26 Gorgeous Tree Braids You Should Get Today!


Don’t you just hate it when all the styling, coloring and all the products that we use on a daily basis to get ourselves the perfect hair does just the opposite and ruins our hair? We all have had those days when we just want to give up on our hair. Rough hair, split ends, dandruff, damaged hair, to name it, we have quite a lot. When dealing with each problem, the most we have to deal with is hair loss from all the damage.

Fret not, the solution of hair extensions are here. But for most of us, it only means more damage to our remaining hair when we start thinking of all the heat we use for extensions. Any other options like chemicals or treatments seem just unnatural and damaging, doesn’t it? Maybe it’s better if we just leave our hair the way it is, it will grow back? Yes, it will, but it takes a very very long time and all the while we leave our hair to thicken the impact it will leave on our image is distinct. So what else do we have? The obvious answer? Tree Braids.

Tree Braids? So what exactly are these? Well to answer your questions, it is the method of hair extension everyone is falling in love with. It is the solution for the harsh heat, chemicals or even needles required for any other techniques of hair extension. How you ask? Well, it’s quite simple really as this method uses the simple cornrow braid technique to add the extension to your hair. Except for the fact that it is very harmless to use, you should also know that this hair needs zero to very very low maintenance once you don it.

It is the cost effective and most natural looking solution for your damaged frizzy hair that you want to leave alone for a time being. In addition to that, it’s just like any other extensions, you get a variant of colors to choose from, you have the range of hair textures and styles you can don. It’s the best way to avoid the prying eyes trying to find that one flaw that you have.

Stylizing your hair seems so much natural and gorgeous when you have the versatile options right in front of you. Go through our ranges and style of tree braids and you will know the reason for you to go get it right now. So go ahead girl, you know it, don’t let them judge you, walk in confidence right in front of everyone.

1. Natural Looking Tree Braids

Go on and take a close look, does it appear to you as if there are any extensions attached? Of course not, the natural looking extensions are attached to the hair through the braids like knots to keep it in place. Gorgeous smaller natural curls added to the look makes it look even more pretty.

2. Chic Crimped Tree Braid

With tree braids, you have the freedom to stylize your hair any style you want. Here you can see the natural finish it gives with the crimped out straight hair. Bring out your natural shine with the gorgeous tree braided hair.

3. Cornrows Curls

Tree braids look simple and stylish in any kind of hair-do you prefer. Take a look at this simple beachy curls added to the cornrow in the front. This is the perfect go-to look for any casual or formal events you have to attend. Just get the tree braids to continue to the sides and curl the rest of the remaining hair. Steal the show with the voluminous locks curled to perfect lengthy waves.

4. Thick Voluminous Tree Braids

The braids look absolutely stunning and as you can see, you can barely notice any extensions. Be creative with the curling techniques and try this type of cork-screw curls that we absolutely are in love with. Stylized with the perfect Wine Screw Curls, you get this pretty and sophisticated look we absolutely love.

5. Red Tree Braids

Why just go monotone when you can go color? You can tree braid in any style any color you like. This brilliant shade of red looks gorgeous with the pretty tree braid on top. Add the curl as you love and you are ready for the day. Don your make-up and add your glam get-up, make the heads turn!

6. Pouf Tree Braid Curls

Try and be more creative, and go all out. Tree braid it to create this beautiful side braid. Pin up the front to create the diva pouf and you have it. Curl out the ends and you will fall in love with these absolutely gorgeous look. Accessorize and your glamour will dazzle all that who looks.

7. Tree Braided Waves

For those of you with thinner hair, just go with tree braids and you can have this absolutely brilliant voluminous hair. For added glam, just curl and wave it up, perfect for a casual day out, you should definitely try this hair-do.

8. Tree Braid Ponytail

The tree braid looks natural and stylish with whatever hairdo you want. Even a simple half ponytail looks pretty when combined with the top tree braids. Simply add the voluminous curls and you have the perfect hair-do that looks absolutely fabulous.

9. Tree Braid-Natural Curls

Tree braid does an amazing job volumizing your hair and the braid not only showcases extra glam, but it also blends the extension well enough for anyone to even guess.

10. Blonde Tree Braid

For those of you with colored hair, you have nothing to worry about. This technique not only works for any hair texture and style, but it is versatile for any kind of hair color. The blond auburn hair colored tree braid looks stunningly gorgeous in this simple wavy hairdo. No-one can even guess you have any extensions on when you look this natural girl!

11. Long Straight Tree Braids

For a more simple yet chic look, why not try to go subtle and just plain black? Don’t worry, color or not, the tree braid still looks amazing with anything. It’s for you to decide, chic or funky? Classy or edgy?

12. Twist and Turn 

When working with tree braids, you don’t have to worry about anything looking fake or unnatural. Perfect for those days when you have to go elegant and pretty, tree braids topped with the twist and turn half braids are your go-to. Curl the remaining of your hair and you are set for the night out. Have fun stealing the show!

13. Small Natural Curls

For those of you who prefer a hair-do that looks natural and subtle, try the tree braids with the smaller curls to enhance your face. It looks very natural and stylish all at once.

14. Rihanna Tree Braids

Who remembers the Rihanna craze when everyone dyed their hair red following the fashion trademark of Rihanna? Well if you think that is out of style, take a look at this edgy and trendy looking tree braid hairdo that’ll steal the show. Quite pretty isn’t it? Would you dare do it?

15 Cornrow Side Braids

Tree braids look even more natural when you put your entire hair in a braided updo. The cornrow mohawk style updo looks trendiest with the added texture and volume from the tree braids. Add a hint of elegance with accessories and you will love the result.

16. Simple and effective

Tree braid creates a very distinct and effective effortless hair for us to work with. Even when you don’t have the time to tend to it and stylize, you still look gorgeous with the naturally straight hair that you have fallen in love with. ‘

17. Tree Braid Hair Band

This illuminating princess inspired look is created with the tree braids braided into a crown style hair band on top. It encases the delicate yet stunning design that looks natural and equally elegant for any day or night out.

18. Blond Crown Braids
Versatile as it is, you can don the tree braids in any shades, any color you like. Here the braids seem pretty unnoticeable when teamed up with the prettiest crown braid to go with it. This half up and half down updo creates the perfect illuminating look to hide the tree braids while beautifying the volumized blonde locks.

19. Highlighted Locks

For a more subtle and earthy look, go for the highlighted tree braids. This creates the perfect illusion and takes away the eyes from the braids and into the lush tassels that beautifies you perfectly.

20. Red- Black Color Play

Perfect for when you want to go for a more edgy and funky look, add a hint of color to your tree braids. Here you can see the stunning example of color play in action. However, don’t limit yourself to just red, go bold with colors. Be creative and unique.

21. Perfectly Straight Tree Braids

If you think curls are just a big hassle for you, you have nothing to worry about. Tree Braids look stunningly beautiful and even classy when you have perfect straight jet black hair.

22. Wavy Auburn Tree Braids

For a more toned down natural look, go for the softer auburn toned hair color. Wave it up using any sort of heat or naturally and there you have it, the perfect hairstyle you can don on any day, any time.

23. Red Highlight with Tree Braids
If you want a trendy yet subtle look, this look is the perfect go-to hair for you. Colorful highlights add the missing trendy component to the natural wavy hair that you have. Tree braids add the texture to the simple hair to make it a bit more stylish.

24. Horizontal Tree Braids

Just like cornrows, you can even choose to braid the extensions the way you like. Stylize it in your own unique way. To get this look, just braid your extensions and hair to a horizontal cornrow braid, the perfect look for a day of summer.

25. Natural Wave Tree Braid

Natural curls suit the texture of the braided extensions perfectly. Considering there are no external heat or products used, you get this pretty natural looking and pretty hair-do, you know this is the best option for your extensions solutions.

26. Wavy Highlighted Tree Braids

Perfect for a day out in the summer at the beach, these beachy loose curls are the trend to follow this summer. Add the volume to your hair with the tree braids and you will fall in love with the resulting hair do. Trust us and go ahead, get your own tree braids now.

Don’t just limit yourselves to these hairdos, the options are limitless. Why not try a new style everyday? Go edgy, go bold, go classy, go colorful, go for anything that you wish for. And don’t fret, tree braids look goregous in any style, any color whether long or short. So go for it, you know this is the best solution for you!




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