54 Ash Brown/Brunette Hair


ASH BROWN HAIR – this week’s title!


 Wondering what it is?

Well, it is the coolest color ever – composition of a heavy green pigment; suitable for those who have a light complexion, pinkish skin and especially for those who have large blue eyes. Want to dye your hair but want to stay away from any red or orange tones – ash brown is the best option!

Want to dye your hair but want to stay away from any red or orange tones – ash brown is The position of ash brown hair in the world of colors is the second most common after black hair.

Oh, BLACK HAIR is in the first position? Where does it belong to? Yes, 100 % Asia – there is a strong connection between Asians’ prosperity and the black hair!

And what about West – absolutely, ash brown hair; Central Europe, Southeastern Europe, Southern Europe, Southern Cone, United States and the Middle East are the ash brown hair color centered places.

Like African braids, ASH BROWN HAIR must have cultural significance.

Girls, let’s explore!

Girl with ash brown hair in the Western countries is referred as stable, sensitive, smart, sophisticated, intelligent and competence! And do you know – all boys prefer (who doesn’t?) to have an intelligent and a competence girlfriend – so far, life partner.

Girls, don’t get confused with ash brown hair Asian, ash brown hair ombre, cool ash brown hair color, best ash brown hair color, ash brown hair dye, ash brown hair with highlights, light ash brown hair – they all are more or less identical. Here we are with their variety – 54 more options for a brunette hair color shades!

Choose your best for your cool brunette hue:

1 Cool Ash Brown Hair

After all, she is from Britain, and she has got a real taste of brunette; truly luxurious and gorgeous!

In your case, it’s not a time to explore the term BRUNETTE – follow Kate Middleton’s style – Cool Ash Brown Hair!

2 Ash Brown Blonde 

The combination of light skin and ash brown blonde is incomparable, indeed! You get truly princess-look ever!

Those blue eyes are just amazing to bring charm on your face. Love, don’t miss this hair dye if you are rich in blue eyes.

3 Brown Ash Brown 

BROWN ASH BROWN? Yes, BROWN ASH BRWON to make you look stylish!

4 Golden Bronze Brunette

Again brunette with the strange blue eyes! Central partition is really eye-catching! I know, you are looking something like this! Dye your hair with golden bronze and achieve it – it’s easiest ever!

 5 Sun Kissed Brown

If you are setting off for a vacation to the Asian corner, no difficulty to achieve the sun-kissed brown hair – the sun naturally do the job! What if you’re not? Again no problem, ask your colorist!

6 Light Ash Brown 

Your complexion is fair! You have gifted blue eyes! And you want something cool and calm! You are in perfect place! Here is light ash brown for you to make you look stunning, hon!

7 Ash Brown Hair Asian

It is as rich and warm as Asia – suits to your complex skin tone. Ash Brown Hair Asian is perfect for those who wants naturally Asian look!

8 Best Ash Brown Hair Dye

Neither too ashy nor too vague rather it looks pale, cool and pearly! Ahhh, your complexion! Ahhh, your hazel eyes!

9 Feel Your Hair Dye 

It is natural! It is warm and it gives you a glossy result. Don’t you believe my words? Feel yourself, darling.

10 More Black    

When you don’t want to have ashy hair dye, then you can think of black with a minimum of ashy brown! No difficulty to get a natural and sexy look.

11 With Highlights 

Why is it interesting to have ash brown with highlights? Why not, hon! Suitable for every occasion. You look fabulous with your pinkish fair skin!

12 Sun-kissed Brown Ombre

Adding sun-kissed brown ombre to our natural black shade is an amazing idea! It makes you look luxurious and wealthy!

13 Ash Brown Balayage Hair

No doubt! This is causal color; you can move anywhere from the office to party to meeting with the Ash Brown Balayage Hair.

14 Silky Ash Brown Shade

With your natural complexion ash brown could be rich shade, especially when you have silky hair strands!

15 Black Roots

Brown ends – black roots and natural complex – great combination! You are beautiful just the way you are with your sparkling eyes, sweet girl!

16 Super Ash Brown

Dear, you have pinkish complexion! You are cute. What are you waiting next? Make your life more beautiful with the super ash brown hair dye!

17 Resemblance of Red

I know you don’t want to lose your natural shade, but you love the color! If I were in your situation, I would apply the resemblance of red! And this is going to be my style – no one has tried it yet!

18 Brown to Gray

This is not ordinary rather it is warm and super shade! Consider brown-gray hair dye for your skin complexion to make charming!

19 Korean Brown Balayage

Everyone wants to achieve Korean look lately. Who doesn’t? Yes, everyone! Get this appearance with the Korean Brown Balayage dye.

20 Ash Brown Ombre

The blend of gray, ashy brown is great to make you look fabulous. Once you wear it, you never think of giving it up!

21 Dark Ash Brown

Don’t you want to have your hair totally changed! No problem, sweetie! Here she is with Dark Ash Brown. This is rather natural and cool! Make sure; you want this from the core of your heart!

22 Ash Brown – Natural

There are many hues out there, and it’s hard to choose right color to make you look earth friendly! Here is ash brown shade! It gives natural taste since it belongs to the seasons of fall and winter – no problem, you can wear it any time all year around!

23 Ash Purple Ombre

This is something you look noble with – purple is the symbol of wealth and creativity! I am proud to make it signature color!

24 Ash Gray Hair Dye

Brown sparks appetite! It also connects your heart to the earth! Don’t you believe? Try it out and experience yourself!

25 Ash Brown Ombre For Dark

What sorts of hair dye are you looking for these days? What sorts of mood do you have at this moment? Do you want something romantic? Then you are in the right picture! Wearing a blend of ash, brown and silver hue means getting an excitement. Don’t believe me? Experience yourself, beb!

26 Golden Brown Balayage

Hair and hair dye are interconnected for a very good reason – hair dye determines your personality. Appearing with golden ash brown color means being active and warm! Don’t think much, hon, you!

27 Sunkissed Brown Balayage

Gorgeous brunette!

28 Sunkissed Highlights

Let’s try different style this time! To be honest, black is an ordinary! Sun-kissed highlights pixie could be an answer!

29 Ash Brown Blonde

Thinking to dye your hair? Here is ash brown blonde – neither too ashy nor too browny but obviously, chic and demanding!

30 Golden Brown Ash

It’s normal to be overwhelmed when you confront ash brown hair color chart! Pick golden, brown and ash – rich combination – makes you look sophisticated.

31 Brown Balayage

Warm, burnished and golden touch – it’s lovely to be with brown balayage all season around! It’s vibrant, girl!

32 Chocolate Brown Balayage

Girl, you rich in fair complexion with dark hair shade? Dip your half end in chocolate brown hue – there you get a sexy look! You haven’t seen this sorts of hair dye, have you? Because it’s going to be your style!

 33 Red Ash Brown

See the blonde highlights! Isn’t it amazing to achieve! add little red to your ash brown beverage!

34 Short Reddish Ash Brown

Don’t you like your black shade any longer? Neither you want any heavy hue but want something calm and natural hair dye! Perfect! Wear reddish ash brown – it brightens your hazel eyes! And your complexion glows with excitement.

Perfect! Wear reddish ash brown – it brightens your hazel eyes! And your complexion glows with excitement.

35 Curly Reddish Ash Brown

This is dramatically realistic you achieve it without much effort! Just need to have passion, sweetie!

36 Curly Short

Want to look luxurious with your short curly! Give a light ash brown a chance!

Girl, don’t think much!

37 Dark Roots 

In case you are looking for a permanent effect on your hair, apply the ash brown hair color loreal. Neither too dark nor too light but damn beautiful!

38 Golden Balayage

This is another type of hair dye for you to bring change, darling!

39 Golden front & Light Ash Brown

Thick eyebrows, hazel eyes with black outfit! Contrastive golden light ash brown hair dye adds perfection to your personality!

40 Ash Brown Short

Want something ordinary but pop? Light ash brown hair brings a dramatic effect to your appearance!

41 Ash Brown Highlights

Want to make your bob attractive? Sart with dark blue and gradually move to ash brown highlights.

This effect gives you a real taste of color!

42 Silvery Brown Ombre

The silvery end gives you a super gorgeous look!

43 Central Parted Dark Ash Brown

When you’re not allowed to wear very bright color because you have to be too formal – here is dark ash brown hair color, especially brought for you, girlfriend!

44 Long Ash Brown Balayage

OMG! Aren’t you looking something like this? Get your hair really long and wear your fav dye – ash brown balayage. There you look steadfastness!

There you look steadfastness!

45 Silver Ash Brown

Obviously, it is not as rich as dark ash brown – but definitely, attractive enough to make you stand out of the crowd! Don’t believe me? Wear it yourself!

Don’t believe me? Wear it yourself!

46 Cool Ash Brown Dye

Looking for a hair dye to make your first date perfect ever! Cool ash brown could be your fav beverage- rich with the hint of golden taste! Make sure, you have a chic sunglasses before heading to meet your love!

Make sure, you have a chic sunglasses before heading to meet your love!

47 Silky Ash Brown

Whoever see this fall in love with! This is gorgeous! Light ash brown hair is so pop all this year around. The most significant quality is it’s casual.

48 Ash Brown Hair With Highlights

What an idea! Gray highlights is another way to make you chic. Wow! Your sparkling black eyes and beautifully curled hair! You are great just the way you are, girl!

Wow! Your sparkling black eyes and beautifully curled hair! You are great just the way you are, girl!

49 Straight + Curly Ash Brown

Either straight or curly! It’s your choice, sweetie! But don’t forget that brown is the symbol of fertility and reliability!

51 Chestnut Balayage

As beautiful as chestnut! It makes you feel relaxed! So what are you waiting for! Give it a try! You will love its taste!

So what are you waiting for! Give it a try! You will love its taste!

52 Chocolatey Ash Brown 

It is as sweet and delicious as it’s name! Chocolatey ash brown creates a balance between your complexion and personality – makes you look calm and steady! Isn’t it what we girls need to have in our whole life!

53 Naturally Gorgeous

Black hair is very flexible hair color! You can experiment many different dyes and ash brown hair color is one to make your black hair naturally gorgeous!

54 Loose Curly Ash Brown

Don’t ignore your long curly hair! Hair is your ornament; decorate it with a hue you want to have in your life! What about ash brown, isn’t it beautiful!

In conclusion, Perhaps you have heard of many different hair shades and it’s etymological meaning as well! I bet none of the colors are as meaningful as brown! The color brown is earth friendly! Sounds great, isn’t it?

I bet none of the colors are as meaningful as brown! The color brown is earth friendly! Sounds great, isn’t it?

Wear ash brown and earth friendly, you!


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