60 90’s Hairstyles That Have Comeback For 2020


Your favorite era is back which means the 90’s hairstyles are back! We have many ideas for you from hair crimping, buns, braids to grunge. We have inspirations for your black hair, blonde hair or any hair color. Check them out.

-90’s Fashion

I love the style of the curls for this 90’s look. It is significant, loud and makes a great statement. The color of her hair is beautiful. If you are worried about the color being outdated, then don’t. This color is favorite in 2018 as well, and you know why.
GOT 2019
This hairstyle is a different take on the classic long curls. It is short and fun. Her eye color is gorgeous. If you want to get the right hair color, you need to make sure it complements your eyes. Finish the look with glossy pink lips. Go for a fun day out with this look.

-90’s Look

This is one of the classic 90’s styles. Everything from the outfit, to her hair and her makeup, is perfect. Her long locks and blonde hair colors are gold. Her hair color is golden blue. To complement the brightness of her hair, she wears all black outfit. My eyes are on her leather jacket. It looks great in those black shorts. There is nothing much to tell about the hairstyle as it is effortless and straightforward. Make sure you take care of your hair so that this style will work for you. Finish the look with beautiful maroon matte lipstick.


Buns have always been famous. Even back in the 90’s, this style had conquered all our hearts. The method is simple and keeps the hair away from your neck. Who wouldn’t want to keep all the hair away from your neck in the summer? Or else you couldn’t enjoy summer favorites. You can go for a single bun or a double bun. If you go for a double bun, you will be enchanting more of the 90’s looks than a single bun. The choice, of course, is completely yours. Finish the look with a cute top and fun accessories.


This hairstyle is to bring out the cuteness in you. If you love to bring out your bubbly style with your hairstyle, I suggest you go for this look. It is not at all difficult to do. All you need to do is part your hair from the middle (middle partition has made its comeback a long time back, by the way) and then take two inches of hair on either side. Now, braid each of the strands and tie it with a cute rubber band. You can pull out other strands near your face if you want. Black and white photographs make for a classic photo. You can try taking your picture similar to this.


From the 90’s hairstyles collection, this hairstyle sure knows how to make an impact. The dark black hair with the red lipstick combination is sexy and edgy. You can wear this look to your office as well if you feel like showing off some bossy vibes. I love how the strands of her hair are shaped in such a way that it coils around the face. Her eye makeup is also on point. You don’t need to form your hair strands in that manner. You can let them be as natural as you want. I think the entire look will seem better if you can keep it raw and natural.

-Clip It

This is a simple look from the 90’s styles. You don’t have to do anything to do this look. For this hairstyle, its natural texture and quality are what steals the show. I love how her blonde hair color coordinates with her pink outfit. For this style, you can part your hair from the middle. After that, you can pin thin strands of your hair on either side. This hairstyle will work great if you can get yourself some loose curls. It looks good with straight hair as well. The makeup needs to be minimal if you are planning to wear this look on a summer day out. You don’t want your makeup to be dewy.

-Let It Be

90’s hairstyles are all about keeping things simple and classy. That is a fashion secret that will help you throughout your lifetime. Always remember, less is more. For this hairstyle, you can use a hair straightener. If you have straight hair, this hairstyle will work best for you. Of course, you might get bored of the equal lengths of the hair. But this style is great for the thin hair type. You can see the hair has not been parted and I love the slight volume created on her head. Go for this look for your office. It works for short hair length as well.

-Put A Scarf

High messy buns are sexy, fun and young. You should try this style for summer. I loved that 90’s hairstyles had a lot of messy buns in their stylebook for the decade. Of course, the method is easy and fun. You will need to get some practice for this look. Messy buns are comfortable, and you don’t need to do a lot of styling. You can do it roughly and keep it fun. Finish the look with a scarf. Scarves make an excellent accessory for your hair. Color coordinate your scarf with your outfit.

-With Beads

The beads in this hairstyle make for a great accessory. For this hairstyle, beads are used for adding the funk portion. If you don’t like the idea of such accessories, you can keep it simple. If you go for this everyday hairstyle, you will not need to do anything. The hairstyle is relatively simple, and I am sure you know how to do it. It will be great for a romantic date. It is such a soft and chic updo that all of us can do. Finish the look with a simple makeup with pink colors as your dominant makeup colors. A nude pink lipstick will do wonders for this look.

-Julia Style

Julia Roberts is forever favorite. The Pretty Woman star, has always been an icon in the movie industry. I loved her in the movie and everywhere else. Who doesn’t remember her epic cameo in Friends with Matthew Perry(Chandler Bing)? Anyway, if you want to try the 90’s hairstyles, I suggest you start collecting pictures of Julia Roberts. She has always been a style legend in the industry. For this hairstyle as well, she shows how less can be more. Go for this style if you have a naturally curly hair.

-High Bun

High buns are great and fun. They are the perfect look for the summer. It is a great way to beat the heat. 90’s looks consisted of a lot of messy buns. The buns can be low or high. For the summer and casual day out, I always prefer top buns. The style of this bun is beautiful. It shows a sort of twisted appearance. A scrunchy with studs is used to style the bun. It keeps the glamor portion of this hairstyle alive. You can pull out a few strands of your hair to finish the look. Your hair color will also do wonders if you go for this look. If you have an ombre hair, make sure the colors are differentiated in separate parts of your hair.

-Braided Style

I know, if I see such hairstyle I always bring Game of Thrones up. To be honest, I don’t get tired of talking about GOT ever. These type of hairstyles automatically bring up the show for me. I don’t know about you. Tell me, if it is the same for you. Well, now we can understand that these hairstyles were popular back as the 90’s hairstyles too. The hairstyle is relatively simple. The color of her hair is what makes it unique. Use a layer of your hair and braid it. It can be as simple or complicated.

-Red Scrunchy

This half ponytail style is priceless. There is not much to do here. The natural texture and type of hair are what keeps the hairstyle still popular in 2018 from the 90’s. All you have to do is first take out all the tangles from your hair. You can use a wide tooth comb for that. After that use your comb or your fingers and pull hair from behind your ears. Make sure you only pick a half section of your hair. Tie it into a half ponytail. You can use a fancy and bright colored rubber scrunchy to finish the look.

-High Pony

Her highlighter is on point. You can see her nose at the first. You can go for this type of makeup if you like to keep your features in the limelight. For the hairstyle, it has a 90’s look. This style is a combination of the 90’s and 2018. The hairstyle is a simple high messy ponytail. You can use your fingers to pull up your hair into a high ponytail. After that, pull out a few strands from the front of your hair and finish the look. Make sure your makeup is perfect.

-Half Top 90’s Hairstyles

This top-knot hairstyle is fun and vibrant. Her hair colors have a great ombre effect. The ombre effect keeps it fresh and messy. For this hairstyle, you can part your hair at first. After that, bring a section of your hair from the crown and the front and tie a bun. Pull out a few strands of your hair to complete the look. The key to nailing this look is keeping it messy and fun. You can finish the look with nude pink or brown lipstick. Everything about this style is for a day out.

-Side Pony 90’s Hairstyles

If you are planning for a classic style from the 90’s, the style you should go for is a side ponytail. This hairstyle seems to have lost in time. I don’t see anyone doing it. If you are a school girl and into cheerleading, you can try this look for your practice. I am sure your friends will love it. Inspire your girlfriends for this look. Add a nice pair of large hoop earrings as your accessory. You can even wear a necklace if you like. I prefer only the earrings. You don’t want a lot of hassle during the practice.

-90’s Styles

If you want 90’s hairstyles with a modern touch, you can go for this look. As I have mentioned before, 90’s style book has a lot of buns, especially messy buns. So, you can always do these types of buns and call it blast from the past. I love the pattern of her scrunchy. It has a great animal print on it and gives off some classy vibes. The strands of her hair that are pulled out make this look perfect. Red lipstick is your beauty secret. It is a must-have for all the girls. So, finish the look with bright red lipstick.


Curls have always been famous. They have been the hairstyle ever since humans have evolved. The girls with straight hair want the curls, and for the girls with curly hair, you know what they want. Of course, curly-haired beauties also want a frizz-free hair. This is the key to this look. You can see how her hair is tamed and kept frizz-free. That is what keeps this hairstyle fun and young. The shape of her curls is perfect. To finish the look, she adds a butterfly clutch to her hair.

-Highlights For 90’s Hairstyles

This 90’s look is the bold and out of the box style. Every fashion era has such styles, and this is one of those styles from the period. The hairstyle is mainly a bun. You might think what is different and bold about the bun. Well, the bun has a wet hair look. The front of her hair has tree braids. You can check out our other articles for different braiding styles that you can opt for. Accessorize your hairstyle with a lot of small clutches. The main highlight of this look is the hair colors. I love the combination of blonde and black colors.


This is such a great beach look. The 90’s have some great looks and to be honest, I am planning to try a lot of them out. Make sure you have saved the ones you liked cause I know you will forget them. For this look, blue rhinestones have been used in her beachy waves. Her hairstyle is short. Who would have thought rhinestones could be a hair accessory? Well, someone from the 90’s did. You can finish the look with bright red lipstick and simple eye makeup.

-Simple One

Again, this hairstyle shows that less is more. I love the hairstyle and the color. The color of her hair is made for her skin tone. I love the sleekness and sexiness of this look. It is a basic hairstyle yet it makes a great impact. You can go for this look if you want to look fabulous everywhere you go. It is an everyday hairstyle. The makeup is on point. The best thing about this look is how the color of her lipstick matches her hair color. The choker on her neck and the outfit, everything matches her look. Make sure you try this look.

-Phoebe Buffay

Are we talking about the 90’s and not mentioning Friends? Oh, no we spoke of Friends. But we only talked about Julia Roberts’ cameo in the series. What about the original star cast? I know if it comes to fashion and style, we always think of Rachel. We all also know that Phoebe is not exactly the inspiration for many of our looks. But, she has tried some great hairstyles. This one is great among the 90’s hairstyles. The hair has been brought to one side and tied with a considerable scrunchy. And that is it!

-Double Pony

This is a great hairstyle for those days when you feel like cleaning the house. Haha! No, it can be a great style if you want to feel like a kid. I think these type of hairstyles work in the summer best. But, you can try it at any other time of the year. You will need a lot of rubber bands. Make sure you get the good quality ones otherwise you may end up damaging your hair. The hair is split into two sections and then made into ponytails. The rest you can guess what to do. Take care of your hair before you try this hairstyle.

-Braided Pony

I love how her braids look especially with hair color. They look beautiful. The combination of her natural hair color and blonde give off a stunning ombre effect. For the hairstyle, well it is has a 90’s style flavor in the look. The outfit is cute off shoulder top which is perfect for the summer and right now ‘in.’ Try this two braided style if you want to give out your cute vibes. The braids can be simple, or you can go for French braids. You can even try the Dutch braids if you like.

-Curly One

For this 90’s hairstyle, all you have to do is get yourself some hair styling products. Curly hair, even though they look gorgeous, they will need a lot of care. You can go for products that are available at home. But, the trick is you need to make sure your curls are moisturized. That is the only way you can make any look work for you. You can also go for layers. Curly hair and layered haircuts always work great. After that, just let your hair be as it is. Her lipstick color is beautiful.


90’s hairstyles have a lot of simplicity and cuteness. If you feel like bringing out your cute version and want to look like a little girl again, you should look at more of the 90’s styles. You will find lots of inspirations. For this look, all you have to do is comb your hair all to the back. If you like, you can get lots of small clutches. That is how the hair will keep away from your face. This hairstyle will work great for curly hair as well. It will look perfect on beachy waves as well.

-Cool 90’s Hairstyles

We have another top knot hairstyle that everyone will love. I love this look. It is fun, young and pure. If you have long hair length, you can go for this look. It is excellent if you don’t want all of your hair volumes but still want to have some locks down. All you have to do is pull up a section of your hair and tie it into a bun. You can use a considerable scrunchy or a scarf to tie around the bun. That is the perfect way of styling your hair. Finish the look with a nice pair of sunglasses.

-Long Strands

The final look that we will talk about is the messy bun. I love her sphagetti top and its color. Another great thing, she has done in this look is matched the color of her top with her shade of lipstick. If you are planning to wear a similar top, I suggest go for the hoop earrings. For the hairstyle, well you know how to do it. The messier the hairstyle the better it will look. Don’t try to tame your strands. They know their place and they will fall naturally to make you look beautiful. Have fun, girls!

Don’t worry the fun isn’t over. We have more ideas for you and your favorite celebrities flaunting the looks. Scroll down for more.

Bring back the stylish era of the 90’s. I know some of you must be 90’s kids. So, enjoy the 90’s hairstyles in the year 2018.


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