76 Best African Braids for Black women


Hello girls! We are back again.

We hope you are well!

Guess what we have come with! Certainly African Braids!

African braids are perfect hairstyle. It has a big world to wonder!

In the past it was the part of the African culture, it has a long and very meaningful history. In Africa, braids are the unique source to identify tribe. One of the very valuable meanings of African braids is it helps to establish a bond of friendship and brotherhood among members of a tribe.

You must wonder what it actually means and why it is called African braids?

No worries! You find various sorts of terms if you just surf for African Braids. African braids for kids, African braids for girls, African braids for women, African Braids for women over 50, Festive African braids are few to name.

The hair itself has a very deep essence; if a woman has thick hair, she will have many children, farms and will be wealthy.

Now you can relate this meaning to your life too. It’s very interesting to rock about yourself if you are going to be rich in near future!

Although African braids are the insignificant part of African culture, today it is a matter of worldwide fashion. Every girl and woman regardless of their age, race and tribe love to wear. Now It no longer belongs only to African culture.

Focusing on this fact we have come with magical African braids for this week.  You can practice them to bring worldwide friendship and brotherhood. Wear it whenever you want to change your appearance from cute to bold to ceremonial to bridal to classic.

If you are busy and don’t have much time to decorate your hair. African braids could be the perfect solution; they last for weeks.

1 Elegant Updo

african braids

This chic African updo uses a lot of patterns to create jumbo updo bun containing creative art.

2 Thick Braided free falls

Want to achieve vintage appearance? Here is thick black braids hairstyle!

3 Creative Braids

Let’s be creative and have our won style!

4 French Updo

This is cuter and more artistic than any other African braided hairstyle. You can have it for ceremonial occasion. Add highlight to create decent taste.

Bold Free Fall

Girls don’t look fierce rather they look bold and stunning with African braids. your color choice gives some sense about nature. Hair with white color is more eye caching.

Festive briads

Have not I mentioned that every African braid is culturally connected? This is another festive braids and I know are in love with it. Not a problem! You also can wear this to yourself a global resident of Africa. Yes, it’s a great idea.

African Braids for long hair

Wow! What a gorgeous hairstyle it is and yes this fabulous African braids is for girls.

Braided Ponytail

It has an extraordinary appeal shaving all around and there remains braided ponytail hanging down your back. When you dance it creates rhythm along with the traditional music.

African braids for girls

Naturally curly hair is the great advantage for African braids to create. Design your hair artistically to have cute look. After all, it is all about hairstyle that make you look fabolous.

Boxed Braided hairstyle

If you ever believe in the existence of perfection, it comes only with a rich look and this rich look comes with African braids. So never compromise for a hairstyle.

African braids for girls

Girls look very beautiful when they turn teen. They appear far more attractive if they wear glamorous African hairstyle like this.

Long braided hairstyle


your hair can sleep with you, eat with you, laugh with you and dance with you, if you give them life. Giving life to hair? How? African braided hairstyle is one technique among many.

African Braid for girls

Long braided hair is always the demand of girls and boys for centuries. It is awesome to have it on our own and to see for others.

Box Braids

Super bold hairstyle gives you perfection! Take it your side to make gorgeous and show off your beautiful face.

Fishbone braids

No doubt! You have had French braids for numberless times. But the idea of making it more attractive and creative is less common. Fishbone French braids is what we have come with  for this summer to make you look elegant and mysterious.

Bun Style

Why the way women love to have the super bun? When I ask this question almost all people give the same answer, ‘because women look super sophisticated with the updo bun’. My research is nearly fake but your hairstyle is real.

African braid for thin hair

No matter if you have skinny hair. African braids are always African braids. you look gorgeous and fabulous.

Brown Braids

Wow! This somethin I was searching for a long time. I am going to wear it and hand around the downtown. All people ‘WOW’ me! Then I will smile back at the and continue my journey.

Long Braids

Brown long braids gives you a sexy look.

Unique braids

Do you have any idea what reporter brought for us? Hairstyle news! Read today’s highlight, Girls are famous for styling hair! Every time they appear with a different hairstyle in the downtown. These images would not be here if this was false news.

Bridal Bun

Oh my god! What a wedding bun. When you are staying with your bridegroom everyone’s eyes fall on your hairstyle! You look so natural and delicate.

Golden low bun

This is not just an ordinary bun. The golden low bun is very sophisticated and rich. Wear it with your traditional clothes you get a goddess-like look.

Naturally Green

This girl has a different story. One day she wakes up finding her hair green! She twists it in an African way. then she applies red lipstick and golden accessories and walks around. This is just a story. You have to make it true to happen.

side parted box braids

She is a little girl but her hairstyle is fabulously great. Give your girl a grown-up look with the long box braided hairstyle.

Mixed style

What if you want box braids with the micro braids to end? Anyway, it is as simple as any other hairstyle. All you need is your desire.

Black is Beautiful

Black outfit! Black skin tone! Black hair braids! Blacks are fabulous.

Long Side Braids

Be inspired to get success. Your inspiration is our dignity.

Long Box braids

If you ever design your hair, it gives you a poetic justice. Others will follow you.

Fabulous Braids With Accessory

Simple hairstyle gives you a simple look! Gorgeous hairdo helps you earn a gorgeous look. Which one are you going to prefer? No doubt, fabulous one. Don’t forget the fact that accessories are mandatory.

Black + Purple braiding

There is an option for color; you can have all black braids or black + purple braids. The result is same; you look simple and stylish.

Black braided ponytail

It will be easy for you to handle ponytail in comparison to freefall braided hairstyle. If you are going to have busy schedule and can’t play with your hair then chose ponytail.

Two simple buns

Bob with two little bun hairstyle is suitable for teen girls. They look cute and confident. That’s what they need for their age group.

Short braids

This is another choice for teen girls.

Black cap on black Braids

No doubt! It is an eye-catching style. Are you thinking to have medium sized box braids? This could be the stunning idea for you to get perfection.

Curly ponytail

wearing off shoulder brown outfit, wearing black braids with golden curl is an awesome idea to make you stand out. Fashion is the only source to attract the attention of others which leads you to the popularity.

goddess Braids

It’s another name is back to front updo hairstyle to follow the trend of 2017. Fashion is for amazing girls. A crowd stands for those who follows fashion.

Elegant Updo

When you see this image you think that this is not casual rather it is made for special events. Yes, your assumption never turns wrong. Elegant updo is more suitable for attending ceremony.

Two Sophisticated Buns

are you crazy? you have already turned 20 but still, want to have two buns on your side! Not a problem. Two buns suit you as much as it suits to little girls. Just be sure about your own style.

Highlighted box braids

If you just can manage it, it will trun out to be the gem of your personality. it makes you look sophisticated. Add some highlight to give decent taste.

I don’t have any word to explain this style. If you have please share me your words. I would love to hear you.

Mohawk Dreadlocks

WOW! What an image with the dreads. She is perfect on her own.This is the reason people love African hairstyle. It gives you a fabulous look.

Naturally curl

Sometimes having natural curl is awesome. You just can leave it on its own and give audiences a gorgeous look. If you have naturally curl hair try this idea.

Micro braids with ponytail

They are simple. They are great. With the combination of simple and great comes perfection. Celebrate your marriage anniversary with this elegant hairstyle or it is perfect to go for the casual event.

Messy African Hairstyle

Could anybody tell me why she chooses this hairstyle? Because it suits her personality. A free hairstyle is easy to have and manage. Girls come with especially when they don’t have time to do any other style.

Mohawk Curl

If you want to have a bold and inspiring hairstyle, this could give you a different taste. It makes you look sensual and sexy.

Cute Braids

Little ones can’t choose on their own. It’s your responsibility to make them look cute and lovely with the best hairdo.

Long Blonde Box Braids

Long and colorful braids are enough to make you look perfectly elegant.

Loose curls with invisible braids

Believe me. You don’t need to think much about if you appear with loose curl wearing blue outfit. You look gorgeous with the way you do.

Partial Briads

Partial braids are made to gain a distinct look. If you are tired of braids and thinking something different, try out it. It gives you a great satisfaction.

Glamorous Hairstyle


Central parted Braids

This is what we were really searching for a long time. Right from this moment, it is going to be my style. What about you? Which style are you going to wear for summer outfit? Don’t forget to write me back!

Classic bun

A classic bun is all time favorite hairstyle suitable for all girls and women, it gives a vintage look. Make sure you have decorated your bun with the accessory.

One Sided Hanging Braids

Long hanging braids are always a popular choice. These look stylish and classy for any events. Girls love this style beacuse it is easy to create and manage.

Wavy Cornrows

Braids are evergreen hairstyle suitable for a day in and out.

Two Braids, All Loose

This hairstyle makes you look lovely. Mix little bit of color to make your appearance more attractive.

One side

This glamorous look is achieved by African braids.  Manage it to the side. Make sure you choose accessories and outfit. I would say a contrastive color is the best.

Decorate your hair with red scarf

Simple is the best. You don’t need to do many more things to decorate your hair. You may have a red scarf at home. Place the scarf at the crown area and tie it to your back. Don’t show the knot. Then rock with your natural hair.

Black Bun, Red Scarf

Here is a fabulous and sophisticated bun that every girl dreams of it to have before they head to the ceremonial event. This is stunning and rich on its own.

Skinny but Elegant

Braids look more attractive when they are decorated with accessories.

This is an African

We are magnetized by African style. Africa is rich. Africa is unique. Africa is great in hairstyle.

Wavy Curl

Wavy curl is all time trend. However, partial braids on top are something unique that only super girl dare to have it. Brown hair with red outfit makes you look more sophisticated and intelligent.

colorful beads

If you want to have a bold and brave look, design your hair with the help of beads. It makes you look much stunning and vibrant.

Curly ponytail

A ponytail with partial braids is chic and decorative. It makes you look simple and creative.

Rock On Side

Of course, you get perfection with black, shiny box braids. Don’t waste your time much thinking over it. Have a good dating time!

Adorable Micro Braids

People mention cornrows are the trademark of the Hip-Hop culture. I would rather say it is the trademark of 2017 and popular among all customs. You look elegant. You look cute. You look perfect.

Just The You Are

Honestl talking, girls look beautiful with naturally curl hari with little bun on top and side. Don’t you have curly hair? No problem. there are a lot of salons out there to make you hair look naturally curl. You just need to have passion for hairstyle.

Fishbone cornrows with low bun

This is a party season in my area. Do you have to go to party too. Let’s make bun together and go party wit a vintage appearance.

Front style

Hanging hair on the forehead is supporting a lot to make her look stunning, Earing on ears and black outfit are supporting to add beauty on her face.

Sproty Hairstyle

This is not something everybody likes to have, but extraordinary girls certainly enjoy it. It looks more sporty less girly.

Cornrows with Mohawk

Sometimes having short hair is an extra fun. You can create your own style with it.

Gorgeous curl

This is an African style that every girl wants to have it lately. Because they are in the mission of being a global citizen. Try it; African style is your style.

Overall is for overall! I hope you enjoy the article.

Did you choose any one of them for this week? Great choice! This hairstyle makes you look elegant, sophisticated, creative and intelligent. All in one!

Also, make sure that you have a suitable and contrastive outfit and accessories. These supporters add perfection on you.

Have a good time ahead. Bye-bye!


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