57 Poetic Justice Braids Hairstyles


Frizzy hair?

It is not so easy to handle, is it?

Have you ever been in a situation where all the hair products and the hair clips just cannot contain the madness that runs on your head? They still don’t seem to be giving you the result you want. And trust me, girls, I know, sometimes I have locked myself in and cursed my genes!

But, don’t worry hairstyles like box braids are there to rescue you.

What are box braids you say?

A chic, exotic and a sassy hairstyle. Box braids though look complicated, you should know that it is one of a simple hair-do with historical value.

The first ever box braids were worn by Egyptians when pyramids and mummies were more than just a fantasy tale. It represented a symbol of elegance and style among women. Everyone wanted one. It made them feel like a pharaoh!

You can guess how perfectly amazing this style is, cause we still see them today. That’s over 7000 years of style girl. And it still ticks with our modern style! Talk about that!

Although, Box braids became a pop culture sensation after 1993.
Ah! The year 1993, a great year wasn’t it? It was also the year when Janet Jackson’s hit movie ‘Poetic Justice’ gave rise to the hairstyle ‘Poetic Justice Braids.’

Janet Jackson is our trendsetter for this classic look.

‘Poetic Justice Braids’ are just thick box braids. Jackson flaunts those braids with her artsy cap that makes everyone fall in love with her. Her sassy character Justice in the movie gave complete ‘justice’ to this look which has been popular throughout all these years.

-Not just for frizzy hair but box braids look gorgeous on straight, non-frizzy locks too.

We girls have this dream, a dream to have a fuss free trendy hairstyle. For that, poetic justice braids are again right on the top; a hairstyle that lasts until you want another new look.

Just a tip:
-To let your look last longer, simply sleep with a scarf over your head and keep your hair moisturized.

For the girls, who love to play with hues, poetic justice braids allow you to do that without doing any damage to your gorgeous locks. You can choose as many hair colors as you want. Blonde, caramel, brown, red, purple, green, blue to name a few. Go crazy with the colors.

Since you don’t need to lighten your hair to get a lighter shade or get to the darker side, you can get the color you want without risking your hair. Isn’t it a win-win situation for us girls?

Although, girlfriend poetic justice does consume a lot of time and quite some money.

Those long hours in the salon chair can lead to boredom, stiffness, and lots of discomforts.

Be sure to find a good hair stylist since braiding your hair is bound to cause some trouble on your scalp.

Pick a day when you can spend at least eight hours to get yourself these braids. Not all of us have so much time to spare.
But it so totally is worth it!

Don’t believe me? See it for yourself.

1. Swept Back Look

poetic justice braids

A little bit of swept back almost towards the side, a laid back look I would say. In addition to that, some blonde highlights to add some dimension to your braids.

2. A Knot On The Top

A knot on the top is particularly famous hairstyle these days. Add some twist to it. Top knot your box braids. A dark blonde color also looks amazing for the long box braids.

3. Elegance

Not just sassy, box braids have an elegant side to it too. Wear this hairstyle with a beautiful gown; you will become an epitome of grace.

4. Purple And Bluish Hue

An eye-popping hairstyle. The drastic change in colors gives you a unique look. Try it, if you want to go bold. The blue and purple color are vibrant colors for your hair.

5. A Brown Updo

Her hair color is brown. To talk about the hairstyle definitely, poetic justice braids. The cherry on the cake for this I would say is the design updo. It looks AMAZING.

6. Bun And Braids

Another example of poetic justice braids with elegance. Add some poetry to your poetic justice braids by styling it up to a bun. You can also add some caramel highlights to accentuate your features more. Plus, the color combination will site any skin tone!

7. Angled And Short

Poetic justice braids are not just for long hair. Short-haired beauties can totally rock this look too. Give your braids an angular bob haircut to show off your confidence.

8. Little Bit Of Curls

Leave a few your natural curls at the top of your head. It will give a blend of a natural look to your box braids.

9. Teal, maybe?

If you want some of nature’s favorite color on your hair, you should try this style. With the right shade and color combination, you can really stand out. (All for good reasons) Use this to spice up your box braids.

10. Natural Green

Why not add some shades of green to your braids? If you don’t want the regular brown, caramel or blonde color for your hair, green could be an option for you.

11. Another Updo

Spiraling top for your top know updo, what do you say? This look is beautiful. Add some purple lipstick. A little lipstick could never hurt, girl.

12. An Everyday Look

You can use this hairstyle as an everyday look. A casual sassy look. Wear it for your daily fun.

13. Peek-a-boo Purple

This top bun looks stunning. Add some purple highlights to your bun to spice up your hairstyle. Those braided side bangs make the entire look a pleasure to the eyes.

14. A Poetic Justice Braids Look

This updo is perfect for any casual or event. A very simple half up and half down that you definitely can pull off.

15. Cool Tones

Use the blue and purple color to beautify your braids. Another bold look for you darlings.

16. Buns

Pull up your braids into a bun. A classic look.

17. Blonde Braids

Let your braids be and color it completely blonde. A striking blonde look just for you. Every brunette wants to try blonde once. Why not try box braids and blonde color at once?

18. Sexy And Cute

Want a look that is a combination of both sexy and sweet? Look no further. Put up your braids into pigtails and accessorize.

19. High Ponytail

Put up your braids into a high ponytail. Accessorize and add some highlights to give a dramatic look.

20. Short Updo

Want some thicker braids? They certainly do look beautiful.
Top knot your short hairstyle, darling.

21. Just Add A Scarf

Use your scarf as a hair accessory. Get yourself a dramatic look. Also, add some vibrant and crazy jewelry for that funky look.

22. Half Black, Half Red

Put up your braids into a ponytail. For another bold look, you can dye half of your hair red.

23. Big Braids

You can opt for massive braids like these. Style it into any updo you want.

24. Bob

A classic bob cut for your braids. This style can last for a long time.

25. Not One But Two

Why just one bun? Put your braids into buns. A cute look, eh?

26. Pink

A pink hairstyle is for all cutie pies, don’t you think? Pink color your bun and show off your cuteness in a bold way.

27. Poetic Style

Want braids for your braids?
They look fantastic, don’t they?

28. Bam Bam Bun

Here is another short hairstyle with a top bun for you.

29. Red Braid

Want a perfect red for your braids?
Look no further.
Get this unique look.

30. Twists And Turns

These twisty braids have been put up into a bun. Shave off your sides.
A fresh look!

31. Multiple Colors

For a lovely look let your poetic justice braids fall. To make it bold, use an unusual color like purple. If you want, add some other colors here and there. You can also match your lipstick color to your beautiful hair color.

32. Thin And High

The braids in this poetic justice braids are thin and classic. Tie your braids into a high ponytail and rock on, girlfriend.

33. Caramelized Braids

For your dark braids, you always have the choice to add some warmth to it with caramel hair color.

34. Big Braids

This is a very simple look. The braids are thicker. The hairdo is also very elegant.

35. Twists For Braids

Instead of braids, you can twist your hair to give dreadlocks kind of look.

36. Just One Side

For an extreme on sided look, put all your braided hair on the one hand and shave the other side. Another bold look, if you want.

37. Celebrity Look

Celebrities like Brandy Norwood have given a complete justice to the ‘Poetic Justice Braids.’ She completely owns this look. Simple thin braids might be the new look you have been looking for.

38. Threaded Braids

You can thread some fabric into your braids as well. Choose the color of your choice and thread away.

39. Pink And White

If you want a look for spring, add some pink and white colors to your braids. Wear a dress and SMILE.

40. Little Braids

For a casual look, you can opt for tiny braids. Add some accessories if your want.

41. Poise

You can pull up your braids into a long ponytail and head out for the night. Box braids hairstyle with that hot bodycon dress can make you look very sexy.

42. Here And There

Style your thick braids into some design at the top of your head. I am sure your happiness with your style will know no bounds.

43. Simple Look

For a simple look, let your thin braids be and pin a little bit of it on the side.

44. And For The Process

This is how poetic justice braids are achieved. A step by step process that lengthens your hair after the addition of the braids.

45. Accessories And Shave

Braid one side of your hair and then just shave off the other. Add a hair bow on the top to complete the look.

46. Blonde And A Hat

Just color your black braids into complete blonde. Wear a hat to it for the summer days.

47. Highlights OnThe Top

To add some volume to your look, side part your hair. Add some highlights on top if you want.  A beautiful, long braided look.

48. Updo

Another updo for your braids.
Poetic justice braids look beautiful when letting down or put up.

49. Low Maintainance Look

You can pull off a look like her. She flaunts a casual look that is low maintenance.

50. Dark Base And Light Colors

Splash your hair with some golden color. Contrast look for your hair.

51. Simplicity

Choose for a simple gorgeous braided look.

52. Hair Band

Highlight a few of your braids and add a hairband to them.

53. An Artistic Look

If you like long hair, you will also love a long braided hair. For this fabulous look, thin braids are perfect.

54. Huge Braids

Thick braids will give you that elegant look. With those beautiful patterns that shine out in the sun and your beautiful skin tone, you can win any heart.

55. Playful Look

There aren’t many who can pull the color red. Honey, if you have the confidence and the charisma, red is the color for you. Add some red color to your thick braids and play around, honey. It is your time now.

Red stands out, red dominates. Be that standout girl! Add some red color to your thick braids and play around, honey. It is your time now.

55. Lengthy Look

It is possible to choose a long hair length to go with your braids. It looks simple, innocent yet alluring. Choose this long classic look for your braids.

56. Middle Partition

For a simple look, middle part your thin braids.

57. Classic

This is a simple, classic look. Side partition for your braids looks awesome. Who needs a tiara when this artistic combination of thick and slim braids will garnish you with your natural gem.


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