122 70’s Hairstyles That You Will Want For Your Every Look


Each era has its fashion signature, yet the one we most look back to is the 70’s hairstyles. Why do you say? Well, the decade had not just one but many hairstyles that were glamorous and fun at the same time. It is Gucci who brought back the style this time. Alessandro Michele brought this back once he took over.

The era had its variance of hairstyles. We loved each look from Charlies’ Angels to Princess Diana’s disco look. 70’s hairstyles are also known for their disco looks. Well, today, it will not be the same but who doesn’t love a good fusion? I can’t wait to see the awesome 70’s hairstyles with a modern touch. Don’t worry if you have short hair, long hair, bangs, we have it all covered.

-Brow Skimming Style

If you have long hair or medium hair, you can go for this look. It is fun and sexy. The brow-skimming styles were the statement of the 70’s. It looks fun. The fringes are used to define your face shape. If you are planning to go for this look, I suggest adding a little bit of modern touch to it. Find the bangs that suit your face. You can then go for the rest of the look as it is.

-Feathered Look

Who doesn’t love good feather locks? They look fantastic and ever beautiful. I love it. If you have long hair or medium hair, you can go for this look. You can also go for this look for a short hair length as well. The feathers on your hair will keep your vibrant and fun. You can also add bangs to finish off this look. Fringes work great to frame your face. So, I suggest go for this look.

-Modern Day Touch

This is one of the modern-day version of brow-skimming 70’s hairstyles. It looks fun and young. You can pick this look for school, college, work or a girl’s day out. It also works for your date as well. The variations of this hairstyle are endless, and it can be worn to many events. So, you should go for this look. This hairstyle isn’t exactly retro, but it is a combination. Go for this look. Make sure you find the bangs that suit your face shape. That is the key to this look.

-Straight and Sleek

The straight and sleek look was one of the classic 70’s hairstyles. It is comfortable and looks great everywhere. You can go for this look on short hair or long hair. It will work great on both the length of the hair. The middle partition was the way to go back then. So, if you have such hair type, you can go for this look. You will not have to put in a lot of effort. The middle part and go on with the day.

-70’s Hairstyles With Curls

Curls have always been famous. Back from the origin of time, I believe girls with straight hair wanted curly hair and the ones with curls wanted to get some straight locks. Whatever be, everyone enjoys curls. These type of hair shape look even better on curls. You can also say that this is the curled version of straight and sleek hair. Use your fingers to style this look. That is the key to nail this look.

-With The Band

If you find the straight hair look from the 70’s boring, you can go for this look. You can add hair accessories. They do not damage your hair and will spice up your look. Adding headbands will make your entire hairstyle fun. You can also give your hair some highlights or color your hair. It adds dimension to your hair. This hairstyle is easy to have if you are born with straight hair. It works on both long and medium hair.

-70’s Disco Hair

If you are planning for a night out, why not go for a 70’s disco theme? Or if you are planning to throw a party why not make it a theme party? You know what the idea could be. Yes, 70’s disco theme. It would be a fun way to style yourself for the night and have fun. This is the look you should go for your party. Wear some funky makeup and go for this 70’s disco hairstyle. I love the vibrancy of the colors in this look.

-Winged Look

This is a styled look of straight and sleek 70’s hairstyles. Her hair is wavy. So, if you have wavy or straight hair, you can go for this look. It will work on curly hair as well if done right. 70’s hairstyles look great because of the makeup as well. So, when you go for such hairstyles, you should go for the winged eyeliner look. Add some hair accessories like a headband. It brings the entire look together.

-Classic Style

This look is Bollywood inspired. If you look up for some Bollywood actresses from the era, you can see them flaunting this hairstyle beautifully. It makes for a great hairstyle for a theme party. You can even make it a 70’s disco hairstyle. Your hair needs to long, and you can go for cascading curls. The curls need to be giant sized. Finish the look with a pouf and add a flower. The makeup should be minimum. Focus your makeup on your eyes.

-The Shag

The Shag is one of the most popular hairstyles from the 70’s. You can see how fun this look. It looks like a hairstyle that you can achieve by shaking your head. Go for this look, if you have a medium length hair or short hair. The bangs are again a great way to shape your face. If you want to go for this look, you should know that the bangs are the signature of this look. Finish this hair look with a beautiful makeup inspired by the 70’s.

– The Wedge Style

The wedge style is one of the classic hairstyles from the 70’s. This look was mainly made famous by Dorothy Hamill. The actual style portrayed by Hamill was not as sleek as this hairstyle. She showed off a voluminous look. This can be an alteration to the regular form. So, go for this look if you want a hassle-free hairstyle. Straighten your hair and go for this look. It is comfortable and a perfect look for your work.

-Frizzy Or Tamed

Combination of straight hair and frizzy ones can make for high 70’s hairstyles. This can also be one of the 70’s disco hairstyles. You can save a lot of time if you go for this look. If you have naturally frizzy hair, you only need to straighten your hair at the top. A middle in part your hair will create some fun. You can go for a makeup that focuses on your lips. Red lipstick is the way to go. Wear some fun accessories and a cute outfit.

-Messy Bangs

This is a brow-skimming hairstyle made for medium hair. It looks great on everyone and will work on straight or curly hair. The waves make for a great style as well. The length of her bangs is more extended than her eyebrows. If you want to add a modern-day touch to it, you can go for a messy look. This also looks for 70’s disco hairstyles. For the party, you can go for smokey eye makeup. That is the way to go. Do not overdo anything. Keep your lips nude.

-Messy Wedge

The wedge hairstyle has its variations. You can go for the classic one like Dorothy Hamill. It is a great everyday look and will work great for the office as well. It is easy to handle and style. But, if you want to party in this look, you can go for its messy version. 70’s hairstyles with bangs are fantastic as well. Wear the makeup that highlights your hair. High heels are the perfect way to finish the look.

-For The Shag

We have another excellent example of the shag hairstyle. It looks beautiful and classic. This 70’s hairstyles will work great for short hair, medium hair and long hair. Again, if you plan to go for this look, you should know that its signature look is bangs. So, if you are not comfortable with bangs, you should think twice before getting this hairstyle. This can be a great everyday look so that the right makeup would be minimum makeup. You can get yourself glossy lips.

-Show It

We have another straight and sleek look from the 70’s. I love it. If you have a natural hair that is straight, you should go for this look. You can add some layers if you want as it will add some life to your hair. You should middle part your hair. This will give you a high 70’s inspired hairstyle. Color your hair for fun. You should pick a color that suits your undertone. Everything about this look is minimum and still stylish.

-70’s Hairstyles With The Band

Look at the twists and turns in your hair. It looks beautiful. If you have long hair, curls make your hair attractive. This hairstyle is natural, and if you have natural hair, you can do it entirely. One of the ways to give your curls a defined shape is to twist your hair when it is set. So, next time you wash your hair, you can use your fingers and curl them. Finish the look with a cute headband. This is a classic style. If you are going to a concert, you can go for this look.

-Today’s Look

This is a beautiful look for the summer. If you have a straight hair, you can go for this look. To be honest, you don’t have to do a lot to achieve this look. You will need a cute haircut. If you want, you can add some bangs to your look. Bangs are a great way to enhance your face’s features. She doesn’t go for the perfect bangs look like from the shag hairstyle. She does a hairstyle that suits your face shape. You should do the same.

-For The Day

This isn’t one of the classic hairstyles. It has a lot of modern-day flavors. Buns are a great way to handle your hair for the summer. It doesn’t allow any strands to fall on your face. Although, you can pull out some streaks that land on your face to enhance it. Wear a band to finish the look. This band gives a retro touch to your entire hairstyle. Correct makeup is important. Nude lipstick makes for a great summer look.

– The Pouf

Okay, I find this hairstyle larger than life. I really cannot imagine myself holding that much weight on my head and walk. To achieve that pouf, you will need hair accessories. It will add some weight to your entire style. If you are ready for the commitment, you can go for this look. This falls under the 70’s hairstyles with bangs. Her hair appears short, but actually, a significant percentage of it has been used to make a pouf. Finish the look with winged eyeliner. The makeup from the 70’s has a lot of focus on the eyes. The eyes have winged and thick eyeliner. The lipsticks are nude. Check out some 70’s inspired makeup tutorials on Youtube to get the perfect look. The outfit needs to be perfect as well.

-70’s Disco Hair

70’s disco hairstyles include a lot of shiny hair accessories. The entire look has many accessories that make the whole look glitter and shine. The headpiece can be as fancy and intricate as you want. The detailed the outfit and accessories, the larger than life this look appears. If you have long and straight hair, you do not need to do anything to get this look. You can get this look in curly hair as well. Finish the look with the right makeup. The winged eyeliner is a classic look. So, for every 70’s inspired hairstyle you do, make sure you do a winged eyeliner to complement the look.

-Bangs and Pouf

It doesn’t matter if you have short hair, medium hair or long hair, this hairstyle will work on all. You can see the pouf is not so big that you cannot handle it. So, anyone can carry it off. 70’s hairstyles with bangs are also trendy. It is better if you can combine its variations. This style has a combination of pouf and bangs. Middle part your hair and the style is complete. Half up and half down hairstyle works great for this look. Winged eyeliner completes this look. You should go for a nude shade for your lipstick.

-Curls and Ahead

By now, you know that bands were a favorite hair accessory in the 70’s. You don’t need to buy a new bang for yourself to achieve this look. The 70’s style can be easily made using a beautiful scarf as well. If you like to give the form a feminine touch, you can use your scarf and tie a cute bow. The bangs can be pulled out to give your face an excellent shape. The cascading curls and the reddish glow of your hair will steal the show anywhere you go. Layers are a great way to add an excellent volume to your hair. If you like layered haircuts, you can go for one if you have long hair. They also work great with curls. To give it a retro touch, add the bang. Wear a shirt and tie the knot. The entire look is fresh and fabulous.

-For The Time Ahead

Brow-skimming hairstyles with the modern day touch are one of the sexiest hairstyles ever. You can see how beautiful it look. It works great on straight hair or curly hair. It works best in wavy hair. You can also get yourself some beach waves. This hairstyle works great for a day out on the beach. If you are planning a vacation, I suggest, you get yourself a new look before going. It will add a modern touch to the photos you will be posting on your Instagram. Now, if the beaches are on your destination for the vacation, I suggest you go for this hairstyle. It gives an excellent focus to your lips. So, if your lips are your asset, this hairstyle works best for you. Go for this look, wear a cute swimsuit and have fun at the beach. It is all about styling it right.

The fun isn’t over. We have more in store for you. Scroll down and enjoy the ride! 70’s hairstyles and all it covers are down from here. We have also had the makeup and the outfit inspiration for you.

Bring back the decade was looking great every day was just an ordinary thing. Go for the feathered look, the wedge or the shag. We all know that the 70’s are back with a fun touch.


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