65 Fabulous Ariana Grande Hairstyles That You Will Love


If you are a fan of the singer, why not go for some Ariana Grande hairstyles? She has a signature look that will suit anyone. For 2018 as well, Grande has maintained her hairstyle to be fabulous.


Let us talk about some of the fantastic Ariana Grande hairstyles, shall we? We will be talking about her hair color and also give you a step by step guide on how to do them. You will love our tutorial.

-From The Past

We will start our talk from the hairstyle that Grande wore as a teenager. She looks cute and simple. As a teenager, I say go for styles like this where you don’t have to put any makeup. Take care of your skin. Drink lots of water and be as cute as Grande here. That is all you have to do to wear this hairstyle.

-Ariana Grande Ponytail


For a day concert, Ariana Grande decides to pull up her classic hairstyle, i.e., ponytail. She looks great in the look and is perfect if you have to perform. You will have no hair blocking your face, and you get to have fun all the way.

-Up Top

Grande does not only wear her ponytail to concerts, but she shows them off at a formal event as well. She wears an army print shirt with a green tank top inside. For her hair, Ariana goes a dark shade of blonde that suits her undertone. I love Ariana Grande’s hair colors.

-Ponytail With Bangs

For the hair color, Grande decides to create a cooling ombre effect here. She keeps her roots dark as well as her bangs. For the rest of her hair, she goes a light shade of blonde. For the hairstyle, what should we expect other than her classic ponytail? It is a great way to show off those hair colors in 2018.

-From The Side


This is another one of the same looks we just described. You can scroll above again if you want to know more. Ariana, for this one, wears an off the shoulder crop top that is made of lace. She finishes the look with a choker. Her ombre hair color, outfit and winged eyeliner all are on point.

P.S. The red-eye effect!

-Braid It

Here Grande breaks one of her classic styles, i.e., ponytail and goes for a single high tied up the braid. A step by step guide for this hairstyle will be written down. First, pull your hair back into a pony. After that, tie the body of your ponytail into a big braid. That is all you have to do.

-Ariana Grande Hairstyles-Half Up Half Down

Ariana Grande hairstyles are a great look for summer and spring. This look is all about the spring. The season represents flowers and colors. So, you will want a soft and romantic hairstyle complimenting the look. Ariana Grande goes for a dark shade of blonde for her hair color.

-Micro Braids And Pony

The one thing that I love about Ariana Grande and her hairstyles is its diversity. Don’t believe me? Think about it. I admit, she goes for a ponytail look everywhere, but she manages to create a difference in every look. Grande merges tree braids with her ponytail.

-Tree Braids

This is one of the lightest shades of blonde that Ariana Grande hairstyles have for its hair color. It looks fabulous on her and makes her face glow. I love the winged eyeliner look. The hairstyle and hair color is perfect for 2018. You do not need any tutorial or a step by step guide for this. Pull your hair back into a pony.

-Keeping It Simple

For any fancy event, if you are not sure about gaming up, go for the safe version. Wear all black outfit Grande style. For hairstyle, you can go for the letdown version of her hairstyle. For this look, she keeps her hair color in the highlights. Do I need to tell you about the step by step guide for this hairstyle?

-Pull It Apart

The sweatshirt and denim look is terrific. What better hairstyle to compliment this casual attire than a high ponytail? For her hair color, she keeps it dark and beautiful. Grande looks gorgeous. This is one look that I will be trying this fall.

-Simple One

Here we come to another Ariana Grande hairstyles that are also known as her look. Grande is also famous for her half up and half down hairstyles. She likes to go for easy styles, so that anyway who looks up to her as a fashion icon can go for it. The hair color for this look is close to her skin tone.

-Ready To Dance

When Grande decides to come on stage, she wants to keep things fun and shimmery. That is why she wants all her outfits to sparkle and have a hairstyle that will create no problems in setting the stage on fire. Grande goes for her classic ponytail look with the blonde hair color in the ends. She has her winged eyeliner on point.

-Ariana Grande Hairstyles For Party

To be honest, I thought that purse was a puppy.
Anyway, Grande does not only go for the light shades of blonde or brown. Sometimes, for hair color, Ariana goes to the dark side of the color palette. For this hair color, she goes for the color brown which suits her undertone perfectly. You can try this Ariana Grande hair color as well.

-Smokey Eyes

For another event, Grande shows up with her classic ponytail for the hairstyle. She keeps her hair long and healthy. That is why her ponytail looks have become famous. I love the smokey eye look with nude lips. Her dress is perfect, and I love this look.


Look at highlights in this Ariana Grande hairstyle. I love her blue crop top that is strapless. Grande wears things that are so in style. Or maybe she creates the trend? Crop top and cute skirts are favorite in the year 2018. Keep on reading the article to find step by step guide.

-Hands Down-Ariana Grande Hairstyles

The step by step guide for this Ariana Grande hairstyle, i.e., a ponytail is as follows. You will need to comb all of your hair. Make it tangle free. Remember, this hairstyle works on long, short, curly or straight hair. Of course, the wavy hair as well. Pull your hair into a high ponytail. Use the strands of your hair at the bottom of the pony and wrap it around the elastic.

-Another One

I told you Ariana tries all the variations possible in her ponytail hairstyle. This hairstyle shows off the stunning ombre effect hair color with the high ponytail. If you look at the strand, she goes for the crimped hairstyle. There are a few hair strands that are crimped. Her bangs have a different hair color than her ponytail.

-Keep It Cool

This is another version of Ariana Grande hairstyles with braids at the front. Her hair is long, and the hair color suits her undertone perfectly. I love her outfit. The crop top and side split skirt look fabulous on her skin tone and her body. Finish the look with bright red lipstick as Ariana does.

-Double Ponytail

So planning to look like Ariana Grande for this Halloween? You can go for one of this look for the 2018 Halloween. She looks cute with that pink bow tie. Grande adds to her cuteness with a hairstyle that has two pigtails. The blonde hair color makes a great complimentary addition to this look. You can also try this look with glossy lips.

-Four In One

We have four different styles that are mostly shown by Ariana Grande in all her public appearances. The first hairstyle has her hair let down with fiery red hair color. The second one on the top shows her signature look, i.e., high sleek ponytail. For the ones at the bottom, she goes for the half up and half down hairstyle with a dark shade of blonde for hair color.

-Super Cute

Grande loves keeping things cute. Even though is she wears a sexy dress; for her hairstyle, she likes to keep it sweet. For this look, she goes for a top-knot hairstyle that has two top-knots. She reminds me of Minnie Mouse. Grande would be a perfect representation of Minnie Mouse.

-Day Out

The jeans overall look great with a high ponytail, and Grande knows it. She wears the overall in a bralette with the hairstyle as her ponytail. You can go for a dark color for the hair color that matches the color of her outfit.

-Little Braid

This is one of the hairstyles where Grande has used curls. She hasn’t gone for a full curly hair look. The hairstyle is simple and perfect for that outfit. She picks one of her regular hair colors and side parts her hair. The hairstyle is soft and beautiful.

-Cat Band

Grande combines a headbang with ears and her signature style to give herself a catty look. Who would look better in this style other than Ariana herself? She knows how to make a cat look cute as well as sexy at the same time. She has a long hair which is pulled into a ponytail.

-Selfie Hair

Your hair should look great in your selfie. It should look good in any photo for that matter. Otherwise, what is the use of selfie? Go for the Ariana Grande hairstyle and hair color. You will be bound to look great in any photos you take.

-The Party

Grande knows how to make cuteness into hotness. The pink sequenced dress with those tremendous white plumps oozes sexiness. To make the hairstyle perfect, she lets her hair loose and goes for waves as her hairstyle. Use bobby pins to create a design at the front.

-Double Knot

For this Ariana Grande hairstyle, she goes for two small top-knots. It is a great hairstyle for those who have frizzy hair. You can control your volume and become popular instantly for your great haircut. Grande goes for all black outfit for this look.

-White Strings

You need to stay on top of your fashion game to become a successful artist today. In today’s times, your fans want to look at you not just an artist but as a fashion icon. They want you to be an inspiration. That is why Ariana keeps herself updated and goes for a style that never goes out of trend. She combines the style of African American hairstyles with her classic look for this appearance. The entire presentation is nothing less of perfection. Go for classy and straightforward things like Ariana.

-Up High

The volume of Ariana Grande hairstyles is always on point. She uses excellent hair colors for her hair which only compliments her skin tone. You will need to follow a simple step by step tutorial to achieve any of the Ariana Grande styles. She keeps it that simple. Her hair length is fun and voluminous.

-Ariana Grande’s Ponytail

Grande’s hairstyles look the same for the innocent eyes. She is smart regarding hair styling. Grande doesn’t create great variations but always remains in trend using the smallest of changes. She goes for braids or tree braids at the front of her hair which makes her hairstyle up to the mark.

-Ultimately Red

Did you thin Grande will never flaunt a hair color that is not blonde or brown? Well, Ariana has put a stop to people who always complain that she goes for the same hairstyle and color. Since her hair color is dramatic, she goes for a simple haircut where her hair is let down straight.

-Half Up Half Down

Her hair color and outfit is always on point. There is nothing more stylish than Ariana walking in her one of classic hairstyles with a cool costume. She sets fashion goals to a lot of young women. Her hair color is an excellent mixture of blonde and brown. This could be your hairstyle for the year 2018.

-Flowers For The Crown

Grande looks beautiful in this outfit which is bright and white. She knows how to color coordinate her clothes. For her hair, she manages to look beautiful in whatever she does. Her hair color is a mixture of shades of blonde and brown colors. For the hair accessory, she goes for a flower headband.

-Sporty Look

Grande decides to go to a match in her classic style. Why wouldn’t she? High ponytails are a great hairstyle to watch the game in or even play in. She looks great in that jersey, and her hair color is a beautiful blonde. Go and have fun with your girls at the game. You can even support your favorite team in this look.

-Keeping It Classy

Winter has come. Oh! Yeah, it is not 2019! Game of Thrones again!
Talking about this look, well it is excellent for winter. Ariana goes for subtle curls at the end and wears an eye-popping red coat. The hairstyle and her outfit are on point.


Grande goes for a top knot hairstyle which has brown and black for hair colors. In other words, Ariana goes for a natural ombre effect in this hairstyle. She pulls up a bun on top of her head to make herself look fun and casual. Red lipstick ties all the look together.

-Simple Look

The best thing about Grande is how she can look cute as well as glamorous using the same hairstyle. I think the credit for that also goes to her versatile hairstyle. Not only that, she styles her outfit and makeup according to the event. There is nothing much to say about this hairstyle. You know what it is.


Grande flaunts her hairstyle from the back in this look. She goes for a neat, sleek look with braids adding intricate designs to this look. Her hair color is brown, but for the roots, she likes to keep it her natural hair colors. At the front of her hair, she goes for thin braids, and they look fabulous on her. Show off your hairstyle as Grande does. Pose and take tons of photos.

More on Grande

Ariana Grande, an American singer, and actress is one of the most influential people on in the World, according to Times. The singer had started off her career in 2008 from Broadway Musical 13. Since 2008, Grande has a come a long way and has accomplished a lot. She has won four Grammy nominations and three American Music Awards. We are sure she will bag a Grammy very soon. Mind it! She is only twenty-four years old. Ariana has a long way to go.

Grande is known for her signature hairstyle, i.e., ponytail. She also is famous for her half up and half down styles. What am I saying? You guys have seen the evidence just now.

Did you like any of Grande’s styles? Have you planned to wear it to the office/college tomorrow? Or have you saved the look for date night? Be sure you stay in trend with the best of Ariana Grande hairstyles.


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