for this, Classic Modern look. This is a right medium hairstyle for men for a formal occasion. Also, this is ideal for the heart faces.

Quiff + Fade

The quiff is a classic look. Asian men can consider adopting a similar look for a stand out fashion statement. So, this is a good look for the inverted triangle faces.

Medium Long Side Bang

If you like the medium long haircut and want to try something that will highlight your youthful glow, this is a hair that can help you. Also, extra points if you have a round chin.

Soft Curls

The Asian hairstyles for men give you a humble presence. This is an ideal look for squared faces. However, I can recommend people with round faces to pull this look off. So, try this if you want to keep your hair medium to short length.

FauxHawk + Textured

You can also consider texturizing the fauxhawk look with a good trim. So, this is my pick from a lot of ways you can do this. And, it looks good on men with delicate nose type.

Undercut + Comb Over

Another way of achieving a stylish overlook is to have an undercut and do a comb over while keeping the slick look. In addition to that, this is more of a casual look, and I would recommend this for men with short chins.


Asian hairstyles for men are an entire ocean of option in itself. However, the most prominent ones are based on three major fashion philosophies. So, The Street Style and the Korean Pop are the trendy fashion statement running the Asian hairstyles for men. The Street Style opts to boast an eccentric outlook with sharp spikes, rough look, and a cool guy persona.

Meanwhile, K-pop trend is a cult in itself. And, it boasts of colorful hair, artistic styles and odd combinations of the outfit. Style icons like G-Dragon and Jay Park consistently innovate the Asian Hairstyles for men.

However, despite all of the emerging styles, the Asian fashion trend has still managed to hold onto its classical and in somewhat humble fashion styles. Definitely, Daniel Henney is a prominent figure for the classical hairstyle for Asian men.

Finally, where ever your preference may lie, you are a part of this vast Asian culture. I am only a humble observer. This style always amazes me, and most of all, it finds a way to always prove us wrong. And, remember men who are confident are instantly attractive. A part of the confidence to stay content with what you wear and that means a crazy hairstyle that represents your heart.


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