112 60s Hairstyles That Are Sure to Make You Feel Nostalgic!


There are a lot of 60s hairstyles out there that can make you feel nostalgic. Through this article, we are bringing to you the best of these hairstyles. You can try out any of these looks for yourself and feel the vibes of the times gone by. The era was experiencing a lot of changes, and the style and fashion that women followed also changed drastically over this period. If you are looking to try on some of them, then you can go through this article here. There are options here for all hair lengths and textures, so you are all set.

These hairdos are iconic on their own, and they have that fantastic appeal to them that anyone would want to get on board with. If you lived through that time, you are sure to get nostalgic as you check these images out. Women often sport these for themed parties, and nowadays they are also seen on the runways! Stylists are usually bringing back these hairdos and experimenting with them. So you can do the same if you are looking to try out something new.

Here is our collection of the best 60s hairstyles that can help you out!

Picture perfect ’60s hairstyles

This is the kind of hairstyle that makes you look back at memory lane and feel good about yourself. There is a gracious vibe to this look, and you can see how stunning the side hairpin in here is. You can add the same to your hairstyle to get the 60s feel from it. The deep red to brown shades in here are adding to the beauty of the hairdo.

60s hairstyles

The bouffant

One of the iconic looks that were prevalent back in the 60s were the bouffant. You can see the hair has this natural rise to it and you can check out the volume! The hairdo was a popular one and is still relevant on the runways! You can try on the same if you have a themed party to attend. The loose hair strands on the sides are a cool addition here.

The stunning one

You can try out the fluffed version of the hairstyle on yourself if you have short hair for sure. The sun-kissed look is admirable, and the makeup here has complimented the hairdo perfectly. The hair waves on the sides are working out to give a summer day vibe in these hairdos.

Short choppy ’60s hairstyles

These are the 60s hairstyles for short hair that you can try on for yourself this season. There are layers to the look, and you can get the same if you have thin hair. Doing so will add volume to your hair and make it look bigger and healthier. Here are some images that can help you decide the look to try on.

Classic hairdo

This updo falls under the traditional 60s hairstyles category, and they are relevant to this day. If you want to look different, then you can try this look here. There is a smooth touch to the hair, and there is a volume here that signifies the era of the 60s. You are sure to love this look once you try it out.

Natural locks

There is a liberating feeling of trying on hairstyles that have the natural body to it! You can see that a couple of images here are showing off the beautiful afro hairdo and they have this grace to them that we adore. You can try out the same and keep in touch with your roots. Add colors to them to break the monotony.

Finger waves

There are a lot of classic 60s hairstyles in here, and one of them is this one here with the finger waves. You can catch a lot of these looks on the TV serials and movies of that time. This was the formal look that everyone loved getting on. Celebs of the time tried this look on and created the desire among others as well.

Extra glam look

These are the hairdos that have been accompanied by the best makeup looks too. They are suitable for the runway, and you can spot models wearing them all the time. You are sure to love this look for yourself when you are trying on a glam attire.

For the artists

Hairstylists love some styles for the runways, and this is one of them. The leather headband on here is different and is sure to catch the eyes of many. If you are a bold one, you can try this on for yourself.

Casual everyday style

Here are some casual hairdos that made it into our list of the most relaxed hairstyles to try on. You can see that these are approachable looks and are perfect for days when you need to rush out. Here are some ideas that can guide you in getting the best everyday style there is. Make sure you choose the one that feels the most comforting to your heart.

Full frontal bangs

There are 60s hairstyles with bangs that can make you look feminine and youthful. If you are willing to hide away your fine lines and other signs of aging on your forehead, this is an excellent look. You can add on the full frontal bangs to your hair to give it an edge.

Cheerful and charming

Some hairdos can give off a friendly vibe, and this one is certain to fall under that category. You can try out the messed up high pony like the one in here for a cheerful and fun look. Keep the makeup to a minimal to enjoy fun attire.

Boho inspiration

You can take ideas from this look here if you want to make the best of boho and the 60s styles. Adding on a simple headband can make you stand out as well. These are the carefree and relaxed looks that we are instantly attracted to. You can sport them for a music festival.

The up top look

The girls next door look never seem to die down. You can find these styles being sported by girls of all ages, even now. All you need is to make sure that you take a proper section of your hair and tie them up high enough. You can add pastel shaded ribbons on top to make them pop!

The stunning ’60s look

When you see a lot of volume on a look, you can swear it has come from the 60s for sure. There are even the headbands here, and you are sure to be the one to try it on for a themed party next time. There is a vintage touch to these hairdos, and they can make anyone feel nostalgic.

Diana Argon’s hairdo

The Glee star was adored and admired by many. Diana Argon is undoubtedly an icon, and you can take all the inspiration you need from here with this image in here. These 60s hairstyles are working their way into the hearts of people, and they are making a big comeback for sure.

Take inspiration from here!

You can see that the youths nowadays are recreating them for themselves as well. You can try out the same by taking on ideas from these images. There are longer bangs, and the hair has layers on them as well. So make sure you stay enthusiastic about them.

Reese Witherspoon’s hair

The ever so stunning Reese Witherspoon tried on a look that has the inspiration from 60s hairstyles. You are sure to love this look here. She sported it to a red carpet event, and she sure looks great. If you are looking to try them on, then you will need to add a lot of volume on your locks.

Short hairdo

Getting short hairstyles are comfortable and can make you look fresh and smart as well. If you want to get a short haircut, then this is the section for you. You can see that the hairstyles here are precise and they are also ideal for hot summer days. These here can be the inspiration you need to get a short hair on you this summer.

Photogenic 60s hairstyles

It is a trend to get the photograph of the hairdo that you get nowadays, but these are the looks of the 60s that are still photogenic. You are sure to love this one! This section here is dedicated to the hairdos that were stylish back in the day, and the photos are the proof. Try out the same if you are interested in something different.

Waves at home

If you are a fan of adding waves to your hair, then you can try on these looks here. You can use the curling iron if you are in a hurry. If you are scared of hair damage, then you can try on the heatless methods of hair curling as well. They are easy to do, and they prevent your hair from damages of heat as well.

Marylyn Monroe’s iconic look

An article on the 60s hairstyles female is incomplete without the mention of Marylyn Monroe for sure. The iconic star has inspired so many looks, and people are recreating them to this day. Here are some of the images that you can take inspiration from. All you need is to create some waves on your hair to get this look, and there are tutorials online to help you.

Angled Bob

If you are one to add the modern twist to these 60s hairstyles, then you can try on this hairdo here. You can find these to be the best look for you. You can see that the bob was a trendy look in 2018, and celebs and stylists loved it. This bob look can be the best thing you try out this season.

Accessories here!

You can add on some headscarf on your hair to make them pop. Here we even have Rihanna herself trying on a cute scarf to her short colored hair. There are options in here that you can check out for yourself. There is no limit to what you can try on for sure. Adding on a fun accessory can tie up the look well together.

Add some waves

You can add waves to your hair and make it into one of the most iconic 60s hairstyles. The way to get it done is easy as well. You can take sections of your hair and add waves by getting your hair curler on high heat! You need to be careful when you try on these looks as you may get hurt accidentally.

Wedding day look

These are the best 60s hairstyles that work out for a wedding. You can see that the hairstyles here are ideal for special occasions. You can look good in them with or without the addition of a veil. Here are some of the best looks that can get you inspired to try them out. We are sure you will find the one for you in here.

The volume here!

The hairstyles back in the day were all about adding volume to the hair. You can see that these hairdos here have a height to them that is quite high. This is a classic look, and you can wear them as a low pony or even make a high bun out of the look. Keep it sleek or enjoy the gentle rough look as per your liking.

Aretha Franklin’s hair

Aretha Franklin has her hair on a classic beehive 60s hairstyles here, and she looks beautiful. The queen of soul music wore this back in the day, and you can copy her style as well. The small bouffant here was all the craze back in the day, and we are sure you have heard about them. Copy her look to keep your hair away from your face.

Back in time

These are the best 60s hairstyles for medium hair that you can try on. You can see that these are actual looks that women back in the day sported. There are many options here, and some may be too authentic for you to try. So you can stick to the simpler ones. A wavy bob is sure to make it to your list.

Braided looks

Adding braids to the hair can make any hairstyle look stunning, and it gets a feminine touch to them. You can try out twisting the section of hair on the side and pinning them down to achieve this look. There are no complicated elements to this hairdo they are approachable as well. You can wear them for weddings and also for a casual day out.

Mature women

There are 60s hairstyles that you can try on if you are of age. You can see there are short choppy hairdos here or even the short bob! These are looks that we sport on women over 40 a lot of times. They are not so unique and still are a look that you can give a try! If you want to make things unique, you can add colors to your hair.

Event ready

The ’60s hairstyles inspire these looks here, and the celebs seem to love it. Some stylists keep recreating these stunning hairdos, and they keep making a comeback as well. You can try on the same if you have a formal occasion to attend to. They are elegant, and there is a chic vibe to it that we recommend you try out!

Uptop hairdo

If you have braids on your hair, then you are sure to love this hairdo. The top bun on this hairdo is admirable, and you can try out the same for a day out. There are clasps on this look as well, and they add this edge to the hairdo. This one has the charm and elegance to get you through any situation.

A lot of volumes

Many 60s hairstyles are a bit comic to look at and try on in today’s times! This one here is the same for sure. You can see that the hair has this significant volume to it and it adds height to the face too. It has the bangs on them as well. We do not see this hairdo making a comeback anytime soon though.

Aubrey Hepburn’s 60s hairstyles

The ever so lovely Audrey Hepburn has her hair up in this look, and we admire how beautiful she looks in this simple hairdo. The bangs in here and the puffed up hair is the characterization of the 60s hairstyles. You can look your best by getting the same look as her. Copy her hairdo by taking some help, and you can shine as well.

Zendaya’s hair

If you were wondering how to do 60s hairstyles for long hair, then there is a hairdo that can act as a clue! You can see Zendaya here has the best look on. She has curls all over the long hair of hers, and it has this added volume that we adore. You can get hair extensions on to get the bulky look.

Kerry Washington

This look by Kerry Washington is as stunning as the actress herself. If you have never tried on short hair, now is the time. You can try out the bangs for yourself as well to complete the look. This hairdo works well even with thick hair, so you are sure to love it. This hairdo can be sported to any event formal or otherwise.

Judi Dench’s hair

Judi Dench has had her hair cut short and precise for quite some time now, and she manages to look graceful in it all the time. If you are looking to try out short hairstyles and to the point, then this is the one for you. She has been an inspiration to many women, and they have adopted the same look over the years.

Flowery touch

Adding flowers to your hair looks lovely, and the 60s hairstyles in here have that touch to them. The dresses in these women have beautiful flowers to them, and the pictures are a testament to how they were widely popular back in the day. If you want to capture the essence of that era, you need to try on these stunning prints on your dress too.


Adding on hair accessories is nothing new, and there are countless ways to do that too. Back in the day, the most popular accessory was the stunning headband. You can see a couple of options in here and know for yourself it was so. The interesting ones are charming, fun, and flirty, and the black and white picture has a profound alluring factor to it! These 60s hairstyles with headbands are a must-try.

These are the best looks that we are sure women of your family have tried out in the past! You can try the same for a stunning appearance! If you have never experimented with the 60s hairstyles, you are sure to have found this article to be amusing! You can take the ideas you need from this collection of out something as gorgeous as these hairdos. If you desire to keep things simple, you can go with the wavy haircut, but if you are interested in spending some time in your look, then you can try out the beehive and bouffant 60s hairstyles as well.

You can look your best when you try these hairstyles on so make sure you get the look that you are most comfortable with. You can try out any of these 60s hairstyles and know why there are women who loved this look back in the day as well. If you thought this article was right, then you can show us some love and give us a thumbs up.


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