72 Badass 80s Hairstyles From That Era


Every era has its style and charm; it is different in term of fashion and how people react to the change. If you want to get the 80s vibe and feel nostalgic about those times, then it is a piece of great news for all of you that 80s hairstyles are back and we absolutely love it. There was the various combination of a haircut during the 80s where some are classic and subtle where some of them are crazy and unique.

We find different hairstyle in the 60s and 70s and with some twist and turn different hairstyles emerged in the 80s. The 80s were all about hair and movies series. We still use those clothes and 80s hairstyles whenever there is a retro-themed party or some events.

There were various types of hairstyles which were famous in 80s such as soft fluffy waves and curl, mohawks which are used to raise the size of hair or big hair blowouts. We still love these hairstyles as they are evergreen and never go out of fashion. Below are some of the famous and unique look from that era which will surely remind of those beautiful time and memory.

Jheri Curls

It is one of the famous hairstyles for the 80s which is also known as a wash and wear curls where they curl their hair for a particular event or function and wash it easily without any problem. This jheri curls is sported by Michael Jackson in his several albums and was one of the sensational hairstyles of that era.

80s hairstyles

Farrah Feathers

If someone asks you about an iconic look from that era, then the Farrah feathers must be on the list because it was a classic and iconic look which were famous among boys and girls. The layers and feathered cut provided you with a classic look and made everyone try this hairstyle at that period.

Voluminous Curly Hair With Front Bangs

Full Curly Hair will never go out of fashion whether it’s the 1970s or 2019. This hairstyle provides you with a bold and stylish look and makes you a center of attraction in any occasion. If you have curly hair, this hairstyle is for you.y

With The Band

Bands were used as a hair prop to give your hair some different chic look which will spice up your look and give your entire hairstyle a thumbs up. If you’re bored of trying the same kind of hairstyles in straight hair, then this style is for you. You can use small as well as big elastic bands with some hair accessories.

Workout Head Band

We can see the inception of the workout session from various 80s tv serial and program. The look was famous as Olivia Newton carried the workout headband gracefully and beautifully. The headband was one of the trendiest looks at that period which we notice in various workout videos.

Spikey All Over

This hairstyle is familiar with the pixie, but the difference is that the layers are quite long and there are more of them. A stylish wax helps you get the hold of this hairstyle and gives you a spikey look.

Shaggy Hairstyle

This mid-length wave is one of the famous 70s hairstyles which used to be carried out by both male and female at that time. Its length and interpretation did the differentiation in the haircut. These looks give you the warm needed vibe from the 70s hairstyles which can be a fresh look nowadays.

Chunky High Updo with a Ponytail

This hairstyle maximizes the length of the hair in the middle and get other hair loose at the side and gives you a relaxed look. The Updo is one of the signature hairstyles which can be carried out with a high or low ponytail.

The Round Pouf

This Pouf is one of the iconic looks from the 70s hairstyles which exactly gives you the feel of that era. The pouf suited with a winged and eyeliner and nude lipstick. If you think you can carry the weight of the hairstyle, then you should try out this. To have this look, you’ll need some hair accessories which will manage the importance of the hair and gives you ‘the’ look.

The Faux Hawk

It is one of a type of pixie hair look among different look. The sides of the hair shaved which gives a bold look to the overall appearance. It is a different look for people who want to transition from a pixie look. To twist it, you can add some color streaks with various colors.

High Side Ponytail

The side ponytail look is simple and cute at the same time which is a go-to style for every school and college girls out there. You can carry this look to your girls day out or for a dance routine. The high side ponytail helps to keep hair away from your face and make you focus on your work.

80s hairstyles

Messy Wedge

There are different variation in the wedge hairstyle. You can opt out for a straight wedge or this dirty wedge look. This look is easy to get and handle as well. You can carry this look to any party or gettogether.

The Pouf

This Pouf is one of the iconic looks from the 70s hairstyles which exactly gives you the feel of that era. The pouf suited with a winged and eyeliner and nude lipstick. If you think you can carry the weight of the hairstyle, then you should try out this. To have this look, you’ll need some hair accessories which will manage the importance of the hair and gives you ‘the’ look.

Bob With Thick Fringe

This pictured hairstyle shows you a classic 70s style and a choppy bob which is not well structured than the main pageboy style. The haircut has been a statement from the 70s to till now and gave a freshness to your look.


We know the love we have for crimped hair. It was mainly famous when Britney Spears and Beyonce flaunt the hairstyle in the early 90s. We can get the crimped hair look by the flat iron which is a perfect style for the late party and gives you all the right vibe of the 90s era,

Scrunchies Look

The 80s and 90s were the period of headband bow and yes SCRUNCHIES. There were different kind of scrunchies which were famous at that period such as plain, velvet, flower print and animal print scrunchies. The scrunchies were tied in a tiny hair which gave al the focus to the band and made a contrast look.

Classic Style

This style is the quintessential 70s look which we have been looking since our childhood. We can possess this hairstyle in the college-themed party or any event which will make you stand out in the crowd.

Classic Madonna One Side Hair

We love Madonna and her look where she pull the look on one side of the hair which is classic and sophisticated. We all know that the 80s hairstyles are all about unique crazy style or classy style. It is one of the famous hairstyles which madonna carried, and we all were a fan and wanted this hairstyle back in the fashion game.

The Mullet

The design was for the men in the first place, but there is nothing a woman can’t carry, and this picture is a proof. We see various celebrities flaunting the mullet cut such as Ellen Degeneres who was a mullet-sporting comedian at the starting of her career. In recent time, we can see stars such as Rihanna and Kristen Stewart flaunting and rocking the style in several events.

Short Shaggy with a Fringe

The short shaggy with a fringe look is a vintage look which is perfect for the girls and women who have volumed, thick and dense hair which can give you the classic chic look. The fringe helps to enhance the facial structure of your face and adds a quirkiness to the hair look. It hairstyle is loved by the girls who have a small head and oval face.


Brow-Skimming Bangs With Ponytail

Don’t be confused about the inception of bangs; it was in the time of ’70s and make it big in 80s. They are fashionable which were done to sweep the attention of the crowd. Bangs goes well with long straight hair, wavy hair and even short hair. In those time women prefer to have a fringe with the long and silky hair, but with the change, you can try this hairstyle in any your hair.

80s hairstyles

Feathery Bangs

This light look is a quick and easy way to get a look from the 70s without going to the professional or the hair salon. You can part your hair from the middle and style the flicks which can show the structure of your face. This hairstyle goes so well with a glossy lip.

Edgy Head-Braid Shaved Haircuts

This hairstyle is eye-catching with perfect hair texture and movement in shaved haircuts. The layers have been passed to create a trendy fate. This look is bold and blends well with the elements such as piercing with a touch of femininity.

Glamour Afro Disco 90s Hairstyles

This hairstyle was mainly favorite in the 60s and continued to be worn in the 70s too. It gives you both vintage as well as modern look. This hairstyle can be carried out with pink lipstick and eyeliner. It has an element of vintage style with a modern look.

The Classic Look or Bollywood Look

This classic look gives you all the vibes of Bollywood given by the actresses such as Hema Malini, Jaya Bachchan. This hairstyle gives you a big voluminous hair which looks good with a hairpiece and winged liner. This look is accessible in different function which reminding people of those times.

Layered Framing 80s HairStyles

The tiered fringe on the front side gives you a vibrant look, and the rest of the hair styled away from the face. These short hairstyles for women look preferable among them who have an oval face which frames their face structure well.

Hippie Bands

The hippie bands start from the 70s as the trend and followed by the 80s and 90s style. It is one of the iconic looks which is famous as a 90s style. We all know that headband was one of the significant parts of 90s hairstyle where hippie bands were one of them which was enormous and beautiful.

Just Spike It

This hairstyle is a bold choice and must go along with your personality. Spike is one of the hair looks which requires less styling products, yet gives you a chic look. It is an excellent choice for the women who want to have short hair and still show that you have tons of spunk left.


80s hairstyles

Side Braided On Short Hair

Yes, you can carry single side braid on the short hair too. Here, two part of strands has combined from the two sides of the head and those braids joined in the middle with the help of bobby pins.

Cute Flat-Top Boy-Cut

This short back and sides pixie haircut are super trendy as well as sporty. The soft ash-beige blonde color gives you a stylish as well as flattering vibes. This hairstyle is easy to get and manage where you will love the fact that you can wash your hair in one-minute flat. The side swept texture makes you feel young and pretty.

Modified Faux Hawk

Faux is a modified version of a pixie look. This hairstyle gives you a lot of edges which helps you to transform your hair from a pixie to a whole different look. Some fun can be added by coloring or with temporary color streaks.

Elegant Side-Part Chin-Length Bob

These short hairstyles for women are beautiful as well as classy where the back-side bob is nearly all one length. This hairstyle suits in every type of hair such as long hair, straight hair, curly hair. This look helps you to keep the style heavy and dense.


Layered Huge Curls

If you have a naturally curly hair and want to get the best of it, then you need to make the curl limelight which helps you get a messy look but manageable. The layers of the hair help you to show off the coiled locks and help to frame your face correctly.


It is one of the classic and signature looks from the 90s hairstyles where different bows, ribbon or hair clips are suitable in the hair to hold hair in a perfect form. Barrettes are the thing which keeps the hair in places such as slides, clips or the ribbon. If you are looking for a chic style, then this hairstyle is one for you.

Coconut Half Updo

If you aren’t a big fan of half down and a half up look then, you should try this hairstyle. It is a perfect look if you want to tie your hair at the top of the head. It is named coconut half updo because it looks like a coconut tree and you can carry this look in short hair or long hair which gives you a gorgeous look.

80s hairstyles

Big Teased Hair

The back combed hair is a huge part of 80s hairstyles where everyone was trying this look out, and they were rocking this style which charm and grace. It is one of the unique and crazy forms which was famous in back 80s and has a very much chance of making its comeback in 2019.

Short Baby Bangs

We have already talked about the lashes bangs which aren’t blunt and covers the eye vision. The next hit we have is a quick blow which is cut above the eyelid and is smooth and perfectly cut.

The Wedge Style

This look can is as an alternative look for the bob Style. This style was famous By Dorothy Hamill. If you’re tired of managing your hair, again and again, this hairstyle is for you. Just cut your hair, straighten it then it looks good.

Cool Wispy Fringe 80s Cut

These short hairstyles for women give a sophisticated vibe which suits in any face structure and any age group of women. This hairstyle includes longer layers on the top of the head and provides cute wispy fringe on the front.

Curls with a Bow

We can see the big curls which are tied up and is complemented by the bow in the hair. This hairstyle gives you a Retro vibe which makes you look lively and bubbly and brings charm to your personality.

Scarves As Headbands

This look use scarf we have as a headband and make you stand out among the crowd. The scarf used may be either plain or floral which gives you different colorful and vibrant look according to the event.

We can see the different transformation in the makeup, hairstyles, accessories which changes with the time and era. Every era has its own charm and style which captivates the people around that time and create a changing fashion statement for the next generation. But no matter how many years or decade have passed, the fashion will never go out of style, and 80s hairstyles are one of them which are evergreen and timeless.

There were various crazy and classy hairstyles which made the 80s more memorable were few of them were perm hairs, soft fluffy curls or short bob hairstyles. There are lots of similarities between the 70s and 80s hairstyles with some modern twist and turn.So above are some pictures of hairstyles from the 80s which are lovely and classic.


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